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2022 has well and truly begun

2022 has now begun and here we are with the LNP in government for the past 8 years, and a worldwide pandemic with Covid-19, which has mutated several times and we are currently dealing with strains called Delta and Omicron.

Most people are getting on with getting vaccinated with a Covid-19 vaccine and we all need to have 2 doses, plus a booster shot 4-6 months later.

But now it’s become necessary for everyone to hurry up and get their boosters, as it’s running rampant in the eastern states, with more than 300,000 people with covid.

It goes without saying that mistakes have been made in the handling of the pandemic in Australia. This government were too slow with the procurement of vaccines, too slow with an efficient and coordinated rolling out of vaccines, too slow on going into lockdown, especially NSW and there’s always been an air of, we’ve got to keep things open, a rush to get back to the way things were pre-covid, fooling the people and themselves that we can live with the virus.

Well, we can’t live with the virus, because it makes everyone sick, even when vaccinated and when everyone is sick, well then there’s no workforce at all. In any case, I don’t think anything is ever going to be like pre-covid after this pandemic is over.

NSW, changed leaders recently, to Dominic Perrottet who was their treasurer. Well, he wanted us to ‘live with it’ and now the number of people infected has skyrocketed.

The below screenshot is the daily numbers for Sunday, 9 January 2022 as shown on the ABC daily blog.

The rollout of the vaccines has been a bungled mess, the messaging has been confusing and the coordinating of vaccine distribution has delayed a steady stream of vaccinations so that people are waiting for their vaccines and everywhere is booked out weeks in advance.

To date, according to the Australian Government Department of Health website ‘92% of people, 16 years and over are now double vaccinated’ but there is only about 17% of people who have had more than 2 vaccines, which I surmise means their booster shot.

We are nowhere near where we should be before all borders should open, but wait, it’s too late for that. The number of people diagnosed with Covid this past week has been eye-boggling.

Health experts knew that the vaccines would wane after some time, hence the need to get booster shots, so when so little of the population are yet to have their 3rd vaccine, and all children under 12 yet to have their first, why on earth would they be harping on about opening borders and easing restrictions, and going back to normal, whatever that is.

We can’t get back to completely normal like pre-covid. Not until the whole population is vaccinated a 3rd time or even a 4th time, and ideally getting infections down to a minimum in our communities.

It was known that opening up would lead to high infections. This article at the University of Sydney speaks about modelling done by the Centre for Complex Systems researchers saying that there could be as many as 40,000 infections per day if restrictions were fully lifted.

“If restrictions are fully lifted when 80 percent of adults are vaccinated, infections across Australia may rapidly grow to 40,000 per day and exceed half a million cases in the month following the lift according to this latest modelling.”

Well, it seems these predictions were accurate. Look at what’s happening in the Eastern States.

The first known cases of Omicron was in two returned travellers in late November who were asymptomatic.

By the 12th of December, a person infected with Omicron is admitted into hospital, with another 10 cases detected. This is where some of these people were linked to a boat party and attended the Argyle House nightclub.

From this date forward the number of infections started to climb, which you can see here, which shows the daily number of infections. It’s now at this point they should’ve gone into a hard lockdown for 5 to 7 days and got a hold of the number of infected people in the community identified.

I can tell you now the number of infections would have slowed, the infected would have been out of the community, and then tentative easing of restrictions would have allowed much to get back to usual.

I believe the whole east coast should be going into lockdown right now because it’s evident that even triple vaccinated can catch Covid and then be required to isolate, so the rhetoric about getting out there and getting vaccinated is all good and well…yes it will help fight infection but it won’t stop one from catching it and having to isolate until better.

It’s already disrupted the distribution centres for Woolworths and Coles, shelves are empty, delivery drivers are sick or having to isolate. The more they just let it go in the community the more the infection will spread. Even non-infected people going to work are at risk of catching Covid. Sooner or later no one will be able to go to their place of work.

Scott Morrison and Dominic Perrottet have a lot to answer for as they have neglected to protect Australians. This is all their fault. They let it loose instead of stomping on it in the beginning and relying too much on everyone getting their vaccines and now thousands of people are infected.

This article was originally published on A Written Word.


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  1. Keitha Granville

    Mark McGowan is the only leader with the balls to hang on until his state is better prepared. Tasmania was doing the same until our Premier caved in to pressure from business and tourism lobbies. We had near’y 2 years completely normal life, now we’re in masks, businesses are closing to protect staff and patrons, and the workforce is seriously depleted. There’s not enough RATs, and nobody cares about QR codes any longer. Thanks for nothing.

  2. Al

    The LNP handling of the pandemc has been an utter disaster by every conceivable measurement. The bungling of the vaccine rollout was bad enough, but now we have a similar bungle with the management of tests: the PCR system is completely overwhelmed and in a state of continuous crisis, and there are no RATs available. Time and again – when there was time to do so – they were advised to built a proper quarantine centre, instead of relying on hotels. They did nothing.

