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“We didn’t know just how severe Omicron would be” says PM

Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed on Tuesday that he and his government were “blindsided” by the virulence of the COVID-19 variant, Omicron.

This claim is referred to in most news reports as an “admission,” which implies that the government really didn’t know Omicron’s potential for mass infection, despite it being already proven in Africa, the UK, the US, Canada, and much of Europe.

“Claim” infers they did know, and chose wilful ignorance over rapid intervention. They also encouraged opening up & in the case of NSW, the abandoning of all TTIQ precautions at the same time as the highly infectious variant hit.

If the Scott government was unaware of Omicron’s potential this suggests that its members dwell in a rarefied atmosphere, untroubled by events on the rest of the planet, which is surely not a useful or desirable habitat from which to govern a country. But in truth, it is impossible to accept that Morrison and his lackeys were unaware of the infectious nature of the new COVID-19 variant. Making this outrageous claim only serves to emphasise his catastrophic incompetence and his arrogant disregard for the welfare of the country and its people.

If the Scott government was, as its leader claims, “blindsided” by Omicron’s contagious capacity it is because the Prime Minister wilfully ignored expert advice and the evidence of his own senses as the variant rampaged overseas before landing here. A highly infectious variant did not suit the government narrative of opening up, enjoying Christmas and putting the pandemic behind us in the new year.

So Morrison, aided by complicit lackeys, did his best to ignore the virus that was spoiling his vision and we now face previously unheard of infection and death rates, food shortages, vaccine shortages, booster shortages, overwhelmed hospitals, sick essential workers, a dearth of Rapid Antigen Tests, the collapse of systems set up to record and monitor infections, and the closure of businesses because people have instigated their own personal lockdowns in an attempt to avoid infection.

All this because Scott Morrison insisted on having his story, despite overwhelming evidence that it was wrong.

In fact, this is exactly what we should expect from a man who believes he was chosen by God to run this country. Morrison has incontestable faith in his own stories. He will go to every length to see them realised. He doesn’t listen to voices that might challenge the trajectory of his narrative. He deliberately failed to inform himself on the new variant, despite being surrounded by experts, because their advice did not accord with the story he wanted to tell.

And here we are.

Is there any other leader in the world who has told their country that they “didn’t know” how severely contagious Omicron could be? Is there any other leader who would plead ignorance of Omicron as an explanation for their abject failure to address it? It’s the leader’s job to know more than we do, he has at his disposal resources we can only dream of yet “ordinary” people on social media apparently knew long before the Australian government that the variant causes havoc.

At least Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was forthright enough to declare that he found the topic of COVID-19 “boring.”

“In which country did people not die? Tell me!” he responded. “Look, I didn’t come here to be bored.”

Meanwhile in Australia:

The Prime Minister said despite hundreds of deaths in the last week, that the death rate overseas was even higher.”

It’s alarming enough that the Prime Minister believes “admitting” wilful ignorance is a reasonable political strategy. What he’s actually admitting is that he lives in a bubble of protection from global events, medical and scientific research, and any information that does not coincide with the stories he tells himself which must be right, according to his reasoning, because God chose him to tell them.

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  1. Henry Rodrigues

    The people of Australia were blindsided when they somehow, inadvertently, mistakenly, unknowingly, stupidly, entrusted their fate to an incompetent corrupt rabble, propped up by a lying self seeking media. at the last elections.

  2. Yes Minister

    So we have yet more proof that SCUMMO and his mob of galahs are as thick as bricks, although anyone who didn’t realize that is even lower down the intelligence scale than the lying nasties and Sky News drones. Unfortunately the NoNotion / GAP / UAP / AustraliaOne / wilted greens rats & mice are equally deficient, and there is no reason for confidence that Albo’ rabble are likely to be a significant improvement. I seem to recall that our constitution provides for three supposedly independent arms of government with each arm having power to bring the others into line when they become corrupt. Would someone kindly advise me why the bewigged penguins who purport to be the epitome of ethics and morality have never once so much as raised their eyebrows at political shenanigans ?

