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Opportunity lost: Trump’s presidency

By Matthew Synnott

Could there be anyone caught surprised that Donald Trump would be the sore loser that he has shown himself to be? We hear about millennials and the entitled generation, well Trump takes the trait to Stratosphere levels that no millennial could challenge. While we are at it, his ego is up there as well. It matters not that commentators – many of whom were avid supporters have, now that he is on the cusp of being sacked from the office that he would regard as the most coveted, valued and precious – have now turned on him, no doubt disturbed, disappointed, disgusted even that this pathetic human has revealed he is possessed of most if not all of the worst traits of character it is possible to reside in just one individual.

I believe that his decision to run for the office of POTUS was not about “Making America Great Again,” but more about making Trump greater. It was going to be just another conquest, another notch on the bed head, more confirmation that he was not just a highly successful business man but a statesman as well. This would assure him a place in the history pages of the U.S. not just as a wealthy and successful self-made businessman – hell such people are as common as flies – but as the one who had achieved all the things he said he would and so much more than any of his predecessors. It matters not that the reality is very different, his self-belief is all that matters, commentators who have the temerity to disagree even question his claims and assertions are heretics, purveyors of “Fake News.”

I have struggled to find a redeeming quality I can attach to this man and I use the term advisedly, I am no closer to finding any, any man who is so bankrupt of human decency is unworthy of that title. It bears a responsibility to live a life beyond the selfish gene we all have and while it is necessary for survival, it should not become so dominant that it extinguishes our instinct to be the social creatures that we have evolved to be. I have no professional training/experience but my inclination as a lay observer is that the subject is a pathological liar combined with a paranoid psychopath, and throw in narcissist all at the extreme high end of the curve. He is such a loose cannon that he is a danger, not just his countrymen and women, but the world through his denial of climate change science. He seems so deluded that he believes his handling of the pandemic is world-class. Doing an Admiral Lord Nelson or he is in a parallel universe.

It concentrates the mind to think what might have happened during the Cold War years had Trump been POTUS then. He would have held the launch codes for the missile defence system. Those of us now in our senior years were familiar with the terms, “Arms Race, 100 Megaton Bombs/ICBMs, MAD.”

The one chance the subject had to redeem some grace and dignity, to accept that his chance to win a successive second term is lost. Condemned felons have accepted their fate with impending death with greater courage and dignity than he will ever know. Victory is a showcase of talent, defeat is a showcase of character (unknown author), no point explaining this to the subject, the only quote he gets is; “winners are grinners, losers always lose” and that is what will really hurt him. He can say what he likes, history will record that in 2020 he lost by a not inconsiderable margin and that he resorted to all the dirty tricks he could invent to manipulate the system by falsely asserting illegality and dishonesty in the postal service, the electoral service, the Democrat States, the legal system, even the party that gave him oxygen in the first place, the Republican Party, conspiracists all of them.

I predict this spoilt brat, when his only option is to take his bat and ball and wander home alone, that he will boycott the Inauguration ceremony next January. He will go to his grave proclaiming he won the election but it was stolen from him thus attending the ceremony would only legitimise the illegal acts that resulted in the injustice. And that will plague him forever. The President-elect and his Vice President-elect should not be troubled by any immature action by this aberration, it reflects not badly on them only on the ignominious ex-POTUS. The truth is that he was never going to be equal to the task he was assigned and trusted to do four years ago. His ego was such that he believed that only his ideas were worthy of being exercised, when confronted with advisers who held differing views, he found reasons to dismiss them. As the smartest person in the room, correction, the world, he didn`t need to consult experts.



The incoming administration has its job cut out restoring faith in the process and in the nation`s leader to repair the damage reaped by four years of inglorious damnable conduct.

The Republican Party also has some fence-building to do. The lights in the party room need to be burning late into many nights analysing the last four years; what worked, what didn’t and what needs to happen to ensure the Democrats only get one term (when Biden is likely to hand the baton on to his Vice President for 2024). Should their outgoing fellow decide he wants another tilt, do they support him or send him on gardening leave, or do they quietly hope that the agony of loss will fry his addled brain completely? Time will tell. Maybe he will retire to his golf courses, sorry, country clubs. Memo to anyone competing with the club owner; let him win, he doesn’t like losing … in case that fact eluded you.


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  1. josephus

    Trump is not alone, eg leaders in the UK and Russia, spoilt egomaniacs . All pollies should be screened by brave and fearless psychiatrists…and none should control armed force of any kind . Dreams…

  2. Andrew J. Smith

    The Republicans are not alone amongst nominally conservative parties globally catering to above median age demographics on social issues, patriotism and religious ‘values’, while maintaining their minimum retirement income; power is used to implement libertarian economic policies (while ring fencing or protecting older voters).

    The issue with changing demographics, couched often in terms of undefined immigration and/or population growth, is that the world is getting older, browner and oldies out numbering young people yet the latter are expected to carry the can in future for those wanting power now.

    This includes kicking the can down the road on environmental protections, not reining in fossil fuels, decreasing services/support described as ‘welfare’ e.g. nobbling of unemployment and/or disability income then demanding tax decreases, authoritarianism demanding obedience, voting suppression, religion put above society and influencing politics, opacity in politics and biased nativist/conservative media has become part of the picture.

    Assume the powers that be are hoping that emerging generations are easily deflected via media strategy of ‘amusing people to death’ (Postman).

