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The consummate liar

As if given a second wind by a few writers who have dared call him out for his blatant lying (me included), the Australian Prime Minister has belligerently doubled down on his deceptions, telling 3AW Radio Host Neil Mitchell when asked if he had ever told a lie in public life, he answered; “I don’t believe so, no.”

Last week, I spoke to a Facebook friend who criticised me for not writing anything positive about this Australian Government. He was right. Indeed, I cannot remember the last time my keyboard had anything positive to say about the LNP and its leader.

I must admit that I took it to heart because I like to think that I can put aside any bias I might have when writing. So, I thought about it for the day and concluded that I was right.

The truth is the Prime Minister’s demeanour over the past week or so has been so agitated and his lying so blatantly offensive that I had to call him out for his dishonesty. I have nothing positive to write about Scott Morrison or his band of liars.

Neither does Chris Bowen, telling Sky News that:

“Tragically, Scott Morrison has managed to trash that, quickly, with his very clumsy handling.

“Secondly, of interest to the Australian people is Scott Morrison’s fundamental dishonesty; I mean this guy lies, he lies to Australians, he lies at every opportunity, he lies about Labor, he lies about the past.”

And Annabel Crabb said this in her weekly email newsletter:

“Never was this feature more in evidence than this week’s prime ministerial heavy-petting tour of Melbourne, during which the nation’s leader blankly denied ever having disparaged electric vehicles during the 2019 election.”

And on it goes, with Sarah Martin reporting in The Guardian that:

“For those who need a reminder, Morrison shamelessly claimed that Labor’s policy, which set a target of half of all new cars to be electric by 2030, would “end the weekend” and lead to apartment dwellers dangling extension cords out of their windows.

“It’s not going to tow your trailer. It’s not going to tow your boat. It’s not going to get you out to your favourite camping spot with your family,” Morrison said at the time.

“A hyperbolic Michaelia Cash, then the small business minister, pledged to ‘stand by our tradies and … save their utes’ from Bill Shorten’s grasp.”

Doug Cameron – always good at hammering a message home – got some runs on the board.




The Australian mainstream media had little to say about it, and surprisingly it hardly rated a mention on last Sunday’s Insiders programme.

His lying on both an international and national scale is very concerning. Without any understanding of the art of diplomacy, it is time perhaps that we should be truly concerned about the man’s ability to govern.

Morrison is currently converting himself and his language to that of outlandish “Trumpism.”

Imagine, if you will, a world in which we all openly lied to each other as a matter of normality.

This is now my third post in a row in which I talk about his lying, mistakes, bungles, stuff up’s and what we Australians call a “balls-up.”

It is somewhat extraordinary when you think about it that a government with a lying leader could make so many blunders over such an extended period, many of bewildering proportion, and still be governing.

They have made errors, faults, blunders, slips, indiscretions, gaffes and been obsessed with an appetite for lying unsurpassed in Australian political history, but this Government has survived it all.

Morrison still thinks he is God’s gift to the nation. I find it impossible to imagine that the Australian people could be so gullible to re-elect a government that has performed so miserably over such a long period.

It has some of the most devious, suspicious and allegedly corrupt men and women amongst its MPs, yet we re-elect them. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Every day, it seems, I awaken to a new controversy wondering why illogical opinion is allowed to shout its perverted anger longer and louder than science.

Simply put, their rhetoric about climate change does not match the facts, and has become worse.

We have impacted the climate; can we at least agree on that? Dismiss the science if you wish, but can we acknowledge that the weather is manifestly unlike what we experienced when we were kids.

It is the self-superior wealthy white males who impact our thinking. People like the Trumps of this world have thrown every notion of facts, goodness and empathy out the window, and Australia, as is its way, is following suit.

Both Trump and Morrison are narcissists who have treated the rules and established conventions of democracy that bind a society together like a personal plaything. To bend and corrupt for a hold on power? With Trump now gone, the people of Australia need to see that Morrison suffers the same fate.

The people of this great nation need to, at the next election, reconsider the course their country is taking and the leadership that is compelling them toward disaster. Do we need a leader who lies as triumphantly and belligerently as he does?

