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What does it take?

By Sue Carrigan

Seriously, my head is about to explode. Never in my living memory have I had to witness the failings of a Prime Minister and his Coalition members as they lead a stunned populace headlong into what amounts to a shitstorm of catastrophic proportions.

Let’s for a moment put aside the country’s current pandemic crisis. We all know how we wound up in the situation; quarantine, vaccine, lockdowns, protests etc. What I think we have missed in the backwash is the bigger picture of how inept the current government is due to the absolute lack of integrity, honesty, foresight, intelligence, leadership or personal responsibility for their actions.

Let’s also put aside the governments complete lack of preparedness or even concern for the global climate crisis. Their complete ignorance with regard to emission targets and fossil fuel reduction can’t be underestimated, as they continue to open up new coal mines and argue the barrier reef is ‘nothing to see here, mate.

Perhaps we should also turn a blind eye to the culture within our government with regard to sexual harassment of women, politicians’ behaviour in a work environment that has no formalised code of conduct. But it is impossible to turn away from appalling calibre of some of the elected representatives that run our country.

The list of current LNP members whose conduct in the office that they represent has been overshadowed by underhanded dealings is through the roof. Insult to injury is that they all manage to resurface as the government merry-go-round of ‘how quickly we forget’ spins on its merry way.

Susan Ley quit the front bench in 2017 under an expenses scandal. 2019 sees her back as Minister for the Environment, for fuck’s sake, she is a coal advocate who demands that ‘The Great Barrier Reef’ be taken of the endangered list, and took a trip overseas to make sure it happened.

Bridget McKenzie quit the cabinet in 2020 because she had breached ‘ministerial standards’ over dodgy fund allocations, but here she is back in 2021 as a Minister for ‘who gives a rats’ arse.’

Michaelia Cash, accused of lying to the Senate Committee and all-round nasty when it came to defending Britanny Higgins, is unbelievably now back in one of the highest political positions as Attorney-General. Seriously, is it just me?

Craig Kelly, a furniture salesman turned scientific expert, removed to the back bench in 2021 for being an absolute moron, jumps ship along with his anti-vax messaging and joins up with that other charmer, who I had hoped choked on his money, to head the United Australia Party.

Christian Porter, well what a saga that has turned out to be. Track record as a compete misogynist and womaniser then accused of historical rape. Stands down as Attorney-General but no shit sticks to Teflon, and he takes the ABC to court. Then won’t say who funded the bill, breaching Ministerial Standards (laughable because it appears this government has no standards). Does the PM sack him or make any decision at all? That would be a no, Porter decides to step down and go and twiddle on the back bench. These people have absolutely no shame or even a sense of public humiliation.

But this is the final straw. Barnaby Joyce (we all remember who he is, the bloke who practically said; what baby, I’m not sure if it’s even mine… nice one, resurrected from the back bench in 2021 as deputy PM, go figure) announced that:

‘Christian Porter has now paid the price. He has gone to the corridor of the nearly dead, where I was for 3 and a bit years, just above the carpark. He has like so many of us, gone to the corridor of the nearly dead (yes, he repeated it) … I bet you his electorate won’t resign from him though. He’s an incredibly astute politician, he’s incredibly capable. I’ll put money that we’ll see him back again.’

What the absolute fuck!! Joyce is an ignorant mouthpiece for what many politicians think but aren’t stupid enough to say. That we voters are dumb bottom feeders who have the memory of a gnat and will forget the shit that goes on behind the locked secretive hallways of the federal government.

We should and must demand a better class of human being than those which we are suffering through and tolerating. Joyce’s corridor of the nearly dead, needs to lead from the hallowed hallways to the servant’s exit where they should be despatched and never be heard of again.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Corporate attitude is a runaway flow of faecality, streaming and oozing until every day is a wave of advertising, dealing, lying, suspecting, observing crooks, covering your arse to be prudent, seeing wrong and evil, BUT, getting on with accustoming oneself to living in a cesspool up to the intellectual brim. Many of us feel choked by this life, this perverted rat race style, whereby the planet is bashed, most of us are stressed and the insiders, plotters, operatives just adolf and josef away in supremacy, snobbish indifference and keenness for more and more loot, pose, preferment, notice and MONEY. A few seem to have the money and assets in every society, community, nation. Down in the plantation, some crawl up enough to be middle operators, getting better crusts and handouts. Hateful hunnish horrors in media hold power through the implied blackmail of defeats, shunning, barriers, losses, threatened coercion. Merde Dog can “control” politicians, rich owners, events and policy, to suit.., what? It is a frightful future now, with lies posing as truth, liars as leaders, double crossers as apostles, poopots as princes, shitskulls as saviours and you are in or out.., choose that.

