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Party Policies on Koalas Revealed Ahead of NSW Election

Australian Alliance for Animals Media Release

Fate of Koalas Hangs in Balance as Party Policies Revealed Ahead of NSW Election.

The Australian Alliance for Animals has today released a series of policy scorecards revealing where parties and candidates stand on protecting koala habitat, ending puppy farms, and other key animal welfare issues ahead of the NSW state election.

Alliance for Animals Policy Director Dr Jed Goodfellow said the level of support received from the parties was promising.

“With so many critical issues on the line, this election could not be more consequential for animals.

“The plight of puppies intensively bred in inhumane conditions, millions of layers hens suffering in barren wire cages, and the very survival of our iconic koalas are all at stake.”

A total of seven parties including Labor, the Greens, Animal Justice Party, Sustainable Australia Party, the Socialist Alliance, Legalise Cannabis Party and the Informed Medical Options Party have expressed full or partial support for protecting koala habitat, banning puppy farms, phasing out battery cages for egg-laying hens, and establishing an independent Office of Animal Welfare.

Support was also strong among independent candidates with Alex Greenwich (Sydney), Joeline Hackman (Manly), Helen Conway (North Shore), and Jacqui Scruby (Pittwater) all supporting the Alliance’s key policy reforms.

“While the Coalition has not committed to our policies, the Government did make a record $40 million funding commitment for animal welfare law enforcement and rehoming services, so it is really clear that animal welfare is high on the agenda this election,” Dr Goodfellow said.

“Labor’s promise to establish an independent Office of Animal Welfare is also really significant as it forms a core part of the Alliance’s #FairGoForAnimals reform framework.

“Recent polling indicates that NSW voters care deeply about animal welfare and are hungry for information about where their local candidates sit on these important issues.

“Together with our core members, we’ll ensure the scorecards reach as many people in NSW as possible.

“Ultimately, this is about who is willing to commit to raising the bar for animal welfare, and parties shouldn’t underestimate how important this will be to voters on election day.”

Responses have been summarised in one state-wide and 12 electorate-specific scorecards, including key seats of Penrith, Ryde, Manly, North Shore, Leppington, Parramatta, Ballina, East Hills, Heathcote, Lismore, Londonderry and Pittwater.

The Alliance is encouraging constituents to contact their local candidates about their positions in a bid to secure stronger animal welfare commitments right up until election day.

Authorised by Jed Goodfellow on behalf of the Australian Alliance for Animals, 2 Paddington Street, Paddington, NSW 2021.

About the Australian Alliance for Animals:

The Australian Alliance for Animals is a national charity leading a strategic alliance of Australia’s key animal protection organisations with a combined supporter base of over 2 million people. Core members include Animals Australia, Humane Society International Australia, World Animal Protection Australia, Compassion in World Farming, FOUR PAWS Australia, and Voiceless, the animal protection institute. Website: Australian Alliance for Animals.

The scorecards and further background information are available on the Australian Alliance for Animals’ website. They have been prepared to raise awareness of the interests of animals and prevent animal suffering by summarising the position of political parties and candidates on the key animal welfare policy issues relevant to the charitable purposes of the Australian Alliance for Animals. The Alliance does not promote or oppose political parties or direct people how to vote.


Australian Alliance for Animals NSW Animal Welfare Policy Scorecard 2023


National polling conducted by Roy Morgan Research in March last year found that:

  • 98% of Australians consider animal welfare to be important
  • 94% support laws that ensure animals are provided with a good quality of life
  • 97% support laws that ensure animals are protected from cruel treatment
  • 80% support government doing more to protect animal welfare
  • 82% support a national government fund to help farmers improve animal welfare practices
  • 74% support the creation of an independent body to oversee animal welfare
  • 85% support animal welfare laws reflecting community expectations and best-available science.

Key facts:

  • Australian Alliance for Animals has released a series of policy scorecards outlining party and candidate positions on animal welfare ahead of the NSW election.
  • Seven parties have expressed full or partial support for protecting koala habitat, banning puppy farms, etc.
  • Labor has committed to establishing an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.
  • Coalition haven’t committed to the Alliance’s policies, but have made a record $40 million funding commitment to animal welfare.


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