In the history of Australia, have the people ever elected a Prime Minister so ready to abuse his powers. If not, then he is most certainly the most divisive ever.

The conversion of some Australians into de facto Americans usually comes after an extended stay in the land of milk and honey. Scott Morrison managed it in his first meeting with Trump.

His conversion to Trumpism is so apparent. So in your face, that we need to ask the Prime Minister if he agrees with the former president’s stated view that “The future does not belong to globalists; it belongs to patriots.”

A term I find to be an ugly and ridiculous proposition.

Morrison’s ability to be “Trumpesque“, repeatedly lie, lie by omission and obfuscate in an Aussie sort of way will either work for him or equally bring him undone.

Now he has added a new dimension to his character. Just like Trump, Morrison now shoots from the hip, rejecting anything he has said in the past as a Labor lie. Being “loose with the truth” is now the norm, even when confronted by a literal truth.

He warned against fuelling “needless anxiety”:



If Scott Morrison wanted our kids to be free of worry and anxiety about their future, then he should do something about it.

He could start by declaring a climate emergency and not opening up more coal mines.

Morrison also claimed that:

“… activists had spread ‘completely false’ reports about Australia’s efforts on climate change.”

How grubby, how condescending, how patronising when speaking to the voices of tomorrow; the sufferers of his decisions.

And speaking of grubby, on Sky News Rowan Dean said:

“… climate activist Greta Thunberg has now become a “diagnostician able to cure mental illnesses” with the “medication” of climate change activism.”

Oh dear.

What do these misogynistic, demented, bigoted, and narcissistic right-wing zealots and deniers like Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Sam Newman, Chris Kenny, Mark Latham Lyle Shelton know about delusion? Other than they might all suffer from it themselves.

What do they see in this mild-mannered young girl that provokes such intense rage?

These types deny the science of climate change. All of them have debased, belittled, insulted, and pilloried a young girl who believes passionately in the planet before self-interest and greed.

In their temper, they have thrown at her some of the vilest, vicious criticism, but in the face of their bullying, she has stood mature and resolute.

Have they not viewed the pictures of our youth protesting in all our major cities and beyond?

Morrison repeated his claim that Australia exceeded its emissions targets in his recent speech to the United Nations. A claim those who know anything on the subject say is bullshit. Morrison’s use of Trumpesque language must be seen as words of bullshit and was taken as such when he addressed a near-empty auditorium at the COP26 meeting in Scotland.

Scott Morrison, his government, and by association the Australian people are now an international joke on climate policy.

Whatever advances we are so far making is being done by business and the state governments. Indeed, not the Australian Government.

Australia’s climate policies have:

  • been ranked last for its climate policies behind Russia and Brazil
  • slipped four spots to 58th overall in latest Climate Change Performance Index

What a disgrace we are.

More to the point, what a disgrace Scott Morrison is.

My thought for the day

Science has made in my lifetime, the most staggering achievements and they are embraced, recognised and enjoyed by all sections of society. The only areas that I can think of where science is questioned is in the religious fever of climate change doubters, conservative politics and unconventional religious belief.

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  1. Harry Lime

    The man obviously has a serious personality disorder,which in his position makes him extremely dangerous.I’d suggest that if you questioned anybody who has had dealings with him across his”career” would concur,lunatics and sycophants notwithstanding.

  2. New England Cocky

    “I’ve always liked kids to be kids,” Mr Morrison said. Another lie from the Scummo Lie Factory in the Shire.

    Liars and thieves are a blight on your life. Thieves cost you money because they tell lies that usually cost you. Liars tell you what they think you want to hear and that frequently costs you. Scummo is an unsightly blight on Australian society.

  3. Arnd


    The man obviously has a serious personality disorder …

    Maybe he does, or maybe he doesn’t. (Working in building and construction, I’ve met my fair share of operators whose “rapport with reality” was … – “sketchy”?)

    The real question, and a question with potentially uncomfortable answers for all of us, is: How did this man get to the prime ministership?

  4. leefe

    “I’ve always liked kids to be kids”

    Except those brown-skinned ones we lock up in our camps or on Christmas Island.
    And Aboriginal kids.
    And disabled kids.
    And poor kids.
    And kids living with violence in the family.
    And kids who aren’t members of his cult. Not that the ones raised in that sort of mentality are really allowed to be kids, especially the ones without dangly bits between their legs.

