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An Open Complaint to the ABC

Dear ABC

I would like to make a complaint about numerous journalists over the past two days using the phrase ‘Mediscare campaign’. As a supporter of Australia’s universal healthcare system, who has watched the Liberal government first under Abbott and now under Turnbull chip away and chip away at Medicare in their ideological quest to turn it into a user-pays healthcare system, and who has been aghast at secret plans to privatise a little bit here and there and no doubt a slippery slope to turning the whole thing into a profit-centre, I do not appreciate your journalists’ inference that Labor’s campaign to ensure voters are aware of the Liberal government’s Medicare policies is nothing more than a ‘scare campaign’.

We all know what scare campaigns are. They are fact-less, politically opportune, cynical attempts to use fear to win votes. By calling the ‘let’s save Medicare’ campaign a ‘Mediscare campaign’, not only are you overstepping the line between reporting the news and editorialising in favour of the Liberal government, you are also undermining your very important job of providing voters with a true assessment of the facts this election.

The Labor Party has every right to tell voters what a Liberal government plans to do to Medicare and has every right to point out that the Liberal Party has always been an enemy of Medicare. Last election, the Liberals campaigned on a promise of ‘no cuts to health’, a lie blatantly exposed in the 2014 budget when the GP co-payment was sprung on us. Since you won’t do your jobs and tell voters the facts, and instead you write-off Labor’s campaign to protect Medicare as nothing more than a scare campaign, I am making this official complaint about your conduct.

I also note that you never came up with some pithy little slogan or catch phrase to undermine the Liberal Opposition’s un-factual scare campaign about the mining tax, or the Carbon Price. Nor have you mentioned the current Liberal scare campaign which accuses Labor of ‘putting people smugglers back in business’. You seem to spend all your energy trying to trick politicians into gotcha-moments and would like to think of yourselves as players in the political system, rather than doing your jobs and just reporting what is really going on.

There is little credibility left in your organisation. Each time one of you says ‘Mediscare’, you get closer and closer to the zero mark.

I look forward to a response.

Victoria Rollison

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  1. Dee

    Well done, Victoria! They got a complaint from me as well. Never has the ABC so blatantly taken sides in an election campaign. They’d better do a good job on Malcolm or they’ve lost credibility with a large number of Australians. If the polls are right, at least 50% of Australians are smart enough to support the left despite the fact that not one single media organisation has been fair or balanced. I wonder how many of these biased reporters are swayed by the threat to negative gearing and their own personal interests. The level of bias in Leigh Sales interview has just left me gobsmacked.

  2. Freethinker

    I 100% share your views and I would like to see if there is some way in which we can add signatures to your letter. I like to put mine bellow yours.
    Thank you

  3. Trish Corry

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! The ABC anti-Labor bias has become increasingly evident over the past month. I am disgusted and appalled at their ‘journalism’ of late. Even earlier today on ABC Radio the lead in was “Bill Shorten has conceded that the Liberals do not have a policy to privatise Medicare.” If this keeps going, we won’t be having breakfast with Virginia and Michael, instead it will be breakfast with Miranda and Andrew. They have a responsibility as the National Broadcaster to report facts, not sensationalism.

  4. babyjewels10

    Very disappointing though not unexpected, of the ABC. There are Liberal/Murdoch plants just about everywhere now so whatever the election result, the LNP agenda will just continue.

  5. jimhaz

    Bill Shorten did a piss poor job of explaining the medicare issue in my view.

    Conservative plants- might get worse

    “In January 2015, Chris Uhlmann was appointed in a newly created position as ABC News political editor

    Uhlmann unsuccessfully contested the ACT 1998 general election for the electorate of Molonglo with the Osborne Independent Group. The conservative group was named after Paul Osborne, who was strongly pro-life and advocated blocking both euthanasia legislation and any attempt to decriminalise abortion”

    and they forced QandA to move into the area most controlled by conservatives – news.

  6. Jaquix

    Agree Victoria. The Libs have done nothing BUT do scare campaigns, starting with the perennial old furphy about the mess that they “inherited from Labor”. Turnbull “same old Labor”. The “Labor Green chaos” ad nauseum. Yet the media let them get away with it! The reporters also keep repeating these type of phrases as if they were fact, not just Lib Lies. You really do despair when you see The Australian full of pro-Coalition (not necessarily Turnbull though!) and against-Labor or Greens or Independents. A generation of this pap has filtered down to the masses – many of whom lap it up without applying any critical thinking of their own. The front page of the Daily Telegraph today was an absolute disgrace. Turnbull has obviously meddled with the ABC and they are either scared for their jobs, or they have “conservative” leanings themselves. Greg Jennet is one who comes to mind. Many others. Bill Shorten and Labor are doing very well to cut through this by plodding along with their positive message, but there’s none so deaf as those who cannot hear ….. Victoria perhaps you could set up a petition (quick!) so we can get some traction before end of next week.

  7. Freethinker

    jimhaz, I agree with you in how Bill explained the issue.
    IMO the best way to tell the electorate and remind the journalists what it is the agenda and ideology of the Liberal party is just by tell facts and the history.
    Gough introduce Medibank and was destroyed by Fraser.
    Hawk introduced the Medicare and from the beginning was opposed by the liberals and once Howard was in power he started introducing policies to make Medicare weaker.
    Abbott and Turnbull are continuing with polices like outsource administration to make Medicare weaker with the purpose to make it useless forcing people join private health insurance providers.
    At the end Medicare will be sold with not much opposition because people left it.

