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Why is our government holding us back?

So far as I can see, most of those who claim to be ‘Christian’ are actually adhering to a cult.

I grew up in a Christian (Presbyterian) household, I studied the Old and New Testaments at a C of E school, (as well as Comparative Religion) and am now sufficiently uncertain as to the existence of a loving God as to regard myself as an agnostic.

I am, however, totally certain that no one can truly regard themselves as being Christian unless they clearly follow the teachings of Christ. Selflessness and honesty are two virtues which I fail to detect in many, like our PM, who falsely and misguidedly claim to be guided by a Christian God.

The whole world is finally waking up to the fact that Earth is under threat from climate change – but not yet sufficiently awake to realise how massively – and hastily – we need to act if our descendants – ie the grandchildren of the latest generation of parents – are to be able to enjoy a life which is not being destroyed by fires, floods and famine.

Selfishness seems destined to destroy mankind, and it is certainly accelerating species loss and biodiversity.

Many of us have already installed solar power, and will – when we can afford to – purchase a battery. But these are luxuries for most of the world’s populations. And it is totally wrong – morally and really – for the wealthy to be able to survive in comfort, while the poor are pushed aside and ignored. It is absolutely NOT Christian behaviour!

I am denied access to an electric car because of a government which refuses to accept the desperate need to reduce emissions.

Australia is both one of the wealthiest and – in too many ways – one of the most backward countries in the world.

We have manufacturing facilities which could be revived to build EVs and the knowledge to ensure that re-charging is readily available.

We also have a Coalition government which appears to lack any ability to plan for a viable future.

Today, schoolchildren are demanding that governments take action as a matter of urgency, as their whole future is at stake.

In the very near future the existing government will draw on the selfish instincts of the electorate to seek a further term in office.

I am deeply unenamoured with the alternative government, but would still rather vote them in, than risk seeing the future for my grandchildren and their children destroyed by the selfishness of those currently at the helm.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    When you see vultures going to fast food outlets, maggots giving up on putrefying flesh, jackals and hyenas getting in the hellofresh, piranhas chomping on carrots, etc, you’ll know severe change is actually happening, but, the parasitical conservative political perverted bloodsucking leeches of corporatism have fed regularly and remorselessly on the old carrion they know and they cannot comprehend change, as do civilised, educated, logical. farsighted people. They will kill us all and this planet for the illusions of fame, pose, cash…

  2. GL

    “We also have a Coalition government which appears to lack any ability to plan for a viable future.” The only viable future they see is just how much money they can shove in their offshore bank accounts and the chance of a cushy “consultancy” position in Gina and Twiggy and other assorted big business after they leave (or get kicked out of) politics.

    On a side note: The Apple version of Foundation by Isaac Asimov so far is a horrendous travesty and a huge steaming pile of manure. It’s a shame that Harlan Ellison died before it came out, his reviews would have been viciously excoriating and a joy to behold.

  3. Stephengb

    Rosemary J36

    “I am deeply unenamoured with the alternative government, but would still rather vote them in, than risk seeing the future for my grandchildren and their children destroyed by the selfishness of those currently at the helm”.

    Well said.

  4. Win Jeavons

    I learned christian teaching in a Methodist personage, saw it practiced there. After a time outside church l am again a Methodist , with a church that believes it is not what you say but what you do that reveals your faith, and that the best prayer is the one for others that you answer yourself.
    I wish our ‘religious ‘ politicians believed likewise : I much prefer an atheist with your standards of morality

  5. New England Cocky

    @RosemaryJ36: The underlying ambition of the current Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment is to create the neo feudal society where all the money & financial control occurs in the hands of their politicians and their corporate mates. It is a deliberate policy initiated by Little Johnnie Howard to boost his meagre talents by distracting commentators from his selfish policies, and carried on by the nutters that followed him with the assistance of the Murdoch media.

    The huge financial opportunities available in alternative energy are being ignored deliberately because the COALiiton wants a 19th century future to re-write history eliminating the good power of unions to benefit working persons because borne-to-rule elites know what is best for the entire population, and that is keeping the borne-to-rules in the superior manner to which they wish to remain accustomed.

  6. Bronte ALLAN

    I am not a Christian, although was always classed as an Anglican in my younger years I fail to see what believing in any diety has to do with governing a country, & “guiding” its peoples. We do not NEED any supposed Christian leanings to be a free & “normal” country, & unlike the USA, we should not invove Christianity in any form in governing our people! As for Slo Mo’s supposed belief in the pentecostal crap, he SHOULD be “leading” us as a “leader” not a bible basher!

  7. Consume Less

    Re electric cars, the cheapest one I can find is the MG ZS EV around the $44 K mark. It’s looking like there will be many more arrivals in 2022 from the likes of Mazda, Hyundai and Skoda. It will be a while before there are abundant second hand Ev’s in the market. Some people are converting their beloved petrol guzzler to electric. This could be a good option for many. This option is still expensive too but could get a lot cheaper as the price of batteries comes down.

  8. Terence Mills

    News today that car manufacturing plants across Europe and the uK are converting the the new EV technology.

    If we hadn’t hounded auto manufacturers out of Australia we too could be among the leaders in this new technology.

  9. BB

    “Why is our government holding us back?”

    Because it’s not a government in any genuine sense of the word. A “government” is supposed to govern for all the people.
    Instead we have a deluded rabble, a cult of woeful religious fervent nutters, who’s only intent is to feather their own nests.

  10. Bruce White

    One of the largest problems that Australia faces is the high percentage of schools (and students attending) which are religious private schools. There should be no place for these in Australia. All primary and secondary education should be secular government schools. There is agreat myth about the benefits of a private school (mostly church schools) education vis a vis public school education. This is a very divisive thing in Australian society. What need is there for academic meritocracy when you can have the old school tie?

  11. LB

    Seems the paucity of political talent is emblematic, trying to apply one’s moral standards to others is not an exercise that will give good outcomes. We have so much potential but like potential it is hardly ever reached, and until we are removing twice as much CO2 as we are putting in we are window dressing.
    But faith hope and charity are about all we have.

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