  5. Henry Rodrigues

    The real question and the only one, should be, why do Australians still approve of this bastard ? Are they really dumb or just complicit is dumbing down the country ?
    And if I ever read or hear about the ‘intelligent’ Australian voter who will do the right thing on polling day, my response will be, they can go F**k themselves.

  6. Kaye Lee

    “The politicians and parties that can demonstrate they can be trusted, that they will not insult the people with weasel words and spin, that they will not promise more than they can deliver, that they will not dishonestly misrepresent either their own or their opponents‟ policies – those politicians and parties will, I submit to you, deserve and receive electoral success.” – Malcolm Turnbull, 2012 George Winterton lecture.

    Malcolm talks the talk….pity he was such a fizza when handed the reins.

  7. Max Gross

    These are dangerous times. At this rate we will be fighting WW2 all over again.

  8. GL


    WW2 would be a kids fight (no offence meant) compared to what the potential, almost world ending, danger a new world war would be if it went that far.

  9. New England Cocky

    @leefe: Agreed. But you cannot exclude similar adults from the misogynistic, racist policies if the Hell$inger$ Cult of Greed & Paedophile Protection, including age pensioners who built the economy that the Liarbral Nazional$ COALition is busily destroying for the benefit of their foreign owned multinational corporation mates.

    @ Kaye Lee: In fairness Turdball was made a fizzer by the Extreme Right Wing of a a worthless misgovernment surviving on a very narrow majority.

    @ Max Gross: Agreed … with the new weapons of economic power plays.

    A Sino-US thaw would leave Australia stranded on a rock

  10. Kaye Lee


    Turnbull could have brought the NEG to a vote and won with Labor’s support. I would have relished seeing the dinosaur deniers cross the floor to sit with the Greens, one lot because the NEG went too far and the other because it didn’t go far enough. He could have made them look silly but he didn’t have the guts to take the loudmouths on.

    The Liberals were never going to tolerate him for long. He needed to assert authority and use his time wisely – public support was the only thing that could save him.

  11. Ross

    The sight of a small Swedish teenage girl causing such red faced apoplectic outrage amongst the Murdoch maniacs brings a tear to the eye and a warm glow to the heart.

    The drinks cabinet emptying at an astonishing rate, the defribulators going at full tilt and the ambulances banking up all the way down the street outside the Sky After Dark studios.

    All caused by a small girl telling the truth.

  12. Geoff Andrews

    Mr Lord. Your self-confessed inability to be unable to find ANYTHING that the Prime Minister has said or done, might improve your ranking in an ABC potential employment list and earn you brownie points with Phil, NEC, leefe, Harry & Henry and their ilk but earns no credit in the world of informed public opinion. You have forgotten (or deliberately chosen to ignore) but three notable examples:
    1. He was instrumental in introducing into Parliament the bill that ………………………… !
    2. His inspired speech in 2020 when he said, “…………………..”
    A public apology, I believe, should be forthcoming if you wish to maintain your standing as a credible opinionated writer!

  13. Gangey1959

    JL. Your friend is incorrect, and you treat yourself too harshly.
    I, along with other dear readers, am certain that you are honest, positive, true and correct in that there is nothing positive to say about this this lnp parasite of a guvvm’nt, or it’s dealer. Ever.

  14. GL


    Why does John have publicly apologise for how he feels about The Scum That Crawls? Almost everybody here feels the same he does. Mr. Marketing Spin is the worst excuse for a leader and PM we’ve ever had the displeasure to see in power.

    Care to fill in the gaps and add the third “notable” example:

    “1. He was instrumental in introducing into Parliament the bill that ………………………… !
    2. His inspired speech in 2020 when he said, “…………………..””

  15. Kaye Lee


    I so agree. I smile every time I think about it. Truth gives her strength while the oh so powerful, with all their structures to protect their all-consuming greed and magnify their voice, stoop to name-calling to try to silence her. It’s hilarious.