  2. Kerri

    It’s not just you Sue Carrigan!
    As the nation’s collective blood pressure goes up on a daily basis it can only be overcome by our knuckle gnawing fear of government sanctioned nuclear armageddon!
    I have no hair left!

  3. Baby Jewels

    You are not alone Sue. Our leaders are not imbeciles, they are evil. Corrupt to the core. Every mess we find ourselves in now, is caused by their black hearts, filled with greed, and their hatred of those less fortunate. Angry? It doesn’t come close and my anger is also directed at those similar types who vote LNP.

  4. New England Cocky

    Well said Sue!! However, I must comment on Barnyard Beetrooter, the Nazional$ representative in New England and facilitator of John Anderson’s picadillo the Northern Inland Railway (NIR) now costing Australian taxpayers about $1,200 MILLION.

    You may understand this wast of investment capital when you learn that John Anderson is the former Nazional$ leader previous owner of Eastern Star Gas (sold out to SANTOS) and Campaign Manager for Beetrooter. Now reported as a resident of Tamworth NSW, this pair of self-serving politicians are kept in political office by Tamworth women who are encouraged to support 19th century social values of adultery, alcoholism, misogyny and have yet to learn that the 20th century freed them from those social values.

  5. Pete Petrass

    Pretty sure just about all AIMN readers know what should happen to this lot, but it is the stupid voters in the electorates of these scum that have to be convinced since they are just too dumb to see it for themselves.


    Its incredible that a government so inept and corrupt to the core can still score high approval ratings. Are the Australian voters so dumb so just so oblivious of the the facts staring them in the face.

    Or is it that Murdoch and his maggots and the rest of the fucking MSM have totally brainwashed the voters into accepting that black is white and that the sun shines out of Scummo's arse, that they blithely ignore all the fuckups and crooked deals ?

    Or is it that that gap toothed dickhead we call treasurer, keeps giving away a few baubles come election time, that persuades them to give the bastards one more chance. This is a nation of self seekers and greedy grabbers.

  7. Keitha Granville

    47% of the country apparently like him if polls are any indicator. I have 4 friends who have always voted Liberal and won’t hear a word against the PM. They are nice people so how does he manage to hypnotise them all?

  8. Kathryn

    Every single morning we wake up to yet ANOTHER day stuck underneath the Jack Boot of the worst, most corrupt, self-serving, misogynistic and arrogant regime in living memory. Every day, we scratch our heads and ask ourselves:
    “Under the escalating mismanagement of the LNP, can things 𝑝𝑜𝑠𝑠𝑖𝑏𝑙𝑦 get worse?”
    Tragically, the answer is always – and inevitably – “YES!”

    The ONLY thing that is growing inexorably over the last eight, long painful years of LNP-driven political corruption, environmental vandalism, the destruction and defundment of Medicare and just about every program that provides benefit to our society, is the long, ever-growing list of appalling, self-serving corruption, despicable acts of nepotism, greed and the blatant favouritism by the LNP’s for the protected species: the non-taxpaying billionaire LNP donors (like Gina Rinehart, Murdoch, Twiggy Forrest et al)!

    In case anyone has, as yet, not had the opportunity, or stomach, to view the rather terrifying list of despicable corrupt acts undertaken by the unspeakably depraved political parasites in the Abbott and Morrison regimes, click on the following link, print out a few copies and hand them out to the deaf, dumb and blind idiots you know out there who believe ALL the right-wing propaganda, lies and skewed facts they inhale from the Z-rated Murdoch media!

    Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to chaser.com.au for having undertaken all the hard work and research to compile this exhaustive, and depressingly long – list of corruption, pathological lies and underhanded deviousness by the unconscionable miscreants in the LNP who have revealed themselves to be the worst, most inept, misanthropic, condescending and totally corrupt government in living memory! History has proven that the LNP are an utterly remorseless, self-serving, war mongering regime that has stooped to new lows in depravity and sanctimonious bible-thumping hypocrisy. Sadly, the only people who are as bad are the Murdoch-manipulated, callously inhumane, gullible right-wing-extremists, misogynists and/or xenophobic racists who keep voting for them!


  9. leefe

    “What I think we have missed in the backwash is the bigger picture of how inept the current government is due to the absolute lack of integrity, honesty, foresight, intelligence, leadership or personal responsibility for their actions.”

