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Why are turkeys voting for Christmas?

Why are turkeys voting for Christmas? When I say voting, I mean revealing to Newspoll their intention to vote for Abbott. And when I say turkeys, I mean all those people who will be worse off under a Liberal National government, but who are still hell bent on punishing Gillard for god knows what. Why are they punishing Gillard? As Tad Tietze hypothesizes in this opinion piece, are they angry with Gillard because Kevin Rudd’s ego is destabilising the Labor government? Surely the turkeys aren’t that unwise?

Surely they’re not turning their back on education funding for their children, a world-class National Broadband Network which more than 7 out of 10 of them want, an increase in superannuation savings, action against climate change which is actually working, a mining tax that shares wealth with everyone, a tax-break for low income earners, an economy the envy of the western world, the abolition of Work Choices and the party which brought them the National Disability Insurance scheme because they’re still angry at Gillard about Rudd? And why do the turkeys give a f*ck about Rudd? What’s he ever done for them that Gillard hasn’t? In fact, Gillard has done more for them than Rudd could ever dream of doing. Because she’s a doer. And more importantly, her government runs properly. Unlike Rudd’s because he wouldn’t let his Minister’s speak without his go ahead. Not that Gillard gets credit for anything she’s achieved.

But why do they hate her so much? Why are they so vile and nasty about her? Don’t you notice that comments about Gillard on social media and news websites are almost always mean and nasty? And they never include any detail about why people hate her so much. Why is that? When we ask the commenters for details we get silence. Or we just get more cruel and upsetting abuse. They tell us Gillard has let them down but never say how.

They say Gillard’s the worst Prime Minister ever, but never go on to explain why. They parrot slogans without expanding on their opinion. And their language is always so revolting. Mostly from men but sometimes from women too. Why do people have to always be so disgusting about Gillard? Including members of the Liberal National Coalition and the mainstream media. Menu-gate. Is Tim Gay-gate. Cleavage-gate. And that’s just in the last couple of weeks. Why? Please tell me it’s not because she’s a woman. But I’ve run out of other rational reasons. If Bill Shorten or Greg Combet had replaced Kevin Rudd, and one of them had achieved everything Gillard has as Prime Minister, would Labor be in the position they are in now? It makes me so sad to even think it let alone write it, but I can’t help coming to the conclusion that the answer is no.

This is about people’s opinion of Gillard. Are Labor’s problems really just people’s problems with Gillard? Are the turkeys the same people calling me a ‘mummy blogger’ when I write about politics and don’t even have children, just because my name is Victoria?

Is Australia really that petty and perhaps sexist too? Is the country I love really such a backward and primitive place? Are the turkeys really so blind to what Abbott’s planning to do that they’ll vote for him just to get rid of our first female Prime Minister? And why do they say they will vote for Abbott when they don’t even like him? They can’t like what he is promising because so far he’s not promising to do anything expect say no and undo all the national building reform Labor has achieved. Maybe they don’t like what Labor has done? But this isn’t evident from their opinions as they never go into such detail, and polls tell us Labor policies are popular. So what do they expect Abbott to do? Do they want him to sack 12,000 public servants? Do they want an austerity budget spiralling the economy into double or triple-dip recession, to match the UK Conservative Party’s mess?

Do they look forward to Abbott trying to turn asylum seeker boats around, threatening the lives of society’s most desperate and vulnerable people? Is being evil popular now? Do they care that Indonesia won’t accept these people back? Do they just want human beings to drown? Is this about the Carbon Price? Do they not want action to reduce the catastrophic effects of climate change which could destroy the lives of future generations of their own family? Do they want some really expensive tree-planting instead which will be paid for by them instead of big polluters and which won’t actually reduce emissions? Is a small increase in their electricity bill for the good of our future really that upsetting? Or is it about Abbott’s ‘signature policy’ paid parental leave, which he refuses to even mention in the previous few months for fear that someone might actually expect him to implement this policy in government?

But Labor’s removal of the baby bonus was popular, so why would the turkeys want more sense-of-entitlement-inequitable-middle-class-welfare at the expense of social welfare which goes to those most in need? Or do they just believe everything Rupert Murdoch and his buddies in the mainstream media tells them, and believe everything Gina Rinehart’s vested interests want them to believe? Contrary to their own self-interests, why are they defending the interests of two multi-billionaires who don’t give a shit about them? I just really want to understand what the f*ck is going on here.

Why are people so hell bent on eating shit and why do they hate spinach so much? I know I’ve asked a lot of questions already but if someone could just give me a convincing answer to even one of these, I promise I’ll stop asking. Anyone?



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