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You cannot be a leader and a bare-faced liar at the same time

It was marketed as his first key note address for the year. Any good marketing person, given that he really had things of great importance to confide in with the citizens of the nation, wouldn’t allow it to be hijacked by other problems his government was facing.

Well unless he had little to confide in and would rather be questioned just about the “Sports Rorts” scandal.

So bad had been its governance and such a shock had its win at the election been that drawing any attention to its ineffectiveness would make it look even worse.

Never in the history of this nation has a government been so unfit to serve, and never in the history of this nation has its people been so indoctrinated with so much propaganda that they, in effect, discarded any sense of levelheadedness or reasoning to re elect this sordid lot of corrupt politicians.

And yet again I am compelled to watch Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the one with the mouth that weaves its way in and out of problems with all the charm and vigour of a rattlesnake ready to strike, and thus my writing may be intoxicated with the venom of his untruth and lies.

In other words, I wouldn’t believe a word he says.

I shall, however, with the greatest respect for fairness and truth try to report fairly on the words spoken.

These were my feelings before the Prime Ministers address to the National Press Club and the nation.

A large part of the Prime Ministers speech addressed the subject of “disaster resilience” but again he never mentioned the AIDR.

The Conversation reminds us that:

“In 2017 the government axed funding for the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF), an agency that provides information to decision-makers on how best to manage the risks of climate change and sea level rise.”

And The Australia Institute tweeted:


As only he can, the Prime Minister sold his government’s performance as one of astonishing success where ministers were performing brilliantly. His capacity to leave out facts of great importance is astonishing.

Try these, courtesy of Sydney Criminal Lawyers as an example:

Hundreds of small businesses around the nation are bearing the cost of supporting the nation through these times, while big multi-national corporations get away with paying minimal or no tax.

Many farmers can’t feed their stock, some have given up. Fruit and vegetable producers are going bankrupt.

This is all contrary to the picture the Prime Minister painted. Once again he repeated his lies about meeting our emissions targets and later when asked a question about the combined nations of 1.4 emissions equalling 40% of total emissions he looked dumbfounded at the questioner as though it wasn’t possible. But it is true.

Deputy leader of the opposition Richard Marles countered with these remarks:

“We are not on target to meet our Kyoto targets … we are not on track to meet the commitments on the Paris accord,” he said.

“The global assessment of Australia is that we are ranked right at the bottom on the terms of climate change.

“I think the Australian people can now see through the fact this is a prime minister who lies.”

Morrison, in all his righteousness, hit back: “Australia is carrying its load and more,” he said on climate change, adding:

“We are doing what you would expect a country like Australia to do but what I won’t do is this: I am not going to sell out Australians – I am not going to sell out Australians based on the calls from some to put higher taxes on them or push up their electricity prices or to abandon their jobs and their industries and them they are collateral damage of a global movement.

These words smack of a constant theme in conservative commentary. A conspiracy theory.

We all incur a cost for the upkeep of our health. Why then should we not be liable for the cost of a healthy planet.

He was in good form. So much so that if you didn’t know better you would think that we lived in a Utopia beyond compare.

There was no mention of a grand plan to take the nation forward into the years beyond our understanding; of the dangers or indeed the enlightenment we might discover.

It was the same old Morrison bombastic speech where the lips moved at a remarkable speed but had little to inspire. It was a defense of everything his party had done or was doing. What a great nation we are he was telling us despite the view around the world..

He focused on two issues. The first was the Commonwealth’s role in national emergencies in which he raised some practical issues, and the second was National Mitigation Adaptation and Resilience Program for worsening climate change.

He also said that:

“… the summer’s bushfire crisis had proven the need for greater flexibility in calling out the Defence Force to assist in responding to emergencies.”

Something that will be discussed, I’m sure, at the next COAG meeting.

It means that it’s – for this government at least – easier to give up on lowering our emissions, be resilient and adapt to whatever comes our way.

And then came question time. The journalists were chafing at the bit. They new what they were there for and those like me knew why we were watching.

We had been grossly misled about the use of our money for political campaigning.

The first came from Sabra Lane, the President of the Press Club.

She asked the Prime Minister to reflect on his own performance during the bush fire crisis. He didn’t bother to answer. He waffled on incoherently about something else and by the time he had finished I think Lane had forgotten that she had asked a question.

A lie by omission.

Mark Riley was second in line and in an acknowledgement of the gravity of the scandal rather emotionally asked Scott Morrison:

“Can you say categorically your office had nothing to do with this, no involvement in the construction of this rort?”

