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Why are turkeys voting for Christmas?

Why are turkeys voting for Christmas? When I say voting, I mean revealing to Newspoll their intention to vote for Abbott. And when I say turkeys, I mean all those people who will be worse off under a Liberal National government, but who are still hell bent on punishing Gillard for god knows what. Why are they punishing Gillard? As Tad Tietze hypothesizes in this opinion piece, are they angry with Gillard because Kevin Rudd’s ego is destabilising the Labor government? Surely the turkeys aren’t that unwise?

Surely they’re not turning their back on education funding for their children, a world-class National Broadband Network which more than 7 out of 10 of them want, an increase in superannuation savings, action against climate change which is actually working, a mining tax that shares wealth with everyone, a tax-break for low income earners, an economy the envy of the western world, the abolition of Work Choices and the party which brought them the National Disability Insurance scheme because they’re still angry at Gillard about Rudd? And why do the turkeys give a f*ck about Rudd? What’s he ever done for them that Gillard hasn’t? In fact, Gillard has done more for them than Rudd could ever dream of doing. Because she’s a doer. And more importantly, her government runs properly. Unlike Rudd’s because he wouldn’t let his Minister’s speak without his go ahead. Not that Gillard gets credit for anything she’s achieved.

But why do they hate her so much? Why are they so vile and nasty about her? Don’t you notice that comments about Gillard on social media and news websites are almost always mean and nasty? And they never include any detail about why people hate her so much. Why is that? When we ask the commenters for details we get silence. Or we just get more cruel and upsetting abuse. They tell us Gillard has let them down but never say how.

They say Gillard’s the worst Prime Minister ever, but never go on to explain why. They parrot slogans without expanding on their opinion. And their language is always so revolting. Mostly from men but sometimes from women too. Why do people have to always be so disgusting about Gillard? Including members of the Liberal National Coalition and the mainstream media. Menu-gate. Is Tim Gay-gate. Cleavage-gate. And that’s just in the last couple of weeks. Why? Please tell me it’s not because she’s a woman. But I’ve run out of other rational reasons. If Bill Shorten or Greg Combet had replaced Kevin Rudd, and one of them had achieved everything Gillard has as Prime Minister, would Labor be in the position they are in now? It makes me so sad to even think it let alone write it, but I can’t help coming to the conclusion that the answer is no.

This is about people’s opinion of Gillard. Are Labor’s problems really just people’s problems with Gillard? Are the turkeys the same people calling me a ‘mummy blogger’ when I write about politics and don’t even have children, just because my name is Victoria?

Is Australia really that petty and perhaps sexist too? Is the country I love really such a backward and primitive place? Are the turkeys really so blind to what Abbott’s planning to do that they’ll vote for him just to get rid of our first female Prime Minister? And why do they say they will vote for Abbott when they don’t even like him? They can’t like what he is promising because so far he’s not promising to do anything expect say no and undo all the national building reform Labor has achieved. Maybe they don’t like what Labor has done? But this isn’t evident from their opinions as they never go into such detail, and polls tell us Labor policies are popular. So what do they expect Abbott to do? Do they want him to sack 12,000 public servants? Do they want an austerity budget spiralling the economy into double or triple-dip recession, to match the UK Conservative Party’s mess?

Do they look forward to Abbott trying to turn asylum seeker boats around, threatening the lives of society’s most desperate and vulnerable people? Is being evil popular now? Do they care that Indonesia won’t accept these people back? Do they just want human beings to drown? Is this about the Carbon Price? Do they not want action to reduce the catastrophic effects of climate change which could destroy the lives of future generations of their own family? Do they want some really expensive tree-planting instead which will be paid for by them instead of big polluters and which won’t actually reduce emissions? Is a small increase in their electricity bill for the good of our future really that upsetting? Or is it about Abbott’s ‘signature policy’ paid parental leave, which he refuses to even mention in the previous few months for fear that someone might actually expect him to implement this policy in government?