    No, pretty well all of us here are well aware of this.
    The problem is that far too many other Australians – thanks to Mudrake and his minions – are not. Or maybe they don’t think it really matters because it doesn’t affect them directly. Yet.

  10. Alasdair

    I find that the only way I can make sense of this crowd is to think of them as criminals: in intent, in behaviour, in action, in mind. They are users and abusers with, as you so rightly say, no standards and no shame. However, we here are all united in our abhorrence of them; the rest of the country maybe not so much. How, you might say, can people stand to see this shitstorm continue? Well unfortunately, we are a country of (in the main) political non-thinkers, sheeple, who will vote for the guy with the nicest hat. I’ve done enough election door-knocking to see how little people actually care. While the Murdoch empire feeds a steady stream of lies upon lies, it seems that all we want are bread and circuses. Well, that level of civic non-interest, coupled with increasing felonies and frauds by the leaders helped bring about the end of the Roman Empire, and at this rate we’ll be going the same way.

    My concern is how to set a fire under the comfortable backsides of the LNP voters.

  11. Consume Less

    A fire under comfortable backsides, ouch. Unfortunately there is a fucking big fire under all of us in the guise of glow-ball warming. That aside I agree with Sue’s article and comments.

  12. BB

    Barnaby states that the government corridors are now the corridors of the already dead, in other words, zombie politicians!

    Truth is stranger than fiction! The truth is L/NP politicians are the walking dead, nasty rotting corpses with zero conscience!

  13. Alasdair

    You know, BB, rotting corpses have their uses – in body farms for forensic analysis, for example. And they do far less damage than the current LNP. Probably smell better, too.

  14. margcal

    HENRY RODRIGUES September 23, 2021 at 4:34 pm
    Are the Australian voters so dumb so just so oblivious of the the facts staring them in the face.

    And proud of it.

  15. DrakeN

    margcal, so true.

    “You can’t tell me what I should do even though I have absolutely no idea as to the consequences of what it is that I am doing.”

    Dunning-Kruger syndrome and inverted snobbery so predominant in an educationally averse portion of society.

  16. Dolores Bellemo

    Sue, I agree with you totally.

    Primo Levi said of charismatic leaders such as Hitler and Mussolini: that we must be cautious about delegating to others our judgment and our will. He also said “Monsters exist, but they are few in number to be truly dangerous; more dangerous are the common men,…ready to believe and to act without asking questions.”
    And unfortunately that’s what is happening here in Australia at the moment most people have their blinkers on following like sheep.
    Levi would turn in his grave on seeing a world where white supremacist groups feel free to operate in public once again, where hate, prejudice and intolerance is becoming normalised.

  17. Arnd


    They are nice people so how does he manage to hypnotise them all?

    Maybe your friends are not quite as nice as you have led yourself to believe?

    Also: what are the alternatives? Labor? Greens? Some choice – between a rock, and two very hard places.

  18. Arnd


    … we must be cautious about delegating to others our judgment and our will.

    Fair enough … – except, when you think about it, clearly, soberly, and without rose-tinted sentimentality about “democracy sausages”, you are forced to realise that “delegating to others our judgement and our will” is a large part of what representative democracy is all about in the first place.

    … more dangerous are the common men,…ready to believe and to act without asking questions.

    A subject famously expanded upon by one Hannah Arendt, under the heading of “Banality of Evil”, in her 1963 book Eichmann in Jerusalem:

    Arendt’s book introduced the expression and concept of the banality of evil. Her thesis is that Eichmann was actually not a fanatic or a sociopath, but instead an extremely average and mundane person who relied on clichéd defenses rather than thinking for himself, was motivated by professional promotion rather than ideology, and believed in success which he considered the chief standard of “good society”. Banality, in this sense, does not mean that Eichmann’s actions were in any way ordinary, or even that there is a potential Eichmann in all of us, but that his actions were motivated by a sort of complacency which was wholly unexceptional. Many mid-20th century pundits were favorable to the concept.

    I say that the same reckoning applies to Scotty and his rag-tag gang of deplorables: notwithstanding his moniker “from marketing”, he is not exactly a highly accomplished master manipulator skilfully perverting the course of democracy, but rather an “extremely average and mundane person”.

    Which, I think, may well be part of his appeal: a second-rate electorate choosing a third-rate executive.

  19. Dolores Bellemo

    To Arnd

    Maybe Morrison is not a master in manipulation but certainly the church that he follows has manipulated him into believing that money is not the root of all evil. But rather the rich man is to be admired and exulted even if the person is a psychopath and a pathological lier such as Trump.

  20. Mark


    second-rate electorate choosing a third-rate executive.