Morrison assured Riley that both he and his department were at all times at arms length, which of course didn’t explain why cabinet a few weeks prior to the election increased the funding by an extra $40 million.

We now know that, with the leaking of incriminating emails to be an outrageous lie.

A lie by omission.

Make no mistake, even if no rules were broken this is corruption of the highest order. It was the corruption of the public purse to advantage the Coalition’s political campaigning.

And underlying what is really concerning them is the possible resurgence of Barnaby Joyce.

The ABC’s Andrew Probyn followed with Senator McKenzie’s coloured charts in hand for all to see, asked if there would be no further slush funds, Mr Morrison replied:

“Well Andrew, I’ll put your editorial to one side and your commentary on it, that’s your view…” and proceeded to ignore the question.

A lie by omission

Michelle Grattan – the Doyen of Australian political journalism – asked about who was better qualified to make decisions the public servants or politicians. Unequivocally Morrison answered it had to be ministers.

He must have thought that public servants were less human than politicians.

Bullshitting is bad enough but when someone believes their own, that is intellectual dishonesty.

When The Guardian’s Sarah Martin turn to ask a question came around she asked if there was nothing wrong as a matter of principle in using public funds for political interests and entrenching the government’s power, Morrison gave her two answers: “I just reject the premise of your question” and a “you can have an editorial on it”

Lying by omission

When it came to the ABC’s Laura Tingle to have a go she ventured into wondering what was the point of having guidelines if they were not followed. She is still wondering because he didn’t answer.

Lying by omission.

Ms Tingle also asked as to who knew what and when at the very top of the government – by asking how Cabinet on March 3 thought an extra $42.5 million could be properly spent as time ran out before the approaching election.

Guess what? Another lie by omission.

So confident with his answers was the Prime Minister that at the end of it he wanted more.

I said at the beginning that you couldn’t believe a word he said.

What further evidence do you need? And just where this “you can have an editorial on it” new verbal reply to journalists comes from is a mystery, let alone what it actually means.

Power is a malevolent possession when you are prepared to forgo your principles and your country’s well-being for the sake of it.

You wouldn’t trust him or his ministers as far as you could throw them. The Prime Minister is a masterful liar to those who see through him, but he must sound like the Messiah to those who don’t.

(Note: I have something further to add to my post of last week titled Asking Peter Dutton in which I mentioned the entity of The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) and questioned its relationship to government and who it was that funded them.

Well, I was contacted via The AIM by the Executive Directors assistant of this entity and as a consequence was invited to interview her next Thursday, February 6).

My thought for the day

Humility is the basis of all intellectual advancement. However, it is truth that that enables human progress.


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  1. John Lord

    So the head of the Prime Ministers Department Phil Gaetjens found that Bridget McKenzie was guilty of not declaring her membership of a gun club. She wasn’t guilty of pork barrelling nor any other charge directed at her.

    His report was in fact contrary to that of the independent Auditor General. Is it any wonder that the public has little trust in politics when corruption like this so openly exists.

    Morrison said Gaetjens found no evidence that the process was “unduly influenced by reference to marginal or targeted electorates. This just goes to show just how flippantly the Coalition takes it’s born to rule mentality.

    Wel,l all l can say is that he continues to give Christianity a bad name on a daily basis.

    What this finding does accentuate is how does Angus Taylor remain in cabinet while Bridget McKenzie does not?

    The stench of it will hang around for awhile yet..

  2. New England Cocky

    The Nazianal$ Party is heading into disarray after the resignation of Bandit Muckenzie from the Ministry and deputy Leadership of the Nazianal$ Party.

    According to Prim Monster Smirkie from Marketing, Bandit did the correct thing in the Sportsgate vote buying exercise and her only error was failing to declare her membership in a gun club that received a sports grant. And pigs might fly to the moon on waterings!!

    Even Blind Freddie can see that this decision will put the Nazianal$ party leadership up for discussion once again. This will undoubtedly thrill this week’s party leader Mick Muck, whose underwhelming performance and complete lack of charisma was blamed for the Liarbrals denying that Smirkie from Marketing went on a family holiday to Hawaii while the bushfire crisis commenced.

    So who will contest the vacant position? We will know later today before the election tomorrow Tuesday 040220.

    Barnyard’s good mate and colleague in marital infidelity Little-to-be-proud-of is reported to be canvassing votes, so it appears possible that there could be a spill of all “leadership” positions, which would thrill Barnyard Joke.

