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There is no Planet B

By 2353

This was written in the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch terror attack where 50 innocent people (at the time of writing) were gunned down by a lone gunman. It was going to be a rant against a number of Australian politicians who use racism and terrorism to further their own objectives. However, Waleed Aly on Network 10’s The Project can express it much better than I can.

(See video below post or click on this link).

It’s true, the Senator in question received 19 direct votes. As Amy Remeikis writes in The Guardian’s website

But vote for him, they did. More than 250,000 people did just that in fact, with his name forming part of the One Nation Senate ticket in Queensland, winning the Pauline Hanson-led party the highest vote after the major parties.

A twist of fate elevated him to the Senate when Malcolm Roberts, Hanson’s number two, fell to the section 44 constitutional crisis.

But it would not have taken much more for Anning to have been elected as the third One Nation senator. He didn’t just happen upon the party’s ticket. He’d been there before. If he hadn’t had fallen out with Hanson over Roberts, he’d be there again.

As Remeikis points out, last August this Senator delivered a speech using a term straight from the annals of Nazi Germany. Two months later Coalition Senators voted for a motion declaring it is ‘OK to be white’ moved by the leader of One Nation. A month after that the NSW National Party kicked out a number of members because the media worked out that the members were neo-Nazis and told the National Party about it. In short, it wasn’t a problem until it was public knowledge.

We’ve also had the Home Affairs Minister suggest that white South African farmers deserved our assistance to jump the queue if they wanted to migrate to Australia (the very crime asylum seekers coming to Australia by boat are claimed to commit) and a number of white nationalists have been welcomed to Australia and Parliament House in Canberra to spread their particular form of propaganda.

Some of what this Senator does has to be purely to get some name recognition come the next election and maybe a few votes from rednecked Queenslanders who know what he is saying (or even worse, those that really don’t care but have heard the name — so he must be ok). The real problem is that we have a group of people in this country that can be summed up by this diagram found on Facebook the day after the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

And Morrison’s expression of sorrow on television on the Friday night the terrorism occurred, while probably genuine, should be balanced with the statement made by Waleed Aly’s in his video editorial (above) that 8 years ago when in opposition, Morrison was promoting creation of racial unrest as an election strategy. You would also have to ask why the 1,000 people predominately from the middle-east (where the Islamic religion is most popular) are still being held in concentration camps off-shore while over 27,000 people flew into Australia in the last year, applied for protection visas and are living in the community.

Terrorism is terrorism — regardless of your particular ‘cause’.

The same day as the terrorism in Christchurch, students across Australia and elsewhere around the world went on strike to protest the lack of meaningful action on climate change. The same conservative blowhards that promote ‘Christian values’ but look for excuses when terrorism is perpetrated by a Christian (and some that should know better) were claiming that the students should have protested on their own time.

Why? When you look at it rationally, the students’ parents and grandparents have ensured that the students will have to make a lot of sacrifices to be able to live on this planet and religious and racist nutjobs have ensured that there is artificial division of homo sapiens based on skin colour, belief systems or other arbitrary barriers. We’ve really stuffed it up for our descendants. They have the right to protest and tell us to lift our game.

As one of the placards at one of the student climate change rallies around Australia shown on the media suggested — ‘there is no Planet B’. It’s a shame our children have to tell us the blindingly obvious.

What do you think?

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  1. Keitha Granville

    my fervent hope is the these same children will love one another as well as their planet – otherwise there is no point to any of it

  2. whatever

    Scotty is blaming the Internet for everything, just like the SugarBaby thing….which was actually a SugarDaddy thing. Has Scotty visited a Mosque to show solidarity with Australian Muslims? John Howard was very careful not to be photographed next to any brown people during his stint as P.M.
    Scotty is busy pretending to cut immigration, …….all those brown people…..some of them might be terrorists.

  3. ChristopherJ

    The kids are our only hope for change. If the adults get out there, even if just for environment, violence erupts which is always blamed on the protestors and the state acts brutally to suppress the protest.

    They can’t try that with kids. So what they do is emphasise that they are children and are yet to fully understand how the world works and so on. The media pretends to support, and then we move to the real news…

    If the kids choose spokes people, they are stuffed.

