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What could possibly go wrong?

By Kathryn

Why on earth would a climate-change-denying PM who shows 100% support for the filthy, polluting coal-mining and environmentally destructive gas fracking industries attend the COP26 (climate change conference) in Glasgow? Wasn’t this the same fool who dragged a piece of coal into Parliament House and declared – in front of a gleeful Barnyard Joyce – that “there is nothing to be afraid of – it’s just coal! Nothing to see here!It came as no surprise that the yellow-bellied coward, Sloth Morrison, slunk away and returned back to Australia right before the conference even started! Why? Because he knew that his climate-change-denying ideology will be held up for ridicule on the world stage at any international summit on the emergency to address important issues on a subject the LNP do not believe in! That is exactly the type of disgraceful, cowardly behaviour we have come to expect from a useless, non-achieving PM who expends more energy trying to get out of work and totally avoiding any of his responsibilities as one of the highest paid “leaders” in the free world!

When we recall how Morrison hid behind a deck chair in Hawaii when his own state of NSW nearly burnt to the ground last year; when Australians recognise that this lazy, bone-idle political parasite delegated 99.99% of his job to the hapless State Premiers; When he tried to steal the “limelight” from the Ruby Princess aka Gladys Berejiklian when he thought she was the “Golden Girl” only to betray and abandon her the second he (and we) realised that she was not – it provides anyone with an IQ >10 a thorough insight into the self-serving, smirking entitlement of a stone-cold, ineffective, callous and contemptuous Sloth Morrison!

Now we have the LNP at State and Federal level making ridiculous claims to have some type of non-existent plan set up to halve emissions by 2030 – WTF??? Anyone with any semblance of foresight combined with a sense of reality knows that it is highly unlikely that the LNP will even be in power at that time! Truly, Morrison is right up there with John Howard (who has been likened to a war criminal), and that useless, swaggering, smirking misogynist, Phoney Abbott, as the three worst, most inept, stratospherically arrogant and totally corrupt politicians in Australian history! What makes them even worse is that, despite their appalling cowardice, despite their increasing level of corruption, their never-ending lies and broken promises, the way the LNP literally thrive on hate, fear, division, misogyny, chaos, dysfunction and war – especially when they are backed into a corner or right before an election; despite the LNP wasting countless billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars (that Australians can ill-afford) on useless weapons of war that will soon become obsolete – they remorselessly try to hide all this appalling depravity behind a thin, transparent cloak of sanctimonious bible-thumping hypocrisy!

The fact that Morrison is a signed-up member of a notorious, alleged paedophile-protecting cult of Hillsong and, indeed, stacking his cabinet and staff with other Hillsong members, should be a red flag warning that this dangerously undemocratic autocrat is determined to increase his sick, twisted and dangerous mix of politics with the rabid, misogynistic flat-earth ideology of Hillsong!

Ever since Morrison rose to power on the back of his treacherous, backstabbing betrayal of Michael Towke and Malcolm Turnbull, the level of political subterfuge, self-serving corruption, rorting and waste of hard-earned taxpayer dollars has risen to an alarming level together with Morrison’s smirking arrogance, secrecy and autocracy which is now bordering on fascism. The sooner this monstrous and totally depraved regime are kicked to the kerb, the better for everyone.

The tragic fact is that the LNP – at State and Federal levels – are wrecking balls destroying, annihilating, vandalising and defunding everything Australians value including our taxpayer-funded ABC (into which they are parachuting obsequious right-wing sycophants like Lisa Millar and David Speers), Medicare, Aged Care and just about every socially-responsible program devised to protect our environment and the most vulnerable people in our society!


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  1. Phil Pryor

    There is a old Gillray cartoon, centuries ago, of fat, awful political manipulators pooing into a giant pot of “policy”. The caption says…”the more a turd is stirred, the more it stinks.” Excellent history and lesson there, as our oozing, lying, devious, untrustworthy, lazy lout of a P M avoids truth, dodges duty, hides from appearing, to the nation’s shame. No hose to hold here, just his own blistered midget…

  2. BB

    What could possibly go wrong?
    Not much more, it’s been SNAFU for years.
    And heading full speed ahead down the path of FUBAR.

    Breaking news, “Ruby Princess” has finally run aground.
    Talk about rats leaving a sinking ship….
    Daryl, quick, launch the life boats… Oh dear….😁😁😁

    It’s so typical to see Morrison escorting and mansplaining Glady’s resignation.
    He’s making sure she takes all the blame, because as we all know…
    “Morrison doesn’t hold the hose and doesn’t do blame!”

    So folks, hang onto your hats, the elections are just around the corner now, the circus is in town.