But Labor’s removal of the baby bonus was popular, so why would the turkeys want more sense-of-entitlement-inequitable-middle-class-welfare at the expense of social welfare which goes to those most in need? Or do they just believe everything Rupert Murdoch and his buddies in the mainstream media tells them, and believe everything Gina Rinehart’s vested interests want them to believe? Contrary to their own self-interests, why are they defending the interests of two multi-billionaires who don’t give a shit about them? I just really want to understand what the f*ck is going on here.

Why are people so hell bent on eating shit and why do they hate spinach so much? I know I’ve asked a lot of questions already but if someone could just give me a convincing answer to even one of these, I promise I’ll stop asking. Anyone?



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  1. passum2013

    Please read note

  2. Victoria Rollison

    What note?

  3. Susan

    You’ve really expressed well, the frustration that so many of us feel, Victoria. Thank you.

  4. Dominique Neuhofer

    Why Australians can’t say I love you back ? I don’t have a clue..It may be what we call the Tall Poppies syndrome.She is a women “up there ” opening the future for equality in such a “backward red neck (ass) liquor foggy country.”.
    ‘She’s ” (Julia Gillard PM) making us proud and leaders and people of the rest of the world looks up to us for guidance..
    Now rehearsal…Look down into freaking Tony…Australian let’s all …get to hell

  5. wantok

    I Raised my own questions with a couple of young mums who are vehemently opposed to Gillard because they think she lied about something but on questioning seem unclear about what. Yet, on the strength of that they will be voting for Abbott.
    I asked them why, as stay at home mums, they would vote for somebody so passionate to introduce an over generous parental leave scheme for working mums but have nothing to offer career mums like them; who is equally as passionate about dumping the baby bonus and the school kid’s bonus, both of which affect these mums. They hadn’t heard those things and seemed quite affronted that nobody had told them.

    Do you think that the coalition will actually enunciate any of their policies before the election or that the MSM will actually get off their arses and ask some questions and explain what is going on ?

    Thank you, Victoria for your turkey alert but it may be too late.

  6. Stephen

    CMMC oozing more hatred calling anybody a troll who has an opposing point of view to you.

    To answer the authors question about why Gillard has such a high net disassatisfaction rating, she is seen as a deceptive incompetent hypocrite. She has failed on many of her own performance indicators (eg surplus, border protection, women in winnable seats) and she simply isn’t trusted by the general public. It is a measure of how bad she is that Abbott is the preferred PM. No need to even start about drawing imaginary lines in the sand (Thomson) and the ‘Captains pick’. Her judgement has mirrored her poor performance. For most people an opinion like mine generates discussion, but I’ll just wait for the next wave of abuse and hatred from those who disagree.

  7. Louise

    Stephen – your name says it all

  8. hilderombout

    CMMC, i read that article you mentioned and it almost made me puke on my laptop. Like one of the comments on that site said, the only truthful thing mentioned was the fact that the writer was a member of the Liberal party.

    Thank you Victoria for your turkey alert as wantok called it. I don’t agree though that it is too late. It is never too late for public opinion to change. Keep up writing sense and asking questions. I wish i understood too why Julia Gillard is hated this much, though i am not sure that everyone hates her, because the people i am close to don’t hate her at all. I think this so called hatred of her is invented by Abbott and his crew and the MSM, including Murdoch and Gina. I do agree that some people hate her for reasons even they don’t understand. But that is why we need to keep up the fight and enlighten them.

    I watched the interview of Leigh Sales with Craig Emerson and was impressed that he did not let her bully him into saying what she wanted him to say. I am actually disgusted with Leigh Sales for so obvioulsy for selling her soul to Murdoch and the LNP. She is one nasty piece of work towards the ALP and especially towards Ms Julia Gillard. I emailed Craig Emerson to thank him for standing up for our PM. I am not in his electorate so i can’t vote for him, which is a pity. We have a LIb candidate here and i have not heard anything yet about an ALP or Greens candidate or Independent. My vote will not go to the LNP, of that i am sure. No way and this silly article in the SMH only convinces me more that my choice is right.

