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2024 belongs to us

Something missing as we approached 2024 was the bubbling enthusiasm that normally greets each new year.

The feeling of “We can put that year behind us” was replaced with “Oh well, here comes another one”.

I have sensed that many people think that 2024 will be 2023 Part 2. Rinse and repeat, so to speak.

Sure, the world’s a mess. Will we fix up this mess in 2024?

Left up to world leaders I’m not sure we will. Left up to us, I’m sure that we can.

Everyone of you makes this world better for someone.

What more can be asked of you in 2024?

The answer? Nothing. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and people will follow. 2024 belongs to you. 2024 belongs to us. 2024 is safe in your hands.


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  1. Ken

    In chinese “2” stands for “easy” and “4” for death so 2024 may not be a good year !

  2. Steve Davis

    Well said Michael.

    We cannot do nothing.

    Every little bit helps.

    If we stand back we are complicit.

  3. New England Cocky

    Michael, the world belongs to ”us”. We stood up to be counted against the imperialist war brought to Vietnam by the USA (United States of Apartheid) and that US NE Military Industrial Complex (NEMIC) funded by corrupt politicians using funds paid by American taxpayers to produce enormous profits for NEMIC shareholders and enormous grief to strangers in foreign countries like Iraq, Afghanistan & Palestine.
    The people united, can never be defeated.

  4. Phil Pryor

    Sadly, but inevitably, John Pilger has departed this life, as reported on the 23 rd. line down of the ABC dismal site. A reporter who fought for legality, openness, decency, quality, is barely given some honour by our national broadcaster, as broad these days as a flea’s fundament. More Pilgering and activity is our need, our best way, so let us all start, again, here, everywhere. It has been a rotten year now past, with no better to be expected. Leadership has diminished as complexity rises. Who listens to irrelevancies like kings, popes, presidents, upstarts, press and media maggots, loudmouthed ambitious greedites? Too many…

  5. Phil Pryor

    Thanks, Cocky, and a little compressed and detached tribute it was, but it exists. Rather like staring down a microscope briefly in a boring demo. However the Guardian did well as it should. Imagine no social and political shit like Trump, Howard, Bush, Johnson, etc., but thousands of Pilger and Assange types.., thinking of relief, joy, honesty, progress, civilised behaviour, PEACE.

  6. Kathryn

    Not sure about anyone else, but I am glad to see the back of 2023. It was a horrid year for many reasons. The ongoing relentless and remorseless persecution and traumatisation of unarmed, defenceless non-Jewish Palestinian men, women and little children, fleeing from relentless persecution by the war criminals in the current Israeli regime is just one of the horrific, criminal deeds, read WAR CRIMES, undertaken by ruthless, self-serving politicians this year! The only POSITIVE thing that occurred in 2023 was the forced removal of the deplorable, totally corrupt and callously inhumane political psychopaths in the Abbott/Morrison regime when the huge majority of intelligent, compassionate Australians had the good sense to kick those depraved political psychopaths to the kerb in the May federal election!

    Let’s hope that now the Albanese Labor government are in power, they are going to DO SOMETHING, ACHIEVE SOMETHING that will provide REAL benefits to the lives of ordinary, working- and middle-class Australians who have been languishing under the jackboot of the worst, most corrupt and undemocratic political regime in living memory, ie the Abbott/Morrison regimes! What a diabolical pack of nauseating bible-thumping hypocrites the condescending, neoliberal political psychopaths in the LNP proved to be! The monstrous elitists in the Abbott/Morrison regime are nothing more than a vile, self-serving pack of smug, born-to-rule, condescending elitists, monstrous misogynistic predators and callously inhumane sociopaths who couldn’t give a rat’s behind about ANYONE or ANYTHING except THEMSELVES and their grasping, avaricious, non-taxpaying supporters in the Top 1%.

    Prior to the previous federal election, Australia, Australians and our international reputation, suffered greatly under the jackboot of the LNP! The LNP’s callous contempt for anyone outside of their self-serving billionaire supporters in the Top 1%; the LNP’s dangerous disregard for our democracy with that megalomaniacal narcissist and pathological liar, Morrison, surreptitiously attempting to secretly take over at least FIVE political portfolios as PM so that he could rule over us like some pathetic, third world fascist dictator (see link below) and the LNP’s long, ever-growing list of unspeakable corruption and criminal depravity (which is as long as the Dead Sea Scrolls) was a despicable legacy of their offensive sense of entitlement!


    We must NEVER FORGET the legacy left behind after the abhorrent 10 YEARS’ long, arduous reign of these wasteful, self-indulgent political sociopaths in the LNP, truly the worst, most dangerously undemocratic and corrupt regime in our nation’s political history! After 10 yeas the LNP failed to achieve ANYTHING that provides any benefit, whatsoever, to the lives of working- and middle-class Australians – not ONE. SINGLE. THING!

