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Reasons not to

Oh for a government who didn’t spend all their time finding reasons not to:

Bring sick children on Nauru to Australia to get medical help

Resettle refugees in New Zealand (or prior to that, Malaysia) or…let’s make this easy and cheap and only fair…here

Reduce emissions

Invest in renewable energy

Protect water security, the water table and environmental flow

Stop habitat destruction and land degradation through rampant land-clearing

Protect the Great Barrier Reef

Increase Newstart and Youth Allowance

Increase the Superannuation Guarantee

Increase the minimum wage

Make big companies pay tax

Wind back overly generous tax concessions for property, family trusts, superannuation, self-education expenses (read overseas holiday), cost of managing financial affairs, business use of cars, excess franking credits etc

Give Indigenous people a voice in their own affairs

Celebrate Australia Day on another date

End discrimination based on sexuality and actually accept and love people for who they are

Take affirmative action to promote women to leadership roles

Fund public schools and hospitals

Make early childhood education accessible to all

Invest in public transport

Provide affordable housing

Legislate mandatory qualified staffing levels in aged care facilities.

Build the infrastructure for electric cars

Encourage union membership and the protection and collective voice it gives workers when negotiating with employers

Separate church from state

Allow people to choose to die with dignity

Legalise pregnancy terminations

Tax religious organisations on their profitable businesses and place conditions and accountability on any public money given to religious organisations

Fund community groups who help the disadvantaged

Embrace multiculturalism and avoid racial profiling

Increase foreign aid

Increase the public service rather than outsourcing and offshoring

Decrease spending on defence materiel that will be outdated before it arrives

Build communications infrastructure that can accommodate the needs of the future (NO MORE FttN)

Make university education cheaper, not more expensive. It is an investment that pays dividends and our children should not start life with a large debt from their education.

Become a Republic with an Australian head of state and our own flag.

Be open, transparent, honest and accountable.

Continually fighting against things has drained both the government and the people. We need leaders who can explain why we should do things, not why we shouldn’t.


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  1. Kronomex

    Kaye Lee, just about everything you listed is anathema to the LNP and their corporate and christian religious masters. When election time rolls around then it’s promises galore. If they lose selective amnesia almost immediately sets in and, anyway, it’s all (no need to finish the LNP mantra is there?).

    No doubt Scummo will try and find some way to claim some of the credit for this in some way –

    How long will it last? Let’s see around the time the kiddie-winkles go on holidays, maybe a bit later, the prices will magically start going up again. What a joke!

  2. New England Cocky

    This is a list of the “wonderful achievements of the Liarbral Notional$;

    the “better than the ALP” financial managers who about doubled the national debt,

    that boasted Christian politicians who proved to be self-serving egotists more interested on personal pecuniary interests than public service,

    that ignored fundamental Christian principles by preference and as a matter of course incarcerated refugees;

    that sold out the best interests of Australian voters by remaining engaged in the imperialist undeclared wars of the USA (United States of Apartheid) at too high a cost of fine young Australian lives;

    that bent over for the churches involved in covering up priestly pederasty of poor parishioners progeny rather then persecute the church culture out of government financial support;

    that stole the dreams of Australian voters for the benefit of foreign owned multinational corporations allowed to escape paying any tax for the privilege of trading within our peaceful borders.

    And the Australian people elected them. It’s time ….. again!

  3. David Bruce

    How did we manage to get such a bunch of “mean-spirited people” to run the Australian Government?
    I can understand why people are conservative and reluctant to change, it is human nature. What we witness now is a bunch of mean spirited, controlling, wannabe elites who pretend they are Australians!

  4. Diane

    The only thing I’m not sure of is the Republic bit. Make the Head of State someone who puts themselves up for election, and we risk getting President Turnbull or – heaven forbid – President Abbott! Someone who wants the job for the status, prestige, power and self-aggrandisement. Or someone like the current GG beholden to the current political party that appointed them.

    On the other hand, having a monarch that lives halfway round the world is equally wrong. I personally think we should petition for Prince Harry to move here, take Aussie citizenship, and be the first in a new line of Australian royals. I did hope he’d marry Bindi Irwin to solidify his Aussie links, but Meghan seems nice enough and they both seem to like it here! He’s been raised from birth to serve the people, not serve himself, doesn’t need the money, status or power, and think of the boost to suncream sales?

  5. MikeW

    You forgot one Kaye Lee: Ban an American from owning 70% of Australia’s news print.

  6. Matters Not

    Diane, I assume (safely I hope) you’re taking the piss. If not, then I just shake my head as to why you would want a ‘pom’ of doubtful parentage to add to the number of bastards (literally and figuratively) who already feed on the public purse.

    Though, Menzies and Abbott would applaud.

  7. Matters Not


    Make university education cheaper, not more expensive.

    Why stop there? While most of the developed world accepts that primary and secondary education should be free, why can’t we be much more ambitious and follow the lead of many European nations and make post secondary education (University and Tafe) free as well? A mountain of evidence that the economic, social and individual returns would be enhanced.

    Years ago I read an economist’s argument that education up to Year 6 should be free and thereafter subject to fees. His thesis rested on the assumption that after Year 6 the social (public) benefits declined rapidly to be replaced by individual (private) returns. Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of his contention (more wrongs than rights in my view), surely in a fair society, the private benefits accrued would be ameliorated via a progressive taxation system.

