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Who leaks?

Welcome to another Your Say.

Can we talk about leaks? They certainly have been big news this week:

Senior Minister Ian Macfarlane has described as “very accurate” media accounts of a rowdy Cabinet discussion on national security, which was seemingly leaked in detail last week.

Along with his Cabinet colleagues, Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop, Mr Macfarlane has denied being the source for the report, which featured quotes from several ministers questioning a contentious proposal to strip citizenship from Australians linked to terrorism.

One AIMN reader wrote to us with his/her suspected culprit:

My theory is that Scott Morrison is the culprit. I believe he dearly wants to be Prime Minister and wants Turbnbull and Bishop out of the way. The finger is being pointed at both these individuals and he remains clean.

After all, he has history when it comes to getting the job he wants.

So, dear readers, here’s the chance to have your say. Who do you think the leaker was? Are you also pointing the finger at Scott Morrison? And why?

Over to you.



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  1. Steve Laing

    Yep it must be ScoMo. Looks clean and loyal to the backbench, wants to be PM, and knows that this leak makes Tony, Jules and Malky look bad. I suspect that he is also behind that letter from the backbench to Tony which pre-empted the whole debacle, and he has no respect for anyone’s rights as we already know.

  2. Graham Houghton

    Couldn’t give a tinker’s toss, frankly. It’s irrelevant; I just want them all gone – deported preferably because they’re all involved in political terrorism.

  3. Kaye Lee

    The cabinet members who spoke against the proposal were Defence Minister Kevin Andrews, Foreign Affairs Minister and deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop, Attorney-General George Brandis, Agriculture Minister and deputy Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce, Education Minister Christopher Pyne and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, according to people present in the room.

    The other 13 candidates are Abbott, Truss, Abetz, Hockey, Scullion, Macfarlane, Dutton, Billson, Robb, Hunt, Morrison, Ley and Cormann.

    Of those I would say only Hockey and Morrison could be contenders unless it was the old double yonk of Tony’s office using it to garner backbench support.

  4. stephentardrew

    Now that truly does introduce a devious sleeper and someone who would appear above reproach.

    I like it a lot and it certainly would not surprise me if this egocentric immoral fool was to play the hard game of backstabbing assassin.

    The L-NP is the night of multiple assassins waiting in the wings for the right moment.

    Let’s hope they all start throwing in unison.

    Would make Labor disunity fade into the background.

    The sword of Damocles awaits the double reverse switchback and hopeful self-immolation.

  5. DanDark

    Michael, its a bit like the game Cluedo, who was where and when, and who did what when, and who has the most to gain,
    but then that would be toooo obvious, so it must be the cleaner, I am going for the cleaner was the leaker 🙂
    The amount of things one overhears as a cleaner would boggle ones mind LOL

  6. stuffme

    Graham H, I think your spot on….

  7. Roswell

    My complete distrust of Tony Abbott has me wondering if he is somehow behind this. He has always been the type of bloke to blame others for what he himself has done.

  8. Roscoe

    I bet ‘beam me up scotty’ is wishing he was still imigration minister so he could strip the citizenship of King Rabbott and banish him and any other troublemakers, from the kingdom forever more. My bet would be on Morrison being the leaker, as you say, to get rid of his opposition

  9. Maureen Walton (@maureen_walton)

    Yes Spot on. Morrison is the MAN of the Moment he is Here he is There. He is so in charge and knows it all bit like Superman at the Moment. Because He is getting it all done saving Goverment stacks as He is helping LNP save loads of money from Welfare. Blame it all on the little people who are the Problem and costing LNP Goverment a Fortune. Not the Rich of course who are Ripping Loads of $ from the People LNP thinks that is not a Problem at all..

  10. brickbob

    This task is mission impossible as the whole sorry bunch are unethical backstsbbing bastards who would push their own Grandmother over the cliff to attain and keep power. There is more backstabbing going on with this mob than 10 episodes of Game Of Thrones.”””””””

  11. Harquebus

    Tony Abbott. A false flag kite flying event in order to heap suspicion upon contenders and gauge public opinion.

  12. Kaye Lee

    To add to the ScoMo theory, in April Peter Hartcher, the journalist who wrote the very detailed account of the cabinet stoush, wrote an article titled “Scott Morrison, the sharpest pencil in the box, puts it right.”

    Hartcher says “in his new role, even critics admit there’s a lot to like,” and goes on to laud ScoMo’s many skills and achievements.

    The things that make you go hmmmmm……

  13. Kong

    Its the Poodle for my money he can smell Abbotts rotting carcas

  14. wmmbb

    Agreeing with the accuracy of the reporting, I think the suspicion falls on Malcolm. He was a journalist. The fact is, Sherlock, everybody in the room is a suspect, perhaps with the exception of Tony. I like to think that somebody was wearing a planted microphone, and that some person on the other end, thought I have a greater duty to the nation than to allow this individual to continue as prime minister. This story will not fade away with the news cycle.

  15. Florence nee Fedup

    Who is the one that gained most from that leak. Abbott of course. Doesn’t appeared to harm him in any way.

    Abbott has neutered his cabinet by splitting it, unable to challenge him is any way. he went into that cabinet meeting with the revoking of citizenship not on agenda, as well as no discussion paper. Demanding it be passed.

    He has managed to get at least 40 of his back bench on side. Yes, he has them in writing, which they signed. This occurred within a short time. Whips very efficient.

    Abbott now has the numbers, that make a spill unlikely.

    He has a policy, that he knows will make it nearly impossible for Labor to remain bipartisan with. In his eyes, making Shorten look weak on security.

    A policy that all the rednecks and Muslim haters will fall in behind him.