    Right then, back to the veggie garden, peaceful, no rats…

  3. Ron Lee

    Kathryn, In future posts I think you resist holding back and just let us know what you really think. Cheers

  4. New England Cocky

    011021 STOP PRESS!!! The Ruby Princess aka Gladbags has just announced her resignation from being Premier of NSW after ICAC allegations of corrupt behaviour. [Why are we NOT surprised???]. Note that the press release did not appear to mention the necessary resignation from politics.

    Perrottett seems to be the nominated successor, so God help us al because nothing will save NSW from this right wing neo-liberal borne-to-rule egomaniac prepared to sacrifice the lives of Australian voters rather than provide adequate hospital and medical services to the electorates.

  5. Roswell

    Kathryn, nobody does angry better than you. 👍


    Before all the eulogies and the buckets of nauseating praise for the Bin Chicken, it would be wise to remember that a Federal Election is very imminent. Scummo’s re-election strategy has been worked out by Murdoch’s rotten maggots and the coalition HQ, clear out the dead wood, scrape off the barnacles, ditch the dead bodies overboard

    The fornicator from New England was the first one to offer his condolences and professional BS, (he should know how it feels.)

    Labor’s first announcement should be, to mandate a Federal ICAC within the first 100 days of a Labor Government. And Murdoch and Scummo can go f**k each other after that.

  7. Max Gross

    Under Morrison, obscurantism has flourished but he did not start it. As with all the present rot in Ausssie politics, its goes back to Howard. And Abbott.

  8. David Evans

    “Let Us Prey” ey jen?

  9. Terence Mills

    I thought it strange that Gladys resigned as Premier and from the NSW parliament when she could easily have stood aside if, as she claims, she if free of any guilt.

    But then I thought of Barry O’ Farrel who was never found to have a case to answer from the ICAC but he jumped ship only to be rewarded with the position of High Commissioner to India.

    So can we expect Gadys to already have done a deal with Morrison for an ambassadorship ?

    If we had a federal ICAC we would have seen a whole host of resignations from the likes of Porter, McKenzie, Angus Taylor etc.

  10. GL

    Gosh, I wonder if corruption on a large scale had anything to do with her doing a rat on a sinking ship? Could be, could be.

    And with what is happening to Gladys, and possibly others, being investigated by the NSW ICAC will make Saint Scotty even more determined (read desperate and scared) to completely remove any version of a federal ICAC and kill it before it raises its head.

  11. Michael Taylor

    GL, it’s the typical Liberal response: blame someone else.

  12. BB

    Aye Michael.
    The liberals love playing pass the buck, dead cats, who, little ole me?, nothing to see here. etc etc, and on it goes..
    Morrison’s forte….! Nobody can accuse Morrison of not holding his big swinging dick! Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!

    So, ICAC has gotten around to some action on “corruption”, lol, just before an election? How about that eh, not coincidence?
    No of course not, just doing their job…. Keeping Australian politics honest….. 🤣🤣🤣

    Hey, ICAC, how about the Sydney $30 million airport land deal. Another dirty NSW L/NP corrupt deal swept under the carpet.
    How many other rotten deals and corruption has ICAC failed to investigate? One may as well ask how long is a piece of string!

    Australia needs an ICAC with tiger’s teeth, not the bs bin chicken’s teeth it currently has/had. pseudo investigations.

    “Australians are demanding a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption. We are sick of the dodgy-deals and corruption that is becoming the norm in Australian politics.”

  13. Cynthia Mitchell

    A piece of string is twice as long as half of it

  14. BB

    Ha ha ha,
    Aye Cynthia, that’s the correct answer….
    The length of a piece of string is halve it’s length multiplied by two
    Except when it comes to the L/NP….
    The length is multiplied by a never ending exponential compound factor.

  15. wam

    Plans are for the announcing that you have them and leaving the media mob, that is good enough for the voters and for the media. If a pollie is pushed they bleat they are based on blah blah blah to avoid answering. All goes then goes quiet and forgotten. Unless there is a controversy to stir the ratings then the autocue journalists become sharks at the smell blood. The scummo-towkes reference? I wonder what towkes is doing now, any controversy? Sadly, Kathryn, there is plenty that could go wrong for albo and labor. Miracles are handclappers’ speciality and the bandit has identified 9 small petards for labor that are miracle “possibles”. At least 60% approve of scummo’s ‘U SUKA because the are not remembering the japanese, french and german sub saga F^@# by the pynenut ps I, and a couple of others, got, rightly, smacked by an extremist for suggesting a federal ICAC may be a solution. That was before the SA independent commissioner Vanstone got a handkerchief stuffed into her mouth, hands tied behind her back and a blindfold, in a speedy political action, without dissenting vote from any party right, left, centre or extremist. Arguably neither porter nor gladys nor any politician would be concerned by any ICAC, except for corruption as defined as finger dipping into brown paper bags.
    The gold standard was one atom thick on pewter?