  9. Fed up

    Victoria, I have a theory. People are not listening to anyone, including the media. The polls are caught in a time warp.

    That is why the polls do not move that much. That is why we still have the 25-30% undecided on every question.

    Yes, the misogyny crept through for a few men. Will soon disappear.

    I say this, for what other reason can one give for a successful and productive PM, that has delivered much, including a stable economy.

    I really do not want to accept it is because the PM is female.

    I have trouble moving from this position, as the behavior of some politicians, not all male, prove it is.

    I think that is so, within the political world, and not all on the side of the Opposition, sadly.

    I suspect it is not so,.in the wider community. I do not believe that Rudd will get or want the job back. I believe his game is making mischief, and attracting attention, nothing more. He knows to become PM again, will destroy him completely.,

    One thing for sure, the last decade in politics, has been like no other. Will keep the academics occupied for decades. Will make interesting reading.

    We have had woman leaders, in may other countries, some where women are seen as second class citizens. None treated, as our female PM has been.

    Yes, that scarf could be a collectors item.

    Yes, the woman is not a talker not doer. A builder, not demolisher.

    Thinks ahead, plans for the future.

    Nothing makes sense.

  10. Fed up

    Notice you have Stephen, with little of relevance to say, as usual.

  11. Robyn

    @CMMC Most people on there thought that article by Nicolle Flint was a piece of satire! It was certainly a piece of unadulterated propaganda that belonged in a LNP newsletter not a national newspaper.

    @Stephen if we held all politicians up to scrutiny they would all have failed at some things they intended to do. They would also have changed their minds about implementing some things when the evidence and public pressure made them see it wasn’t right. Sometimes they do things that seem even to their supporters not quite right. The thing is politics is a complex game of strategy and negotiation so sometimes letting go of one idea is necessary to achieve another more important one. They ALL play those games. So what you have to do is take the list of things you see as failings and put them up against the list of things that have been achieved. This is what intelligent people with reasoning minds do. This is what I have done and I think Julia has achieved great things despite being in this almost impossible position in the hung parliament. Many things have had to be changed not because she changed her mind but because compromises had to be struck to get legislation through. It says a lot for her negotiating skills that she and her team have been able to do this. She is focussed on reforms for the future. She actually has vision which so many pollies lack. There are a couple of issues I don’t agree about but I’ve decided that on the evidence at hand, not my emotional response, the pros far outweigh the cons.

    So is this debate intelligent enough for you Stephen?

    @Victoria, I could have written this article – I mean it is exactly what I’ve been asking myself. I just don’t understand the vehemence and vitriol. You can dislike a pollie but why do they hate her without good reason as demonstrated by the above comments. I just don’t get it.

  12. puffytmd

    I think the electorate has been brainwashed by Murdoch.
    I hope it wakes up in time before it gets stuffed for Rupert’s celebration dinner.

    (Can you please use paragraphs? It makes reading on a small screen so much easier than a block of type.)

  13. gorgeousdunny1

    Great piece again, Victoria. I have been encouraged that there are such writers as you and Letitia McQuade at Independent Australia around. Yours have been consistently well-argued. Over at The Pub Blog where I post we have some highly talented posters.

    Some are becoming legends. Ian’s neo-poetic pieces are truly inspirational. Bushfire Bill’s longer essays successfully challenge the mantra in the mainstream media. And Aguirre offers a rational analysis which leaves my own powers grasping (and I take pride in my own reasoning ability), plus a wealth of others.

    Of the individual bloggers apart from you, Andrew Elder is at the top of my list. He still believes that Gillard will win for a variety of reasons. His answer to the dreadful polls is that they’re a reaction to media noise. He firmly believes that self-interest and the national interest will kick in before people decide on how they’re voting. On both of these Labor offers more.