    He has managed to make any criticism sound like one is soft on terrorism, opposing revoking of citizenship. This is not true, as most are condemning the process, not the revoking. Many are condemning Abbott for abandonment of justice and right to a fair legal hearing. Dutton’s decisions will be law. Only process can be challenged in the judicial system.

    Heard Dutton say he is looking at 400 hundred people within this country. Is he planning to revoke citizenship enmassed. I suspect he is. Would mean deportations I would imagine.

    Mr Turnbull’s rebuttal of Abbott may have blunted in a little for Labor.

    Yes, it was Abbott that released what happened, as he did later, the dressing down he gave them, including come to Jesus moment.

    Also TURC is falling into place for Abbott, as planned. we are in for an assault on Shorten that will leave that waged against Gillard and Thomson for dead. MSM are falling into line, in programmes and articles that make Labor look bad. The white anting against Shorten will reach a crescendo over the next few weeks.

    Abbott intends to go to an election as quickly as he can after the end of July.

    This man is dangerous, in a way we have never seen in this country before. He scare me.

  16. Florence nee Fedup

    Abbott deliberately goad his cabinet by mentioning after other business finished, with no paper or on the agenda, would be revoking citizenship of all, not only duel nationals. He got the response he was after.

    Suspect the whips had ensured he had numbers,

  17. Glenn

    absolutely agree with Florence. This is such a planned beat-up. Has TA’s fingerprints all over it.

  18. John Lord

    Please, Bishop is a friend of Hartchers. 2+2=

  19. John Lord

    And she is a known note taker.

  20. heatherex

    Definitely Abbott….. he must be creating a few enemies in cabinet, and they will group together and create havoc for Abbott, hopefully getting rid of him, but he has been clever getting the majority of the backbench to support him.

  21. Terry2

    Has anybody actually seen the 40 signature letter/petition that allegedly gives Abbott legitimacy for the crudely defined thought bubble on citizenship..

    Unusual that this document hasn’t been exposed to the media as part of the Liberal spin machine.

    I suspect this letter/petition was drafted and circulated by Ms Credlin to help Abbott when the Cabinet split.

  22. Kaye Lee

    Liberal MP Dan Tehan delivered the petition to the Prime Minister’s office this morning.

    When asked if the document was designed to put pressure on Cabinet ministers he replied: “People can read into it what they like.”

    “We want to act against dual citizens and… what we’re asking the Prime Minister to do is to look at the UK laws and adopt similar laws here in Australia,” he said.

    “We as backbenchers wanted to let the Government know that we think we should look very seriously at this issue.”

    You can be sure that sycophantic Andrew Nikolic had something to do with this. He’s a former Brigadier in the Australian Army who had been like an over-eagre puppy dog since he was promoted to the position of whip by Tony.

  23. Roswell

    Kaye, it’s starting to get that Tony Abbott smell about it.

  24. Carol Taylor

    I’m inclined to agree with Fedup..Abbott had his orders to Cabinet pre-written. This tactic has Credlin written all over it.

  25. Michael Taylor

    So it has the smell of Abbott and has Credlin written all over it. Much the same then. 😉

  26. Florence nee Fedup

    The question Turnbull asked shouldn’t be forgotten. Have you notified the Telegraph yet. Abbott said no, but the story did appear the next morning.

    If this back fires on Abbott, he could split the LNP.

    Dutton has created a outrage from many with his remarks today of Hanson Young and Trigg,

    When one reads comments in the Australian, Telegraph and SMH, one would think Abbott has one hundred support. That cannot be right. Why even on these sites, the trolls seem to be very light on, Don’t see much support on Twitter.

    Abbott is in full electioneering mode,

  27. kerri

    Whatever happens we need the media to up the speculation just prior to the airing of The Killing Season!!!
    A bit of distraction that is so close to the conservatives hearts!

  28. Glenn

    yes, bring on the election. PLEASE. I am so looking forward to the ad campaign from the opposition. There is SO MUCH good stuff out there about the LNP lies and hypocrisy – I am dying know what will get used. What an incredible challenge for an election campaign – there is simply too much great information and far too many excellent sound bites to use……how do you choose? Seriously, which lies are the best/worst ones to use? Way way way too much. What a great piece of entertainment it will be. 🙂 BRING IT ON

  29. Fiona

    yes, bring on the election. PLEASE.


    The turkeys who voted this regime in need to suffer a bit more. Otherwise they will be stupid enough to think that a cLIEtion gubmint led by anyone other than abbott will have their (the turkeys’) best interests at heart.

    I realise this means we also have to suffer a bit more. However, there are times when a little bit of suffering now is worth a whole lot of pain (for them, rather than us) then.

  30. Michael Taylor

    It’s a Catch 22, isn’t it Fiona?

    We all thought that after one term Abbott would have done enough damage to relegate the Coalition to the opposition benches for the next 15 centuries. But maybe it’ll take two terms. Such a horrible thought, but it’s the sacrifice we might have to endure.

  31. Annie B

    the Abbott is ‘ the leaker.’ …. for all the reasons mentioned by others commenting here who have also pointed their fingers at him.

  32. Rossleigh

    It’s always the butler, isn’t it? Or the one we’d least suspect.
    Which should be Abbott, but as people suspect that one, I’d have to say it’s Christopher Pyne.
    He’s one of the name’s that nobody is putting forward, so it’s obviously him.
    Particularly when you read that he said: “I don’t believe you should be in a cabinet if you are then going to go outside of the cabinet and leak about it. I think that is the worst thing you could possibly do.”
    People have taken that as a denial. But all he’s saying is that he doesn’t believe YOU should be in Cabinet, if you are going to go outside and leak about it. He didn’t deny that he’d done it, he merely stated that if YOU did it, it would be pretty bad, but he never said that he didn’t actually do it.

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