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Women have never had it so good according to ProMo

Emulating his hero, Donald Trump, Scott Morrison has taken to twitter to tell we women we have never had it so good.

“Under Labor, the gender pay gap increased from 15.5% to 17.2%. Under our Government it has fallen to 14.5% and heading in right direction” tweeted ProMo, signing off with the very Trumpian “#Moretodo.”

One would hope that the gender pay gap would have decreased over the last five years – Scott’s cherry-picked figures are basically correct – but, as is his wont, he is not telling the whole truth.

According to a report published in August by the government’s own Workplace Gender Equality Agency, over the last 20 years, the gender pay gap was at its highest under the Abbott government in November 2014, at 18.5%.

As of May 2018, Australia’s full-time gender pay gap, based on ABS data of Average Weekly Earnings, was 14.6%, but there is a large disparity between different sectors, states and industries and an even greater gap when all payments are considered.

The gender pay gap was 18.4% in the private sector and 10.5% in the public sector.

Western Australia has the widest gender pay gap at 22.4% while South Australia and Tasmania have the smallest gender pay gaps at 9.8% and 9.7% respectively.

And we’re not all heading in the right direction as Morrison would have us believe. Over the last twelve months, the gender pay gap in the ACT and Queensland actually increased.

WGEA collects pay data annually from non-public sector organisations with 100 or more employees, covering more than 4 million employees in Australia. This data includes superannuation, bonuses and other additional payments, and reveals a far bleaker picture for women.

The full-time total remuneration gender pay gap based on WGEA data is 22.4%, meaning men working full-time earn nearly $26,527 a year more than women working full-time.

The gap is highest in Financial and Insurance Services with 26.6%, followed by Health Care and Social Assistance with 25.0% and Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services with 24.1%.

It seems like women who ‘have a go’ are unlikely to ‘get a go’ under a PM who can’t see any problems with how they are treated.

#Moretodo indeed! Acknowledging the facts would be a good start.

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  1. Terence Mills

    Thanks for bringing some facts to the table something that Kelly O’Dwyer was singularly unable to do in the excruciating interview she had with Fran Kelly this morning.

    Whenever I hear O’Dwyer or Cormann interviewed I come away with the feeling that I have just wasted five minutes of my life that I will never be able to recover again !

  2. Clive Manson

    And your policy that led to this result is?………..ScoMo?

    I suspect it was similar to your policies on Energy, Climate Chamge, Paris accord, etc.

    Just drifting along with the tide…….

  3. New England Cocky

    Why are there so many pics of Scat Morriscum??? Three out of four on the header bar!!!

    Do Australia a favour a deny Morriscum media space … it is bad enough that he has no policies to improve the lot of Australian voters, so at least follow News Ltd strategy and yellow journalism Morriscum with unflattering pics if he must appear at all.

  4. Bronte ALLAN

    Well stated Kaye! Sadly Sco Mo is yet another of the very many bloody inept, lying, obscenely over paid, so-called “liberals”–it seems that none of them could lay straight in bed. Whatever “facts & statistics” etc they sprout, it always seems that there is another version of them & not just their “false news”! Talk about damn lies & statistics! Everything this happy clapper religious zealot says & does seems to me to be “false news”, just like his “best mate & mentor”, the bloody Trumpster!

  5. Kaye Lee

    “…the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has calculated the national gender pay gap as 14.6% for full-time employees, a difference of $244.80 per week.

    Libby Lyons, Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, said it is great news …

    “This great result is recognition of the work employers have done in addressing issues such as pay equity. By collecting and analysing data, employers know where their gender equality hotspots are and can take action to improve them.

    “However, we cannot become complacent as there is still much work to do. All employers need to continue to ensure their employees are paid equitably. Do a pay gap analysis. Report the results to the executive and board. Pay gaps close when leaders see the numbers.

    “This improvement in the gender pay gap proves that actions speak louder than words. If every employer in Australia did a pay audit, analysed the results and then took action, we would eventually consign the national gender pay gap to the annals of history,” she said.”

    In other words…the government have done nothing, and don’t intend to do anything, to address the issue. It was Labor that brought us compulsory superannuation. It was Labor that brought us paid parental leave. It was Labor that fought against cuts to penalty rates. It’s time people remembered the power of unions – the teachers and nurses have high membership rates. They use our unwillingness to abandon our charges to weaken us, but we will remember when it comes time to vote. Workers should receive a share of the profits their labour produce, and we should receive equal pay for equal work.

  6. king1394

    Tweeting seems to be a great substitute for really acting on issues, but allows the ‘author’ to look very busy. Trump leads the way of course, and with his championship level of superlative use, can easily convince a gullible reader that this is ‘the best of times’. However, there is no substance in a tweet, and our leaders really should be discouraged from using them.

  7. helvityni

    Fourteen African countries have more women in Parliament than Australia…

    Julie Bishop is telling us what her overseas friends and colleagues are saying about Oz politics, not very flattering…

    When will we see that education is not just wearing the ‘right’ uniform….

    Is our god-fearing PM going to let the suffering little asylum seeker children to come to Australia…

  8. David Stakes

    A bit more creative accounting with the figures.#fudgemo

  9. diannaart

    Given the wage stagnation which has hit both women and men, it is amazing there has been ANY movement towards a shrinking pay gap.

    At least a male from the LNP side of politics has actually admitted to there being a pay-gap. Maybe that’s about the best we can expect from the non-functioning federal government.

  10. Florence Howarth

    Maybe because there has been a shrinking of male rates? Could that be the case.

  11. helvityni

    “If you put needles in strawberries, you are scaring children and YOU ARE A GRUB.

    If you keep children on a prison island and make them want to kill themselves, you get a trophy.”

    The above is a tweet by Tom Ballard… I found it on IA.

  12. Rhonda

    More to do to end this government ASAP

  13. Stephengb

    Leaving bits of the whole picture is a feature of the LNP.
    The NP do not se this as telling lies as such because they think its just spinning the story.

    Thanks Kaye Lee as always you put the record straight


  14. David Bruce

    I don’t know why ScoMo and LNP politicians keep painting targets on their forehead (or their butt)? Maybe they expect the electorate to have memory lapses, senior moments or fluoride flushes and forget about the BS? Australia is very poorly served by the “professional” politicians who get elected. I was wondering if a course in Ethics 101 should be a pre-requisite for pre-selection? Most Australians are decent people and our politicians are not displaying those values

  15. jimhaz

    There are only minimal actual gender pay gaps, however there are industry pay gaps in women dominated industries that should be rectified but won’t be because we seem to love high immigration too much so there is nothing to force an evolution of rewards for effort.

  16. Kaye Lee

    Actually jimhaz, the gap is highest in Financial and Insurance Services – not what I would call a female dominated industry.

    The 2017 report said “The gender pay gap grows with seniority, climbing to 26.5% for Key Management Personnel (KMP), an annual difference of more than $93,000 in total remuneration. Pay gaps among managers are exacerbated by the greater share of discretionary pay awarded to men. For KMP, nearly $40,000 of the annual difference in pay is made up of additional remuneration including bonuses.”


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