  16. Geoff Andrews

    Typical of you lefty echo chamber dwellers: two small errors and you start whining, “gotcha!”
    As an unbiased commentator, you should be able to fill in the gaps and, with some assistance from Dr Google, provide a third example or at least, Lord Nelson could discard the battery hanging off his left shoulder.
    Come to think of it, MY inability to provide examples of our Leader’s achievements puts me in in the same camp as you latte sipping Chardonnay quaffers.

  17. Terence Mills

    Geoff Andrews

    There is the matter of Macron but put that aside. There was the Electric Vehicles U-turn and then denied he ever said what he clearly had said.

    Then you have the comments yesterday that electricity, interest rates and petrol would all be higher under Labor – no facts no evidence.

    I have given this bloke some latitude but he has proven to be a habitual and compulsive liar.

    Whichever side of the political spectrum you come from this bloke is garbage – we can do better : The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

  18. GL


    You supplied the examples therefore it is incumbent on you as the poster of the comment to fill in the gaps when asked rather that using that now annoying and hoary “Look it up on google” bullshit. Sheer laziness on your part. I imagine that your references on a research paper would be something along the lines of:

    Look it up on google.
    Look it up on google.

    Grow up!

  19. Pagnol

    Posted elsewhere will repeat here. It’s past argument. Vote Morrison out FFS.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Terry, I think it was Barnaby Joyce (I’m 90% sure it was him) who said that electricity, interest rates and petrol would be higher under Labor. It was odd that Geoff Andrews calls us a “lefty echo chamber” whilst he himself has echoed what a LNP minister has said. Oh the irony.

    Geoff, maybe John Lord didn’t write what you wanted him to write about because the article is clearly about Scott Morrison’s lies.

    If you think Morrison has done a lot of good stuff then you’re quite welcome to submit an article saying so. Of course, we’d require links to support any claims.

  21. Kathryn

    Not at all surprised that John Lord cannot find ONE SINGLE POSITIVE THING to say about the self-promoting, totally corrupt, pathological liar and callously inhumane sociopath, Scott Morrison and his cabinet of greedy, self-serving political parasites! Why? Because, we ALL know – or should know – that there is not one single positive thing that the pretentiously arrogant, smirking, bible-thumping hypocrite, Hillsong cultist and bone-idle, Sloth Morrison, has EVER done or said that could possibly be perceived as providing ANY advantage or benefit to anyone or anything with a pulse EXCEPT for himself and the Lying Nefarious Misfits in the absolute WORST, most corrupt and inept government in living memory! Mind you, Morrison and his cabinet of self-serving miscreants have managed to keep busy ENRICHING and EMPOWERING themselves to an appalling level of obscene wealth and autocratic power that is bordering on fascism!

    If Australians want to know WHAT the LNP have ACTUALLY been doing “in the background” = attempting to tear down our democracy, muzzling free speech, vandalising our environment, defunding Medicare into oblivion, ripping countless MILLION$ from OUR taxpayer-funded ABC whilst they infiltrate the ABC with right-wing sycophants (like David Speers) in order to control and manipulate EVERYTHING Australians hear and see; whilst the LNP defund our children’s State education whilst Morrison pours MILLIONS into the CULT of HILLSONG – you only have to click on the link below. Sadly, this link is currently incomplete because not a day goes past when the malevolent sociopath, Morrison – or his deplorable attack dog, Peter Dutton – or any other appallingly corrupt members of the LNP have not undertaken yet ANOTHER devious action to benefit themselves or their billionaire donors in the filthy coal-mining or gas-fracking industries. Not a day passes when the chest-beating, pompous Morrison hasn’t attempted to take credit for something he didn’t do; when he or any member of his notorious cabinet have not told ANOTHER unconscionable lie and/or defamed or character-assassinated anyone who justifiably condemns their stratospheric arrogance, increasing level of depravity and growing sense of entitlement! Not a moment goes by when this pompous, strutting, coal-loving Neanderthal (and his misogynistic, incoherent predecessor, Phoney Abbott) doesn’t embarrass our nation on the world stage, eroding the outstanding international reputation our nation (once) had under the progressive management of the ALP! You only have to recall the way Morrison shamed us all at Glasgow – when his regressive views turned him into an international Pariah to such a level that even his malignant colleague, Mathias Cormann, did everything he could to avoid being near him! That says it all!