    I’d also say that the large section of ‘undecideds’ – anything up to 25% – suggests a lot have yet to make that decision or even to consider it. I’m also encouraged even though we’re entering unknown territory. It’s never been done this way before, a government here all but ignoring the mainstream media and getting on with the job of governing and bringing in major reforms. We have set an example for the world on so many fronts.

    Oh, I know that the polling is not made up – that there are many who breathe venom in referring to the PM. It’s a conditioned emotional response to the propaganda we’ve been fed daily. I’m hoping that the false bubble of vague antipathy is lanced. As some have said, many are angry, but they cannot give you a reason for it. Without much meaning to it, that could change quite suddenly, just as Rudd’s excessive popularity eventually collapsed. Once the emotionalism is taken out, reason is very much in Labor’s favour.

  14. David Somerfield

    It’s a pity Leigh Sales doesn’t read this article but of course she won’t as she primes herself for a new job with Murdoch or Fairfax (I would almost stake my house on that one) I also keep bumping into women who hate Gillard with a passion but once you gently challenge them to outline the reasons why they cannot give a real reason except to mouth platitudes they have read in the paper (usually completely wrong) and then start to look confused.
    My own 81yo mother a lifelong ALP voter even started to do it as the only newspaper she reads is the Weekend Australian. My late father who passed away a year ago next week would be horrified.
    I don’t know where we go from here frankly and Leigh Sales on 7.30 ABC-TV is a perfect example. Not a single question in over 6 months to an ALP MP about policy. Every single time she speaks to one it’s the bloody leadership.
    And on top of that “if” they manage to get an LNP MP on they still don’t ask questions about policy, they just give them cart-Blanche to rabbit on with vile lies about the government or to parrot that racist line “we will stop the boats”..and no they bloody well will not……I would stake my house on that too.

  15. dave the brickie

    At work today, I was shouted down by Gillard haters saying they preferred Hitler to her.
    But I stood my ground, and was prepared with the phoney tony video of Abort saying we could have a carbon tax and pay a little more for petrol and a little more for electricity.One guy said he had never seen it and why isn’t it on tv and media.The most vocal would not believe his own eyes and said it was dubbed and that it was an actor(my God,two of them).This is their mentality and they cannot be swayed by even their own eyes.Go figure………

  16. czerni

    I feel this is a justified rant but can’t read it all because wow, no paragraphs in such a long piece? ..
    As for the content, all the unhappy turkeys are in for a shock when they will join those who already know today that IF Abbott wins we will all say “He did WHAT?!” A LOT.

  17. mark delmege

    Haven’t you ever heard of a disinformation campaign? They can be very effective and there are many operating at any one time. They can run over weeks, months, years or decades. It’s about perception management and getting what they want. Call it a conspiracy if you are lazy but they are real.
    Smash Gillard is one of them. They hit you on so many levels to the point where it becomes self fulfilling. Soon enough they have you believing all the crap they spin and every other sheeple follows along repeating the same lines.
    Simple things like –
    Propping up the car industry with govt money is a waste of taxpayer funds – actually every cent they put in the country gets back so much more.
    Iran has a nuclear weapons program – is another. Actually it doesn’t. But they’ve been saying it for 20 years.
    al Asad uses chemical weapons against his own people – actually he hasn’t.
    Humanitarian intervention – actually bombing countries is never humanitarian – its war by other means dressed up with a nice word.
    Governments don’t produce value or aren’t the best or most efficient way to provide certain services blah blah – its all bullshit.

    Follow the money.

  18. cowper133

    The media has done a fantastic job of painting the Govt,and the PM in particular, as incompetent when quite the reverse is true. This election will be won, not through advertising, but through word of mouth. Talking to people at every opportunity. Not harassing, just chatting and challenging beliefs by asking “why do you think that?”. Then saying “oh I thought ….” Arguing politics is like arguing sport or religion. The harder you go in the stronger will be the opinion. Sow the seeds people. Make others think! The LNP have been very clever with their campaign of negativity. The old adage of “where there is a will to condemn, there is evidence” is being used very effectively. This can also be used by the govt. there are a lot of examples out there of Abbott & cronies doing and saying the wrong thing. We need to be constantly raising them.