    Perhaps it’s even worse than that.

    In the USA, the electorate as a whole has some say (but only some say) because the system demands an electoral college to ensure the citizens don’t deliver the final imprimatur re the two who become the CEO (President) and the Deputy CEO (Vice President).

    In Australia, the citizenry are empowered to decide (from nominations chosen by the parties – on most occasions) who shall represent them in the legislature. Then, particular members of that legislature vote to decide who the PM (CEO) shall be.

    While both parties have slightly different rules, the point is that the citizens are somewhat removed from the decision making process.

    Effectively, a Dictator results who then chooses the remaining executive members who serve at his/her pleasure.

    Clearly we can’t have the citizens driving the political bus. It was never intended. It has never resulted.

    And the citizens are content with that because it’s what they deserve. Otherwise they would be in the streets.

  21. wam

    If you were right, Sue, only labor would form government. Ergo, the conservative diehards have faith in knowing you are not right and convince their faith as truth in the swingers mind. Their faith is absolute bullshit but faith is truth. However, your words have truths that can be demonstrated, so you are right. The conundrum needs work and politicians are only effective with busy work so labor needs luck and LNP needs another loonie miracle The simplest way to improve the choice is to eliminate by-elections. Then there will be 4 candidates to choose from or a quality independent, if you are lucky to have one nominate. That only leaves the extremists, if you have far right hatred or some senile tendencies from the Franklin or back 50 years to Pedder. Palmer, PHON and the loonies will be on the page so where.

  22. Ron Chandler

    Craig Kelly is not an anti-vaxxer Sue, and your slur flags you as an ignorant dumb-ass sucked in by the Plandemic psy-op. That in turn somewhat undercuts the rest of your critique. If you paid attention to Kelly’s extremely well-informed Grievance Debate of 27/08/2020 speech, you will learn that Kelly is right, and the slaves of Fat Money and Big Pharma in our parliament are wrong.

  23. Sue carrigan

    Ron Chandler your response flags you as one of the deluded who think craig kelly has a brain. ‘Well informed’ and ‘craig kelly’ should never be used in the same sentence. And your insult to me personally is exactly the type of response anyone gets from those who follow him. Good on you .

  24. Sue carrigan

    Ron Chandler….typical response from a Craig kelly supporter. However ‘well informed ‘and ‘craig kelly’ should never be used in the same sentence. Hilarious.

  25. Michael Taylor

    Ron Chandler, we don’t appreciate the authors being called an ”ignorant dumb-ass”.

    You are free to debate the subject matter. But you are not free to attack the author.

  26. Terence Mills

    The Murdoch media have gone into overdrive to pay homage at the shrine of Scott Morrison : yes there has been a second coming if you follow the Australian, SKY etc.

    We have been subjected to the biggest con job in Australian political history. We have a prime minister who has offended the French together with all our near neighbours and who has cynically decide that the next election will be fought on national security grounds and for his own selfish purposes he has made the Chinese the gorilla in the room with no apparent consideration to the trade implications of creating this new ‘cold war’.

    Morrison has managed so far to cancel a ninety billion dollar contract with the French without being able to tell us what the contractual penalties will be in dollar terms : he has entered into some sort of vague agreement with the USA or is it the UK to build some submarines at an undisclosed cost over an uncertain period of time and nobody is asking any questions.

    On achieving net zero on climate change by 2050, Barnaby Joyce has said that he will not support a 2050 target until he sees the plan to get to that target and that his party’s support would be conditional on guarantees of jobs being protected and power prices kept affordable

    Frydenberg said yesterday “One of the reasons we’re working through this issue methodically is because Australia doesn’t sign up to targets without plans to meet them.”

    The prime minister was asked in Washington DC if the treasurer’s address amounted to the government making a decision to back the 2050 goal he said “If Australia had made such a decision, I would have announced it.”.

    So it seems we are all agreed we need a plan but our elected politicians don’t seem to realize that we elect them to formulate and implement policy which includes plans.

    This has to be the worst most undisciplined government we have ever had !

  27. Mark


    cancel a ninety billion dollar contract with the French without being able to tell us what the contractual penalties will be in dollar terms

    Possibly the quantum will be determined in a Court of Law? And as we rushed in to meet a political emergency, due diligence was probably for another time. Safe to say, the compensation will be substantial, particularly if the contract was written in Euros.

    Currently Morrison’s engaged in a type of Gish Gallop so that we citizens will lose interest. The disregard for the public purse is monumental but given it will come all from Consolidated Revenue, it’s all within the government’s purview.

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