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The day Scott Morrison lost the next election

By Ad astra

Note the date in your diary – 15 March 2021 – because the date itself is not memorable. You will never forget the day though – the day thousands of angry women gathered outside Parliament House in their March4Justice campaign to highlight the appalling misogyny and mistreatment of women, both in and outside parliament. You will never forget that our PM was invited to join them, to listen to them, to hear their stories, to empathise with them, to feel their pain, their anguish. Neither will you ever forget that he chose, quite deliberately, to stay within the safety of his Prime Ministerial office, instead offering them an invitation to join him in his castle, where he feels safe. As he often reminds us, he is the PM after all, and avoids attending such rallies, hinting his safety might be at risk, a proposition denied strenuously by Cait Kelly in her New Daily article: Women’s march organisers hit back at claim Morrison would have been unsafe.

Women will not forget.

Already enraged, they were further angered by the insensitive remarks of the very person they most wanted to listen, and really hear – their Prime Minister – the most powerful person in the land, the one most able to respond positively with all the strength and resources of the nation’s federal parliament. Is there any other person in this country that is more enabled to make telling decisions that could counter the chronic misogynist malaise that afflicts our parliament – a malady in clear view to those with wide-open eyes to see. Those who have been living under a rock can catch up by viewing the 22 March episode of Four Corners: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Does our PM, the Honourable Scott Morrison, MP, really believe that come the next federal election these women will ‘forget’ his ineptitude, his tone-deafness, his arrogant dismissal of their concerns? Does he really believe they are so fearful of his authority, so naïve, that they will be forgiving?

Also, does he expect these women to forget that his so-called ‘Minister for Women’, Marise Payne, was too busy to walk a few paces from the safety of her office to join the protestors to hear their anguish and their pleas for a better deal? Will they swallow her lame excuse, set out so revealingly in the West Australian? Does she think voters are so stupid, so naïve?

Women are queuing up to express their disgust at PM Morrison’s behaviour. Cait Kelly has this to say:

The organisers of Monday’s women’s rally outside Parliament House have hit back at a Liberal MP’s claim that Prime Minister Scott Morrison couldn’t attend the march because of security issues.

On Saturday Liberal MP Jason Falinski told the ABC that Scott Morrison couldn’t join the March4Justice rally for security reasons.

“He is the Prime Minister of the country and there are security issues around those sorts of issues, about him going into big crowds,” Mr Falinski said.

But organisers of the protest have hit back, stressing it was a safe space and that the invitation to attend had been extended across the political spectrum. “Women’s spaces are meant to be safe spaces,” insisted organiser Janine Hendry.

“The marches were inclusive, respectful, and kindness was present. When members of parliament and senators joined the Canberra crowd we welcomed them with cheers and applause. Both Mr Morrison and Minister for Women Marise Payne refused to attend the march, instead inviting the organisers to a private meeting. Their offer was rejected before the rally on Monday morning, with Ms Hendry insisting the leaders should come out and recognise the thousands of attendees. “We have already come to the front door, now it’s up to the government to cross the threshold and come to us. We will not be meeting behind closed doors.”

As if to leave no doubt in the mind of the electorate about his appalling tin ear, he redoubled this behavioural trait during his March 23 press conference, when following still more revelations of the revolting behaviour of parliamentary staffers, he sought to ‘explain’ his own behaviour, ‘tears’ in his eyes, with still more references to the most important women in his life – Jen and his girls. In telling words, Angela Priestly exposes this charade in her article in Women’s Agenda: Scott Morrison gave a powerful speech on ‘hearing women’, but then failed on substance.

Then, to reinforce in voters’ minds his ineptitude and his unsuitability for the high office of Prime Minister, he foolishly resorted to his habitual defensive strategy, taking aim at News Corp, upon which he relies for support, accusing the organisation of harassment, only to find he was wrong: “Right now, you would be aware that in your own organisation that there is a person who has had a complaint made against them of harassment of a woman in a women’s toilet.” News Corp Australasia executive chairman Michael Miller soon hit back: ”Prime Minister Scott Morrison was wrong today to claim an investigation is under way into a complaint accusing an employee of harassment against a woman in a female toilet. No complaint has been received and News Corp and Sky News are not dealing with a complaint.” Touché.

