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What fate awaits PM Morrison?

There can be little doubt that Brother ScoMo believes that he will one day recoup his happy clapper tithes by literally ascending the gold pass holders’ escalators to his members only, prayers-by-the-spa, gay-free heaven. I, however, am eagerly awaiting his earthly due.

* * * * *

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.” (William Jennings Bryan)

“My destiny was to be PM. Jesus chose me.” (Scott Morrison). OK, I made that up, but we know he believes it.


This article was originally published on The Grumpy Geezer.


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  1. Porking Welldone

    I wonder if Snedden came before he went…

  2. whatever

    Yes, the leaking about FatBoy George and Ken Wyatt shows there is a lot of bitching in the ranks.
    Adult diapers for Scotty in the months ahead.
    (BTW, Harold Holt was fond of medical opiates. They relaxed him, but they are a bit too relaxing sometimes…)

  3. Alpo

    Yes, the ScuMocide may happen, and yes it will happen by the hand of Dutton…. but not yet. There must be a very good immediate reason for the ScuMocide and the only one I see is that next year, as the GFC2 likely strikes (around mid year, once it’s clear that Trump will lose the presidential election in the USA), ScuMo will find himself drowning in a sea of negative polls, marching students, workers, housewives, retirees, farmers, teachers, health workers, retirees… and even a bunch of religious persons (the good ones)…. With unemployment going up, costs of living going up…. salaries going down… and a recession we have been in for some time now only hidden by ScuMo behind some creative accounting…. Then and only then Murdoch will make yet another trip to Oz and tell the Libs that the situation is critical and a truly, very hard man, harder than ScuMo and from Queensland, should take charge: Dutton’s moment would have come.

  4. Bruce Field

    SENSATIONAL twist on this absolute faaarrrking prick & his arsewipe government.
    Morrison has qualified Australia as the World’s most recent Kleptocracy.

  5. Grumpy Geezer

    Edit. It’s been pointed out that it was Curtin who died in office not Chifley, who was LOTO at the time he died.

  6. johno

    Time will tell (not soon enough though)

  7. Phil Pryor

    I look in the obituaries (on Saturdays), the wife’s paper day, at the names, searching for some political perverts, conservative c—ts, right wing ratbags, fantasy worshipping filth, superstition saturated shitheads, Fat George, Wanker Basher Brownshirt Dutton, the Manly Masturbator, the New England rooting, rorting, raving ripoff water thieving knob polishing Joyce.., but, no luck. Next week…

  8. Roswell

    I can fix that for you, GG.

  9. Grumpy Geezer

    Thanks Roswell

  10. wam

    billy shorten getting rolled, scummo’s green miracle and december, the designated birth month of jesus. What a great time for dreaming, gg and a kerrigan to you.
    The nature of dutton’s job may be shithouse but he has done a good job
    Has he done a good enough job to overcome a miracle man??? Don’t think so. Scummo is clappiung for god and well, barring an albo miracle, last 2 more elections,

  11. my say

    I hope his fate is worse than death,

  12. Roswell

    It’s my job, GG. I only do it for the money.

  13. Trevor

    MorruSCUM IS A RELIGIOUS CULTIST leading a CRIMINAL CARTEL masquerading as The Australian Govt.

    The Affluent Effluent of Australia’s billionaire cohort are a CRIMINAL CARTEL masquerading as patriots.

    The collatoral damage of the IPA led LNP Govt’s war on the poor is the growing ranks of the working poor & Australian democracy.

    The Earth is not flat.

    Climate changed Greenhouse effect is a clear and present danger.

    Trash the Planet, pay the price.

  14. New England Cocky

    @Bruce Field: Billy “Big Ears” McMahon, who was swept from office by Gough Whitlam (ALP) in 1972, is generally regarded as the least competent conservative leader since Federation, worse even that Toxic RAbbott. There is little doubt that Scummo easily takes the title as worst Prim Monster since Federation in 1901 based on his unwillingness or inability to formulate policies for the benefit of ALL Australian voters, his sickening self-satisfied smirk and his belief that after crossing Tom Ugly’s Bridge you will fall off the edge of the flat Earth and be devoured by dragons residing in the Royal National Park.

