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2021 forever remembered

The year is almost over, and another will soon begin. What price will Scott pay for the deliverance of his sins?

Yes, 2021 is almost about to park itself in the recesses of our minds but not before reminding us of just how dreadful it was. The world continues to have COVID-19 inflicted upon it in the form of new variants. Hopefully, the latest called SARS-CoV-2 Omicron will prove as ineffective as health authorities predict.

The virus has now preoccupied the hearts and minds of men and women throughout the world for two long and arduous years. 273 million cases have been detected, with 5.3 million deaths. What is immeasurable is the heartache and suffering it has thrust upon families – the mental and physical sorrow of unbearable dying and desolate parting.

How dreadful has been its side effects? Economies have been shattered, and the suffering has been born by those least able to fend for themselves.

Its destructive march has revealed those with a heart for the hard yakka, those willing to risk their own lives to help save others. Yet alarmingly, it has shown a percentage of our population seemingly unknowing of their stupidity.

The changing tactics needed to counter new variants bring on unique problems.

Professionals warn that allowing the virus to spread may be part of a strategy to build herd immunity but could lead to deaths and overwhelm the health system.

Just as alarming has been the world leaders’ attitude toward a heating planet that threatens our very existence.

The COP26 in Scotland yielded only a half-hearted embrace by leaders of many countries who failed to make commitments that would keep us near the 1.5%-degree target. The world’s citizenship could only watch on as world leaders said they would instead retain the power they had than concede that they were wrong.

We in Australia could only watch on as a man believing in things he couldn’t see, touch or hear made terrible decisions about things proven to him by the exact science that discovered a vaccine against COVID-19.

As one week bled its way into the next and weeks into months, seasons changed slowly but surely, as circumstances converged to convince us that Scotty, our leader, told too many lies. In the Australian way, the people unhurriedly awoke from their long-lasting slumber to find that they had not only a pathetic liar as Prime Minister but a moron to boot.

In terms of social activism, the word wait should never mean never.

For this writer, 2021 has been a demoralising one, not for reasons of having nothing to write about. The LNP gifted me with so much food for thought that I sometimes suffered from digestion and the negativity was at times demoralising.

To be honest, I’m worn-out writing about the truth of things or what I believe to be the truth of those things concerning the nature of good governance. We are in a state of near collapse. Unless we rid the nation of the Morrison government in the upcoming election, we will deteriorate into a form of middle fascist power.

I cannot begin to imagine what might happen if Morrison were to win with a decent majority. However, I believe that the electorate has primarily come to its senses and that Labor is in a winning position this time around.

Governments who demand the people’s trust must govern transparently to acquire it. Morrison’s doesn’t.

So as the negativity of this year slowly passes us by, we must use all the ways and means available to us to convince those wavering that it is their vote that will change our destiny. Not the voice of the convicted voter but the voter who knows that our democracy is under threat. The swinging voter who wants right to prevail over wrong, regardless of ideology.

That is what we of political instinct and knowledge must do. The incumbents are not your ordinary liberals with a smattering of conservatives. This government is far right from top to toe.

The real enemy of neo conservative politics in Australia is not Labor or, indeed, democratic socialism. It is simply what Australians affectionally call a fair go.

Therefore, it is incumbent on those of a socially progressive bent to help inform those of an opposite persuasion of the danger in supporting those who, over a lengthy period, have created so much havoc and mistrust.

In writing over 100 articles for The AIMN this year, I hope I have kept those who so ardently follow my words well-informed about the political machinations of our country and, to a lesser extent, around the world.

There is, of course, much that I have left behind or unsaid, but I will catch up with it as luggage they carry from one year to the next.

To the many other writers who pound their keys for truth and fairness, I would say thanks for your sage thoughts and contributions.

This is my last post for 2021, so the season’s greetings to you all. I will be back in 2022 with my usual stuff, plus an Election diary. Would you please continue to add your comments as fervently as you have in the past?

My thought for the day

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


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  1. Patricia Wilson

    Another well written piece. Fingers crossed the swinging voter doesn’t get bowled over by Scomo’s dazzling bullshit and ‘22 brings us a government that remembers people need to be cared for.

  2. GL

    “Would you please continue to add your comments as fervently as you have in the past?”


    I don’t think you will have too much to worry about on that matter. You never know I might even say something sensible…maybe.


  3. GL

    “Would you please continue to add your comments as fervently as you have in the past?”


    I don’t think you will have too much to worry about on that matter. You never know I might even say something sensible…maybe.


  4. leefe

    Anyone else having trouble posting images?
    I have a perfect little cartoon, but keep getting blocked from putting it up.