  22. Michael Taylor

    Geoff, serious question, but has someone else logged onto your computer?

    All your comments on this site have been highly valued and we respect you for that. Of course, we do not expect all comments to be a “nod of the head” to what is written by the author or by other commenters. At the times you have disagreed your argument has been well-reasoned, and that too has been appreciated and respected.

  23. Michael Taylor

    Years ago on Facebook my sister put up a string of posts about how wonderful her daughter was, with each post expressing one of the beautiful traits of her daughter.

    I later heard that her daughter had logged in to Facebook as my sister and it was her who wrote all the glowing praises.

    So yes, it does happen.

  24. New England Cocky

    @ Geoff Andrews: I think you have covered it al with your ” ….. ” policies you have when you refuse to make decisions and speeches you make that are all hot air. This Prim Monster has Australia running on ”plans you have when you are planning to not have a plan at all”, forsaking Australian voters for his new self-serving mates from foreign owned multinational corporations intent upon receiving as much of Australia’s natural resources as possible for as little as possible, and providing ”service to government that ”confirm” the intentions of the LIarbral Nazional$ political donors.

  25. leefe

    Geoff’s comments read like sarcasm. I sincerely hope that my sarc-o-matic 5000 Deluxe Irony and Sarcasm Detector is not malfunctioning …

  26. GL


    I’m leaning towards agreeing with you. Sarcasm, as they say, is the lowest form of wit, so I’m guessing that Geoff may still be in training to reach that level.

  27. Geoff Andrews

    leefe Your Sarc-o-magic 5000 Delux Irony & Sarcasm Detector is functioning beautifully. My alter ego (Michael) thought it might be ironic to reinforce the the basic premise in Mr Lord’s essay if an LNP troll, also could not find anything positive to say about our glorious leader even using Google.

  28. GL


    I’m shocked, even google doesn’t like Scotty of the Marketing? Everybody loves Scotty. Oh wait, I might be thinking of an idiot American sitcom.

  29. Geoff Andrews

    leefe I think we’ve got a market here for the Detector!
    I’m hurt & chastened by your wit.
    7/10 for effort.

  30. Terence Mills


    Morrison on Monday :

    “Otherwise, you’re going to see petrol prices go up. You’re going to see electricity prices go up. You’re going to see interest rates go up more than they would need to otherwise” if his government was kicked out of office. But he provided no evidence to back up his claim – even when asked for it..

    Joyce Tuesday :

    Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce followed up on Tuesday morning, telling ABC radio that Labor would increase petrol prices by ending fossil fuel exports, a move he claimed would devalue the Australian dollar.

    There is no evidence for this claim, either. And Mr Joyce’s comments were riddled with falsehoods about Labor’s policies on fossil fuels and climate.

    Petrol prices are already rising due to global factors beyond Australia’s control, while future coal exports will be decided by international action on climate change and won’t necessarily devalue the Australian dollar.

    Source :

    You can tell when Morrison’s lying, his lips are moving whereas with Joyce he goes red in the face and mumbles.

  31. Michael Taylor

    My alter ego (Michael) thought it might be ironic to reinforce the the basic premise in Mr Lord’s essay if an LNP troll, also could not find anything positive to say about our glorious leader even using Google.

    Geoff, on no occasion did I call you a troll, or suggest that you were one.

    It is possible that you might have misinterpreted my comment.

  32. Michael Taylor

    Thanks, Terry. I knew I’d read it somewhere but wasn’t 100% sure of who said what.

    These days I can’t remember why I’ve opened the fridge door, yet I can remember conversations from 50 years ago.

    Now, where the hell did I leave my cup of coffee?

  33. GL

    I wondered where that strange looking cold cup of coffee came from, I must have been in the wrong house again.

  34. Stephengb

    Well said JL

    AIMN is, I believe blessed with a number of articulate and knowledgeable writers, I look forward to reading their posts and responses to my the posts of others.

    Prior to the 2019 election I responded to posts in AIMN by emploring the gifted writers on AIMN to use their ability to share as many posts on Facebook, because Facebook (whilst a pain in the arse) is read by a huge number of voters in particular those voters who are unable to think critically.

