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The day after, and the days ahead

A few matters to say the day after the 2022 Federal Election.

Firstly, from the aspect of my Federal seat of Ryan whilst the AEC has not declared it (I have to say the AEC must have continued counting during the night, as the results are different to the ABC’s data at 12.30am) it appears the Greens’ candidate Ms Watson-Brown will be declared the new member for Ryan, so my wholehearted congratulations are extended to her and the Greens. However, whilst it was not to be his night I wish to say how proud I am of my friend Peter Cossar – Labor for Ryan. Peter has worked hard in Ryan for many years, and if you wish to know where the battle to end the Climate Wars began, it started with Peter bravely knocking doors about 5 years in Ryan, speaking to virtues of climate policy. Well done, Peter; you honourably discharged your duty as a Labor candidate, and I still believe you will one day serve in our Parliament. I should also thank all of the branch members who assisted Peter.

Secondly, I am so heartened by the Uluṟu Statement from the Heart will be implemented in full, including the referendum for a First Nations voice to Parliament. That referendum will be held in the next few months, and, just like 1967 when a referendum was passed to allow First Nations to vote, I implore every Australian to vote yes for a First Nations voice to Parliament. It’s not a third chamber; the First Nations voice to Parliament provides a necessary legislative step to recognise the standing and wisdom of the oldest culture on Earth – over 60,000 years of knowledge being generously extended to all our national interests.

I am heartened by the Climate Wars ending in this country. It should never have started back in 2009-10. Powering Australia is the necessary policy to immediately undertake rewiring of the energy grid, restoring manufacturing so that we become a renewable energy superpower, which with our reserves of mineral resources we will be such an international power, and finally achieving net zero by 2050.

This is a dawn of a new, wonderful and inclusive age for Australia, where people don’t get left, but aspiration is rewarded. There are economic issues Labor must immediately get working on, not just in examining how and where so much of our national debt went to, but also addressing inflation, wages, cost of housing and the cost of living. The economics portfolio of treasury will be a powerhouse of economic intellect, with Dr Chalmers as Treasurer and Dr Leigh as Assistant Treasurer.

Important socio-economic reforms for women will be implemented, including important safety legislation and social housing. The NDIS will be fixed, along with aged care and Medicare. Our ABC will also be fixed, not just restoring its funding, but also ensuring it maintains its function as an independent national broadcaster. In that respect, I look forward to a judicial inquiry which will not only examine the concentration of media ownership in Australia, but also the quality of the news being delivered.

A national integrity commission, or Federal ICAC, will be established this year. The integrity commission will have retrospective investigative powers, and it shall be free from any parliamentary influence. Over the last 9 years we have slipped to 18th position on the international transparency and corruption index. The national integrity commission will restore our place in the world regarding this important international index.

Finally, I just wanted to address a remark made by Simon Birmingham on the ABC at about midnight which was not only an ungracious remark to be made in the context of what has occurred regarding the Liberal Party’s (not the National Party) night, it was also extremely misleading about our democratic voting system. Birmingham made a comment about Labor’s primary vote which was disinformation in relation to our voting system as a preferential system, not a first past the post system. Yes, the percentage of primary votes fell for both major parties, but when you take out the National Party component of the primary vote the Liberal Party’s primary vote is very low. Remember the Coalition is actually on most occasions a minority government of Liberal and Nation Party members which cannot form government without each other. On the TPP the AEC recorded this morning Labor being ahead of the Coalition by 400,000 votes on the TPP. Labor has won Government not just on seats won, but also on the TPP.

So now we look forward to a bright future for this country which will bring us together, not divide us. The LGBTQIA community can look forward to a future free from discrimination. So many vital socio- economic reforms need to be implemented to address the economic and social problems in this country which need to be fixed. Australia can always still be a great country, but at the same time striving to do better, and that started last night when a person born into poverty and brought up in a housing commission flat can by talent and hard work rise to the very top to become our Prime Minister- it is a story which not only restores confidence in our system of government, it also is a wonderful reason to make us appreciate and love being Australians.

Have a nice day.


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  1. Keitha Granville

    thank you , we’ll have a wonderful day ! a wonderful life !

  2. New England Cocky

    Very informative article that makes me wonder why the voting outcomes for the Liarbrals and Nazional$ are NOT reported as two separate parties as Beetrooter repeatedly asserts.

    Naturally, this change would expose the fallacy that the Liarbrals are a large important party representing ALL Australian voters, when in fact they are a born-to-rule rump of self-serving corporate socialists with their hand out continuously for some form of government subsidy.

