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The Political Sociopathology of Murdoch, Trump and Morrison – the Victim Triangle (Oppressor and Rescuer)

The classic ‘I gotchya, mate’ with a good dose of the classic lie to readers and voters ‘I gotchya back, mate’ – NIGYYSOAB!

Ha ha ha horror and tragic! Here we go on the merry-go-round; it didn’t take long for the Murdoch rags to bring in the cavalry (see image below). Takes one to think he recognises another. This is the Murdoch-Morrison game plan, put down (that finally failed Trump): Set up another player (significant, wealthy, threat) the victim – attempt to ensnare and rape them, blame them, scapegoat them, take their money and reputation, run for cover, and let the outrage, pain and hate they have generated, engineered on the general public (disinformation, lies and slander, association, memories, false memories, flashbacks, manipulation of public empathy and anger, mass collateral damage) rise up against the player they have set up, rise up and destroy the victim, finish them off.

This is basic psychiatry and psychoanalysis of the sociopath personality – Berne and Harris classic theory of Transactional Analysis (late 1950’s), been around for a long-time modernising Freud; and yes it’s a well-worn socio-political ‘transaction’ being played here by Murdoch and Morrison. Will Australians fall for this again and will the world continue to be their victim with the lies and flaming? When will social justice prevail and these antics, the gross manipulation of public opinion by media and political lies be prosecuted and put to bed? This is how democracies are taken down.

Don’t fall for this again folks! This is the Courier Mail, the Telegraph, the Australian, Fox and Sky News, News Corp, Murdoch speaking; and Morrison too is riding these waves again as he tries to elicit international condemnation and retribution for his own game plan.

KISS – Yes keep it short and sweet,

repeat, repeat, and when you’re done

repeat again till the lynching, the public

trial and election’s won.


Front page of the News Corp (Murdoch) Brisbane based Courier Mail, 20 February 2021, Australia – Caught red handed!


‘Most callous man in the world’ – Takes one to think he recognises another – A case of mistaken identity and projection, I think!

Oh the irony, can’t help noticing the other lead article at foot of the Courier page, ‘Gran 90 billed for getting out of bed every time she stood up on the sensor mat – Family billed $5,600 in January’.

Now isn’t this exactly what Murdoch (News Corp) is doing to Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) every time someone clicks on a link in FB to one of Murdoch’s fraudulent rags, the secret biller under Morrison’s News Media Bargaining Code and Legislation.

Like it’s not as if Morrison is shit hot on helping the elderly without short changing them on their pension and taking their money. What will it be next, a Government App!

Of course, one of several key differences here is Murdoch is the senior here abusing his junior and Facebook is the mat.

The similarities are uncanny!


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  1. Kerri

    As far as I know Zuckerberg has never illegally hacked into the phone of a dead teenager making the police and her family think she was still alive??
    Most callous person?
    Zuckerberg trails in the dust behind Murdoch.

  2. Jon chesterson

    Good point Kerri. Murdoch goes for anything that moves – The old and the young, dead or alive, legal or illegal. He is the archetypal SOB. He has the gall to create the association with paedophile and like Morrison suggest Zuckerberg is breaking the law. The only abuse on both these fronts I see originates fair and square from Murdoch’s and Morrison’s projections and alliance in this victim triangle. So we traverse both the religious and pathological dimensions, woven into our continued story.

  3. Neil Hogan

    I just posted the following on ProMo’s, Fraudenberg’s & Fletchers Facebook pages in response to their posts about Facebook…

    Let me get this straight, Murdoch & Nine News in Australia post links of their news stories on Facebook free of charge and then expect Facebook to pay them for every click on their posts??

    How do you think that would work if every company in Australia using Murdoch & Nine News to advertise their products asked to be paid for every new client that came to them via their ads?

    I think we all know that the answer from Murdoch & Nine News would be a very firm “NO, you must be joking!!”

    Obviously Facebook has said NO to Murdoch & Nine News in Australia for the very same reason so now Murdoch & Nine News have virtually hired the Australian government to try and run an extortion racket to get some money from Facebook.