    In this 2022 election once again I emplore AIMN writers to post on Facebook their excellent views. Facebook does reach a large number of people many more than AIMN, so I believe that this is a worth while media to use to convince the swinging voters to vote left, or at least vote with some idea of the issues we face.

    I note, however, that over the last 3 years I have come to realise that readers of Facebook rather like the short sharp statements rather than the great but longer articles on AIMN, therefore please consider posting short statements of issues that might grab the attention of those that can think a bit more than their hip pocket.

    At the 2019 election the LNP used, disinformation, misrepresentation and bare faced lies to distort the policies of the ALP whilst offering NO policies itself, Albo is trying to avoid that happening again, but I see that the bare faced lies have already started.

    We should be (and it is my intent) to offer an alternate narrative involving the truth, and making my posts short and peculiar to the subject.

    Unfortunately I am not any where near as articulate as the AIMN writers, but the thought of another 3 years of this shocking government, fills me with dread.

  35. David Stakes

    And he is too clever by half, and he knows he can con the voters yet again.

  36. Michael Taylor

    Stephen, Facebook has been very good to us, providing this site with up to 80% of its traffic. We have a team of Facebook helpers who share all our articles widely.

    But if the government has its way that could all stop, conveniently, in time for the election campaign. If Frydenberg’s media bargaining code passes in the new year it would mean that Facebook can only publish articles from the Murdoch media, Kerry Stokes media, or Fairfax/Channel 9.

    More on that here:

    Independent media: a fight for its survival

  37. Geoff Andrews

    My reference to you was a reference to your theory (@ 2.21pm) that someone else had written my original contribution. Your were right of course – my unnamed alter ego done it, Sir and I should of written, “(Attention: Michael)”.
    I do not appear on your pages often enough of late, for your regular commentators to realise that my contribution today was out of character and therefore a bit of fun – another way of saying that the king has no clothes. Whenever I hear Morrison, I am reminded of the Monty Python skit about marketing stringettes (

  38. Michael Taylor

    It’s all good, Geoff. I’ve been having a lousy day and biting the heads off of anyone who looks at me sideways. I’ve broken my old golden rule: When in a lousy mood… stay away from a keyboard. 😁

    Geez, if I were still a public servant I could have been sacked today. An email from my government minister might have been returned with a “go screw yourself.”

    Actually, I might do that anyway. Has anybody got Scotty’s email address? 😉

  39. GL

    Ah, Stringettes, they were bloody awful as a cigarettes. The taste and smell would tie you up in very small knots and fits of coughing.

  40. wam

    nice one today, lord, with a few lies.
    The Aust Academy of Science:
    “Climate change is a natural process says science. Science also says:
    Earth’s climate has changed dramatically many times since the planet was formed 4.5 billion years ago. These changes have been triggered by the changing configuration of continents and oceans, changes in the Sun’s intensity, variations in the orbit of Earth, and volcanic eruptions.
    Natural variations in the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the evolution of life and meteorite impacts have also caused climate change in the past. Several million years ago, for example, global average temperature was a few degrees higher than today and warm, tropical waters reached much farther from the equator, resulting in very different patterns of ocean and atmospheric circulation from today.”
    So it is not man made, the deniers are following the science?
    ‘the weather is manifestly unlike what we experienced when we were kids.’
    We have had floods, fires, cyclones and earthquakes throughout our life and, as measured by scientists, for many hundreds of thousands years. This truth is one of the arguments for deniers. Perhaps, there are stupid people who cannot understand the mechanism of climate change and mix weather and climate. They are too young for smogs and too dumb for climate but they are smart enough for global warming???
    The real challenge to science by religion is covid.
    We took in a young woman to clean our louvres. She had lost her job because of no jabs.
    Her reason was the priest said it would affect her ovaries and she couldn’t have children. The pope says vaccinate and a rogue priest frightens young men and women into disobeying?
    the fukers in canberra want a religious freedom to do whatever they like hidden behind secret beliefs that cannot be revealed by any questions.

  41. Consume Less

    Another good article John Lord, thank you. There is no end to the retrograde ideology this Morrison government represents.

