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The Christian wolf in sheep’s clothing

By Stephen Tardrew

My thanks to my dear friend John Lord for setting off my rant machine.

Morrison and his narcissistic hypocritical ilk are destroying truth in justice, kindness and love by giving cruelty and inequity a smiley face of concocted lies covered by persuasive ingenuous over-confidence.

Morrison is what happens when a smooth-talking conman uses his pseudo manufactured benevolence to lie and manipulate the truth. A true antisocial personality and conniving egotist. The self-infatuated narcissistic covering his irrationality with delusions of grandeur supported by magical mythical Pentecostal fairy tails that give validity to his lies. Victim blame and punishment are the weapons of the irrational and deluded who are incapable of grasping the facts of science and logic.

Any fool can manufacture a narrative, in fact, whole societies have manufactured consent through media ownership while vilifying those who would point out the facts to challenge them. Cruelty, victim blame, and vilification become the norms shrouded in fascicle smiley hypocrisy.

Unless, as a species, we learn the scientific facts … we are lost to this type of cruel and vile self-justification for evil. The Christian wolf in sheep’s clothing. A compulsive lying coat of thorns disguised as many colours. The smiling assassin.

Mark my words, Morrison is truly dangerous because he believes his own lies.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    The self seducing/charging/forgiving/saved sordid sausage from the south is a menace indeed, for these dithering delusionals believe their own vocal and mental shit does not stink. Mastering lies in advertising, lobbying, dealing, ingratiating and forelock tugging is necessary here, to get approval from the top down, i e, Murdoch’s maggoty media mansions where printed filth wins and earns big. Turnbull had to go, being a dithering idiot of nor money securing resolution for the Murdoch cabinet of manipulators, perpetrators and operatives. Abbott had to go, an obvious dud and false favourite. Morrison is so stupid, he appeals to Queensland’s boofhead fringe enough to win approval as a westy dubbo, dapto bushy ordinary type. Never mind the lack of water or bushfires, more lies will come in a flood to extinguish truth and honesty, but not bushfires. The water thieves win, the climate science deniers win, the profiteering electricity turds win, the banking bastards win. What the effing hell about us? How good are WE? (Up to shit except as compliant customers and peasant viewers, listeners, readers. ) Forget the future, the present is horrible enough for now with this team of oozing turds in office, going nowhere, doing harm, lying and grinning. Up ’em with a saguaro.

  2. Baby Jewels

    Stephen Tardrew and Phil Pryor, thank you. Couldn’t have said it better!

  3. Jennifer Demas

    Steven Tardrew and Phil Pryor as posted at an earlier piece, in the words of Aristotle “A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subject are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him believing that he has the gods on his side” it’s been a strategy perfected ever since Adam tried to deflect to the mythical apple, she made me do it, deflect, blame, not having a go, leaners, drug infused poor/unemployed, unsustainable aged pensioner, etc then, shame, smear, divide laden with prejudices (creed colour and other) then systematically the unravel the social fabric ready for the recruitment drive fear. And fear, to borrow from Henry V111, fear begets obedience as the common invariably caves to the uncommon devotion to religion and the pious.

  4. David Bruce

    I thought this article was good analysis and recommendation on how to deal with ScuMo and his ilk.

    What Ideology Does to Your Brain

  5. Jack Russell

    This creature is the monster who lives under children’s beds …

  6. Christopher J Ward

    This is a wolf in Christian clothing, not vice versa. His fanatical views are part of the “First Church of Christ, Capitalist” and as such make me opposed fundamentally. For believers, we have a duty to aid the poor, disadvantaged, homeless, etc. Your atheist collective has wrought great damage in our society – how many will admit to being neo-cons in the 1980s and 90s? Crapping on about a New World Order and the like; accepting trickle-down economics, all the time grasping for what they can get and to hell with others.

  7. Keitha Granville

    Yes Christopher Ward, never could Scummo be called a Christian.

  8. wam

    ‘Destroying truth’,
    Wow stephen you have irevived your heady days of July 4, 2015 at 2:36 pm
    “Great as usual John. We live in weird times. Is it so hard for people to be good and decent? We have truly mad and uncaring people running government and a lackluster opposition bereft of courage”

    Sadly thanks to bobby your 4 year old words still apply.
    Scummo and rupert’s minions are in charge of the truth and, unlike the amoral rabbott of those days, they are immorality incarnate.

    The canberra clp are sick.
    They are prepared to spend millions testing the 93% who are innocent to catch drug users. The 7% is a piece of conservative bullshit, there is a good chance that only 0,001% use drugs.

    Albo, yell the message out loud and clear
    ‘Forget it scummo give newstart an increase the indue shareholders have had enough at $10000 per card. Why does it cost so much to privatise? For the same money they could increase the pension by $150 a week and employ a public servant for every 10 recipients and still have plenty left over.

    there was a phil there but I think not our current phil
    ‘Damned good summary of our febrile democracy at this very moment – thanks John. Those little quotes in bold say a lot in few words – more please.’

  9. Lambert Simnel

    A Caiaphas, not a Disciple.

  10. Wobbley

    The media’s been gone for years, all government agencies have been gone for years, the unions are nearly gone and for the most part have been gone for years, the judiciary’s been under attack for years, and truth to power is in retreat and has been for years. You can’t strike, you can’t critisize your government, you can’t get justice in administrative tribunals, if you stand up for your planet your vilified and prosecuted, if your fcking the planet, ie mining, you get put on a pedestal.

    The “opposition” is in retreat and look like going for years. What have we the people, the non quiet people who’ve somehow gleaned what’s happening through sites like this got left? Only one option, get off our collective ass and start rising up. Enough is enough and this IS the only option left!!!!!

  11. Hilde Rombout

    David Bruce, Thanks for the link. Great article and much to consider! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Tone deaf

    Scomo, better described as ghostbusters Stay puff marshmallow man.
    Pure evil.

  13. silkworm

    That Brendan Murphy article on ideology is shite. It not so subtly supports climate science deniers by taking a swipe at those who say “the science is settled.” Later it says “science is our modern ‘secular religion’.” I am woke to this bullshit.

  14. Anne Byam

    Stephen – another great piece of writing … thank you.

    Your comment : ” truly dangerous because he believes his own lies” … is spot on, but there’s another inherent danger. He is dangerous because he belongs to a very nasty ( from personal experience ) cult which preaches and teaches that all ‘Pents’ are waaay better than everyone else and are blessed by the divine completely – they await their ‘rapture’ . hmmm.

    So he believes, because he’s been brain-washed to believe, that he can do absolutely no wrong.
    And he delivers that crappy cheese cake thing he calls a smile, all the while that he IS doing wrong. Because ya see – he is untouchable.

    Another creature of history in the 1930’s went about lauding his religion ( more than Scomo does admittedly ) … and quoting long references from the Bible as though he knew it backwards. The result of that ‘religious’ zealot was the death of 6 million Jews.

    Danger – – – – dangerous indeed.

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