  19. CMMC

    Radio National may as well be named Radio Coalition.

    They have a new “comedy” program debuting tonight, “Irrational Fear”. Young Liberal brats sniggering about RUDD and GILLARD, and hey, how about some more RUDDY RUDD RUDD!

  20. diannaart

    Thank you for writing out in words, what has been a silent scream on my part:

    Why so much visceral hate for a pollie who has demonstrated excellent negotiation skills, impressed at an international level (standing ovation in the USA, anyone?), introduction of multiple policies that will take Australia into the future, never loses control, able to withstand the most appalling abuse flung at any pollie over 3 years.

    Why, why, why?

  21. Gita Dunbar

    Some of her (Labor’s) policies I am vehemently opposed to, but I do honour the good things she has done. I still remember the absolute vitriol poured over Lindy Chamberlain. I reckoned then it was because she is a woman … same with Julia Gillard. Something deeply, deeply wrong with the psyche of Australians (and the general media) I figure.

  22. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks for another wonderful article, Victoria. Lovely stuff. Could Dave the Brickie give us a link to the video he mentions? That would be brilliant.
    Also, I love your title. I’ve been getting together some car stickers and badges that people can print out and use. Would you mind if I used your turkey headline?

  23. Fed up

    Yes, the election will be won by a few gentle, why. when was that, I did not know that, can you tell all about it and so on.

    Was listening to ABC 702 this morning, after Rodd was announced, the Abbott aspirational proposal. The rest of the morning involved gentle remarks , poking fun at what was said. The audience responded in kind. It was sent up by all. One weak caller support.

    It fell like a lead balloon, without one nasty word being said.

    PS. Carbon tax reply. You do know that Mr. Abbott is going to replace it with a scheme, that you not the emitter will pay. One that is more expensive and inefficient.
    Gonski. You know he intends to keep the present model, which takes money from public schools to prop up the private system. One, even the states say is unfair. With Gonski, the money will follow your child.

    Yes, there are many gentle ways we can get the message across.

  24. Ian

    Why, you ask? Two words, Victoria, ‘Rupert’ and ‘Murdoch’

  25. Robyn

    Hi Dave,
    I’ve not seen that video. Can you send us a link? That would be great. Keep at it. In time these guys might be swayed, this would be a defensive reaction to realising that they’d been made fools of. A lot of people have a hard time admitting they were wrong. Just keep presenting EVIDENCE. Be ready with the evidence of media bias too. I do love that one of them said it was an actor – classic. I keep feeling I need a whole box of tricks ready to bring forward.

  26. Ian

    Kate Ahearne, the video link is here:

  27. Robyn

    Thanks Fed up, yes they are good replies. I get a bit nervous of bringing up the issue, (it’s a bit different if it’s already being discussed) because I don’t like confrontation and I also like to be 100% sure of my ground, which is difficult if someone actually brings up a real grievance that I don’t have my head around. It’s much easier on forums like this and fb because you can go away and do some research before replying. Are there any really clever bods who can come up with a bit of a ‘comeback kit’ which has evidence and answers ready for the most likely issues or even bs that would be thrown at us? That would be great because I can’t keep it all in my head.

    Also Fed up, I’ve given up listening so much to 774 because obviously they’re not taking the same approach as 702. On 774 they seem to be in “its inevitable” mode. On Fridays Jon Faine has the Friday Wrap with usually a right winger vs. a leftie. I only caught them signing off this morning but he had that IPA right wing idiot John Roskam, but versing him was Sally Warharf. Sally hardly strikes me as someone who is a leftie, maybe I’m wrong about that but I’ve listened to her at different times and I would say she’s a conservative. Not much balance there.

  28. Robyn

    Thanks Ian, shared on fb and twitter!