    However, there are 21 members of the Nazianal$ Party polluting Australian politics with their 19th century “borne to rule” thinking and none have yet demonstrated any outstanding qualities that would recommend them for any leadership role anywhere.


  3. New England Cocky

    Oh dear JL … in another excellent opinion piece I really must vigorously contest just one point, your comment “Michelle Grattan – the Doyen of Australian political journalism”.

    During the MSM denigration of PM Julia Gillard (Labor), Grattan maintained a continuous stream of invective and disparaging yellow journalism at Gillard, proving that Grattan is nothing more than an old age crone past her use-by date like her male gay boy big mouth mate Alan Jones.

    Many mature persons have much to contribute to the political debate. However, Grattan and Jones are loud-mouthed exceptions only intent upon reading or hearing their own jaded opinions to prop up their declining mortality. Really a sad case of retirement syndrome.

  4. Terence Mills

    Once again Morrison has gone for a cover-up on the Bridget McKenzie saga rather than coming clean.

    The comments from Constitutional Law Professor Anne Twomey :

    “This either shows a complete misunderstanding of the powers of ministers within the legal system, or a desire to mislead the media and the public. There was no ministerial discretion that could be exercised. The relationship between the Minister and Sport Australia was defined by statute. There was no power for the Minister to act as a delegate for it. She had a limited power to instruct Sport Australia, but her instructions had to be in writing and, for transparency reasons, published in the Gazette and Parliament. She made no such instructions. If she had no power to approve the grants, she was not acting within the scope of the law.”

    And why is it that the report by Phil Gaetjens is not being released ?

    Morrison is so caught up in his own spin, he doesn’t know when to come clean.

  5. Kaye Lee

    Barnaby Joyce has announced that he will put his hand up if there is a leadership spill. Hang on Bananababy…..did you just express no confidence in your party leader? What a shit fight this will be.

  6. Ken

    The Angus Taylor fiasco now needs to be bought to a head.
    He should be the next to go.

  7. Kaye Lee

    The Auditor-General is also doing a report on water buybacks. That could involve both Barnaby and Taylor.

  8. Harry Lime

    We know he’s a liar,he confirms it every time his lips move.What is he achieving in politics?He has no vision ,no narrative,just marketing spin.Why is he wasting everyone’s time and money? To steal a Don Watson analogy,he’s like a dung beetle,at the start of the day he begins with a little pile of bullshit, and by the end of the day he’s got a huge ball of bullshit,and as we have witnessed ,it gets bigger every day.
    I guess we can only hope that sooner or later It’s going to roll back over him and his gang of incompetent,corrupt and amoral morons.

  9. Terence Mills

    On the Angus Taylor investigation into falsified and forged documents leaking from his office and used for political hits on the Sydney City Council and its mayor, the AFP will take their lead from the Trump Impeachment enquiry.

    They will put their fingers in their ears, close their eyes and refuse to interview anybody, decline to take testimony from any witnesses and refuse to look into documentary evidence in Taylor’s office.

    They will then report back and say there was insufficient evidence to proceed on this matter !

  10. Phil Pryor

    With a battery, a battalion, a brigade of shitheaded shysters, lying larynxes, gutless, brainless, heartless, self centred anuses, this nation is stuffed, for the whole process of getting into politics, where the money, power, weapons, laws, regulations, contacts, careers are, attracts the most Maggotty Misfits, Failure guaranteed filthy frauds and repulsive rejects. Joyce was a Kyogle accountant of no value or reputation, Jack Howard was a substandard suburban solicitor, and who the effing hell were most of the others? Conservative clowns and crapbrains are ruining this nation and the planet. Never EVER vote for of support these low types, lower than a worm’s willy.

  11. Geoff Andrews

    C.J. Dennis’ satirical description of the Gnats (just showing respect, Archie):

    Seed of our noble squatter-lords, those democrats of old,
    Who held of this fair land of ours as much as each can hold;
    Whose motto is, and ever was, despite the traitor’s gab:
    “Australia for Australians — as much as each can grab.”

  12. Andy56

    harry, I too wonder about what’s in it for them. Win at any cost then not have a clue what to do. All to keep labor out. Because you know, labor will ruin the gravy train for many. What kind of immoral farce has our democracy descended to? Great money managers by the way, no plan just sit it out. Brain dead morons who are so caught up in their own hubris, god help this country, cause they wont. Recession is inevitable, the trajectory is indisputable, more of the same will guarantee it. How effing blind do you have to be not to notice the freight train heading for us?

