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Peter Dutton: the epitome of entitlement

By Alasdair Black

Peter Dutton is so full of it, saying – oblivious to his shining hypocrisy – that Labor created a hollowed-out poorer middle-class.

Huh? The middle-class has been impoverished by the previous nine years of the hyper Libertarian Coalition Government, favouring wealthy elites, billionaires, corporate CEOs and multi-nationals, which has increased the gap between the haves and have nots. The greater the have nots, the less money for the middle, or the middle-class.

While exploiting the masses is great for the profits of the rich, it leaves little prosperity for the middle-class to benefit from the discretionary spending of the masses, because there isn’t any; it disappears into the existential costs of the poor, thus the nick name ‘have nots’.

The great unwashed are treading water, living hand to mouth and barely covering the basic cost of living.

That, Mr Dutton, is the legacy of your party’s nine years of government; wealth favouring, economic disadvantaging bastardry, persecuted on the majority of Australia.

That’s what happens when you stall or put down pressure on wages for years while the cost of existentialities keeps rising and all policies, laws and government services easing the excess of capitalist exploitation are manipulated or cut for the tax relief of the haves, who in actuality, need no goddamn relief, because they are the haves and they’re just greedy.

The haves expect the have nots surrender their piece of the pie, while eternally expecting their share to grow.

The coalition are the collaborator agents who have been forever trying to fulfill the wishes of the greedy haves.

You, Mr Dutton are the epitome of that entitlement, because you have grown rich of off the fat of being the relentless, uncaring agents of that ‘have’ greed.

The sooner you resign the better. You will never be PM. You are one of the poster boys for that (that was rejected at the last election). Sadly, for you, you don’t have any of the marketing skills of your former Fraud in Chief.

Stop being a political oxygen thief and go. You are your party’s past, not its future.

Bye bye.


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  1. Uta Hannemann

    “Stop being a political oxygen thief and go. You are your party’s past, not its future.”

    We do not really know, whether the majority still want to stay in the party’s past or not, do we?

  2. Uta Hannemann

    “. . . the hyper Libertarian Coalition Government, favouring wealthy elites, billionaires, corporate CEOs and multi-nationals, which has increased the gap between the haves and have nots . . .”

    Do they really want to change this?

  3. Kerri

    If the Albanese government has managed to hollow out the middle class in barely a year one would have to give them some respect and admiration for achieving a true economic miracle!

  4. Douglas Pritchard

    As my ex wife said, “if you are neither attractive, or useful, then really why would I support you….Go “

  5. leefe

    No, Dutts, no resignation. The longer you hang around, the less re-electable the LNP looks.

  6. Cool Pete

    Potty Boy Dutton’s wife claimed he wasn’t a monster. That is a compliment to monsters the world over and she’s right. Potty Boy Dutton is not a monster, he is a cruel, uncaring, racist bastard. The only good thing is, he represents the worst of the Liberal Party and the longer he stays, the longer the party is in opposition.

  7. New England Cocky

    Michael ….. would you be so kind as to refrain from having any pics of a smiling Boofhead Duddo heading AIMN articles; is is possibly the most scary pic in media causing milk to curdle, horses to bolt and my departed mother-in-law to roll over in her grave. Indeed, a rampant Christian sceptic may even consider the pic as pornographic.

    The Feral COALition are presently damning LABeral polices for easing cost of living pressures, after their state branches have sold off energy generation and transmission infrastructure ….. perhaps a hint of hypocrisy and certainly blaming the victims.

  8. Michael Taylor

    NEC, we like to add a bit of scare factor. 😁

  9. GL


    Please just use a photo of a potato it will not terrify half as much as The Mutant Spud Creature that Crawled from a Cesspit.

  10. wam

    In parliament for 20 years his cash went from $1m to $300m(https://www.apumone.com/peter-dutton-net-worth/) not bad for an ex-copper?
    Perhaps his most memorable bowel movement was his 2014 vow to destroy bulk billing.
    He is an anathma to me but his beliefs and achievements(????)are loved by my rabbottians and an extended attack on interest rates, inflation and immigration with a side slash at the loonies makes him a danger to Albo.

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