    @Phil Pryor: As a local Australian voter in the New England electorate I feel obliged to correct your description of the Kiwi born, amoral, alcoholic, adulterous, beetrooter, misogynist representative of the national$ you have when you want nothing done. He was elected by the votes of Tamworth women supporting adultery and continues to embarrass thinking members of the electorate who see the deliberate policies of denying government services as major impediments to economic development in New England. However, we must acknowledge his too many talents for looking after the interests of his political mates and his own personal pecuniary interests. Think Northern Inland Railway, Pilliga Scrub CSG development, the $80 MILLION glass of MDB water, 4/168 MDB water licence holders owning 75% of MDB allocations, two “grazing properties” for raising gas, and regular contributions from the Parliamentary Allowances Scheme.

    @Trevor: You have made an excellent attempt at the GG style of colloquial language and should continue your accurate descriptions of how the Morriscum Lazy Nasty People misgovernment is building the worst third world export economy in the OECD for the benefit foreign owned multinational corporations and their shareholders living overseas, so that your grandkids will understand why they are disinherited peasants in their own rich land.

  15. One Foot in The Grave

    “Vengeance shall be ours,and may it be swift and ugly” Like every other job he’s had in life,he’ll pull the rug out from under himself,he is one deranged effing loon.Let his fall be sudden and fatal. Prime Minister Dutton? F#ck me.

  16. Kathryn

    Morrison is a mad, bad and very dangerous bible-thumping hypocrite but God help us all if the insane, brutally sadistic psychopath, Dutton, rises to become PM. It seems apparent that with each resurrected nutter, rising out of the ashes of a Lieberal insurrection, each one is progressively worse! We all thought that the despicable, insignificant little war criminal, John Howard, was just about the worst, most repugnant pathological liar the LNP could vomit up … after all, Howard unashamedly used a devastating, outrageously expensive and ILLEGAL war (that caused the torture, trauma, death and displacement of countless millions of people in Iraq and Syria) to divert public attention away from his EPIC failure as the worst PM (at that stage) on record! Alas – the latest mob of totally corrupt, swaggering, absolutely inept neoliberal grubs, starting from Phony Grabbit, have just got progressively more corrupt, more autocratic, increasingly callous and more hopelessly inept as each day goes by!

    We went from the moronic ravings of a swaggering, committed misogynist and completely insular imperialist, Abbott, to the smug, supercilious arrogance of the born-to-rule elitist, Turnbull! Now, worst of all, is Morrison = a psuedo-sanctimonious fascist with a God-complex! Morrison’s inherent conviction that HE is the Word of God is absolutely breathtaking considering his capacity for pure hatred – his hatred and derision for women in power, his undisguised revulsion for same sex couples, his vehement derision of anyone and everyone who has the temerity to question or ridicule his hypocrisy and ineptitude, his sneering, smug attacks against the unemployed, the poor, pensioners and/or ordinary Australians who are doing it tough, his vile pretension at being “a true blue, Shark-supporting football fan and just one-of-the boys in the Insular Peninsular of the Cook electorate” when, in reality, he holds a sneering condescension for egalitarianism and his malevolent vindictiveness and determination to make desperate asylum seekers (whose only crime is to escape the hideous devastation of the war his mentor, John Howard, helped to create) an example of the LNP’s entrenched abuse of power against vulnerable people for political expediency.

    There can be no denying that the LNP have devastated this country in less than seven of the worst, most catastrophic and callously inhumane years in our political history! However, if the totally heartless, sadistic psychopath, Dutton, rises to the top like faecal matter in a very polluted pond, it will be the PINNACLE of LNP depravity. Even in the shadow of an absolutely self-serving grub like Morrison, Dutton has revealed some terrifying fascist traits that may even make MorriScum look “benevolent” by comparison.

    The cure? For God’s sake, Australia, KICK THE LNP OUT at State and Federal level. Albanese may not be everyone’s cup of tea but, at least, he has some really good people behind him like Tanya Plibersek, Chris Bowen, Penny Wong et al. This is in DIRECT CONTRAST to Morrison who has an army of truly evil, self-entitled, totall corrupt salivating fascist dogs waiting in the wings! Take your pick!