  13. Dave G.

    Government by hucksters, frauds & liars given to you by a majority of voters by an electoral system that accommodates hucksters ,frauds & liars [think One Nation ,Palmer] all very depressing.

  14. Robin Alexander

    Agree totally with you Andy! How Joyce has hide to put himself forward with all that hangs over his head! Both he Taylor with $80million water fracas Caymen IS ? still not answered water routes in the NW NSW when he was deputy before?overall his behaviour! waste public money! drunken behaviour still continues! Unbelievable human who has false idea his importance to this nation?the whole LNP gov leafing us to destruction everywhere intentions about our liberties?the damning of all those in unfortunate circumstances also all aged in last years of their lives intending to take their liberty of controlling own financial affairs by placing all on INDUE CASHLESS CARDS Is abomination cruelty by this gov. Thrive on delivering misery now to 80/90yr olds purely just money making exercise that LNP make money from misery of Australians!Porter secretly having changed word PENSIONS to WELFARE? WHY? When first proclaimed it was stated in Parliament PENSION is NEVER TO BE CALLED WELFARE it is reward for hard work of workers of AUSTRALIA! BOB MENZIES opposition leader stood whole heartedly agreed NEVER TO BE CALLED WELFARE! On HANSARD & LAW! Porter knows cannot inflict card on PENSION but can if called WELFARE that’s reason to quietly in their sleazy manner change it secretly? JUST HOW LOW CA THEY GO to punish 80/90yr olds last few years life they will never comprehend changes to their finances? Just WISH HOPE THEY GET CALLED OUT ON THIS BEFORE ITS DONE AS PROMISED FOR 2020 in MAY 2019 media ! CASHLESS! Society? Restrictions everywhere true TOTALITARIAN GOV!

  15. Matters Not

    Robin Alexander – be pleasantly surprised.

    AAP FactCheck examined a Facebook post from October 18, 2019 by an Australian user which claims the “old age pension” has been changed, to a welfare payment.

    A spokesperson for federal Families and Social Services Minister Anne Ruston advised AAP Fact Check that the information contained in the Facebook post “bears no relation to Austrailan Age Pension provisions.”

    … Based on the evidence, AAP FactCheck has found the post false . The post incorrectly states that the name of the “Age Pension” has changed, or will soon change, to “Welfare Payment”. The Department of Human Services confirmed this has not happened and that the information in the post “bears no relationship to Australian Age Pension provisions”. The claim, or claims similar to it, has also been made in the United States where it has also been debunked.

    False – The primary claim of the content is factually inaccurate .

    Worth reading the whole post.


  16. Josephus

    Stupid people vote for morons just like them because that feeds their self esteem. That is the fundamental flow in democracy, given a poor education system, and mass indoctrination from third rate media, resource companies and their marketing slaves.

  17. Henry Rodrigues

    Correction Mr Lord. There are many who applauded his performance and took great comfort and satisfaction with his tactics and his steadfast adherence to the general conservative view of presenting the facts, that is lying through his teeth, smirking, opening his gob but saying nothing. That’s what Murdoch and his minions, and Alan and Ray and the Dolt and the numskulls on Fox at night expected him to say and he didn’t disappoint them . So well done, mission accomplished. Pity the Australian people who carry on blind and speechless.
    The journalists who tried to get him to acknowledge anything close to guilt, are to be praised, but they need to never ever give up, because this thick skinned bastard never gives up either.

  18. crypt0

    Good on those journos who asked him pertinent questions … I was beginning to think those days were just about over with the Australian MSM.
    I wouldn’t believe a word he says either.
    Funny how so many of us still take this mob at face value and at their word, after six long years already.
    Can there be more than five or ten % of us likely to have our interests served by ScottyFromMarketing and his cronies?
    So how come about 51% voted for them?

  19. totaram

    crypt0: “So how come about 51% voted for them?”
    The actual figures are different. Kaye Lee or the AEC web-site will give you all the lurid details.
    However, the point is simple: not enough people read this site. They get all their information from the “mass-media”, which offers “entertainment” mixed with “news” that all subtly inform you that these crooks are the best government that you can get. They may have the odd shortcoming, but the Labor mob are completely crazy. They will tax the bejeesus out of the economy and spend the money like drunken sailors and trash everything that has been built up over the years. And Labor are in cahoots with the Greens, who are bat-shit crazy and completely loony.
    You may think the above is all lies, but if someone tells you that day and night 24/7 for several years, you will soon believe it. Josef Goebbels was right. Not enough people have even heard of Josef Goebbels. Some of them who have heard of him, think he was a great guy, so there lies your problem.