    But that’s another story isn’t it? Or perhaps we could take a holistic view of reforms? And recognise that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

  8. George Swalwell

    What a refreshing, positive, inspiring list of things to do
    or aim at. So different from the sorry state of the selfish,
    callous, hopeless lot pretending they are governing when
    they are quite out of ideas and achievements.

    A great list for Labor to study carefully. I realise that they
    don’t want to commit themselves to programmes they may
    not be able to get through the Senate, and be accused of
    false advertising – but, hey!, isn’t that what Morrison is doing
    all the time?

  9. paul walter

    You left out “not destroy public information public broadcasting functioning without fear or favour”.

  10. Zathras

    There’s no reason the address any of those things.

    The glorious “Free Market”- once it’s deregulated and less burdened by apparently crippling taxes – will fix automatically everything and we will finally walk hand-in-hand together into a bright shiny future of limitless resources and no consequences.

    That’s all that matters to the Liberal Party and all that will ever matter. Other items are distractions and will only be addressed as a way of gaining and maintaining electoral power.

  11. Kaye Lee

    From the World Bank : “There is a moral case to be made, of course, for investing in the health and education of all people. But there is an economic one as well: to be ready to compete and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. “Human capital” – the potential of individuals – is going to be the most important long-term investment any country can make for its people’s future prosperity and quality of life.”

  12. helvityni

    …send Dan Tehan (Minister for Education ??) to find out how the countries with excellent educational results have tackled this issue…

  13. terence mills

    Labor needs to commit to :

    Establishing a Constitutional Convention made up of eminent Australians to review, modernize and update our Constitution and recommend changes and reforms which can then be submitted to the Australian people for approval : inevitably this would include consideration of a Bill of Rights.

    Reforming parliamentary procedures with particular reference to overhauling Question Time and consideration for the appointment of a non-partisan independent Speaker.

  14. Kaye Lee

    I really think that Labor should campaign on investing in human capital. It’s a real point of difference. The Coalition are purely focused on making things better for business and investing in physical capital but increasingly, businesses are being called on to realise the importance of their social licence and the long-term benefits of a happy, healthy, well-educated, skilled workforce and a stable social environment along with sustainable practice. Inequality is not good for business. Facilitating the realisation of human potential is.

  15. DIANE Larsen

    Kaye Lee I would vote for you any day always on point, articulate and we’ll thought out summations if only we could convince more swinging voters to abandone the Conservative tossers.

  16. Matters Not


    Labor should campaign on investing in human capital.

    While I agree with the sentiment, referring to citizens as human capital is just demeaning and dehumanising. Surely the language of economics doesn’t have to permeate all aspects of our lives?

    While on the subject of economics, I note that Morrison et al will establish a loan facility ($2 billion) so that small businesses can get cheap loans without risking the family home. Isn’t free enterprise a wonderful concept? So why the government intervention? Perhaps this is an attempt to buy votes? Surely not!

  17. Ian Hughes

    Another fabulous article, Kaye – many thanks.

    There is a global movement in play today called Pledge 1% This from their home page:

    “Pledge 1% is a global movement to create a new normal in which giving back is integrated into the DNA of companies of all sizes. Pledge 1% encourages and challenges individuals and companies to Pledge 1% of equity, profit, product, and/or employee time for their communities. And we make it EASY! Launched in December 2014, Pledge 1% is spearheaded by Salesforce, Atlassian, Rally, and Tides. Thousands of companies in almost 100 countries have taken the pledge.”

    The 1-1-1 model as it’s called was started by Marc Benioff, CEO & Founder of Salesforce. Marc’s philosophy is the “The business of business is improving the state of the world”.

    I worked for Salesforce for 3 years and can proudly say that we lived these values. Every employee received 7 days paid leave each year to do volunteer work (I used my time to work at Foodbank). We would often go in teams and it was a fantastic way of promoting a great team spirit and camaraderie.

    I mention this, not to promote Salesforce (I don’t work there any more), but to show that there are companies today who live these principles – note Atlassian is an Aussie coy.

    If more coys adopted Benioff’s philosophy imagine the great works that could be done in the world.

  18. corvus boreus

    Another ‘well, duh, what a surprise’ is that the arse-wipe who recently murdered a popular coffee shop owner and wounded 2 other people was a regular at the ‘Hume Islamic Youth Centre’, which is run to promote Salafist fundamentalism using Saudi cash.
    Despite the Hume centre’s repeated direct associations with domestic terror plots and the export of fighters to the daesh, as well as their penchant for inviting guest speakers who espouse extremist violence, I am sure that religious tolerance, freedom of expression and the influence of oil money will ensure that this outpost of ambition for a global caliphate will remain open for business.

  19. Doug Young

    I get the distinct impression this story was intended to denigrate the Lying Nasty Party and promote Shortcake et al.

    Any suggestion that any political party is ‘honorable’ is deceptively disingenuous and, quite frankly, full of shit. The very nature of the political animal is vehemently opposed to decency … they are all lying bottom-feeding bloodsucking parasites devoid of any redeeming feature.

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