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We’ve made it!

We made it to 2022, but it feels like we just crawled over the line to get here.

Now we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and tread cautiously into the New Year.

The enthusiasm we felt twelve months ago to the day that 2021 was going to be better than the previous year is now a distant memory. We don’t have the same enthusiasm now.

Conversely, we’re somewhat deflated.

COVID is ripping through the community and is doing so because we have a federal government who wasn’t prepared for, or accepted, the consequences.

But we suffer more consequences of an underperforming government than COVID alone. To list them will just be covering old ground. We know what they are, and we have reported them in hundreds of articles throughout the course of the year.

We can venture into 2022 cautiously – as stated above – with the hope that we’ve learnt something from 2021.

We at The AIMN make no apologies for wishing for a change of government in 2022.

A change of government is just one of our wishes. The other is that we wish our readers stay safe and take care in what is likely to be another year of challenges.

From all at The AIMN, have a happy as can be New Year.


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  1. pierre wilkinson

    hear hear and thank you all for keeping me sane and hopeful in these turbulent times

  2. Kate Ahearne

    Happy Year, Everybody!

    Thanks for all the good work in 2021, and may this be the year that sees the ignominious defeat of You Know Who and You Know What!

  3. Lynette Faragher

    Me too. Always grateful for the alternative point of view. Usually supports mine!! Good not to feel so alone!! And to have such thorough evidence to support me.

  4. New England Cocky

    Thanks to all involved with producing intelligent journalism at AIMN during the EIGHTH (8th) year Liarbral Nazional$ misgovernment for the benefit of self-serving politicians and their corporate ”political donations” aka ”political bribes”.

    Welcome all to 2022 when we have the ability to restore competent Australian government by casting Scummo et al into the political waste paper basket at the forth-coming feral elections.

    Happy New Year 2022!!

  5. Henry Rodrigues

    Goodbye 2021 and a warm expectant optimistic, 2022.

    My new years wish ? If somehow these crooks can be put on trial for their misdeeds and corruption. Including the little lying rodent holed up in Woolstonecroft.

    On a brighter note, many wishes for a great new year, free from the shackles of the media slime, and the imminent departure of a certain crinkled old scroat.

    Thanks to all whose ideas and opinions I cherish and take comfort from.

  6. Kaye Lee


    22,577 total new cases
    901 people in hospital
    79 people in ICU

    Great work DoPe.

    The planet’s dying, the people are dying, but hey, have you seen our GDP!

  7. GL

    Gross DoPe Preposterousness?

  8. Keitha Granville

    What they all said.
    Tasmania spent nearly two years almost free of the virus, we just carried on with our lives normally. But now our leader has decided he wants to be part of the LNP team so we have mask mandates, nearly 400 people with the virus in the 2 weeks since we opened up, even on King Island which had ZERO for two years, and no notification of where any infected travellers might have been ! Our lives are now the same as NSW and VIC and QLD. Goodo.
    Thanks for nothing. Tourists might be coming in and wandering about, but we locals who have supported our economy during the bad times are now staying home.
    The Feds couldn’t possibly have handled this worse: it’s a shambles, a debacle, a catastrophe of the highest order.

  9. Phil Pryor

    Best wishes to all as we start again, and inside or outside of the ring here, we comment on in the hope of better, more open. I note a huge amount of Jack Howard material out, as the conservative media connections must think the stinking old pile is a plus for the vacuum of current fed. droppings. Howard always was a fixated egodriven mustbenoticed turd, and his past criminality extends far and wide. He might have been shot against a wall, with others, in many a civilised nation not so long ago, for many reasons which have been hidden by conspiracy, for the conservatives draw a tight net to keep down any possible investigation. Standards have sunk since his time, an uncivilised oaf willing to do anything to please donors and get in those books.

  10. Jim Jacobsen

    From 2021, we have learned that we can neither trust nor rely on our government(s). So who can we trust and rely on in 2022? The answer is ourselves! The very same people who have built and inhabited this country. Let us hope that egalitarianism, the founding principle under which our nation evolved, still has a place in our national conciousness. Whilst crushed under the boot of Jackboot Johnny, in his quest for conservative class entitlement and relative priveledge, having a nation remember and pursue the constructs of a fair go for all, looking after our mates, and helping each other when help is needed, seems like a better form of building a better society through advancing together. What we used to call ” building a common bond”. It’s time for each of us to start rebuilding our nation and its principles!

  11. wam

    I first met my Scottish relatives in 72. I discovered these honest christian conservatives gave honour to Hogmanay over christmas.
    So Haud Hogmanay

  12. Michael Taylor

    Here we go again.

    Stay safe, my friends, and let’s do our bit to make 2022 a prosperous one despite the odds.