Even as this piece is being written, more damning accounts of PM Morrison’s inept behaviour arrive by the hour! Better stop writing before it becomes encyclopaedic. No more weighty words are needed. Time will test the prediction that Scott Morrison’s government, like the proverbial smelly fish, is rotting from the head down, and will lose the next election. 15 March 2021 though will stick in our memory as the day the rot began.

This article was originally published on The Political Sword

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  1. Bruce White

    Beware the Ides of March, Scomo.

  2. David Stakes

    Trouble is the voters will forget all of this, and put him back in. And he knows this. #ScottyTheConman

  3. Josephus

    Up to us to raise his selfish and stupid ineptitude with all we meet. And the total uselessness of the new appointees .

  4. Michael Taylor

    David, most women I know aren’t going to forget in a hurry. They intend to maintain the rage.

  5. David Tyler

    Agree. My impression is the same, Michael. Once the Taskforce gets under way – if it ever does – the better half (+) of the population will be incensed to see that it’s a calculated snub.

    Then of course as the effect of the abrupt withdrawal of the stimulus to those formerly on Job-Keeper etc has its effect – it will be women who increasingly feel its effects. As we know, more and more women swell the ranks of the precariat – and are more likely to suffer poor working conditions, lower pay and less secure work. And that’s been enhanced recently by the passing of one part of Porter’s gutted IR bill that gives the employer an autocratic right to determine who is a casual and who is a permanent. And if you work for a small business owner, the boss is exempt from even having to bother paying you a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. You stay casual forever. (Small business workers used to make up a staggering 44% of the nation’s workforce. I’m sure the percentage hasn’t changed much over the last couple of years.)

  6. Harry Lime

    So our self proclaimed hero.the Liar from the Shire, was too frightened to go out into a crowd of women? His alleged saviour Jesus, knew his days were numbered,but he never resiled from facing the crowd,.Wherefore art thou, thou bold christian soldier? What a disgusting shell of a human being.What a fucking monumental hypocrite.

  7. Diane Rawley

    I’ve not seen any mention of the way The Australian published an online news report on the eve of the March claiming Ms Hendry had agreed to a private meeting with Morrison, quoting her as saying ‘how exciting it was’ to be invited to do so.

    This widely divided opinion on social media – with many saying if it was true, they would not be marching, as a handful of people could not possibly represent the views of so many. Presumably this was exactly The Australian’s intention – divide and rule – and turned out to be completely false.

    However, it was quite telling that on the morning of the March, Senator Jane Hume cornered Ms Hendry and used that exact same phrase (“How exciting it is that you’ve been invited into his personal office”) to try and sway the decision. Seems to me more ‘backgrounding’ by the PM’s office, using their tame MSM mouthpiece.

  8. Kaye Lee

    I will believe it when I see it. We have been fighting this battle for centuries. There are times when we win concessions. Pat on the head. Off you troddle now.

    Women’s emancipation and fight for equality will NEVER be hailed as a benefit by conservatives. They just don’t seem to understand the benefits it brings to all society. The patriarchy sees us as an aggressive threat to their privilege. The stated attitude is they don’t mind if we do well, as long as it isn’t at their expense. They aren’t excited about the opportunities that women’s increased involvement outside the home offers.

    And if we ever dare bring up how sick to death we are of men saying ‘show us yer tits”, we are whinging snowflake politically correct wowsers who don’t know a compliment when we hear one.

    It would be great if we are at a turning moment. I marched in 1975 and I marched again in 2021. Excuse my cynicism.

  9. Keitha Granville

    I fear you are right David Stakes, so very many women still vote as dictated by their husbands, even in these enlightened times. Our only chance is to do all we can to encourage anyone we know who voted LNP to change next time.

