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“While some sections of the media continue to show their political bias by accentuating what they think is a negative, Mr Abbott and Mr Obama, although from different sides of politics, have found they get on together.” Herald-Sun Editorial 16th June, 2014

Ok, I suppose most of you have read about Frances Abbott breaking her lease. If not you can read about it by Googling it or just reading the clearly biased post from Jennifer Wilson.

Personally, I find this just typical of the lack of rights of Landlords. Now, I’m a landlord. I own a rental property. But this is not a conflict of interest. This just shows that I’m one of those people who can view this clearly. And clearly VCAT is weighted in favour of tenants. But having read details of this particular case, I can understand how it’s not typical. After all, the landlord was a single mum recovering from cancer. And, as one Herald-Sun reader put it, “How can a single mum afford a rental property, something doesn’t add up here!” Single mums should be relying on welfare. Not trying to rip off the PM’s daughter who clearly doesn’t know what she’s doing when she signs a lease. As she said at VCAT, “I”m the Prime Minister’s daughter!” And we do understand the role of genetics in people’s inability to fulfil a promise.

No, this is a clear example of why poor people shouldn’t be allowed to own property. They can’t manage it. This single mum apparently defaulted on her mortgage after not receiving the rent. I mean, the age of entitlement is over. Didn’t this silly woman understand that – by renting out her property to someone under 30 – she was taking a big risk?

No, this is what caused the GFC. Poor people being given mortgages.

No, it’s not fair that landlords should have such a hard time at VCAT. But what do you expect when everything is weighted in favour of the tenant. As it should be, when it’s the PM’s daughter, but…

Hang on, I’m confused. I seem to be arguing one thing at one moment and another thing two minutes later. But at least I started three paragraphs with “No” so I should be still ok to stand for the Liberals and to provide a right wing perspective. And I didn’t show any bias because I agreed with myself. Oh wait. I didn’t. But at least I didn’t break any promises.There was nothing in writing. Well, nothing I read….


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  2. John921Fraser


    Dear Australia,
    Sit down have an aspirin/rotgut (by the bucketful) the adults are in charge.

  3. Lee

    Bwahahaha! Who unchained that mother from the sink so she could buy property?

  4. Lawrence Winder

    “…and we do understand the role of genetics in people’s inability to fulfil a promise.”……

    Perhaps the bounty from the $7.00 tax on seeing a GP will be put to research on this Liarbrally Intractable Syndrome.
    It may discover why the syndrome became as pervasive during the foetid “Howard” incubation period and reached its virulent apogee in the “Rabbutt” outbreak.
    Members of the Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe-the-IPA, should be swabbed asap as there is fairly solid evidence in their outpourings that they may well be the source of the infection. It is most contagious amongst the simpler minded and easily led members of the community.
    Mask and gloves should be worn at all times during tests.

  5. jason

    when I look to a perspective tenet I expect reasonable rent charge not to be paying off some idiots mortgage…

    I look at the average rental cost $2,500 a month to some like me on a gov benefit $1,800 per month whether it be a singe bed or a multi room home, my income doesn’t pass the mustard in paying rent privately and covering food, the bills..

    the private rental market is setup for uni students and fifo workers on the mines, gov rental rentals are few and far between when you can get them..

    i’m paying out $400 a fortnight to live on a caravan park as that is the cheapest weekly rent I can obtain on the DSP until I can get state gov housing…

  6. jason

    as for the pm’s daughter she is a brain dead idiot..

  7. Kaye Makovec

    As I stated elsewhere. His daughter is following the family and the LNP in general’s trait.

    “Ms Abbott told the hearing she did not feel like the property was “safe and secure” as it was advertised.”
    Familiar attitude. Like not doing any research before making decisions that affect other people.

    “Ms Abbott said she signed the lease because she “felt like being independent”. “I felt like I should be able to do this on my own, I felt like I didn’t deserve different treatment.””
    But, instead of doing what everybody else has to do, she goes for the ‘different treatment’ of not paying up and puts the landlady through economic and mental stress. Sound familiar?

    Not nice and shows she takes after her father in not showing compassion, not being responsible for own actions, doing anything to save a buck and blaming somebody else.

    By the way, there is another side to the tenant/landlord saga, and that’s the excellent tenants who often get a raw deal 🙂 Unfortunately we never hear about them.

  8. Anomander

    How dare a single mother try to better herself and get a property to rent?

    She clearly doesn’t realise her place in society and the need to remain within her own class – reliant upon welfare.

    It’s people like this that are making the government’s life very difficult in maintaining order in the class structure.

  9. Faye

    This country is just f u c k e d and single mothers are just a piece of shit on the floor Frances and the rest of the country have the same attitude. What’s new this does not surprise me. Single mums are used to being kicked but usually no one cares and no one would care about this one except it was the PM,s daughter who scammed her out of money.

  10. Olivia Manor

    Apparently she went to Peta Credlin for advise on how to break the lease without paying up, according to the Hobart Mercury! Yep, another born to rule kid in the kitchen! Like father, like daughter. Where is mummy?

  11. Winifred Jeavons

    Many single mums start as half of a couple . The couple takes on a mortgage he shoots through, she tries to keep the family in their home. More power to her! We are far too keen to judge on a headline not to look at the fine print detail that modifies the story. Sweet FA might just have decided that the place was not up daddy’s luxury standard.

  12. Carol Taylor

    Jason, you can omit uni students from the list as the majority are country kids who have no option but to rent. Of course there are some where mummsy and daddsy have set them up with their own special abode, but these are in a distinct minority. It’s nothing for uni students to be exploited by some landlords often being squeezed in 6 to a 3br house with other beds set up in the lounge room and kitchen.

  13. Don Winther

    The real problem here is VCAT. Who passed that judgment, they must explain in detail how they came to there conclusion.

    Victorian people pay them to make fair and unbiased judgments.

  14. Lost2

    Peta Credlin the one who can drink drive, then good old George Brandis gets her off in court with no conviction, no fine or loss of points, what a great political party we have, they don’t care who they burn, destroy or downright insult, as long as it has now detrimental effect to them or their families, for they are the new breed set to continue life in the new ark of humanity.

  15. jayanar

    Err… is that picture what I think it is? Creepy eh?

    A tenant is supposed to ascertain the suitability of a property BEFORE they sign a lease. I am surprised VCAT did not bring up that point – or maybe they did.

    If Frances Abbott was concerned about safety and security, she should have looked for a place which had a security entrance and which was alarmed. There are plenty of new and near-new rentals like this. Short of having a rent-a-cop sit outside the door, those precautions should be adequate provided she is not blabbing her address all over social media.

    They are sufficient for most normal young single women living alone.

    The whole thing reeks of privilege.

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