  29. diannaart

    Every Friday, Jon Faine ‘balances’ the Friday Wrap with a representative from the IPA. John Roskam alternates with Tim Wilson. So much for fair and balanced.

  30. J.Fraser

    I like Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    There I’ve said it again.

    Definitely allowed to say it on The Guardian Australia website.

    Absolutely not allowed to say it on Murdoch’s empire.

    Who gives a rats arse about Fairfax.

  31. Ian

    Robyn, you’re welcome. If you’re looking for arguments to support your views, you can’t beat The Political Sword. Every day Lyn provides links to ‘sympathetic’ websites where these issues are discussed.

    There was also a very good analysis on independent australia recently, ‘the polishing and buffing of Tony Abbott’ here:
    Lots of evidence to support the good job the Gillard government is doing, and lots of evidence to cast doubts on Abbott’s performance.

  32. Douglas Evans

    You ask why people don’t allow their voting intentions to be guided by a rational assessment of policy alternatives. Really? And you actually don’t know the answer? Since when was this the way Australian voters (especially the 10 or 15% in the middle who elect and unelect governments) decided how to vote? You KNOW this it not how it is done … EVER. The first determinant is the opinion of key figures (especially leaders) in the political parties. Do I like them or not? Do I believe they can do the job or not? This is encouraged by the parties themselves (Labor too) with their relentlessly presidential promotion of leaders and the leaders’, especially Gillard’s, constant use of the personal pronoun ‘I will’ … ‘I think’ … ‘I believe’ … ‘MY government will’ … ‘My government’ has … etc.

    This opinion is tested against those expressed in the newspapers they scan (almost never read) and on the radio and TV channels they listen-to and watch. Most Australians, especially those in the middle – the king/queen makers, find politics boring and dislike politicians. They would prefer not to hear or know more about either than is absolutely necessary. They do not like to be constantly barraged with the latest from Canberra – good, or in this case unrelentingly bad, stuff about what the government is doing is a turn-off in itself. They don’t want to be confronted with it. They just want the government to get on with what they elected it to do. make their lives better (read more prosperous). All this does not encourage careful rational analysis or comparison of alternative governments.

    Should they ever get past the personalities involved to the policies of their parties. They are more likely to be swayed by the opinions of their equally entitled and uninterested friends and colleagues than by the sleep inducing written or spoken words of political pundits. But even if they did once in a while hear something from the ‘punditry’ – well we know who ‘owns’ most of them don’t we and the outcome he wants in September. Did you really need to ask?

  33. mark delmege

    I think you’ve nailed it pretty well Douglas. I don’t like the I, I, I, either. The 10-15% spot on but I think the relentless barrage of negativity is a little more important in the setting of the public perception and that of the punditry who are no less sheeple and the more it is piled on the less contrary views are given or accepted. Not forgetting some real policy failures which also then get amplified. Add to that destabilisation at the top, real or imagined, and it becomes crushing. Is it terminal? Only time…

  34. Heather

    For those who are anti this article…We dont seem to be able to appreciate good quality in this country do we? What a terrible shame and a shocking national syndrome.

    Tony Abbott has abused his priveleges that is for sure. It is like the bad egg syndrome,
    wrecking it for everyone else. He is like the wayward child wreaking havoc on a family incessantly until stopped. In comparison, PM JG is doing such an exemplary job and being truely human about it, albeit with some understandable nervousness along the way. No human is perfect and it takes a better human to pick up the pieces when mistakes are made, instead of slamming out blame all over the place. Julia Gillar is this person and it’s actually a great privilege that we have her as our PM. People are just plain jealous that she is doing such a good job with great humanity and good sense of humour. Especially the mad Tony.