  3. Phil Pryor

    This is a clear and accurate assessment of a defective fairy floss personality, a wilful fool who props up his ego with self drenching lies based on a savage and primitive superstition which preys on the vulnerable deformed persona. Self deceiving superstitious fools have ruined the smooth progress which civilised behaviour can promise us. We can collectively use information, education, decent behaviour, sensible outlooks, to better our lives and share genuine advancements. Horrible pushy loudmouthed ambition drives so many Morrisonian types (there have been many even worse) and they invent a synthetic self rather than face their clear mediocrity, inabilities, ugliness. Having observed a similar path in Jack Howard, it leaves me disgusted, as so many lives are ended or damaged by the orders, attitudes, set distorted views of these low types, who must be NOTICED, be SEEN, get accepted for the frauds they are. Horrible Morrison is so unforgettably forgettable…

  4. Presser#1

    Thankyou Jennifer for pointing out how carelessly the media ( including theABC ) are of the meaning and implications of the words they all uncritically echo from the LNP PR handouts. ‘ Claim’’ indeed! It is hard to believe these people passed year 12 English, let alone a university course!

  5. Terence Mills

    “We didn’t know just how severe Omicron would be” says PM “and we certainly weren’t going to ask the experts or the scientists or the epidemiologists, because what do they know about politics ?

  6. Henry Rodrigues

    Good one Terence !!!! ‘ ……….because what do they know about politics’

  7. New England Cocky

    There is only one cure for Scummo Disease ….. VOTE THE LIARBRAL NAZIONAL$ OUT OF GOVERNMENT IN EVERY ELECTORATE IN 2022.

  8. Wayne Turner

    Mr “Personal Responsibility” as usual taking none,and making excuses. The liar from the shire refused to listen to experts, as mentioned.

    If these corrupt lazy stooges get back in,it will be more proof that ultimately most of the public,are the problem in this country.Gullible ignorant morons.

  9. Florence

    The PM now tells us we didn’t know how severe Omicron would be. Please can he be asked why not knowing he went ahead with the already dubious plan created for Delta, opening up on the fifteenth of December? Regardless of the chaos opening up has made, is still obsessed with opening up more, whatever the cost?

  10. John Hanna

    They took a gamble in their desperation to “open up” the economy, aided and abetted by Domicron in NSW. It was a political gamble that has blown up in their faces. no blindsiding was involved just wishful thinking.

  11. David Evans

    What a freaking disgrace that Snotball is…This can’t really be happening in Australia can it? I have to wonder if anybody is keeping a running tally of disastrous “didn’t knows” that this ignorant prick has come out with over the last few years? ….. Didn’t know that Australia was burning? Didn’t know how to hold a hose? Didn’t know that it was offensive to force handshakes on people. Didn’t know anything about effects of Climate Change? Didn’t know that there was widespread corruption happening within his “government”? Didn’t know that he is not the “supreme ruler”, and that it is HIS goddam job to listen to, understand and know what science and experts are telling him? Didn’t know that he is full of bluff, bluster and bullshit? FFS! Ey jen?, Beginning to loathe what this country has become under this clown, and that’s no lie.


  12. Henry Rodrigues

    David Evans…….. aye.

  13. Kathy

    I keep thinking, he doesn’t listen to anything he says. Not when he’s speaking out loud, or inside his own head.

    He tried to brush off how many deaths in the past few weeks, by comparing it to overseas. But he doesn’t see what that could mean.

    When he says ‘despite hundreds of deaths in the last week, that the death rate overseas was even higher’ he should be thinking, Oh the death rate is even higher overseas, I think we better do something about that not happening here.’

  14. Keitha Granville


  15. David Baird

    Kathy, he doesn’t think, he doesn’t care, he just turns on the tap and out tumbles the mashed verbiage. He’s a motor-mouth who’s convinced that blather really counts. The fact that there is still a sizable slab of the population thinking he’s ok is pretty bloody worrying.

  16. Pete Petrass

    Well Jennifer, to be fair Scummo was also blindsided by Brittany Higgins too.
    Not to forget every recent decision he has made recently regarding the pandemic is rooted in the upcoming election, that is what his story is all about.

  17. Andrew J. Smith

    A good example of what Morrison, the LNP and others can get away with via legacy media knowing full well that their target audience is not (well) informed, while Australians are insularised by media filtering news from the outside world which consists of the UK and US.

  18. Max Gross

    If Pastor Morrison really “didn’t know just how severe Omicron would be” he is either a bloody idiot or a brazen liar or BOTH!

  19. GL

    I sort of get the feeling that day Saint Scummo the Marketing Meister for Marketing Morriscum announces the date for the election that, magically, millions of previously stashed RAT’s will suddenly become available free to all ‘strayans.

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