  20. Henry Rodrigues

    totoram……that’s the best explanation I’ve heard about why these dickheads win against the odds. And they describe Australia as an educated country !!!!!!!!! About as educated as the 40% who vote for the orange headed cretin.

  21. crypt0

    totaram … Sounds about right to me!
    Josef Goebbels is alive and well !

  22. crypt0

    totoram … not sure re senate, but Reps. figures according to aph are as follows …
    “The Coalition was returned to government with 77 seats out of 151, in a surprise victory after polls had predicted a Labor win. The Coalition won 51.57 per cent of the national two-party preferred vote, an increase of 1.21 per cent on the 2016 election. The election saw record levels of early voting, and a slight decline in postal voting since 2016.”


  23. Kaye Lee

    First preference votes….

    The four parties that make up the Coalition got 41.44%
    Labor and the Greens got 43.74%

  24. Kaye Lee

    If you want to talk seats,

    Leave out Queensland and, in the rest of the country, Labor won 62 seats to the Coalition’s 54

    Labor won all the territory seats, they got the majority in NSW, Victoria and SA, and they tied in Tasmania.

    Only in WA and Qld did the Coalition win the majority of seats. If this was counted like a referendum, the majority vote in the majority of states, the Coalition wouldn’t get within cooee of government even with their four parties counted together.

  25. crypt0

    I’m sure that’s all correct Kaye, but given the preferential system, I always consider any vote that doesn’t put Major party A last, is effectively a vote, ultimately, for Major party B.
    I know people who say “I didn’t vote LNP”, because they put PHON first and Labor last.
    That to me is effectively a vote for the LNP.

  26. Matters Not

    Yes there is a real problem with our (so-called) representative democracy, particularly when comparing voters required to elect Senators from Tasmania compared with Senators from New South Wales. Roughly, NSW needs a multiple of 8..

    Then again there’s worse elsewhere. Try the United States as an example. California’s 39 million people get two senators in Washington, while two Senators also represent states like Wyoming (578,000 people), Vermont (626,000 people), and Alaska (737,000 people). In 2013, the New York Times pointed out that the six senators from California, Texas, and New York represented the same number of people as the 62 senators from the smallest 31 states. (Figures are a little dated – but the pattern remains.)

    Worse – we don’t have any easy course to remediate. Besides there’s no apparent awareness nor desire. Sleep on.

  27. totaram

    crypt0: You are correct with that. However, any hypothesis about “why Labor lost in 2019” must explain those numbers providsed by Kaye Lee. There is no point saying “Shorten couldn’t be trusted”, “Shorten didn’t have the cut-through”, “Labor didn’t do X”, “Labor shouldn’t have done Y”, etc. Any hypothesis must explain these numbers, and with special reference to the difference between Queensland and the other states.

    With reference to crypt0’s last point, yes, it is absolutely telling because those who voted for Palmer (around 3% of the voters in total) obviously didn’t bother about the second preference which they must have put according to his “how to vote” card. That would have given the LNP (particularly in Queensland) a big advantage.

    Figures released by the AEC (today?) show that the total spend on the election by Palmer + Coalition was double that of Labor.
    Any hypothesis about why Labor lost should explain or dismiss that fact also.

    Once we have that worked out we can start thinking about what can be done. Without the agreement on that (at least within high probability) everyone is just farting in different directions, which is what is suspect is happening within the Labor party at the moment.

  28. Kaye Lee

    In the European Union, many countries do not permit paid-for TV or radio political advertising for fear that wealthy groups will gain control of airtime, making fair play impossible and distorting the political debate in the process.

    In both the United Kingdom and Ireland, paid advertisements are forbidden, though political parties are allowed a small number of party political broadcasts in the run up to election time. Canada allows paid-for political broadcasts but requires equitable access to the airwaves.

    We have to clean up political donations, political advertising, and campaign spending. So many really inadequate people get preselection based on the political donations they can attract – and obscure through channels. Mind you, that is also true of some very inadequate unionists given the nod – Joe Bullock for example – presumably because of votes they control at annual conference?

    They have dug themselves into a murky pit.

