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The LNP can’t see the difference

By Jim McIntosh

“Asked about Ms Banks’ complaints of bullying, Senator Hume said: ‘I – like the Liberal Party, like the voters of Chisholm – invested a lot in Julia. And she has betrayed all of us.’ ” (SMH, 31/01/2019)

Which is pretty cute, coming from the first government in this country’s history to have comprehensively betrayed Australia and its people. Think Abbott, Turnbull, Morrison; think destruction of the environment, the unprecedented damage done to the country’s essential river systems. Think the results of a Banking Royal Commission whose findings are apparently so dire that Morrison refuses to release them until he and his criminal spivs have had an extra three days to spin the story they will try to put to the population.

Think the decline of living standards for ordinary Australians as wages flatline and fail to keep up with rising prices and costs of living; think the huge increase of labour-hire companies who seem to prefer to have foreign visa-holders on their books instead of locals; think the sacking of Australian seafarers who have been replaced by cheap labour from overseas, and finally think the rhetoric around job creation in a landscape where anyone who works just one hour per week is considered ’employed’.

They never understood it, this mob. Worse, they never understood the difference between truth and untruth, or even why there ought to be any difference.

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  1. Ken Butler

    There are three basic elements in the political framework of Australia:
    The corporatocracy
    The parliament
    The people
    What has happened is that the corporatocracy has gained such power over the parliament that there now remains only two of those elements:
    The corporatocracy … owning their servant, the parliament.
    The people … totally screwed, viewed merely as dollar signs rather than part of a vibrant society

    Hopefully, Shorten’s snub of Murdoch,who is a classic example of that corporatocracy,signals an effective return of the people to their rightful place in the restored framework of the Australian political dynamic.

  2. Kaye Lee

    Liberals are so stupid. They are fed lines to say but never think about them in context.

    “I doubt the outgoing member for Chisholm will find a welcoming reception in Flinders because voters rarely have sympathy for a seat-shopper.” says Jane Hume.

    What of Warren Mundine who has been shopping for a seat and a party who would let him run for decades? What of Peter Dutton who himself tried to seat shop? Lucy Wicks was parachuted into Robertson. The examples are endless.

    It is so pathetically obvious that Jane, after having the PM intervene to save her preselection, is now showing her gratitude by being one of the very few remaining female spokesmodels for the government.

  3. Bronte ALLAN

    It never ceases to amaze me how ALL the crap that these inept, lying, flat earth, climate change deniers say, is seemingly “accepted” (?) by a vast percentage of the Australian public! The utter lies they all tell, & repeat ad-nauseum, are beyond belief by any person in Australia with any brains & conscience! And yet all this bloody crap just keeps on coming out of their bloody mouths! God help us, & I am not religious! Cannot wait for the Federal election to be done & dusted & the opportunity for some “real” politicians to take over the running of this country, by this I mean, of course that the Labor lot get elected! Yet another interesting & thought provoking article!

  4. pierre wilkinson

    and yet people still consider them good economic managers – and vote for them


  5. paul walter

    I like Kaye Lee in scornful mode.

    God bless you.

  6. Baby Jewels

    I will never understand how sucked in a large portion of our population is by utter lies, by the denial of SCIENCE and the denigration of those of different skin colours, religions and places of birth. Even worse, the criminalising of poverty. We used to be a caring nation, I thought, but I can see now I was probably wrong. Despite broken promises galore, they are now soaking up more of them. It defies all logic.

  7. Kronomex

    You can bet the “truth” from the screeching harpy is going to be interesting unless her lawyers can find yet another way for her not to appear –

    Either that or she’ll be stupid enough make threats if she feels she will be getting picked on. DON’T THEY KNOW WHO SHE IS?!

    Re: My post before this; nothing mentioned in Spews crap dot com and the Smuh about the thug. What a surprise.

  8. Ashleigh Rice-Quinnell

    Who was it who said, “Australia has the finest Federal government money can buy”?
    Oh, that’s right, it was me.

  9. David Bruce

    Perhaps the LNP believe if the lie is big enough and repeated often enough, it will become the truth? Works for Murdoch…

  10. Kaye Lee

    As Ted Mack put it, we seem to have achieved “Government of the people, by the powerbrokers, for the mates”

  11. Ashleigh Rice-Quinnell

    I have finally found something ‘good’ to say about the LNP government….
    GOOD RIDENCE to them!

  12. wam

    funny, jim, that your truth may not be my truth and lies are different depending on belief. The rabbott has never lied in that he is opus dei and does god’s work. Millions of Australians believe in his trues lies made even more ridiculous by his ignorance.

    The offshoot being a huge war chest a compliant disingenuous controversy hungry media and a waiting cohort of 50% below average voters.

    If that is not enough many on the right of the bell don’t think much past tfox he morning shows and the morning papers.

    Bill and tanya don’t get much access to the papers, tv and radio.
    They under utilise the bbq, shopping mall and walk by windows opportunities to give passers by a laugh but have social media in their sites oops sights but personally begging for us to share is offputting to me and not answering is not generally wise so reliance on posts is a two edged sword??

  13. Shaun Newman

    It is truly amazing that at least 47% of Aussie voters despite the absolute flogging they have had from this authoritarian extreme right-wing tory government are still prepared to vote for them. I just cannot comprehend why, we pensioners have had the value of our meager pensions lowered to CPI increases lowering us further into the mire below the poverty line. The lowest paid workers (shop assistants) have had their penalty rates attacked, and there are a huge number who come under this classification, and still at least 47% of the population are prepared to vote for them. What does this government need to do?

    Perhaps if they emulated the lying rodent and bought some thugs in balaclavas with doberman pincers out to intimidate school teachers, as Noddy’s IR Minister Reith did to the wharfies decades ago, that may work?

  14. helvityni

    Interesting article by John Wren on IA :

    Wren’s week: Reith, Frydenberg and progressive Liberals

  15. helvityni

    Interesting article by John Wren on IA:

    Wren’s week: Reith, Frydenberg and progressive Liberals

  16. margcal

    From the Wren article:
    Rumour has it he [Frydenberg] has his eye on the top job.

    From the moment he first nominated, Blind Freddy could see where Josh wanted to go.
    And no doubts his school mates from 10 years old would say the same of him even back that far.

  17. Siegfried 6230

    Jim – In my opinion they’re nothing, but control freaks – that don’t want to understand.

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