  4. Denis Hay

    One basis for racism is a form of self-esteem called predatory self-esteem where these people need to put others down so they can feel okay. It could be argued that low self-esteem is the basis of all isms.

  5. David Bruce

    I don’t know where this “lone gunman” came from, unless it was part of the main stream narrative that now controls discussion?

    Initial reports identified 4 shooters, only one was live streaming.. As the story progresses, the narrative seems to be following the US themes of lone gunmen, usually white, emotionally or mentally disturbed with access to high powered semi automatic weapons, usually AR-15’s. The logistics alone for this type of massacre requires more than one person.

    Doesn’t anyone research these things themselves? The Lindt Cafe, Port Arthur and other shootings leave many questions unanswered.

    I don’t accept this madman acted alone in Christchurch. I would also be interested to know if there was any sort of “training exercise” being conducted around the same time.

    The Lindt cafe, for example, appeared to be a training exercise that went “live fire”! 911 was the Vigilant Guardian exercise that went “live fire”

    There is one organization which specializes in this type of training around the world, and I notice their vehicles on the streets in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

    You might like to check out Serco.

  6. David Bruce


    NZ Police “Happened to Be in a Training Session” When Mosque Shooting Began
    TOPICS:Matt AgoristNew Zealand ShootingTerrorism

    NZ Police “Happened to Be in a Training Session” When Mosque Shooting Began


    Memory Hole New Zealand: News Reports Suggested 2 Shooters; IEDs Found Strapped To Multiple Vehicles; Suspect’s Strange Travel History
    TOPICS:Aaron KeselCensorshipFalse FlagMediaNew Zealand ShootingVin Armani March 18, 2019

    Memory Hole New Zealand: News Reports Suggested 2 Shooters; IEDs Found Strapped To Multiple Vehicles; Suspect’s Strange Travel History

    I should have checked my email first…

  7. Kaye Lee

    Give it a rest David. You have never found a conspiracy theory you haven’t embraced regardless of all proof. I really wonder where you read this rubbish.

    At NO stage did ANYONE say there were 4 shooters because there weren’t. Do you really think all of the survivors are in cahoots with some government plot to take away people’s guns so the UN can impose some sort of world-wide dictatorship?

    Seriously? As if we don’t have enough bullshit to deal with. That sort of rot is dangerous – it’s the sort of crap that could set mentally ill people off.

  8. David Bruce

    Check the links yourself! Why is the narrative is changing

  9. David Bruce

    Sorry I offended your sensibilities KL.

    I should have finished reading my emails before I speculated in my first post.

    You seem to be au fait with the UN Agenda 21 and 2030 too!

  10. Alcibiades

    @David Bruce

    You just do a dump of your carefully crafted dross all over the carpet, merely variations of the same BS in other threads. And your clearly willful determined misrepresentations, again speaks to intent, IMHO.

    Research corroborated.verifiable facts ? Doubt if ya would recognise ‘factual research’ if it was embossed in large bold letters on an ostrich egg that struck you in the head.

    Dangerous, nasty stuff indeed.

  11. Kronomex

    Anyone see any future problems with –

    Potentially more of a massive threat than Scummo and his bloody My Health. I’m waiting for the inevitable, “We will have robust safeguards in place to protect you and your privacy…buzz…whir…nothing can go wrong…click…grind…it’s the horror day of a lifetime…zzt…” comment from Scummo or one of his ministers.

  12. David Bruce

    Ahhh Alcibiades you sound like a troll, attack the person, not the message.

    I wonder if you have ever experienced one of these events first hand?

    My life has been put at risk many times by the deliberate lies from media, politicians and so-called PTB.

    There are none so blind as those who don’t want to see!

  13. Kronomex

    “My life has been put at risk many times by the deliberate lies from media, politicians and so-called PTB.” Want to elaborate with an example or three otherwise it’s just comment that has no relevance. Or is it all a secret, not to be revealed?

    Home and

    Just to name two sites pretty much puts the above in its place as somewhere not to go if you desire relevant news and science.