    The ONLY things the LNP “achieved” during their reign as the worst regime in our history, were:

    ** the “normalisation” of political greed and corruption;
    ** the offensive political “tolerance” of racism and inherent misogyny,
    ** the (almost) total destruction of our nation’s (once) fine international reputation as a tolerant, egalitarian nation,
    ** public acceptance of non-stop pathological lies committed by just about every amoral member of the LNP (male and female);
    ** the remorseless, relentless persecution and
    and traumatisation of the poorest, most vulnerable members of our community;
    ** the never-ending enrichment and empowerment of THEMSELVES and their open favouritism towards their multi-billionaire supporters in the Top 1% who (thanks to the LNP) pay little or no tax towards supporting our nation;
    ** the relentless waste, abuse and misuse of countless MILLION$ of hard-earned taxpayer funds;
    ** and the more than $1 TRILLION worth of debt – the worst, most prolific deficit in our nation’s history – left behind and handed over to Labor and hard-working Australian taxpayers to deal with, thanks to the wasteful political psychopaths in the LNP who continually PROFESS to be the better economic managers – what a joke!


  7. Roswell

    Kathryn, seeing Trump thrown in jail is high on my 2024 wish list.

  8. GL

    Just think a whole year of the orange haired maniacal madman and threat to the whole planet and Mr No, the Nauseating of the Noisome and Noxious Gas here to look forward to and both of them backed by the Undead Media Lord from Hell. What fun…

  9. Ken Robinson

    I am seeing 24 similar to 1939 the year I started school, while that war was devastating it will look like a skirmish if we get WW3 and it has all the hallmarks of how I remember it starting, my Vietnam experience was bad enough, the thought of another one scares the hell out of me, all we can do is try to prevent the war hawks from getting their way.

  10. Douglas Pritchard

    Isnt democracy a wonderful thing?
    As we enter 2024 we wait, with baited breath to find out who will be the boss of America.
    We cannot ignore it because they have the ways and means to determine who dies peacefully, and who dies under rubble much earlier in life than one desires.
    Whether you shop for dumb bombs, smart bombs, white phosphorus, land mines, cluster munitions its all there on the brochure.
    340 million Americans go to the poll (most dont seem to bother) to elect “sleepy Joe” who is on his last legs this time round.
    Or its the orange haired menace, who may terminate our beloved nuclear subs.
    Thats the situation in 2024.
    Most countries who carried on like this would be laughed out of the room, but because ( and only because), they run warfare we tune into this utter nonsense.
    I hope we readjust our priorities in 2024.

  11. wam

    twenty three left me
    sad for those living lonely
    twenty four find one

  12. RosemaryJ36

    I am normally an optimist but am finding it increasingly hard to see hope for the future!
    The world is a real mess, and money and power in the short term are being prioritised over saving the world.
    Does no one realise that we are not reducing global warming?
    Does no one realise that we are not even trying to reduce emissions?

  13. Steve Davis

    Rosemary, until we change the fundamentals of the economic/financial system under which we labour, our drift along the path you describe will continue.

  14. B Sullivan


    I watched the German Chancellor’s hopeful New Year’s address to the German people on the ABC’s news channel. Hope is not the same thing as the optimum outcome. The optimistic outcome for the planet’s future, the best result if you like, may be that only five or ten per cent of all life on earth will survive an anthropogenically produced mass extinction. That may be the best an optimist can truly expect.

    The Chancellor appeared to think it was a marvellous thing for Germany’s economic outlook that the world’s human population will soon be 10 billion people, on a planet of limited and extremely diminished resources. That isn’t the reality of optimism, but the fallacy of wishful thinking. Just over a century ago, the human population of the earth had for the first time in history surpassed the figure of one billion people and had taken thousands and thousands of years to reach that many. If we weren’t so overpopulated our global emissions wouldn’t be so devastating, our competition for land, food and water with the natural world could be sustainable for all, and we could use modern science and technology to live better lives for every body with less demand on the earth or the need for constant growth.

    Does no one realise that we are not even trying to reduce overpopulation. instead we promote it as the easiest way of creating economic growth. Why? Because it is the economy stupid! That is all that matters. The environment must be subject to the overwhelming needs (or rather greeds) of the economy. As the Chancellor said the outlook for the economy is very good. He had nothing to say about the impact of the economy on the environment.

    The diarist John Aubrey, who wrote ‘Brief Lives’ described hope as making a good breakfast but a poor supper. John Lennon said ‘no short haired, yellow bellied son of tricky Dicky is going to mother Hubbard soft soap me with just a pocketful of hope’.

  15. John Lord

    Will we ever grow intellectually to the point where we are able to discern and understand the potential for the good within us? Be our friend 2024.

  16. Steve Davis

    John, your reference to “the good within us” reminded me of the belief of the anarchist philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, that humans are born with an innate sense of justice.

    I believe this is true.

  17. Clakka

    Indeed, an innate sense of justice.

    Just what politicians, religion-spinners, militarists, glory hunters and bling meisters don’t want us to have.

    So they go to any cost and lengths to create noise to generate apprehension and distract us from looking in, all until it becomes the surrogate reality and inevitability.

    That 2024 not become the year of discombobulation, exhaustion, laying down and resignation, but looking in then taking action.

  18. Centrelink customer

    Message for ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie.

    Dear Dr Cassandra Goldie,

    I am a jobseeker abused and robbed by Services Australia. In 2022, I contacted your office as I believed you would hold them accountable. ACOSS referred me to Economic Justice Australia. and a social support worker. That was it. A few months later, Services Australia hit me with another debt.

    Dr Cassandra Goldie, what actions should ACOSS take in response to reports of illegal debt scheme administered by Services Australia? ACOSS refused to answer. If I don’t deserve to know it, then l want to know why.

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