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Spreading hate, the Murdoch way

The second most important story on this morning was ‘IS teen girl stabs police officer in Germany‘. You can see the link to it from the screenshot (below) of the front page of I apologise for the small image, but you should still be able to see the link: its at the very top.

The article begins with:

A teenage Moroccan girl who cops now say was furious at having to move away from the Islamic State has been arrested following a shocking stabbing attack on a German officer.

Breitbart reports that the 15-year-old was wearing a headscarf when she was approached by the officer at a Hanover train station in November.

It was in November! But:

Now, months later, authorities have confirmed the motive behind the attack.

The girl had reportedly spent time living on the Turkish-Syrian border and was reportedly angry that she could not rejoin her IS compatriots.

‘Reportedly spent time’. ‘Reportedly angry’. Is that another way of saying ‘unconfirmed’?

I see that they have taken the article from ‘Breitbart‘. I clicked on the link to Breitbart and the article to read that:

The event garnered no media attention at the time but it has now been proven the attack was inspired by Islamist ideology, with the young girl attacking a target in Europe because she was unable to travel to the Islamic State itself to join her co-religionists.

Oh, so it was her Islamic beliefs that have made this a story. (Not an important one, it seems, as if you click on to the front page of Breitbart you’ll be hard pressed to find a link to the article anywhere. And by the way, Breitbart took this article from the German paper ‘Bild‘. You won’t find it on their front page either).

My point is, why is this a story? And why is such an obscure story a headliner in the Murdoch media?

IMG_0204 If you spend some time on Google – as I just did – you’ll find that in America alone there was probably 45 murders committed yesterday. Hundreds would have been murdered worldwide. There may have even been some in Australia. But unless they were committed by a Muslim then they’ll more than likely go unreported.

IS is an evil organisation. True. Most IS members are Muslims. True. IS murders people. True. But it must be very hard to promote hate about Muslims or IS when there are no murders to report. I guess the best thing to do – if it is hate you want to spread – is dig up some obscure article about a November (non-fatal) stabbing and jump for joy in the knowledge that it is suspected there is an IS link.

How many people will use this Murdoch media headliner to feed their hate or spread their hate even further? What other purpose would it possibly serve? Absolutely none.

It does nothing but promote fear and hate. This seems to be the Murdoch media’s game.



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  1. Steve Laing

    That is entirely the way of it. Orwell would be turning in his grave that his warning has gone unheeded.

  2. David Bruce

    Surprised it took you so long? When MH370 went missing on March 8, two years ago, it was Murdoch screaming islamic hijackers before the details were published…

  3. mark delmege

    fear sells…apparently. I should ask though why buy Murdoch? Its a pity the ABC do the same thing – a one liner bullshit item in the news is a regular these days and of course the endless crap on the AM Midday and PM. I’m not sure if I have posted this link here before but it is surprising to see the Zionista Lowy Institute effectively criticising the MSM – not that it goes far enough in its criticism. Newspeak is the norm these day on far too many issues.

  4. Michael Taylor

    I should ask though why buy Murdoch?

    Mark, is free. I don’t pay for anything of Murdoch’s.

  5. Peter F

    Michael, Are you intending to report this to the Press Council of Australian, or would that be a complete waste of time?

  6. Jagger

    Paul Sheehan will be on Murdoch’s shopping list, apparently he doesn’t let the truth get in the way of his hateful propaganda.

  7. Michael Taylor

    Hadn’t even thought of that, Peter. It certainly is worth considering. Media Watch love this sort of stuff too.

  8. babyjewels10

    What evil people Murdoch must employ in his dens of iniquity. To be knowingly promoting hate in this manner, to conform to Murdoch’s ideology, you’d have to be rotten to the core yourself.

  9. mark delmege

    thanks Michael, I didn’t know that.

  10. hemingway13

    I appreciate greatly reading Mr Taylor’s insights regarding the distortions and untruths which are part and parcel of all the media outlets in Murdoch’s Empire, which is so unrelenting in pursuit of a sensationalist fearmongering agenda that this even took priority over their report of Murdoch’s marriage. When they won’t allow any positive fresh news story to compete with an old beat-up, then Murdoch’s ideal political world will reflect what was in plain view yesterday at his FoxNews “moderated” Republican Party Presidential Debate in Detroit.

    Despite their efforts to pretend that FoxNews was providing serious journalism in this important debate, these moderators (particularly Ms Kelly) were functioning as a sugar-coated cyanide pill for Roger Ailes’ political assassination gang with their loaded questions which were easily predictable by anyone who’s observed what Murdoch’s multi-media thugs have perpetrated in Australia’s politics as well as the UK’s.

    However repulsive many of us find the hate-speech and bully tactics of Mr Trump, he has a singular opportunity to greatly diminish Murdoch’s power by winning the Republican nomination against the rabid antipathy of the most powerful media mogul in America since William Randolph Hearst’s empire a century ago. AIMN has been, in my view, a laudable antidote to all such MSM propaganda as that which today Mr Taylor has soundly condemned in his lucid column.

