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Patting yourself on the back for what? It’s pitiful.

“Well done,” tweeted the NSW environment minister, Matt Kean, to the Prime Minister

There were many responses, but federal MP Zali Steggall’s was to the point:

“Are you kidding? A pat on the back for committing not to cheat but still no commitment to Net Zero? Come on, Aus needs leadership, not spin.”

She referred to a report in The SMH that the Prime Minister intended not to use the controversial Kyoto carry-over credits to achieve its emissions reduction targets.

It seems the worldwide embarrassment for using this scandalous accounting trick has become too much for the Prime Minister.

“Morrison signalled a political retreat on the issue in late November, saying in a speech, ‘my ambition is that we will not need them, and we are working to this as our goal, consistent with our record of over-delivering’.”

Goodness, does he mean like Robodebt and Sports Rorts, for example?

And there was Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman on the ABC’s Saturday news program telling Australia that we were on track to meet our target without using the carry-over credits. No mention as to how this was possible.

They are so pathetic and simultaneously self-congratulatory about a fall in our emissions. Still, they neglected to add that we have experienced it because there have been fewer cars on the road, businesses have been closed, and no planes in the air. Whoops, I just conveniently forgot such things.

What a turnaround it has been. For years Morrison has said that Australia was entitled to use the surplus carry-over credits but never justified why. The fact is, he rarely mentioned them. He just said that Australia would meet its targets.

“Mr Morrison’s stance will be a significant shift after years of government claims that Australia is entitled to use “surplus” units. The country accumulated them when meeting the Kyoto Protocol targets from 2008 to 2020 were negotiated and counted toward the Paris targets from 2021 to 2030.”

The latest national figures on greenhouse gases, released last Monday, came with an estimate that Australia would beat its 2020 316 million tonnes without relying on the credits. I agree with Malcolm Turnbull in being a bit sceptical about that given their record on ‘nonconditional announcements’.

Mr Turnbull said: ‘I welcome any advance, but a 28 per cent 2030 target – given the developments since 2015 – will be seen and will be a very cautious and hardly ambitious goal’.”

In response, the leader of the opposition leader Anthony Albanese said:

“… it was a ‘rather pathetic announcement by Scott Morrison’ not to use Kyoto credits, ‘as if that’s a positive’. ‘The rest of the world rejected that as an accounting trick,’ he said. ‘What we need is a plan to reduce emissions, not a plan for accounting tricks’.”

And Greens leader Adam Bandt chipped in, saying:

“… the government ‘deserves no applause’ for giving up the use of the credits, which he likened to ‘cheating’ on global pledges to reduce emissions.

At the upcoming climate ambition summit, when Australia announces its targets, this announcement will, compared with nations like the United Kingdom with a target to cut their emissions by 68% by 2030 levels, will seem miserly.”

Even without the use of credits, Australia will have to do much better than it is proposing. Our targets will be measured as insufficient when compared with other nations.

When one thinks back to the Coalition’s rejection of Labor’s ‘carbon tax’, one cannot but regret that decision’s folly. Had they agreed, it would have become a successful emissions trading scheme and we would have been leading the world.

My thought for the day

In terms of the environment, I wonder what price the people of tomorrow will pay for the stupidity of today.

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  1. John Lord

    I note that the Prime Minister has not yet been granted a speaking spot at the Climate Summit. Last week he was telling parliament he intended to use an appearance at the event to “correct mistruths” about the government’s heavily criticised record on emissions reduction.

  2. New England Cocky

    Oh you people at AIMN are so very naughty! Poor Scummo has much more important things on his mind than Kyoto Agreements entered into by previous governments expecting that future PMs would honour the treaty.

    And especially immediately before Christmas when there are the plans for exempt travel to be considered. You know, important things like where to go that is tropical, COVID-19 free and above high water mark, which crew members of the PM jet deserve to get a freebie tropical holiday and will the plane be large enough to carry all the cameras for the personal photographer creating the historical record of indifferent uncaring self-service that is promised by the Hillsonger Cult of Greed & Paedophilia.

    Or perhaps the holiday should be to part of regional Australia, just east of the Great Dividing Range where the bushfires that occurred during the rudely interrupted 2019 Hawaiian family holiday have fortuitously made the location safe from bunyips and drop bears but severely limited holiday accommodation options.

    On a more important matter, can we expect an AIMN article on the delightful Zali Steggall, the best thing to come out of Manly Warringah since Rex Mossop retired? I guess the Australian voters enjoying the many beaches on the Peninsular have recognised the difference between the present world champion approach to government and the former dullard marionette mouthpiece for disturbed ego maniacs style government to benefit foreign owned multinational corporations.

  3. leefe

    ” … consistent with our record of over-delivering.”

    The only thing they over-deliver is money to themselves and their backers, and bullshit to the rest of us.

  4. terence mills

    As John Lord has noted, Australia had been invited to participate in the 12 December summit “both personally by [British] prime minister Boris Johnson during a phone call with prime minister Morrison, and again in writing by the leaders of hosting nations: the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Chile and also the United Nations”.

    ‘But diplomatic sources have told Guardian Australia there had been debate among the co-hosts including Britain – which is hosting the next major climate conference in Glasgow in 2021 and has taken a leading role in calling on countries to do more – over whether Morrison should be approved to speak at the summit given the widespread view Australia is a laggard on climate commitments.’

    They have probably noted Morrison’s penchant for spin and Trumpian half-truths and they don’t want this global summit brought into disrepute by the likes of Scomo.

    We shall see on Saturday !