  14. Alcibiades

    @David Bruce

    Oops, alas, you lose, you called troll first. 🙂

    Now who has gone full ‘personal’, hm ? Pot, kettle, black, much ?

    Hm … righty-o then … one has faced the elephant & more. One has considerable personal professional former expertise, spanning decades, relevant to the crap you commonly summon up. However, all of nil consequence or relevance, re assertions of supposed credibility. We could both be clever puppies/cats at a keyboard, whilst our owners are away … mere text, pixels on a display.

    My passing concern is to your apparent motivation to deliberately fabricate & misrepresent.

    Clearly you are articulate, can reason, & respectfully, one does not consider you deluded or irrational at all. Am unconvinced you even believe ‘it’. Not by the way you formulate, craft, structure & phrase, ‘it’.

    True paranoia re the media, politicians & the PTB ? No, again a poor attempted projected facsimile, a simulacram of such, ‘twould seem to me. Not a true paranoiac display, in my experience.

    Hence, the question of intent, motive … the why ?

  15. Alcibiades

    Back on topic … Terrorism is terrorism — regardless of your particular ‘cause’. Indeed.

    Whether it be terrorism by an individual, a group, or a State. The weak & defenseless suffer as they must, when might is right.

    From a more philosophical detached perspective

    Have a soft spot for the passionate retort to a journalist during a press conference in then French Algiers, by a leading ‘terrorist'(?), only just captured by the French paras, led by that stirling, upstanding chap, General Bigeard (IIRC):

    “Give me your tanks, planes & bombers, and you may have our baskets & bombs”.

    Also warmonger chickhenhawk extra-ordinaire, John Bolton, lost for words, frantic in response, to :

    “There is no moral difference between a suicide bomber & a stealth bomber !”.

    Unfortunately in our circumstance, these right wing extremist supremacists believe they are the oppressed, the victims, yet oddly still support to varying degrees, the State and lawful authority, but believing(?) that they not oppose ‘authority’, but act in it’s interests, even as freelance agents of the State, to an extent ?


    Why ?

  16. Kaye Lee


    I did read the stuff you linked to.

    Here is an example of the crap they are peddling.

    “This signifies one of two things: either this was a false flag attack, or there were more than one persons involved in this horrific act of murdering Muslims, and the New Zealand government has elected to declare the attack as a lone wolf gunman as a means of National Security. In either case, it would be a cover-up. Further, according to court documents reported by The New York Times, an 18-year-old boy, Daniel John Burrough of Christchurch, was also charged with “intent to excite hostility or ill-will.”

    Had they done one second’s research they would have found the young man was charged for sharing the video and photos on facebook with some stupid chatter but they pretend he was involved.

    Also they make much of there being several vehicles with IEUs attached to them.

    Had they listened to the police press conference they would have heard “Previously it was thought two Improvised Explosive Devices had been found on two vehicles, but Bush has now confirmed it was two IEDs on one vehicle. One has been disabled and police were in the process of disabling another.”

    It is understandable that reports were garbled to begin with. The sites you linked to have deliberately misrepresented the facts using anonymous tweets half the time as their evidence.

    I have wasted more than enough time on this.

  17. Kronomex

    And how is this blustering, blundering, fascist fool going to enforce “… the government was also introducing new skilled-worker visas, covering 23,000 entrants, requiring three years of residence in the regions as a precondition for securing permanent residency.”?

    Put out contracts to his corporate mates, local and foreign, to spy on any of the visa holders and report them to Heinrich Dutton? GPS trackers strapped on their ankles? What a, and pardon the language, giant f-ck up by the LNP. Another waste of untold millions of dollars which will go to big business..

    “…The prime minister said the process was slow because of the “high standards” being applied by the home affairs department.” BWAHAHAHA…choke, cough…HAHAHAHA…gasp…HAHAHA. I feel dizzy now from the lack of oxygen from laughing at that hilariou…oh wait, he’s being serious.

  18. John Hermann

    Actually there were about 90 gunned down, 50 of whom died immediately.

