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The problem with a Trump reborn

By Anthony Element

For the past twenty four hours we’ve seen right wing politicians around the world, including the Turnbull government and One Nation, rushing to tell us not to worry, we’re already seeing a post election, more presidential Trump.

Apparently, he’s nothing like election Trump.

The message is that it’s all good, nothing to worry about.

Well, that’s not quite right.

The fact that there is such a vast difference between the two versions of Donald Trump tells us something about the man that should terrify us: That for the incoming president the end justifies the means.

He wanted to be president, so it was okay to malign and demean women.

He didn’t really mean it.

It was perfectly fine to stir up racial tensions to the point that he was officially endorsed by the KKK, who, a day later, are still enjoying orgasmic spasms of self justification and delight.

He didn’t really mean it.

Great strategy to repeat, over and over again, “Crooked Hillary”.
he didn’t really mean it.

It was a mere trifle to commit to actions that are patently unconstitutional.

He didn’t really mean it.

It was perfectly logical to promise his followers that he would do things that he knew all along are impossible, like banning all Muslims from entering America.

He didn’t really mean it.

In Trump’s mind all these, plus many more equally reprehensible actions were perfectly legitimate things to do because they would get him what he wanted, to be elected president.

And anyway, he didn’t really mean them.

Meanwhile, we’re all supposed to be sanguine about that?

Well, I’m not.

Because the damage is already done.

Last night in a lane outside a bar in LA, a group of young white men, beat up a Canadian gay man and smashed him over the head with a bottle, all the while screaming, “We’ve got a new president now.”

On election night a huge crowd of Trump supporters gathered in Times Square and shouted, over and over again, “We hate Muslims. We hate blacks. We want our country back.”

But, hey, not to worry, Turnbull and Bernardi tell us, Trump didn’t really mean those things he said.

Well, I have this question: If all those means were acceptable to achieve Trump’s desired end, then what means are not on the table, going forward?

In Trump’s mind, is it acceptable to bomb yet more countries for spurious reasons, or because he doesn’t like the leader?

Is it acceptable to torture?

Is it okay to use presidential power to persecute those who speak against him?

Is it okay to destroy the planet in order to keep the profits flowing?

Time will tell, but I see no reason to be relaxed about the Trump presidency, just because he’s – for now – stopped acting like a megalomaniac.

It’s said that the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.

And on that, I see the rush by Right Wingers around the world to justify Trump’s recent past as nothing more than naïve sycophancy.

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  1. David

    Trump was formerly Trumpf, and raised in the best Judaist traditions. He has already said the military industrial complex needs to be revitalized. He expects NATO partners (and that includes Australia now, for some unknown reason) to spend 2% of their GDP on Defense systems, and pay their way. Trump also makes it clear, he will make decisions in America’s best interests. No matter who won the election, the USA is screwed. We can expect the TPP to be renegotiated (in the best interests of USA) and weapons systems to be an integral part of the program. He will have to continue the War on Terror, or find another war, so he rule by Executive Order, and put aside the Constitution (same as Obama has done?). Trump’s record on environmental vandalism is legendary (see Scotland after he built his golf course). Also interesting to see that the US defense forces will have more robot soldiers than humans, by 2030!

  2. Freethinker

    This sound familiar, USA election results:
    Clinton 47.7 %
    Trump 47.5 %

    Clinton has 200000 votes more than Trump.

    I remember well when Bush “won”in 2000 and not to mention here when John won even if Kim have more votes

  3. kerri


  4. Jaquix

    So now we have the problem of “Who is the real Donald?” As well as “Who is the real Malcolm?” Both leopards?

  5. Ian Saffin

    Wait till Duterte Harry gives him a mouthful.

  6. Matters Not

    I think we have to entertain the notion that ‘The Donald’ is in fact a closet Muslim. Or at least has ‘aspirations’ in that regard. While the Koran endorses the legitimacy of four wives, (at anyone time), Donald seem to have ambitions in that regards – after all he has three notches on his belt. Not bad in a ‘repressive’ Christian society that avows ‘marriage is for life’.

    But The Donald is an innovator’.

  7. Wayne Turner

    Basically,if the Trump now is different (A big IF),it’s ok to LIE non-stop to win – Class.

    Also,I agree with free thinker: Clinton has more votes,so far. If she wins the popular vote,it shows what a deeply flawed,undemocratic and illogical system they have in America.Especially because those that vote directly vote for the president.So 1 vote doesn’t equal 1 vote.

    Undemocratic America.

  8. wam

    The way is clear positve loud male rheteric and a simple message, as a woman she is suspect, a 30 year member of the swamp that have caused your problems and made america do every thing for the world. A simple trilogy works, wow have we seen that before???
    Clearly labor needs to learn that we are too dumb to remember the past and too stupid to see the future.
    The attack on the now is needed and it will be the only way to power. So get into bed with hanson and demolish the credibility of turnball.

  9. Nato

  10. lawrencewinder

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the Ruling Rabble mk#2 are quietly shitting themselves over Trump. He’s about to blow their cover, big time. As Rabid-the-Hun and his chorus line of IPA storm-troopers (including the four Ning-Nongs from One Notion) celebrate his every disastrous move it may become more obvious to the wider electorate that the Emperor has no clothes.

  11. Jaquix

    Ah lawrencewinder, thank you for giving me a good laugh with your “four Ning-Nongs from One Notion” !!!! Its right up there with another commenter who had them as Pauline Hitler and her One Braincell Party.

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