  42. leefe


    Have you considered the possibility that climate change can occur both through natural processes AND through the impact of human industrialisation?

  43. corvusboreus

    You can reduce scientific complexities into crayon sketches, but you will not receive any response tempered by consideration, just another autogenerated belch of “100% of scientists believe climate change is 100% natural, QED”.
    Despite the patient efforts of contributors more learned and literate than myself, there has been no observable variation on this theme in years of posting on the subject.
    Apparently the anthropogenically triggered accelerative climate destabilisation that threatens to render our biosphere uninhabitable for our species could easily be solved, and all entrenched resistance to urgently essential amelioration immediately overcome, if Mr Lord would just say ‘global warming’ instead of ‘climate change.

  44. Geoff Andrews

    Phew, that was a bit weird. I thought the satire was obvious: a fake LNP troll unable to present one positive example of The Great Leader’s achievements after asserting there were at least three. Is there a satire emoji that can be used as a spoiler alert?
    Corvusboreus, I wish I’d have said that but don’t start crowing about it.

  45. corvusboreus

    Geoff Andrews,
    The satire in your initial comment was pretty obvious to me, but then again I can recall the general ethos of your prior contributions to this site, and also possess an over-elevated sense of the ridiculous.
    If it is any comfort or consolation, playing reactive stacks-on is a popular passtime actively encouraged by social media.

  46. corvusboreus

    I do not think it is an attempt at comedy, I think it is part of a deliberate campaign to undermine any scientific analysis of the influential effects of extra-terrestial phenomenon by conflating scientific examination of with ‘woo-woo’ fields like astrology.
    The effects of lunar cycles upon human psyche/ behavior is an anecdotal ‘truth’ (“lunatic”) borne out by statistics. Incidence of violent crime and mental health episodes display a consistently observed increase around full moons. The subject warrants serious discussion by qualified people working in credible fields.
    Instead, ‘news’.con offers us the feelings of some astrologers on how this might effect sagittarians compared to virgonians.

    ‘Next up, to examine the likely effects of the next lunar nodal maximum (2033) upon tidal cycles and observed sea level rise, we offer the insights of a tarot-reader and a specialist in tea-leavings analysis’.

  47. GL


    How about an ocean whisperer or Namor, King of Atlantis or even Nemo the clownfish.

  48. corvusboreus

    Dunno about any of that pagan shit, but did you know that incidence of domestic violence increase by around 30% on AFL & NRL grand final nights, and experience a similar spike every Melbourne cup?
    G’day, punters, how good’s sportsbet?

    Ps, if you don’t know about the 18 yr lunar nodal cycle and it’s effect upon intertidal variation,, it is a subject worth ‘googling’.

  49. GL


    “…but did you know that incidence of domestic violence increase by around 30% on AFL & NRL grand final nights, and experience a similar spike every Melbourne cup?”

    I can easily believe it: bet big money in the vain hope of a big payout, lose it, get angry and possibly drunk, take anger out on wife and family. Not difficult to believe at all.

  50. wam

    Dear Leefe, Sorry if I am unable to explain. I know that returning carbon to the atmosphere in 200 yrs, that took nature billions of years to sequestre, MUST upset the balance but millions of australians deny that premise. Why? Greenhouse gases cause the green house effect, that fact is real. Why use the confusing natural ‘climate change’ when the weather produced is demonstrably not new? Why not use green house effect and melting sea ice, tundra, glaciers, rising seas, extreme weather, we could even use venus as an example?? Such a KISS approach takes the ground from the deniers who argue climate is natural and not manmade.
    couldn’t agree with you more corvus boreus.

  51. corvusboreus

    As luna circles
    she tows fluids in her wake…
    we mostly water.

    Good link.

  52. Kaye Lee

    “Greenhouse gases cause the green house effect, that fact is real. Why use the confusing natural ‘climate change’ when the weather produced is demonstrably not new? …..Such a KISS approach takes the ground from the deniers who argue climate is natural and not manmade.”

    How come only some facts are real?

    Global heating causes the climate to change. The weather isn’t new. The forces driving it are. It is us making the difference and at an unprecedented rate which does not allow for adaptation (for life as we know it).