  13. New England Cocky

    @Jim Jacobsen: The present political situation is a self-inflicted wound that only Australian voters can remedy.
    we may just save Australian democracy for our kids.

  14. Kathy

    Happy New Year Michael and everyone here, I hope this year brings an end to Covid and this toxic government.

  15. margcal

    Happy New Year to all at The AIMN and all who contribute their comments.

    In this federal election year I look to you tell me what Merde-och won’t or will lie about.
    Sad reflection on where we’re at, eh?

  16. RosemaryJ36

    I was a perpetual optimist with only a few more years left in my life expectation.
    I feel beyond hopeless and angry at the way that mankind has damaged the environment and ensured that a world, already struggling with over-population, is doomed to live in an ever more hostile habitat.

  17. corvusboreus

    Happy new year all.

    An irrelevent but amusing bit of history I learned yesterday:

    Benedict Arnold’s Left Leg.

    In US culture, Benedict Arnold is reviled as a traitor who turned his coat against Washingtons revolutionary cause and sided with the British for a bag of gold and a handfull of promises.

    However, before this he was a very effective fighting general for the rebel cause, winning numerous battles and suffering multiple wounds.

    Two of these wounds were in his left leg, with the 2nd serious leg wound being sustained during his victory at the battle of Saratoga.

    After his defection, Arnold was put in charge of British raiding parties harrying American forces.

    According to anecdote, on one occasion where Arnold captured a rebel officer, Arnold asked him what fate he would likely suffer were he to fall into revolutionary hands.

    The officer allegedly replied “we would take your left leg and bury it with full military honour. The rest of you we would hang from a gibbet”.

    In a field near Saratoga there now stands the bronzed statue of a left leg clad in 18th C military regalia, mounted on a podium, with a plaque honouring the efforts of an unnamed soldier who achieved a great victory for the cause of American independence.

    Thus, while Benedict Arnold is reviled by history, his left leg is raised to glory.

    Quote ‘Beau of the 5th column’ (my source for this story) “that is a level of pettyness to which I can only aspire”.

    Happy 9th birthday, AIMN.

  18. Kaye Lee

    When the AIMN started, Julia Gillard was PM, we had a functioning price on carbon, a tax on mining super profits, a nationwide FttP NBN rollout underway, a schoolkids bonus to help parents with start of year school costs, an increasing humanitarian visa intake, a schedule for increasing the superannuation guarantee and the tax free threshold….

    And we threw it all away for Tony Abbott?

    I am still traumatised

  19. corvusboreus

    Rupert sed “STRAYA NEEDS TONY!”.
    Straya obliged.

    Stoopid straya.

  20. Kaye Lee


    And the Labor Party said we need Kevin. Stoopid ALP

  21. corvusboreus

    To me the most non-stoopid part of that period was the ability of Gillard and the ex-nat indis to work together on compromise consensus for common good.

    Unconstrained by bullshit party directives, Windsor and Oakeshott sat at the table and assisted the ALP in formulating and implementing some very beneficial policies.
    A proper coalition of broad spectrum local representation rather than a narrow pre-formed clique of parties.

    I think that was even more scary to our hierarchal betters than Gillard’s gender and atheist beliefs, hence the levels of hostile toxicity directed against her broadly representative coalition government.

    Thus we got “TONY!(!!!)”


  22. Kaye Lee

    That’s why I am supportive of the teal Independents who seem to be strong intelligent women. I agree about Oakeshott and Windsor – they gave Labor the courage to do what was necessary and Gillard showed leadership skill in getting such great results from a hung parliament where the opposition could only waste time on stuff like Gillard’s legal work for her boyfriend twenty years ago, Craig Thomson using a credit card to pay for a prostitute and some ciggies before he entered politics, and Peter Slipper’s humiliating texts to a predatory James Slipper….oh and the billboards announcing asylum seeker boat arrivals.

    If that didn’t show what a trivial incompetent bunch of losers the Coalition are, then nothing will.

  23. corvusboreus

    To me Zali Steggall has been particularly illustrative of the benfits of effective local independent representation.

    Her victory in Warringah shaved votes not only from Abbott (-12.64%) but the ALP (-8.18%) & GRNs (-6.06%).
    Obviously she connected and resonated with the base pulse of her electorate and offered a clear chance of palpable positive change.

    Since joining parliament she has been a competent, eloquent and principled performer, speaking with concise clarity on subjects like climate action and political corruption, with a record of votes & motions that stands solid under scrutiny.

    No coincidence that the hierachal swinging dicks are deploying their array of guttersniping tactics against the groundswell of female independents looking to follow the McGowan/Steggall model of gaining office independent of party by engaging in active dialogue with the people they aspire to represent.

    Imagine what Julia could have achieved with a house full of Zalis.

  24. LOVO

    Happy New Year to all 😆

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