  3. Albos Elbow

    Australia has spoken.
    Climate Change, Carbon Emissions, Corruption, Equal Rights for all, Gender Issues.

    We have to change our dirty, filthy habits now.

    This is a great time to invest in renewable energy.
    Move to renewable energy at wholesale prices ASAP, join community energy companies like localvolts, support your local communities, save hudreds of dollars on your energy bills right now, while you significantly reduce Australia’s carbon emissions.

    Because you are buying at wholesale and not retail any more, your electricity consumption price will fall to about 7 cents per KWh (which is the average wholesale renewable energy cost so far in 2022).

    As more and more people join the peer-to-peer energy communities and more renewable energy comes onto the grid, we expect to save even more on wholesale renewable energy prices.

    For more information please visit the website or contact or and get started on saving hundreds of dollars on your energy bills, reducing our carbon emissions and helping us move to net zero sooner.

    Please help spread the news about our communities’ growing positive change of energy.

  4. wam

    Mr Springer,
    My guess is Ryan was one of the bandit’s 9.
    The cunning bastard took advantage of a good 2019 result from boobies caravan, the repeating floods and climate change by digging at the grass roots stage(conned the victims) and the coup de grace for labor was the even more cunning change of name.
    You have to handit to the bandit he is a lawyer, used to omit and exaggerate and perfectly willing and able to sink albo.
    If albo get 76 he can forget the prick even 74 may be enough to work on the independents.
    I agree with you, NEC,
    A couple of elections ago, I asked the ABC algorithm prancer green why, on his wheel, I was not labor but had the tag green and why the coalition was treated as one.
    He said the nats are too close to the libs to differentiate. Bullshit labor had the policies before the loonies were in canberra so differentiation is by degrees. Degrees if that sounds like Albo and the bandit. Why not joyce and scummo.

  5. Josephus

    I rarely understand wam’s posts… Yes this election mattered much more than they usually do. It was about integrity, decency, responsibility and dialogue. And empowering women.

  6. Kaye Lee


    You, like the Liberal Party, should take heed of this election result where the people of Australia soundly rejected both major parties in favour of people who promised greater action on climate change. That is what the people of Australia need and want. Your rabid ramblings can only hurt Labor. If they don’t get the message that people want progressives to work together, their primary vote will continue to fall. Your rejection of global heating makes you a dinosaur who would hold back, or lead to extinction, the party he professes to support.

  7. Albos Elbow

    After the election result, Wetpac’s Head of Institutional Banking said today they are gearing up for a “Green Energy Boom” in lending and business services helping large corporations transition to net zero.

    Get into the renewable energy market now by joining a community based energy supplier like localvolts.

    They purchase renewable energy at wholesale prices, average cost so far this year about 7c a KWh, and supply it to the community.

    As more renewable energy projects come onto the grid, you will save even more buying wholesale.

    For more information please visit the website, contact or and get started on saving hundreds of dollars on your energy bills, reducing your carbon emissions and helping Australia move to net zero sooner.

  8. Albos Elbow

    Just to clarify:
    Firstly, I have no financial interest in localvolts.
    Secondly, This is a community based energy company that invests in the local community first and foremost.

    Examples where people donate for FREE rooftop excess solar power to a local health centre that does pre and post natal care for women, so they can buy more medical equipment,
    to a local football team so they can spend more on their football team equipment
    to local basketball and netball teams so they can put solar panels on their stadium roof.

  9. corvusboreus

    Held by LNP since 1972, except for a few months in 2001.

    2022: LNP incumbent Simmons (-10.7% swing) toppled by GRN challenger Watson-Brown (+10.7% swing).

    Labor vote experiences mild downturn (-2% to 22.5%).

    I’m pretty sure most rational progressives would be viewing the Ryan result as an overall positive outcome rather than a cause for tooth grinding.

  10. wam

    Kaye how obtuse are you?
    For over 30 years, and throughout my time on this site, my whole argument against deniers, has been the deadly trinity greenhouse gases- green house effect- global warming.
    I have constantly advised people to forget difficult concepts and just KISS.
    Few can deny the clearly visible glacial melts, sea risings and, worst of all, permafrost thaw.
    This the concept, for which you have trolled me, not only for not using your words ‘climate change’ but making accusations that I could not understand climate change.
    Now, you accuse me with “Your rejection of global heating” would have to be your most ridiculous statement in relation to me??
    Certainly, Albo must engage the independents, even if he gets 76.
    But what a great start in the decision on the Murugappan family
    ps Yes ryan was a good win even by a conman capitalising on the floods (even more good thinking to his cleverly named parties).
    (notice kaye weather and climate are confusing concepts to brisbanites who voted for the qld greens)

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