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Trumpty-Dumpty or Wishful Thinking?

Trump has been astoundingly successful. He is a narcissist. He desperately craves attention. And he gets it in spades.

Ever since trundling down the elevator in his eponymously named Tower, Donald Trump has smiled, scowled and scuttled across a billion tele screens. He has featured in a zillion newspaper articles.

Everywhere you might want to glance, Trump inspired craziness is unfolding and a worried group of protesters are protesting. Trump is compulsory.

Resistance seems not only pointless, but impossible. Our media is Trump obsessed and Trump dependent. Everything – politics, sport, comedy and cooking – is Trump themed. I haven’t googled it, but I am nevertheless sure you can buy a Trumpsicle, at least somewhere in the good ol’ US of A.

Some rip large chunks of hair from parts of their shivering liberal carcass. Others drink. Some saner citizens have simply winked out of digital existence, and presumably now live entirely ignorant, happy, non-Trumpified lives. (The cowardly lucky bastards.)

However, do not despair my fellow liberal snowflakes, there are some vague indications that the era of wall-to-wall Trump coverage may only last another ten or so years. That maybe (I know it is a difficult thing to conceptualize) that somewhere – way off in the distant future – there may yet be a media and entertainment world that contains just a tiny tiny wee bit less Trump. (I know! But can’t we at least dream?)

I have launched this optimistic kamikaze-like diatribe on the basis that, even way out in the furthest reaches of Rightwingistan, the tone of the media discussion has recently slightly altered. While the strange language used in these parts still seems (to the uninitiated) no less hysterical, an odd hesitancy can now be discerned. The couch at Fox ‘n Friends currently spends far more time examining the southern border, and Hunter Bidens’ bedroom, than they do Trump, per se. Whole minutes now elapse without seeing or hearing the Donald.

Plus, I was watching the massive, all-station coverage of the little brouhaha that erupted outside the courtroom a few weeks back, when Jack Smith hauled Trump up on charges of inciting nastiness and mayhem. As Trump and anti-Trump silliness was erupting all around, a small group of Trump supporters, all wearing red hats and Trump regalia, were clustered around a laptop watching baseball.

Trumpty-Dumpty will fall. But not because anyone will see sense. Or because the justice system will eventually catch up with the fellow.

Trumpism will pass into history very quickly because it is becoming boring. And the viewing public can put up with bullshit and silliness, conceit, corruption and utter lunacy; but when you become boring and predictable then people start tuning out.

The middle-class, short attention span of the American viewing public will rescue the world.

(OK. I agree. We’re fucked.)


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  1. Uncletimrob

    “Trumpism will pass into history very quickly because it is becoming boring. And the viewing public can put up with bullshit and silliness, conceit, corruption and utter lunacy; but when you become boring and predictable then people start tuning out.”

    Sadly, I’m not convinced that you are correct – but I just wish you were.

  2. Steve Davis

    Nicely done.

    Even drew a chuckle.

  3. New England Cocky

    Uhm ….. The Concise Oxford Dictionary gives: Trumpery n & a; 1. Showy but worthless, delusive, shallow; 2. Worthless finery, rubbish, nonsense.

    Says it all really.

  4. Uncletimrob

    @ New England Cocky

    Now you come to mention it, my family used to call passing wind “trumping”. Quite appropriate in this case.

  5. Andrew Smith

    He must be a little desperate being interviewed by former Murdoch FoxNews employee Tucker Carlson ‘Tucker on X(itter)’

    Tucker Carlson Sits Down For Rambling, Conspiratorial Interview With Donald Trump

    Worse than these types are the people who are happy to follow conspiracy theories for meaning or fulfilment in their lives through misinformation, suggesting collective narcissism; maybe worship of and belief in more acceptable mainstream deities is better?

  6. Canguro

    It’s a pity America doesn’t have a leader with the pragmatic principles on recent display in Russia with regards to Putin’s foe, the Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin. The world would really be a better place with Trump out of the picture. For the life of me I cannot understand why demagogue-ish individuals who only wreak damage and wreckage across the sphere are tolerated and in many cases encouraged.

  7. Mark Shields

    Trump succeeds where others fail because:
    Most people don’t give a F*** about their neighbours!
    With Trump, you are allowed to hate your neighbour!