    It’s that simple. The deniers have no ground.

  53. wam

    kaye have you talked to a climate change denier?
    They don’t deny that the climate changes but believe man doesn’t cause it?
    Even those old enough to remember pommie films with smog can deny man’s input.
    If you want to get deniers thinking KISS is the way(it wins elections too).
    Crow, calling them and me, stupid, even if it is an accurate statement, is counter productive and sadly reflects my inability to explain at his level.
    It is academic but 12 years of inaction and waste of billions by the government under the guise of tackling ‘climate change’ is down to the xxxxxx don’t you think?

  54. corvusboreus

    I have refrained from calling You stupid for sole time, and apologise for häving done sø in the past.

    Recently there were particularly hectic hailstorms in my area.
    Hailstorms are no novelty round here, local geology (combo of funneling valleys and steep escarpment) facilitates their formation, particularly when there are wet sou-westerlies (ie arctic Winds) .
    This storm was, however, ‘unprecidented’.

    Stones of over 2 inches in diameter in smashed and shredded their way down to gather in drifts over a foot deep.
    Damage to human property, as serious, the visible effect upon local ecology jawdropping.
    Autopsy of one dropstone showed 3 separate formational rings.

    How could global warming cause bigger iceballs?

    Well, extra water vapour coming from increasingly Antarctic melt (because warming) backed by (still-relativelyy) cold wind collides with hotter regions (because warming) and rises into stratospheric frigidity before dropping hård from high.

    It is the need to explain how a general ly warming globe can cause counter-intuitive repercussional effects like worse hailstorms that necessitates inclusion of ‘climate change’ (and anomylous accelerative forcing factor acting thereupon) in discussion of how how hordes of humans scratching up and burning long-dead things is killing off the skin of the høst we crawl upon.

  55. corvusboreus

    Climate inaction?
    Blame the cynicalidealist greens.
    Blame gutless labor.
    Blame the rapacious coalition. Blame the whole house of marionettes and the players that pull their sfrings.
    Blame the sock-puppeteering media.
    Blame the lot-fed herds.
    Blame every driver of a car or passenger on a plane.
    Then ask the figure in the mirror if they share any blame.

    Last federal election I cast lot 1 HoR for an indi called Oakeshotte.
    This was on account of him not only answering public queries with straightforward clarity, but also häving a record of solid sensible dealing around climate policy negotiations.
    He came rünner up.

    Oh yeah, you can also blame the neighbours.

  56. Kaye Lee


    One of my best friends is a climate change denier. We went to lunch around the time of the fires which she insisted were all lit by arsonists. I said, not sure about that, I think dry lightning was a factor but regardless of the cause of ignition, the fires were more intense and widespread because of climate change. She said she doesn’t believe in climate change and she doesn’t want to talk about it. The end.

    I do not believe it is possible to reason with a denier regardless of how simple you make it. Facts are completely irrelevant. Your greenhouse effect won’t work either. They say CO2 is good.

  57. corvusboreus

    Probably a reasonable benchmark for whether a person rational enough for reason is to ask if they accept the documenta le fact that the planets’s oceans are acceleratively rising.
    This is a non-controversial statement that can be corroborated by 30 seconds with Oracle google’.

    If the person voices disagreemenwith simple measurements of planetary ,oceanography then you’d as well play chess with a waste words on climate complexity.

  58. Canguro

    A number of years ago, five, six, maybe more, Phillip Adams had an American guest on Late NIght Live; an academic, my brain suggests possibly a professor of environmental psychology – an unusual discipline but whatever – but what stood out was his assertion that the background field to human behaviour suggested that the great majority of people will do nothing about global warming & climate change impact until the water is literally lapping at their doorsteps.

    On rationality and humans: a limited resource, with not enough available for all to benefit. Hence the frequency of intrusions of chaos and madness into social and private lives.

    And as for CV’s little offering…

    ‘As luna circles
    she tows fluids in her wake…
    we mostly water.’

    … (many moons ago) I worked a number of years in a psychiatric hospital; we always had a spike in admissions in the front ward when the moon was full.

    Does science comprehend why lunacy spikes when the moon waxing?

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