  10. Ill fares the land

    I sincerely hope you are right. But, recent polling shows that while Bargearse Morrison has lost a lot of support from women polled, he has not lost all of that support – 50% of women polled still think he is the preferred PM. In one sense, the question about “preferred PM” is a loaded one – no-one else is currently PM after all. I accept that the polls have Labor ahead on a 2PP basis, but then Labor was in a similar position in 2019 and blew it. Despite Bargearse’s bushfire debacle (the fact is that his Brittany Higgins and all women performance was as woeful as his bushfire performance, but Covid was a “get-out-of jail” card), endless instances of rorting and corruption and then his politicisation of gender equality (inevitable since he has no genuine commitment to anything but his own desperate grab for unlimited power, so his only metric for every situation, however dire, is politics and personal power), there are many who think he is still doing a good job and who will overlook his failings. That is despite that you don’t have to be too insightful to see the “real” (i./e., totally phony) Morrison. But there still appears to be a bedrock level of female support for Bargearse when, by any logical measure, he should have so enraged so many female voters that his support should have utterly dissipated. Perhaps the loss of polling support may continue as Bargearse continues to show just how truly unsuited he is, in terms of intellectual prowess, emotional maturity, by any metric in fact, apart from being a scheming and vacuous marketer, to be the PM. It shows how utterly absurd our political system is that the biggest backstabber should be able to take if not stumble in to the PM role and then embark on the most dramatic erosion of democratic principles ever seen in this country since Federation.

  11. alex

    “He is the Prime Minister of the country and there are security issues around those sorts of issues, about him going into big crowds,” Mr Falinski said.

  12. Lawrence Roberts

    I would hate to be a teenage girl in this day and age. At the last school I worked at some of the girls pretended to be gay to parry off the persistent sexual attention. At the year 12 formal they turned up with handsome dudes with perfect manners. They will earn less money for the same work. House ownership for most is an impossible dream. Starting a family is a near impossibility.

    Our indolent politicians can’t see it so they just don’t get it. I am not as cynical as Kaye Lee. Generation X have done the maths and they do not expect a “Reset” or some normality after the pandemic. They anticipate an upheaval.

  13. Geoff Andrews

    I don’t believe women vote as they are told by their husbands. Why should they; there’s no way of checking. That assertion is a bit of a put-down of women bur I do think that there is a significant percentage of women vote conservative because they’ve swallowed the “better money managers” and the “upwardly mobile” and “don’t they speak nicer than the Labor goons” BS.
    I was chatting 1.5 metres away from a university aged girl/woman in a Covid testing line recently. She said that both she & her parents voted Labor but “when I finish my degree and get a job, I’ll vote Liberal because they’ll tax me less than Labor”.
    “We’ll all be doomed” said Hanrahan

  14. Geoff Andrews

    Ad Astra, ya dreamin’ but keep the faith.

  15. paul walter

    Their anal stupidity has landed them in deep trouble, as evidence as to their disregard for many other categories of folk over time..

  16. Roscoe

    of course his saying that the women were lucky they werent shot went down well too

  17. Andrew J. Smith

    Not so confident of electoral change where we see Australians (like elsewhere) voting against their own interests, or at least those of future generations., backgrounded by a right wing media oligopoly etc. creating an ‘eco-system’.

    The ‘eco-system’ of PR and influence round the LNP will be throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Labor, including conflating with greens, unionists, aethiests, abortionists, environmentalists, immigration, feminists etc.; especially individual seats in regions using issues that push buttons.

    Not to say that e.g. Melbourne east suburban ‘Liberal doctors’ wives’ won’t come out with their baseball bats putting some ‘safe’ Lib seats at risk, paying for patriarchal and autocratic attitudes.

  18. Harry Lime

    Alex @6.41: Mr.Falinski….another one of Bubba Morrison’s favoured cot toys,along with Mr. Hanky ,the Christmas Poo,all dedicated to protecting the poor little dear from all those nasty women.Morrison makes a gutless wonder(eg. the Christian Porter) look like a superhero.

  19. New England Cocky

    @ Kaye Lee: Sadly teachers are fighting the same campaigns today that we were fighting thirty (30) years ago …. only the names are changed to protect the guilty in the Department of Education.

    It will be the same here ….. we fought the Liarbrals Billy McMahon, Malcolm ”Lost your pants” Fraser, Little Johnny ”Flakjacket” Howard and we are still fighting them and their political party today.

    @Geoff Andrews: In many regional electorates it has been a common practice for husbands to vote for their wives at Federal & NSW elections. We stooped this practice occurring by forcing the husbands to return home and bring their wives back to vote. After two or three elections, the women decide to make a picnic day out of the elections … to help overcome the social isolation of living on a grazing property.