  5. Kaye Lee

    leefe, post the link and I can go into edit and make it an image maybe. We had trouble with this before.

  6. leefe

    No link, it’s saved on my hard drive. But thanks anyway.

    I might just crawl into a corner and sulk. Or grab a couple of masks and go do the shopping.

  7. GL

    I just had a thought, paraphrased from Braveheart, about the Scummo regime:

    They will never make us free but they will keep making us dumb.

  8. Phil Pryor

    Thanks for a year’s work in upping the awareness and encouraging comment. I’ve just commented on another site, where it may well be removed, that the P M’s murderous, treacherous, lying, untrustworthy, lazy, devious, incompetent behaviour and slow actions are a threat to us all. He is ineffective, slow, careless, totally self absorbed and drenched in rotting superstition, that no sense, decency, logic or awareness touches his tiny last braincell. We have never had worse, but, he gets a colleague up in NSW, an even worse, regressive, mediaeval, darkbrained savage of no sense, drenched in fantasy, dreams, illogical “hopes”, fairy fraud, all unscientific. Fatal…Medical people at all levels, from the professional top, can see disaster coming, yet political perverted, donor driven deviates loudmouth away with wrong trends of advice while thousands are sick per day, numbers rise hugely, future stability is socially impossible…yet this Pathetic Misfit has whored off to Hawaii, Cavorted shamelessy as an unwanted fringe flea in the U K, has fellatio frolicked with the excruciatingly stinking Trump in the USA, and has NOT done duty here…

  9. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    What a great article, like ALL the rest you have contributed this year! Well done Mr Lord! Here’s hoping for everyone’s sake that this incompetent rabble of fucking liars is finally booted out at the next election! God help us if he manages to win another term, & I am not religious!

  10. Michael Taylor

    leefe, our new over-sensitive security program is making it near impossible to post an image with a comment. Every time there is a malicious hacking attempt on the site our security program responds by stopping people from attaching an image. It frustrates the hell out of me. The only person it allows to add an image is me.

    Later today when I get on my computer I’ll see if there’s anything I can tweak to fix it for you.

    Given the regularity of hacking attempts (see below – almost 700,000 to date 😳) I’ll need to do something otherwise this will be an ongoing problem.

  11. Michael Taylor

    leefe, give it a try now.

  12. Christine Farmer

    Thank you, John Lord. Your work helps save my sanity in these dark times.

  13. Ross

    Thanks for your thoughts and writings in what has been a difficult year John Lord.

    As 2021 comes to an end two quotes come to mind. One a legendary quote in what was a truly noble act of self sacrifice, the other a piss take in an animated movie.

    1) I’m just going outside, I may be some time. Capt. Lawrence E. G. Oats, March 17th 1912, Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.

    2) Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I’m prepared to make. Lord Farquaad, Shrek.

    Can’t really picture Scott Morrison as the selfless Captain Oats, the slimy Lord Farquaard on the other hand.

    Something to think about when you vote.

  14. Diane Larsen

    Keep writing John Lord you help me keep my sanity in these dark days of the primeminimals rule

  15. Henry Rodrigues

    Thank you Mr Lord for putting into words what we are all yearning for, a just fair society free from donor driven politics and media controlled public opinion. I am looking forward to the elections and as you say, we have to convince the wavering ‘she’ll be right’ section to look around and recognize the state of our politics and for once cast a vote in the interests of all voters, not just the smug self satisfied.

  16. leefe

    Here goes nothing:

  17. leefe

    ps: Thank you, Michael.

    I’ve used that Farquaad GIF a lot to comment on the country being opened up just as Omicron starts to bite. General reaction is laughter and/or tears.

  18. Michael Taylor

    Wow. It worked. I did something clever. 😀

    I ventured into The AIMN’s firewall settings and tried something: I put your ISP address into the White List, meaning that you are a trusted source.

    I’ll now go ahead and put all our regular commenter’s ISP in the White List.

  19. leefe

    “I did something clever.”

    Do I get removed from the list if I reply “first time for everything” (accompanied by a big wink, of course)?

    buffs fingernails while looking incredibly arrogant Trusted source, everyone. Bow, you mere mortals.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Just to send you back to Earth, leefe, I’ve now put all of our regular commenters in the White List. 😁

    I will have missed a few, but I’ll catch up one day.

    I’m hoping that the security system doesn’t keep re-setting after each attack. We’ll know soon enough.

  21. Henry Rodrigues

    Thanks Michael for all your efforts and dare I say , patience. A safe and happy break to you and Carol.

  22. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, Henry. And same to you.

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