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Tim Wilson is getting hysterical

I rarely use the term hysterical but I don’t know how else to describe Tim Wilson’s increasingly irrational attacks on Independents.

According to Tim, Zali Stegall’s proposal to establish an independent climate change commission to provide advice to the government on the appropriate policy mechanisms and interim targets needed to achieve net zero by 2050 amounts to “subversion and treason”.

Obviously terrified by the Climate 200 fund, Tim has penned an article in the SMH titled Independents more likely to hurt Labor and Greens than Liberals.

Wilson tries valiantly to use his most condescending, dismissive, sneering rhetoric, well-practised at the Rinehart-funded IPA, to suggest that the “Voices of” movement is astroturfing by confecting a community campaign, that they are bankrolled by outsiders, and that all the Independents “just happen to repeat precisely the same spin.”

Oh the irony.

Then it gets personal. Tim is being challenged for his seat of Goldstein by journalist Zoe Daniels.

“The strategy is very simple. Make voters think the so-called “independents” are Liberal-lite. That obviously doesn’t wash when the so-called “independent” candidate for Goldstein, Zoe Daniel, admits she voted Liberal in 2016, only to vote for Labor and their retiree tax in 2019,” says the so-called assistant minister for energy and emissions reduction.

I’m surprised Tim would remind us of his campaign against the “retiree tax” where he was rebuked by the Speaker for conduct that may have caused damage to the House economics committee’s reputation and to the House committee system.

Wilson collaborated with a multibillion-dollar fund manager on a campaign against the opposition’s franking credit policy, failed to declare his investments in funds run by the firm to inquiry hearings, and used the taxpayer-funded probe to help spruik Liberal Party fundraisers.

Needless to say, Tim has since been promoted and is now Angus Taylor’s assistant minister for emissions reduction – as you would with the man who wrote a glowing review of Ian Plimer’s climate change scepticism book ‘How to Get Expelled From School: A Guide to Climate Change for Pupils, Parents and Punters’.

Tim warns of “the confusion and chaos of a hung Parliament” where MPs “hold the nation’s policy agenda hostage.” That’s a gutsy call when we just witnessed the most chaotic two weeks from a majority government with their own members crossing the floor and threatening to withhold their votes until they get their way.

He then dismisses the contribution of independents as “carping from the crossbench” rather than being “at the decision-making table”.

Tim seems to be having an each way bet as to whether the crossbench are holding the country hostage or irrelevant.

His incoherence continues.

Tim states that “narrow, or single, issues may have electoral appeal, but it is not a sustainable and sufficiently broad foundation for government.”

He goes on to tell us that “The media fundamentally got the last election wrong because they underestimated what issues move votes. They missed the nearly one million retirees who risked losing a third of their income overnight because of Labor’s retiree tax.”

Seriously? Excess franking credit refunds are more important than action on climate change?

Throughout his article – eight times in fact – Wilson uses the term so-called “independents”. He thrashes around trying everything he can to discredit and invalidate them.

And then he finishes by saying they “will do far more damage to Labor and the Greens than Liberals at the ballot box.”

So why are you so worried, Tim?

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  1. GL

    He’s a Prince Precious who feels that the pig trough that goes along with the seat is his for the rest of his life and how dare someone run against him. Him, one of the born to rule being challenged by one of the lower classes who doesn’t seem to know their place. Of course he’s getting hysterical.

  2. Ken

    Really good to see Tim Wilson running scared of the Independents.

  3. My say

    This is going to be the dirtiest election ever ,to much at stake to many Liberals could loose to Independents and Labor,

  4. Harry Lime

    Truth is,Tim is a very sad little man,and like all the other sad little men and women, that make up what was once the ‘liberal ‘party, are now panicking big time as they see accountability looming like a tidal wave that threatens to upend their comfortable little sinecures.I see a nice similarity here with the story of Jesus chasing the money lenders out of the Temple with a whip….some things never change,eh Timmy?
    And Tim just happens to be one of the more egregious little bastards in a misgovernment brimming with them.

  5. New England Cocky

    Oh dear, Kaye Lee, you will offend the delicate sensitivities of Little Timmy Toots and he may feel that his incumbency in feral parliament is threatened by (gasp!! Shock!! horror!!) ….. a WOMAN!!! This would seriously upset his monosexual proclivities and perhaps cause him to realise that contrary to his previous thinking since his first election, that he is indeed mortal, and Australian voters expect better and more from their politicians of all gender persuasions and political parties.

  6. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Kaye.

    As you say, ‘Why are you worried, Tim?’

  7. Michael Taylor

    If he had any respect he lost it over his franking credits fear campaign. He lied and he got away with it, thanks to a compliant media.

    Before the 2019 election one of my brothers – formerly a leftie – told me he won’t be voting for Labor because of the franking credits bullshit. I explained that it won’t matter to him because he doesn’t make enough from his shares. No luck. That’s how powerful the fear campaign was.

    A while after the election he confessed I was right. His financial adviser told him the same thing that I did.

    I wish he’d seen his financial adviser before the election (but that was physically impossible).

  8. TwainandHume

    Spot on, Kaye.

  9. Baby Jewels

    I can’t wait for his extreme discomfort on election night.

  10. leefe

    The correct term is ‘testerical’. Testosterone is a far more destabilising hormone than progesterone or eostrogen.

  11. Graeme

    When you think about it, Tim WILSON is a kind of independent at heart himself …he certainly isn’t team player. It’s all about advancing Tim.

  12. Andrew J. Smith

    He has a very complicated role but one has no sympathy for him. Although a member of the Liberal Party, in Victoria, and a Senator too, he is conflicted by his relationship with the IPA and some unexplained need to promote its interests e.g. ideology (and not to forget some family pedigree too).

    If he avoided the latter e.g. going beyond formal Liberal Senator boundaries, turning up in HK for a ‘freedom’ stunt, his own actual/potential electors maybe more supportive?

    Like Michael said, my late (self funded) mother in aged care was asking in lead up to last election how franking credits impact pensioners, because they all think Labor is taking something away from them…. effective dog whistle.

  13. Shevill Mathers

    Election night, bring it on and let’s be rid of these infantile trough dwellers.

  14. Kaye Lee


    Tim is not a Senator….he is the member for Goldstein, Andrew Robb’s old seat. Zoe Daniels is running against him as an Independent.

  15. Kaye Lee

    They REALLY must be getting scared.

    “The Morrison government has urged MPs and senators to dob in the Climate 200 fund and “Voices for” independent advocacy groups under new rules that may require them to reveal their donors.

    The special minister of state, Ben Morton, wrote to all federal parliamentarians on Monday suggesting MPs contact the Australian Electoral Commission asking it to remind “organisations that could even slightly meet [the] criteria” of their new obligations to register.

    In an email on Monday, Morton wrote the new laws will mean “activist organisations seeking to influence election outcomes will no longer be able to shroud their electoral income in secrecy, and will face tough rules that ban foreign donations from influencing Australian elections”.

    Morton complained that “new entities have been established with the sole or dominant purpose of acting as political fundraising vehicles”.

    “Many of these funding vehicles hide in the dark – they were established with the explicit goal of avoiding electoral funding disclosure,” he said.

    “Potentially impacted groups that you may be aware of in your local community include ‘voices of (electorate)’, ‘(electorate) independents’, ‘vote (Name) out’, ‘Climate 200’ and other organisations that are fundraising for or expending electoral expenditure.”

    I presume they will be insisting the same of the IPA?

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