  19. Annette Spendlove

    I taught Science to high school students for over 30 years . Not once did the students fail to recognise the importance of an ecosystem, (and what happens if just one creature is removed, by extinction…) Students also become skilled in plotting graphs and looking at the trend. They can clearly see the connections between temperature and the effects that it will have. They also understand climate vs weather (Something that some politicians willfully ignore) As recently as last year my grandson in Year 12 Maths had to choose a city (he chose Newcastle, NSW) and compare the average temperatures 80 years ago and now. Even on the crudest statistics (he was not doing ‘academic’ maths), there was a clear pattern, whether he used median or mean, monthly data or annual, of 0.8 or 0.9 0C INCREASE

  20. Kaye Lee


    When Tony Abbott gave that loony tunes Kevin Donnelly the task of reviewing the National Curriculum, he recommended that “Four of the “general capabilities” – critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability, ethical understanding and intercultural understanding –should no longer be taught across the whole curriculum.” He also recommended that “contentious “cross-curriculum priorities”, which require sustainability, Australia’s engagement with Asia, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures to be “embedded” in every subject” be abandoned with “A greater focus on Western civilisation and Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage in the history curriculum”. He also backed the use of corporal punishment for ill-disciplined children in schools.

    In summary, he seems to want to focus on white supremacy and unquestioning acceptance of government propaganda backed up by physical violence. Zere vill be NO critical thinking here!!!!

  21. New England Cocky

    Uhm …. in unpopular defence of David Bruce over “conspiracy theories”. I must disclose a personal interest in Port Arthur due to loss of a friend there.

    The Port Arthur massacre was investigated by the late Martin Pitt, an experienced Australian Army Armorer, who published the results of his investigations. In his professional view there had to be more than one shooter at Port Arthur.

    Early reports on ABC Radio had Martin Bryant saying words like “Let’s go shoot some wasps”. In American lingo, WASPS are “White Anglo-Saxon Protestants”. Where would an ill-educated Tasmanian loner acquire this “foreign” language?

    There was no formal government Inquest, allegedly to save survivors from the anguish of re-living the horror.

    The military rifles used by Bryant had been handed in to a Victorian Police Gun Amnesty before the massacre. How did the guns get to Port Arthur?

    I have been following “conspiracy theories” for over 40 years and found over time that they are often long term, 50 year, corporate planning. For example, the Iraq-Iran War was ‘predicted’ in 1971 then the NE military industrial complex of the USA (United States of Apartheid) supplied arms to both sides of these wars, estimated to cost more than one million lives.

    There are many other examples, so I would suggest you read Gary Allen (1971) “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” (1/6 titles on Internet) and Anthony Sampson “The Sovereign State of ITT” (1/many titles documenting US corporate dealings) before forming an opinion on conspiracy theories.

    The CIA allows retired operatives to write books about their exploits, now numbering about 300 titles. These and National Geographic videos are also useful sources.

  22. Kaye Lee

    When people make money out of their conspiracy theory, I am immediately sceptical. I won’t be contributing by reading their books. I also cannot believe that the survivors are in on some conspiracy to collude with the government in covering up who the real shooters were.

  23. Alcibiades

    @New England Cocky
    Therefore, one would have to believe that TASPOL, AFP, the DPP, presiding judges, et al, were also intimately involved in this grand conspiracy in order for it to succeed.

    Any ‘conspiracy’ that extends beyond two individuals, is increasingly likely to fail, and ultimately, eventually, to be exposed as the numbers involved grow.

    How were the actual victims & witnesses successfully deceived/deluded ? Again with ‘Early reports’. An armorer is neither a forensic expert nor trained or experienced as an investigator. An armorer is a technician … 🙁

    I’ll pass, re Bryant & Port Arthur, thank you.

  24. New England Cocky

    @Alcibaides: This is not your usual high standard response.

    @Kaye Lee: I find this idea unusual because you read newspapers from the Murdoch owned MSM, you listen to radio news reports where commercial news is sponsored, you watch commercial television for some unknown reason. All these media make money out of their news reporting, aka “conspiracies”.

    “Government” is frequently involved in conspiracies which is why Wikileaks is recognised by malevolent governments as a danger to their welfare. e.g. USA (United States of Apartheid) and Chelsea Manning disclosures.

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