  3. Cool Pete

    Trump reminds me of Hitler in January, 1945. He was raving about using resources he didn’t have and troops that didn’t exist to take a stand against the invading Allied Forces. And of a scene from War and Remembrance, where an actor playing Hitler yelled, “The war is lost! Lost! Lost! Lost!” Trump has to accept that his Presidency is over. As for what the Republican Party needs to do, well, going back to the drawing board would be a start. Along with never having a nationalistic candidate for president, again, and leaving Row vs Wade alone. A true, mature patriot loves their country, but not to the exclusion of others and not in a xenophobic manner.

  4. Johnstanio

    Outgoing presidents have never typically attended the inauguration of their successor. While former presidents may attend the president leaving office gets symbolically whisked off into retirement to demonstrate the transfer of power. Being typically unconventional and looking for headlines what will Trump do? Be dragged from the White House by the secret service or try to crash the inauguration ceremony? In this world neither would be surprising any more…

  5. Kathryn

    The ONLY thing the dummy-spitting, megalomaniacal, narcissistic psychopath, Trump, has managed to do with any element of success is to “MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN”. The fact that Scott Morrison aligns himself with Trump and presented himself as an obsequious, fawning little lapdog to Trump when he visited America, says a LOT about Morrison – none of it good!

    Trump, Morrison and the unmade bed, Boris Johnson, are all dangerous, short-sighted right-wing extremists. Trump and Morrison – in particular – rule by division, ramped-up hate speech, racism, relentless misogyny, fear and hatred.

    Trump is absolutely incompetent and a mad, bad and dangerous sociopath. The fact that his own niece stated that every single man in the Trump family is malignantly toxic says a LOT about the poisonous Trump family. What can you say about a president who has such open contempt for women that when he was walking down the steps of a plane, he bragged about being so powerful he was able to “grab pussies” as often as he wanted! Absolutely disgusting and evident that, under ANY condition, this horrific, self-serving and totally corrupt misogynist would NEVER serve anyone but himself and is a totally unsuitable candidate to be in ANY political position let alone president. The fact that Trump is desperate to set up his own toxic family as a political DYNASTY in America is terrifying considering that his repugnant sons are equally corrupt and self-serving. Photos of Donny Jnr taken with a rifle over his shoulder next to the carcasses of elephants, giraffe and other beautiful creatures that he has slaughtered, indicate what a totally offensive grub Donny Jnr really is. Like his father, not one iota of respect for another living creature but himself!

    The only thing as bad as Trump are the type of gun-toting, uneducated, flag-waving idiots who support him! They are so indescribably stupid, it beggars belief.

  6. wam

    A great read, Matthew,
    He sees himself as “As the smartest person in the room, correction, the world, he didn`t need to consult experts.” listening to snippets of his vocal tweets and watching his behaviour methinks we could add the greatest in history.
    He was the first to step into north Korea and proffered his ‘love’ for Kim and he can claim credit for anything like record dow jones figures, vaccines and so many that a read of his false claims will result in a stiff neck from head shaking at his fact twisting ‘beliefs’.
    To this lay economist the TPP was to reduce china’s influence in the pacific and he killed it. It has been replaced by the RCEP with china replacing the septics?? Wonder if trump is aware of anything outside of home??
    As usual shakespeare fits the bill:
    a comedy of errors for 4 years with ‘much ado about nothing’

    The danger is can he stir the heavily armed 70m people plus families into action??

    How will he be remembered in our family?
    As the finest fool to be elected in history and the man Americans deserved.

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    Many commentators have assigned many myriad of motives to Trump’s behaviour and style, the most dismissive being that he was a dumbass who didn’t know what he was doing or whether he was being manipulated by others. In my mind, Trump knew what he wanted and how he wanted it and what would to do get to get what he wanted.

    He is no dumbass, but a cold calculating evil sob, who understood his base, and coming from a realty TV environment and with the help of public relations and marketing people, he very deliberately corrupted the system, starting with the cowards in the GOP, who were willing accomplices to circumvent the law and constitution, while thumbing his nose at all the conventions that Americans revered, with no protests from those that supported him. Calling dead servicemen suckers and losers, ignoring the bounty his chum, Putin put on the heads of American servicemen in Afghanistan, never releasing his tax returns, mocking disabled people, cheating on all his 3 wives, the last, shortly after she had given birth to his son, consorting with porn stars and always, always prepared to throw anyone including his close collaborators and helpers, under the bus to prevent them taking a stand against him.

    His disdain for his base and his complete and utter lack of sympathy or empathy for all the victims of the pandemic who paid the ultimate price for his negligence and denials, will be a stain, time will not erase.

    He will be remembered for all these dark deeds, and will probably end up being the worst president ever to occupy the WH. America would do well never to forget either him or his sleazy family or his enablers and cronies, only to stop it happening again.

  8. DrakeN

    The majority of citizens of the USA need to be reminded or/and educated in the reality that they are living on lands stolen from the indigenous peoples by deceit, murder and attempted genocide.
    They also need to be taught that the people who promote “The American Dream” do so to benefit themselves at the expense of the general population who are conned into believing that it might be real.
    As ever – “Bulshit Baffles Brains”.

  9. guest

    It seems we can all list the personality faults of Donald J, Trump. Even right wing media here in Oz can do it perfectly well.

    At the same time this same right wing media can claim great qualities and successes for Trump in his policies and actions, as if all Trump’s personal qualities are excused or reconciled by his achievements as President, not only in America itself, but in contentious and troubled parts of the world.

    They list economic development, rising employment numbers among certain ethnic groups, protection of borders, reduction of carbon emissions…and the supposedly brilliant success of coming second in a two-horse race. We are told how so many groups have been up-lifted by Trump.

    But there are some claims which are rather questionable, sometimes partly achieved and sometimes not. That the corona virus, for example, in the US was disappearing soon was denied by the numbers.

    That kind of contradictory right wing promotion of Trump is stomach-churning.

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