    The question people should be asking the Australian government is “Why are you running an extortion racket on behalf of Murdoch & Nine News?”

    Anyway, who relies on Facebook for news?

    I go straight to my trusted news sources as you can read it all for any news you want instead of relying on Facebook’s algorithms to provide you with what they think you want and if you sign up for emails from your preferred news sites they let you know what is happening via email.

    As for Murdoch & Nine News, there is no way I would ever pay to read the rubbish they try to pass off as news!!

    As for Murdoch alone, all News Corp Media is a shit stain on life in Australia, the UK and the US and it is well past its used by date!!

  4. Jon chesterson

    SCOMO AND JOSH LINING UP THEIR POCKETS AND THE MEDIA LANDSCAPE READY FOR THE NEXT ELECTION – Not just us saying, The Rural Independent Herald and countless other independent media outlets.

    Zuckerberg v Frydenberg – Got a kind of ring to it! Except one is very bright and the other dumber than a wombat.

    ‘Google paid up, Facebook decided it was extortion and called Josh Frydenberg’s bluff, banning Australian news’.

    ‘As if Rupert Murdoch and the Coalition had not already flubbed Australia’s credibility around the world for their failure on climate change, now we look like we don’t know how the internet works’.

    ‘It is either that, the Dumb Aussies narrative, or something more sinister. The Morrison government, with the feeble connivance of Labor, has demanded Google and Facebook pay News Corp, Nine and Coalition-friendly media organisations for “content”, for their stories’.

    ‘In their childish fervor to bust into the market and prop up these government friendly publishers, their bizarre Digital Media Code has got it completely wrong. Google and Facebook don’t even publish their stories, merely links to their stories’.

    ‘This Digital Media Code has nothing to do with policy and everything to do with politics. Morrison & co have just bought off the media in what may well be an election year’.

    ‘If the government were given to making good policy, rather than locking in big media mates for the next election, they would simply tax Facebook and Google properly, then deploy the funds to subsidise’.

    ‘They have failed to tax them properly. Although both digital platforms pay more income tax in Australia than Rupert Murdoch’s News Australia Holdings (zero for 6 years now), it is still negligible for their size and market power.’

    Yes remember that! Ruport Murdoch’s combined media empire have paid zero tax in Australia for the last 6 years, Seems to be a Trump thing and the Morrison, Turnbull and Abbott governments have done nothing about it. In fact they gave $30 million corporate welfare less than two years ago for heaven knows what!

    We are paying Murdoch – not satisfied with his paywalls, subscriptions, advertising income, extended tax holiday, he wants to be paid for the free links and traffic he gets from Google and Facebook, persuading the Morrison government to introduce this bizarre Media Bargaining Code.

    Morrison is stark raving bonkers like the rest of his self righteous ministerial gang of thieves while our Public Broadcaster, the ABC sit on the fence pronouncing Morrison’s speeches everyday instead of bringing us the news.

    Not a smart country if still we don’t get this. Not smart at all.

    Source: The Rural Independent Herald https://www.facebook.com/DumpTheNationals/photos/a.373768399934604/748124145832359/

  5. Michael Taylor

    You’ve been on fire lately, Jon. You’re triggered!

    We all should be.

  6. Jon chesterson

    Busy weekend Michael! Think I might write a few verses more for that little rhyme 🙂

  7. Consume Less

    Bit harsh on the ABC, I mean don’t they have to toe the line somewhat as the IPA and Saint Scotty continue to slash and burn. I still read plenty of good credible articles from our ABC or maybe I just have blinkers on.

  8. ajogrady

    If the Federal L/NP government are prepared to be complicit in blackmailing a succesful American and international business to protect failing Australian businesses then will they then seek similar payments for Australian retail businesses effected by Amazons succesful business model? Will they be seeking to blackmail all overseas businesses that impacts Australian businesses? Have they re-written the fair trade agreement signed with the USA? Have the World Trade Organisation on protectionist policy changed?

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