  17. Robyn lynette Cleland

    Australia is doomed if this party continued on its merry way I agree fully on your comments

  18. wam

    new england cocky
    I loved billy and sonya and these comment reflect the LNP for the 50 years since:
    bowman says “McMahon really is a third-rate politician and that he could be PM is a damning indictment of the country. He is really, a rather nasty bit of work. Half-truths, lies, Commo can, cheap attacks – what an unpleasant little turd.”
    menzies said McMahon … to me is a contemptible little squirt. … McMahon, I think, is the most characterless man who was ever prime minister of Australia. A dreadful little man.” but :He spent 33 years in the House of Representatives, with 21 of those years as a minister, including many years as Treasurer. His influence, from 1949 onwards, was immense, even though he was generally not liked or trusted by his fellow politicians.”
    The big eared twit was an awful prime minister but, for Australia,he was far better than howard the second worst, and miles better than the rabbott who reigns are the worst pm in my 8 decades.

    billy may have had something bigger than his ears when you look at sonya’s leg

  19. crypt0

    Kathryn …
    You pretty much covered the unhappy situation we now find ourselves in … thanks to the 51%.
    I thought you went a bit easy on ScumMo, so here is what I think of him (swearwords, profanity and unparliamentary language redacted)

  20. Vikingduk

    Crypt0, why redact? The jerk who smirks is an absolute F#cking psychopath. A vomit inducing “christian” arse licking traitor. A deceitful, lying shitstain on the face of those that voted for this scum sucker. My xmas wishes for the cretin from Cronulla are that all he values turn to ashes, that he never knows peace or contentment, that the rot at his core devour his dreams and wishes. In short, that everything in this things life turn to shit. After all, he always was a country member.

    It seems that f#cking Houston arsehole made it to the White House, posted pics on his Facebook page

  21. Puking Wattheheck

    In a Police State, the political leader survives as long as he keeps the guards happy.

  22. crypt0

    Vikingduk … Don’t hold back !
    And yes, I do remember
    Then there’s ScumMo and Houston … No wonder Morrison didn’t answer questions re his inviting Houston to the White House.
    “Houston, who is currently under investigation by the NSW Police for concealing his father’s sexual abuse of children, says in the video that he went into the Cabinet Room and Oval Office and prayed for the President.”
    “Did Scott Morrison call the NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and discuss the Brian Houston investigation as Morrison did with the Angus Taylor investigation?”

    Exclusive: President Donald Trump has paedophile protector Pastor Brian Houston at The White House

    Such are the elite “christians” in Australia.

  23. TuffGuy

    A bullet would be a much quicker and more beneficial to the country than anything else. Where do you find a hitman when you want one?

  24. Rudy

    I don’t know the answer but start with crowdfunding? Look what it did for Folau and the koala. (Joke)

  25. ajogrady

    Scott Morrison is the L/NP’s answer to Mark Latham. No two bigger egotistical, self absorbed sycophants to ever infect Australian politics.

  26. Jon Chesterson

    My wish this christmas new year is that Scomo be fried by a thunderbolt of lightning from heaven and Dutton meet his end drowned in a border force helicopter crash out at sea with no hope of recovery. Failing these two karmic events coming to pass, I wish for an early general election due to the realisation by the Australian general public that the Liberals and Nationals have grossly neglected and disfigured this country in serving themselves, and deliver swift retribution, decimating both parties for a sweep of Greens, independents and Labor with a coalition majority so large they will be able to implement a massive re-nationalisation program; emergency action of global climate change, jail the CEOs, directors and boards of the major banks and large corporates who break the law, rip off Australian citizens, continue to dodge corporate taxes or send the profits of their businesses offshore; and the cessation of all opportunistic monopolies and oligopolies like oil giants, Murdoch’s news Corp, Woollies and Coles who hold all of us to ransom every day as we go about our daily business. Let the thunder storms begin.

  27. Kathryn

    Hahahahaha, Jon Chestersen, you had me on the floor ROFL. When I look at all the comments above by these wonderful, caring like-minded enemies of the despicable Morrison/Dutton fascist regime, it really hits home just how much good will and Christmas cheer this nauseating government have brought into our lives, eh? No , just joking – it just proves how ENRAGED and justifiably murderous we have become to the point where TuffGuy’s recommendation is starting to make a lot of sense! Only problem is, TuffGuy, where can we find a wooden stake and a silver bullet because that is what it will take to kill the depraved DEMON and blood-sucking parasite, Morrison!

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