    Hospitals are so short-staffed that nurses are now asked to come in even if sick, leading an SBS article to claim that “If you need to come into hospital for a heart attack or broken leg, the chances are you will catch COVID as a bonus.” You can read that article here: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/australia-has-gone-from-covid-control-to-chaos-so-what-now-two-paths-lie-before-us/ My brother is currently working with Tim Minchin’s tour, and he reckons it’s only a matter of time before he tests positive.

    The LNP governments have always been incompetent, malicious, and interested only in their mates. But up until now we have struggled on regardless. Not any more. We now see a catastrophic failure of government: a failure to look after its citizens even at the most basic level, and even recommending actions which will – and have – demonstrably make things worse.

    Were it possible, this government should be sacked. I don’t know how to show a vote of no confidence in them, but I’d do that in a heartbeat if I could.

  3. Mr Shevill Mathers

    A global pandemic of this nature requires the big guns out from day one, with mandatory vaccination as soon as vaccines became available. Cherry picking and making it an option to be vaccinated or not has put us in the position we are in today-a chaotic mess, with bumbling politicians without a scientific brain cell between them, calling the shots. We should have done everything to be ahead of the virus, instead we constantly lag behind, (Morrison in chief) always reactive instead of being proactive. Some politicians think they are King Canute, well, we know he failed badly. The so called Notional Cabinet is a farce, it leaves Australia in the hands of the least competent (PM) leader we have ever had, making empty announcements with no follow up, totally clueless and disregards accurate information from the medical/scientific experts.

  4. Michael Taylor

    Well done, Kathy.

    For those who don’t know Kathy, she has been one of our admin for a number of years and this is her first article. ✊

  5. GL

    If Scummo was a power station the amount of electricity he’d generate as a reactor would run the country for decades.

  6. Warren

    Bloody good first article Kathy. I’m 64 years of age. I had a heart attack on the 15 November 2021 and have been saved by an emergency stent.

    To complicate matters, I am now in isolation with Covid. And I have had a booster.

    Covid has been allowed to rip. The LNP have no regard for human lives. Even kids. I now am very concerned about kids going back to school. The LNP just don’t care.

  7. Brad Black

    Imagine how long captain smirk would have lasted in private enterprise had he performed the way he has as PM. Oh, wait ….

  8. Al

    Congratulations, Kathy on this your first article: it’s written with immense assurance and command, and was a delight to read. Also, you showed superb restraint in your discussion: a measured, reasoned argument. (If it was me, the article would have come unstuck in a sea of invective.) Well done, and please do write more!

  9. New England Cocky

    A good article Kathy, thank you.
    “Scott Morrison and Dominic Perrottet have a lot to answer for as they have neglected to protect Australians. This is all their fault. They let it loose instead of stomping on it in the beginning and relying too much on everyone getting their vaccines and now thousands of people are infected.”
    The only democratic way to remove the perpetrators of this medical disaster is for ALL Australian voters to:

    maybe we might just save Australian democracy for our grandkids.

  10. New England Cocky

    @aAI(1): Have you overlooked that Toxic RAbbott defunded & closed the Epidemic Planning Committee early in his term as Prim Monster? Then, Scummo denied that the Commonwealth was responsible for Quarantine facilities & services (Australian Constitution s51)?

    So why has Benito Duddo refused to use the Australian military to distribute vaccines ….. or, is it more important to fly the Scummo entourage to their family holiday & press pics opportunities?

  11. Michael Taylor

    I’m convinced that a large percentage of Australians are stupid.

    Before entering our local Coles you walk past a chemist. A few days ago – at their entrance – the chemist had packs of Sorbent toilet paper on special, yet in Coles there was no toilet paper to be seen.

    Yesterday I had to go to Coles for some cat food. Chemist still had piles of Sorbent toilet paper on special, yet again the shelves were empty in Coles. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. Terence Mills

    Odd isn’t it !

    Went to local Woolies this morning and many perhaps most shelves were sparse or empty and there was no meat (no chicken, beef of pork only a couple of hams left over from Christmas). They played announcements about the impact of COVID.

    Drove across town to IAG and what a contrast, shelves well stacked and the deli and meat sections full.

    Spoke to the bloke at IAG who said that Woolies and Coles rely too heavily on central distribution : for instance, I live in the Atherton Tablelands which is a fruit and vegetable centre but everything goes to Brisbane and then is sent back by truck – 1700 Km one way.

    The bananas in Woolies are grown locally but have to go to Brisbane through the distribution centre and then back – 3400 Km round trip no wonder they are expensive.

  13. Trevor

    Not only is all this COVID shitfuckery via Morrie and Petajet rooted home to their blame, it turns out today that Pfizer has tried pulling out collective chains as well by today reporting their booster has no effect against Omicron, tells us that as well as Morrie and Petajet, blame is Corporate Global Mining and Energy greed once more.

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