    There seems to be a mean streak in boys/men to destroy gilrs/women who do well. I experienced it as a child, spending hours turning our large vege garden with weeds back in to the perfect garden again. Then my older brother would run through it gleefully kicking the beds to bits. I would go in to tell my mother and she would do nothing, then I would rush back and tidy the garden up again. I saw very early what is wrong with to many of boys/men in this country, not too sure if it’s the majority. Sadly the mothers have spoilt them. Tony Abbott looks to be one such man. I dont think they ever grow up to be true adults unless they have therapy or become acutely aware of their own grave disadvantage this way. Unaddressed they will continue to create havoc and unhappiness of sorts all their lives. Hopefully we wont let badness and the bullying nature in people win in September

  35. Robyn

    Oh I know diannaart. I hear it but usually often they are balanced by someone on the other side – like Liberty Sanger (not sure if that’s how you spell her name) from whom we usually here something sensible. My point is that I don’t think Sally Warharf is on the other side! John Roskam is totally extreme, Tim Wilson not quite so bad.

  36. Robyn

    Douglas and Mark, you have a point about the ‘I’. Have you made it directly to Julia’s office? The small change to ‘we’ might do a lot of good, if it is something that hasn’t been picked up on before.

  37. Sandra

    What is needed here is for the Turkeys to ask themselves these couple of questions.

    What has this government done for me & how much have I benefited from what I have gained from an ALP government.

    The other question goes like this. What will happen to those things that I have been able to a beneficiary of over these past 5 years of an ALP government, if they were to be completely reversed by a LNP government.

    The leaders are just that, the leaders. They are just like any other head of a business corporation. Some of them are better than others. Some are better negotiators so that they get better results for their businesses & employees.

    Other leaders are very set in their ways, cannot negotiate & are dictators. They can’t move forward and see into the future. They can only see what they used to do in the past that they thought used to work for them.

    Those people who want to get out & communicate without confrontation can most probably get a much better result by taking the he vs she out of the equation.
    We need to get proper information out and the only way to do this is by word of mouth. Those who engage others in a healthy debate can help to open other peoples eyes and perhaps change the minds of the other who just automatically say “Oh they are both as bad as one another”. We know they are not, one is always better than the other and in this case, this time, it just happens to be the ALP with the help of a hung parliament.

    Just make sure that the same party is not in charge of both houses. That is when a lot of undetected sneaky underhanded stuff goes on. How do you think Murdoch got control of over 70% of all Media. That is just the tip of one iceberg.

    We just need to make sure that this never happens again

  38. CMMC

    If you follow this “Richardson Thesis”, that the Labor heartland will never forgive the Rudd removal, you nevertheless need to explain why they would ignore self-preservation and vote for a party that openly boasts about being the Mother of all Razor Gangs.

    For this reason I cannot see Tones delivering a victory speech at about 8 PM on S.ept. 14, which would occur if all this bitching and belittling added up to actual electoral momentum.

  39. Mike

    Elections are won or lost based on swinging voters, heartland seats are not where they are won or lost..this is mostly because for all the shouting and arguments, A vast majority of people vote the same way every election. That is why we have safe labor and safe LNP seats..because of good policy from either…because that is the way they always vote. Un-safe seats are those seats with a higher portion of swinging voters..It is these people that you need to convince. As much as Labor people are being anti-Gillard now they will in the main vote labor come election time….It is the same for LNP sadly either of these parties could effectively say..we are going to bend you over and ………….well you get the idea..and the non swinging voters will vote them in in the “safe seats” leaving the battle to be won or lost in the swinging seats. As a purely anecdotal example I shall use my family

    Mothers side Labor hardliners, once union leaders in the coal mines of Britain, female members were in the suffragettes..Always vote Labor..always will never change their vote regardless of policy. Gillard could tell them she has decided their value to society is over and they are if she is voted back in required to form an orderly line and they will be recycled. Would probably even sing the Red Flag during the event.

    Fathers side of the family : Always LNP voted for the conservatives in Britain, saw the unions as trouble makers and traitors to the British people particularly when there was trouble during the war…again would not consider voting red even if Tony Abbot had the idea that pensions are a drain on society as such old people will be put on the boats and sent OS in return for young able bodied people from other nations. They would not sing red flag..which is a good thing my grandmother has a terrible singing voice.