  20. Michael Taylor

    The latest Essential Poll shows that Morrison’s support among males has increased from 57% to 70%.

    I’m beyond disgusted.

    So that’s how he thinks he’ll win the election: treat women as 2nd-rate citizens while men cheer from the sidelines.

    I feel sick.

  21. Matters Not


    latest Essential Poll shows that Morrison’s support among males has increased from 57% to 70%.

    Why the surprise? Surely it’s just an example of a particular group voting in terms of their own interest(s)? Indeed it’s a rationale that’s urged on all and sundry. So much so, it’s become a mantra.

    Perhaps it’s time to be a bit more sophisticated? To be slightly philosophical – and to do some conceptual analysis? Like defining a few terms?

  22. Michael Taylor

    Any examples, MN?

    We need all the help we can get.

  23. Geoff Andrews

    Surely you’re not telling me that it has been the practice in rural electorates in the past (before someone pointed out that there was a slight element of criminality in the practice, presumeably) for a bloke to present himself to the AEC toiler, identify himself as “Mrs Bloggs”. The AEC bloke says,”Here’s your ballot paper, Mrs Bloggs”?
    In my experience, country blokes aren’t all that attractive but I’m sure a lot of them are cross dressers, so I suppose it could happen occasionally?

  24. wam

    Nothing like boosting your base michael look at the canberra clp’s reaction to the march? Look at nth queensland’s reaction to the women’s caravan. Men form lynch mobs with but a few women?
    Sadly as many men as women follow daddy and mummy.
    So unless albo and labor move, scummo will get his second term in a landslide

  25. Josephus

    I lived in a rural village for fifteen years and never did a man vote for a woman
    The idea is absurd , a myth I would say .

  26. David Evans

    Wouldn’t you love to see a real candidate, a real leader, ie a woman, stand against the smurf in Cook? And WIN?…Yep, up yours morrison.

  27. Josephus

    Who is the smurf in cook please?
    I would like to know why our third rate pm was sacked, twice it seems?

  28. Jon Chesterson

    The rot didn’t start on 21 March, it began years if not decades ago. Women of Australia just dug up and liberated another carcass on 21 March and Morrison will come swinging back at the end of the year with his Liberal propaganda machine, News Corp and tens of millions of hidden campaign dollars of mining corporate, coal lobby, gambling and climate denial misogynist men, a few in gender laced skirts and political hypocrisy from their new junior fake ministries, and enough mates tradies who have already been bought or stewing in sublime ignorance and denial as they mock, slander and slag a few more professional women breathing any sense of justice and integrity. They’ll roll our little Johnnie wet lips Howard and a few radio shock jocks dressed and disguised as a post Covid-19 recovery boom and tourism dummy, probably with a few more highly selective economic bribes, incentives and pork barrelling of electorates, and another fraudulent 2.2 billion dollar stimulus package for the politically brainless and morally socially destitute.

    Yes we will remind everyone, the bogan men and complicit institutions with a few dollars and hopefully more nationwide marches and with a stroke of luck and social justice we might just get over the line if all women make a stand with the support of all liberated men. Labor, Greens and the independents need to form a solid cooperative and not contest each other in marginal seats that split the vote in favour of the Liberal Coalition. The Coalition only won last time because they successfully capitalised on this division, they must not succeed again.

    We must be ready to throw them out with a WA stye landslide even if we can’t wipe them out this time round!

  29. Canguro


    Cook is the federal seat in the southern part of Sydney, currently held by the prime minister, the said smurf, Morrison.

  30. New England Cocky

    @Geoff Andrews, @Josephus: Yep!! It happened! Nothing as dramatic as cross dressing. Just a simple “”Now my wife wants to vote for the Nazional$ also”.

    @Michael Taylor: Sadly this is the common response in regional electorates. Women simply accept that men are permitted to do anything. THAT is why Barnyard Joke was re-elected in the Kiwi bye-election … because Tamworth women supporting adultery supported Joyce.

    Perhaps you have not come across the term ”Brown sugar”?

  31. DrakeN

    N E C, for my education, is “Brown sugar” the same as “Creamie”?

    Urban dictionary seems to indicate a relationship.

  32. Trevor


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