    Like Hitler, Napoleon and Putin; hating the other is the best way to feel safe:

    Nationalism/Patriotism is the last refuge of a Scoundrel!!!

    If you’ve never felt a bond with your family or community, you are probably likely to declare yourself as a Patriot/Nationalist.

    And in doing so, you are probably likely to become a Hater of our society, and community.

    If so, please seek professional help and find a peaceful way to end your life without affecting innocent lives.

  8. Roswell

    Mark, I hope you were directing that to Trump lovers and not the author.

  9. Andrew Smith

    Mark, well known LNP & Tory ‘pollster’ Crosby said that positive messaging does not move the dial, but negative does; he also said ignore polls….. as the ‘Cage con leche Republicans’ warned a decade ago on the nativist influence of Tanton, was being lobbied as electoral strategy vs. Dems, but in fact, deep seated ideology….

    On your comment, think it also represents what is known as ‘collective narcissism’….. observed in UK on Brexit, Hungary etc.

  10. Steve Davis

    Mark Shields, excellent comment.

    “With Trump, you are allowed to hate your neighbour!”

    Exactly, and that is the inevitable consequence of the liberal ideology that has dominated the globe for forty odd years. Liberal economics and the political wing it gave birth to are based on the cult of the individual. Such thinking is by definition anti-community, and so it is, also by definition, immoral.

  11. Derren

    Mark Shields “Nationalism/Patriotism is the last refuge of a Scoundrel!!!” The way the world is going is towards a One World ‘patriotism’. The members of the UN, WHO & WEF want that ideology to sink it. Those 3 ‘representative’ entities, unelected by you and me, are pushing a ‘collectivist’ worldview. The agenda they are working towards includes the idea that the ‘individual’ has reached his-her-they-them use-by-date. The idea that people should have a right to claim personal sovereignty is their version of ‘anti-social’. If 99 people held a common view that opposed the ‘collectivist’ view held by the UN-WHO-WEF, and 1 poor deluded fool agreed with the collectivists, well, you know which idea is going to get up.

    The way I see it, Nationalism/Patriotism is the 2nd last refuge of a scoundrel, the last refuge of a scoundrel is collectivism.
    I’m fairly sure fascists (nexus of corporate-government ideologs) and communists will disagree as is their right.

    Trump’s star has faded, his initial exposure of the fake media as a non-stop lying propaganda process was good but in the end he too got bogged in ‘The Swamp’. He still hasn’t called out the fraud inherent in Operation WarpSpeed, something the majority of Americans now see for what it is – an exaggerated misinfo program to increase pharmaceutical sales, imo. If he ever calls out that corruption, he will never be elected, but wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to watch the implosion of both major parties in the US, destroyed by their addiction to lying to the public?

    The USA still has a Bill of Rights, so there is still hope for mankind.

  12. Steve Davis

    Derren, you are right to be wary of the collectivism that is advocated by the WEF and similar, but don’t fall into the trap of denouncing collectivism itself.

    It’s collectivism (as in social solidarity and cooperation) that has been the foundation of our survival as a species, and it’s collectivism that gives our lives purpose and meaning.

  13. Harry Lime

    Donny Trumpso’s mug shot…portrait of a would be mafia don.

  14. Terence Mills


    If they look on the floor they’ll probably find a dummy !

  15. Clakka

    Indeed the trumpery of Trump

    Euchred. Not a card, a cad. A waste of his evil father’s ante. A joker, a bird. A queen of nothingness. Not even a dealer’s shoe. Flipped his wig holding a losing Open Misère. Can’t manage a No Trumps, maybe Six Spades for him and his mates to dig their own graves.

    He won’t throw in his hand, as he literally has nothing to lose, and besides he’ll be revealed as a tosser.

    Such a bore, can’t manage Snakes and Ladders, let alone Chinese Checkers, perhaps he’ll have a go at Russian Roulette.

    Nyet. He’s an irrelevance, send him back to The Bronx. As good public servants, they’ll disappear him.

  16. GL

    If The Donald is now supposed to be 192 centimetres tall and weigh 97 kilos at age 77 that means when he turns 80 he should be around 230 cent. tall and weigh 65 kilos.

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