  29. crypt0

    totaram … Labor lost against all/most expectations … I don’t think it was down to Bill Shorten popularity/lack of, or bad policies as such…. (Howard won despite his unpopularity.)
    Just my thoughts, but I would say it had mostly to do with a non-stop lying advertising campaign from Palmer, the usual similar effort from Murdoch and some other MSM, and an increased preference flow from Palmer and PHON particularly in Qld.
    I expect Labor will be up against a similar campaign next time, much of said advertising being funded by various fossil fuel/mining types e.g. Gina, Clive and others. As someone once said “It pays to advertise”. Add to that what you correctly pointed out earlier i.e. that too many people get their “information” from the “mass-media” and there we are … J. Goebbels would applaud!
    I gotta say I saw Clive’s ads a couple of times and thought … How could this crap sway more than one or two votes?
    History shows I was quite wrong about that.
    All of Palmer’s efforts being quite legal (presumably) and AOK on the eve of a federal election … this coming from a bloke who owed his workers (and others) millions after the 2016 collapse of Queensland Nickel.

  30. paul walter

    Very very detailed summary from John Lord.

  31. totaram

    John Lord: I know your heart is in the right place, but I take serious exception to your headline.
    Yes, you can be a bare-faced liar and still be ELECTED as a leader. Just look around you!
    Don’t now come back and say these people are not leaders, even if elected. We can quibble about that forever.

  32. josephus

    totaram is confused , his opinions not evidence based. He should research a bit.

  33. Aortic

    I wonder if our antedeluvian NBN will be able to handle the regional phone call traffic blazing away all night between the ” heavies” within the Nationals? I am far from being a fan of the the Lieberals but it must really piss them off that they cannot govern in their own right and have to be ever conscious of the machinations of the Joyces, McCormacks, Canavans and Littleprouds of the world. Still I have a lovely delicious feeling that recent infighting within the Nats will spread throughout the Coalition resulting hopefully in an internal ruction leading to a possible spill there. Polls are not looking good for them or their leader and look what happened last time they continued to fall. Wonderful if Morrison would put the decision to the people al la Turnbull but would he have the guts? Looking forward to the next few months with relish as they squirm and try and bullshit their way out of this potential catastrophe. Don’t think Malcolm’s revelations in his tome are going to be helpful either.

  34. Mrs Wobbly

    Scumo Is not a leader in my opinion, he will never be a leader, Just a lier in the top job, after deceiving of his own for self interest and self gain agenda, which he did successfully, but now it’s self preservation time in the top job, so he must always please his master firstly , as there are plenty more in waiting for the chance to slip into the the top job, by deception with the masters blessings only when happyIy agreeing to sing from the propaganda hymn sheets of fascism Australia‘s version. Scumo is using a fictitious character to come across as religious man with christen values and compassion for the population, what ever it takes to divert interest, for what his masters agenda has ready to install for the Australian population. While singing freely from Masters Murdoch’s version of the propaganda hymn sheets of fascism, msm fell into line, as required ready to dumb down the majority of its viewers. These extremists, that have lies roll off their tongues and dealings of corruption, with tax payers money it’s just criminal, and more, sadly as voters of msm viewers Ilk show their blatant ignorance when it comes to believing what they are told as factual and creditable truth, sadly fascists wins. It’s time to think and question politicians opinions every time they open their mouths, as they are paid by us the tax payers, these politicians are there to work on there behalf and for the best interests of Australia and Australians, not just telling the people what’s good for them, it’s unbelievable ignorance , unfortunately the majority of Australians citizens viewing msm believe the lies and then vote accordingly. It’s time to band media airing and donations to political parties at every election time, make tax payers funded elections, then we would see maybe even have fairer society and f trusted parliamentary system in Australia. At the moment the majority of msm viewers in Australia are like “turkeys voting for xmas”. It’s total madness. The masters propaganda hymn sheets of fascism which these msm viewers believe, as fact are not smart enough to logically think or challenge governments decisioning that effects their way of life sadly, there collective heads are planted deeply in the sand, not wanting to hear the real truth, of what the fascists have in store for us all, while singing from the propaganda hymn sheets of fascism, to their demise. Which could in turn show how easily the majority of Australians have the people power to change the way we are now governed, by lateral thinking but very sad these people have such poor judgement, not able to think out side the square to see the real agenda fascists politicians have for Australians . The days of respect for our politicians are long gone, it all about making a career of self interest at the expense of the Australian people , if your in the right demographic and your ok with the scripted propaganda hymn sheets of fascism, then your in the club and you will reap your share of the spoils and be well rewarded for loyalty to the master.

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