    Me…well at this election I would be hard pressed to vote for either party as a swinging voter..Lucky for me when it comes to house of Reps I have an awesome sitting MP and she will get my vote (not because she is Labor, or LNP but because she is someone that works hard for her people and would get my vote even if she was an independent..not if she was Green though I have to draw a line somewhere)..the last area I lived in had an awesome member that on occasion crossed the floor when she didn’t agree with policy from her party..she got my vote..again not because she was from one of the major parties but because of who she was..the sooner we voted the best people for the job the better..we have to remember we aren’t voting for Gillard (unless she is the MP in our area) and we aren’t voting for Abbot (Unless he is the MP for our area) these people are just the current the whim of the party. Get to know your local MP and those that will run against them find out if he or she is worthy of your vote..Senate is different..but at least get the rep from your area to be a person of conviction. someone that will vote not based purely on party lines someone that sees in some cases towing party line is not the way to go.

  40. Fed up

    Jane, not much balance on most day on 702 lately. That is what made this morning interesting. There seemsd to be a little change, for the better, from those who ring in over night.

    The name of Doug Anthony was raised this moring. It appears he farmed in the Ord River. It would be interesting to know what he thinks ofr Abbott’s brain fart.

    Two things are needed. Fibre to the premise and renewable energy, before he even starts. Some way of presenting the water in those dams from rapidly evaporating would also not go amiss.

    How can one grow trees and produce food???????????? How does one work in that black soil in the wet. What can one grow during the winter months.

  41. Heather

    Victoria, I ask these questions every day and I don’t have any answers. I am totally confused.

  42. mark delmege

    Doug Anthony – now there is a name. There was a DA, Frazer’s deputy after Gough who rented a house to the CIA – not the same one I hope.

  43. Fed up

    Mike, you have it right. That is how our democracy. Your vote, if it is in the majority, gives your local MP the mandate to act on your behalf.

    That is the only mandate that exists.

    It is the number of MP’s votes on the floor of the lower house, that forms government. Whoever is leader of the biggest group becomes PM.

    This is how it is written in the Constitution. No mention of parties, or even PM.

  44. Fed up

    Yes, the same one. I believe he has views on developing the north that might be interesting.

  45. wantok

    Fed Up : I too watched the stage managed Northern Development “policy” announcement which even the Liberals have the good grace to call a “vision” while others call it a” thought bubble” or a late night, too much to drink, “brain-fart”.

    I watched in embarrassed amazement as a stumbling Andrew Robb tried to tell us about a food bowl to feed Asia ; many of our fruit and vegetable growers must have sat in disbelief as they see our last frozen vegetable packing plants and our canneries close down as we import from Asia, Africa and New Zealand. Is this man for real ?

    Tony Abbott threw out a few nation building lines but there was no substance, no detail and certainly no costing for this massive ‘vision’. Then it dawned on me that this was not about Northern development at all, the take away message was, the often repeated slogans of ‘repeal the carbon tax, repeal the mining tax’ and the enduring mantra that ‘we must get rid of this very,very bad government’.

    Folks, we are being subjected to a very clever but cynical con by the Liberal party in conjunction with a lazy, gullible and complicit media. This was not a policy announcement at all, there have been no policy announcements from the coalition.

  46. Heather

    Fed Up:

    I thought it was really hard growing stuff in the tropics with hot nights during the wet seasons, often very sandy porous soils and grave lack of water in dryer areas. Not to mention the need for extreme amounts of fertilizers and pesticides to counteract the heavy pest infestations and fungus growth. Am guessing that diseases in plants may be more prevalent in the tropics too, in both wet or dry areas. Check out what will actually grow up North at

    The more one looks into the practicalities of such a “vision” of the LN Coalition opposition, the more one realizes it may well be a ploy to get onside with the rich and powerful. Perhaps Reinhardt can fund it all, but I would not like to see the chemical run-off in to the seas and reefs up there.

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