  11. Rossleigh

    Yes, remember when nobody was sure whether or not the San Bernardino shooting were a “terrorist” incident or not. The tone seemed to be that if it was then we’d need more laws to protect us, but if it was just your everyday, garden variety US shooting then there was nothing to worry about.

  12. Paul G. Dellit

    Great article, Michael. And one can only imagine the kind of febrile splashes of black ink across the front pages of the Murdoch rags if the Royal Commission had just completed its questioning of the Grand Mufti Pell.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Murdoch has married Jerry Hall.

  14. John Kelly

    Utterly pathetic. How some of their journalists must cringe when asked what they do for a living.

  15. Matters Not

    Re Murdoch and Hall. Now known as Jerry and the Pacemaker .

    … will never walk alone .. how do you do it … it’s gonna be alright …

  16. Miriam English

    Murdoch should have all his toys taken away from him. He is the nastiest kind of bully and is fatal to democracy. If Bill gets in at the election the very first thing he should do is confiscate all Murdoch’s media in Australia. Nationalise them and sell them off to more responsible organisations. It should raise a pretty penny and make Australia a much safer country. He should also sack the Murdoch and LNP plants in the ABC.

  17. Michael Taylor

    Matters Not. I actually found that funny. You’ve been waiting for them to get married, haven’t you?

    Now they can catch the Brian Ferry across the Mersey.

  18. michaelattoowoomba

    Well done Michael, M English,I think he [mud duck ] should just turn all his Australian media back to us Australians,plus return some of billions he has ripped out of OUR tax system.

  19. Matters Not

    You’ve been waiting for them to get married, haven’t you?

    Not really. Such a short engagement. It’s all been so, so quick.

    Word is, that a shotgun was involved.

    I read about it in The Australian, which is of course our ‘journal of record’ or as the French would say the Presse de référence

  20. Adrianne Haddow

    I guess the ACL has been getting too much bad press ( of their own making) lately so the Murdoch hacks need to deflect attention back to the ‘scarier’ religion.
    Besides you can only demonise the LGBTI community for so long, before the message palls.

    Cory, Eric and George must be scratching around for more talking points. I’ve been waiting for the next terror report.

    So many Australians to ‘fundamentalise’, so little time before the next election, plebiscite, Royal Commission.

  21. Geoff Andrews

    Matters Not.
    What a cruel, insensitive comment.
    Two people, each desperately seeking that missing something that only the other can provide, declare to the world their sacred love and you mock it.. Shame on you!
    And have you no thought for the children? Lachlan et al now have a maternal breast (two, in fact) to lay their weary head on at the end of a troubling day, seeking maternal reassurance. Talk about the politics of envy!
    But “Jerry & the Pacemaker”? You bastard, why didn’t I think of that?
    It’s perfect.
    (Go on, admit it. You read it somewhere else.)

  22. Matters Not

    Now they can catch the Brian Ferry across the Mersey.

    Doubt it. Fact is, Brian had no role to play at all. Jerry simply is:

    the fairy crossed with mercy

    As for Geoff Andrews, I remind you I can’t disclose any sources in this day and age, even if I had same, because of national security considerations and all that.


  23. Pamela

    It is actually Breitbart, not Brietbart…. Breitbart News, it is a conservative news and OPINION website founded in 2007… Following criminal investigations by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office and the California Attorney General found videos on a story posted by Breitbart were heavily edited in an attempt to make responses “appear more sinister”… and there are other stories posted by this source that have proven to be not so truthful. Just saying.

  24. Michael Taylor

    Thanks Pamela. How very interesting.

    And yes, I had made a couple of typos, which I’ve now fixed.

  25. paul walter

    Same sort of poison as Sheehan and Albrechtsen.

  26. paul walter

    There is a determing thread in Islamic history, to do with a great Schism between Sunnis and Shias that occured back around the eighth century, based on theologiy and dynastic politics, much the same as happened with the Reformation. The support, open and covert, from the states of Arabia, dominated by “old” or Wahabist Islam given to Sunni groups in Syria and Iraq reveals something akin to WW with Sunni and Shia states lined up against each other wih the irritation being the factor of the region’s immense oil wealth and strategic worth.

    It is at the very hub of East and West, North and South. At the moment it is more convenient to have the proxies to do their blood letting away from the oil wells.

    Interesting about the death of media. I discovered last night the story of the Isrealis demolishing forty houses on the West Bank and thought, “Why must I visit Al Jazeera or some such site before I get real world news?”.

    I observe the warm, heartfelt wishes extended to Mr. Murdoch and his new and blushing bride here, but wonder if His Emminence, Cardinal Archbishop Pell’s smugness on TV news tonight went under the radar, or Savva’s poisonous litle hit-peace on the hapless Abbott.

  27. regalcrime

    lol agreed.

    If you tell the Murdochians you want to pick a bone with them, they give you a femur.

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