  16. Kathryn

    Once again, the totally biased, right-wing Murdoch-manipulated press are going “softly softly” on the LNP where they are now confirming Berejiklian’s skewed “claim” that she is regretfully “retiring” as the LNP NSW State Premier! Hmmm, the FACT is that Berejiklian did NOT resign willingly – she had no other option but to step down because she was forced into a tight corner due to the impending NSW State ICAC scandal arising from her very poor judgement!

    The FACT is that IN SPITE of the fact that Berejiklian chose to abuse her position as State Premier to provide taxpayer-funded grants that provided financial benefit to her corrupt ex-boyfriend, Daryl Maguire, every Murdoch-influenced free-to-air channel (including our infiltrated ABC) is giving the Ruby Princess aka Glady’s Berejiklian, an undeserved sympathetic ear! Morrison’s “Golden Girl” looks like she has become yet another protected LNP species here by sugar-coating the REAL causes of sad-eyed Glad’s teary exit!

    It is insufferable that scant attention is paid to the real REASONS for Berejiklian’s removal which would include a good deal of unsavoury causes that, to date, the NSW State ICAC have not yet released but, no doubt, already have in their possession. The NSW ICAC are cautious and would NEVER make such a drastic move or initiate a level of interference at such a high level of the political heirarchy UNLESS they had damn good reason(s) which are also backed-up with a good deal of evidence!

    Could you just IMAGINE what the corrupt, totally biased Murdoch media would do if this scandal surrounded an incumbent NSW LABOR State Premier? My God, they would be SCREAMING from every page for months on end! WOW, those Australians who are foolish enough to purchase and believe anything they inhale from a Z-rated Murdoch rag, would be INUNDATED with full-pages of shrieking character-assassinating vitriol and sanctimonious judgement against an ALP State Premier (or any other Labor politician caught with their hand in the till) that would go on for months on end and, most certainly, right up to the next State or Federal election. Instead, we can sense an almost forgiving tolerance and – what can only be described as an incredible RARITY in the Murdoch press – an almost compassionate and regretful tone insinuating that poor sad-eyed Gladys was “retiring” through no fault of her own! REALITY CHECK: Let me reiterate = Berejiklian did NOT willingly retire; she was FORCED to step down because of her links to the scandals associated with her ex-boyfriend, Daryl Maguire! In addition, let me remind readers that so many previous NSW State LNP Premiers also “retired” with a dubious record of corruption: the notorious Robert Askin (who, despite being a close friend to the underworld, was REWARDED with a Knighthood), Barry Unsworth and Nifty Nick Greiner!

    No wonder the Federal LNP are fighting tooth and nail to prevent the establishment of a strong Federal ICAC with the teeth to investigate, prosecute and charge corrupt, nefarious federal politicians! Why? Because it is likely that a good majority of the LNP federal cabinet would be subjected to intense scrutiny! How about Scott Morrison’s APPALLING misuse of hard-earned taxpayer funds with his grant of more than $42 MILLION to his CULT OF HILLSONG without any due consultation? Why hasn’t THIS blatant misuse of taxpayer funds, in a supposedly SECULAR nation like Australia, been subjected to a thorough investigation? The LNP – at State and, especially, Federal levels – are up to their necks in dubious deals that achieve nothing but enrich and empower themselves and their billionaire donors in the Top 1%. Ever since Peter Dutton became an attack dog for the LNP, he has now managed to amass a personal wealth exceeding $300 MILLION which, most certainly, needs to be thoroughly – and retrospectively – investigated!

    With his hand over his black heart, Sloth Morrison promised over and over again that he would establish a Federal ICAC. Hmmmm, (eye roll), well, given the depth of corruption, rorting and staggering waste of hard-earned taxpayer dollars by the LNP – it is clearly evident THAT promise has been filed away in the “too hard and risky” basket. Let’s hope that the federal Australian Labor Party – which, at least, has been the one political party to fight for the instigation of a Federal ICAC, manage to get this much-needed initiative completed as soon as they win the next federal election!

    Australians need to apply SERIOUS pressure on our federal politicians to get the job done and initiate a Federal ICAC urgently because it is so desperately needed. Why? Because, unlike the LNP’s disproven, ridiculous and thoroughly discredited “TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMIC” Theory, the ONE thing that we all know that really DOES filter down throughout the community from the TOP of our political heirarchy is the tolerance of an appalling level of self-entitlement, greed, corruption and political abuse and waste of taxpayer funds! What makes it worse, is that all this depravity is hidden under a rather nauseating level of judgemental bible-thumping hypocrisy by so many members of the sanctimonious LNP.

  17. DrakeN

    Dearest Kathryn, you save my aged, arthritic fingers a whole heap of typing pain.
    I thank you most sincerely.

  18. Bensy

    They’re not just called the “COAL”-ition party for nothing.

    Even Scovid Trump has got rocks for brains.

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