  5. terence mills

    Just in passing, you may not have noticed, unless you are a cricket fan, that Murdoch has been beavering away trying to make sure that you watch his television network if you want to follow summer cricket.

    The first two Men’s One Day Internationals (ODI’s) between Australia and India were exclusively broadcast by Fox Sports and Kayo Sports (a wholly owned subsidiary of Foxtel).

    Meaning the first matches of the summer have been behind a paywall – just the way Murdoch likes it !

    And, before you ask. No ! there is unlikely to be a Royal Commission into media diversity in Australia even though more than half a million Australians signed a petition in favour of an enquiry.

  6. Kronomex

    Hallelujah, we now have Saint Scotty of the Scimlate. Here he comes to save the day (apologies to Mighty Mouse). Hooray, it’s Sooper Scummo with the rubber spine that allows him to bend, twist, back flip and wriggle off into tight places when avoiding serious questioning with ease. Why, he could limbo under a bar one centimetre off the ground with room to spare.

    Saint Scotty of the Marketing, the new and improved Zelig.

  7. DrakeN

    @ Kronomex: “…he could limbo under a bar one centimetre off the ground with room to spare.”

    Only if …

    a. Someone was holding his wallet,

    b. He’d been on a starvation diet and

    c. if he’s had his head shrunk to the dimensions of the brain within.

  8. TuffGuy

    In light of the above article we seem to have heard very little about the progress of Conman and his comical bid for that job at the OECD. My view is that Scummo’s announcement (and we all know this government’s record on announcements) regarding not using Kyoto credits had more to do with Conman’s bid for the OECD than any sudden reductions in emissions. I will be looking to a future announcement (should Conman be successful) reversing his previous announcement.

  9. Henry Rodrigues

    The main aim of Scummo, Conmann and the rest of the climate deniers, is to always satisfy the wishes, financial and business objectives of their benefactors; the fossil fuel industry and to endorse the corrupted point of view of the crinkled old bastard. Scummo will distract people, thumb his nose at international condemnation, unlawfully utilize government resources, anything and any means, to underline his utter subservience to the powers that be. He licks their arse and they caress his, but he needs them more than they need him.

  10. Geoff Andrews

    I’m concerned that you say:
    “Oh you people at AIMN are so very naughty! Poor Scummo has much more important things on his mind than Kyoto Agreements entered into by previous governments expecting that future PMs would honour the treaty.”

    I get the feeling that you’re joking; being whimsical; having a lend; tongue-in-cheek. This is dangerous.
    To avoid a nasty reaction, please indicate with an emoji or line drawing to make it perfectly clear that you’re not a troll.

  11. The AIM Network

    Geoff, NEC was most certainly being cheeky. 🙂

  12. Harry Lime

    There was the Liar this morning at the year’s last waltz of the party room ,extolling himself and his garbage dumpster full of fellow grifters and charlatans as being ‘a government of selflessness’.This arsehole is dangerously fucked in the head.There’s still sixteen days before Christmas and many more export industries to destroy,I do hope he doesn’t waste the opportunity ,as he falls headlong down to the level of his ability.

  13. wam

    The aussie environment killers, lord, are land clearing and water management. They are now.
    The burning amazon and borneo are my second worry with the extinction of species, especially bees, next.
    The over arching aussie danger is the scummo lie that he has a plan.
    Trust me albo. I have a plan. Remember bipartisanship is not your input but your vote.
    Labor will vote for workchoice 2021.
    greenhouse gas, lord, greenhoue effect.

  14. paul walter

    And was that a proud display, yet again, from the Victorian government resuming logging in Gippsland despite expert advice to the contrary. The system is barbaric and feeds off barbarians who feed off it.

    Must we cling to 1970 when the calendar says 2020?

  15. Terence Mills

    They’re still at it !

    The Guardian reports that the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA) has launched a preliminary investigation of Nationals MP’s attendance and travel to Melbourne for a ‘Party room meeting’ to coincide with the 2019 Melbourne Cup with you know who picking up the travel and accommodation costs.

    “The expenses watchdog is investigating allegations that the Nationals deliberately scheduled a party room meeting to coincide with the Melbourne Cup so its MPs could attend the race at Flemington while billing taxpayers for their travel and expenses.”

    What surprises me is that they could ever consider a ‘Party room meeting’ as anything other than a Party expense. How in their wildest dreams could they consider this to be an expense that the public should front ?

  16. guest



    greenhouse gas, lord, greenhoue [sic] effect”

    What is your point? That there is only one greenhouse gas?

  17. Noel cashel

    All shonky political leaders should have a willing patsy like dildoe dutton to blame for all the cruel and vicious actions against those so dangerous children held as political hostages by a heartless government.

  18. Geoff Andrews

    The AIM Network(@5.51 yesterday)

    It’s OK for youse to throw in an emoji: NEC & I don’t know where to find the little bastards so everyone thinks we’re trolls, which reminds me of a couple of questions I’ve been meaning to pose for a year or two:
    1. Where DO I find emoji that I can use on this site and
    2. When I check the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email”, nothing happens. Is it because my computer is driven by steam or someone at your end hasn’t thrown a switch?

  19. Michael Taylor


    Those that use a phone or iPad to post comments have it easy when it comes to adding a smiley, but it’s not that simple on a computer. Here’s a link that shows you how to make a smiley:

    Using Smilies

    In regards to not receiving follow-up emails, that sounds like a WordPress problem. It’s one of those annoying things that we have to sit and wait until they fix the error.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Here’s a couple of other simple tricks:

    If you want to put anything in italics … place a * before and after the text.

    For bold put ** before and after the text.

  21. Geoff Andrews

    Whooooo!. Maybe one CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

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