  8. MichaelW

    The ABC has an ex Murdoch employee running the joint. What else would you expect?

  9. johnlward010

    Prime Minister Turnbull claims he has taken $1billion from the CEFC
    A further $ 1bn will be ‘drawn ‘ from the “Green Bank ” to Clean up the Barrier Reef, a $100 million to Steel works in Whyalla SA, today He has dedicated a further $1bn to Better Cities from the CEFC.
    The offence of fraud against the Criminal Code, i.e. directing misapplication of monies. Section 49(2) (a) of the crimes and misconduct Act 2001.
    Evidence of the misleading and deceptive behavior of ministers of the crown including the Prime Minister.

    Let’s consider again, the law of the land; the limits the CEFC Act 2012 imposes on the responsible Minister’s mandate.

    Section 65: The responsible Ministers must not give a direction under subsection 64(1):

    (a) that has the purpose, or has or is likely to have the effect, of directly or indirectly requiring the Board to, or not to, make a particular investment; or

    (b) that is inconsistent with this Act (including the object of this Act).

    My question is, regarding Misfeasance:

    Knowing this, how can the Prime Minister continue to use the Clean Energy Finance Corporation
    funds as a Slush fund for his election. When his “access” to these Funds are to product of Misfeasance? Is the Prime Minister accessory after the Crime?

    John Ward
    20 Grosse Road
    Gordon, Tasmania
    03 62921211

  10. guest

    Mediscare? The plain facts are that the Coalition has been attacking Medicare for years. Abbott was against Medicare and it is on the agenda of the IPA for privatisation. What is also really scary is that there are some in the Coalition who want Abbott back on the front bench.

    And another scary thing is the Coalition’s own scare campaign. It claims to have stopped the boats (well, nearly) but it has not stopped the rape, trauma and deaths on Manus (illegal) and Nauru. They have no exit plan.

    But it does raise the matter of what Labor would do if they were to win government. What would its exit plan be? And would it require cooperation with some other members of the Parliament? To merely imitate the Coalition’s policy would destroy any credibility for Labor’s claim to be the party for people.

    It would be interesting to see what a plebiscite on immigration would produce in Oz. Is it too late?

  11. Rose

    Well done Victotia! Your letter was spot on. I’ve already said that after election ABC will not exist for me anymore. ABC have become worse than MSM, because they’re on the election campaign. When Labor is doing a presser, they cut them short or attack them with Libs spin. ABC have all RWNJ helping Liberals win election.
    ABC could be trusted in reporting the truth…but not now, they will spin the truth like a washing machine!

  12. shazlac

    Spot on Victoria, I am so angry with ABC news and 7:30. So blatantly biased, no problems with biased when it’s on the right of politics. I remember when they were accused of left bias and were proven to be impartial. Not so anymore, they are batting for the “home team”.

  13. helvityni

    I have written about ABC’s anti-Labor bias here, but also when commenting on The Drum. I was pleased that they at least put my posts of complaints up. It has been very obvious during this long election campaign, maybe the reason for this is the new Managing Director…maybe they want to please Mr Turnbull.

  14. jim

    Put my name on the complaint as well Victoria, Bill did a great job again on 7.30 concidering the biased of Sales, she asks what makes you say the LNP have a plan to privatize medicare Bill replied $5 million tax payer money to privatize the payment system.HELLO $5million of our money to privatize the medicare payment system HELLO.Just saying at the recent press conference that Chris Uhlmann asked a question about Labors spending (surprise surprise) on asking the question he said like “are you Labor going to spend like you did last time you were in adding “and you done lots of that” ie spending. Liberal stooge or what,this is really pissing me off so much for our democracy and so much for “our”ABC. Shame on you ABC. Complain here….….

  15. Brad

    I’ve also left a complaint. The frustration at listening to bias brought about by abbott/LNP bully boy tactics has led me to almost completely avoid the 7.30 report, a programme I would usually watch.

  16. Jack Russell

    I was around for Labor’s first universal health care system, and its subsequent destruction by the Liberals.

    I was around for Labor’s reintroduction of our second universal health care system.

    I’m still here, watching the Liberal’s second attempt to destroy that too.

    There’s incontrovertable documentary proof that they ARE doing it.

    Why do Labor not produce that evidence – and shove it in their faces the next time they deny it?!

  17. Anomander

    If Medicare is a scare campaign what was the Budget Emergency that seems to have evaporated, despite them adding billions to our debt and now wanting to squander another $160 million just to assuage a few religious extremists?

  18. Anomander

    If the ALP want a tactic – all they need do it pull out the IPA’s list and tick-off all the things the Libs have destroyed, as per direction from the IPA.

  19. whatismore

    The conservatism of the ABC started during Howard’s period when he stacked the board with extreme right wingers, Albrechsten, Windshuttle and Kroger, the most well known . With the appointment of Mark Scott, former Liberal staffer, the transformation was almost complete with the appointment of conservatives to host many of the current affair programs.

  20. Miriam English

    Good on you Victoria. I don’t watch ABC news programs. They have become almost as bent as the rest of the mainstream media. How very sad that the LNP conservative creeps have found how to infiltrate and take over our wonderful ABC.

  21. David1

    Well written Victoria and good luck getting a positive response. I hope you have more success than I ever did. I have also been consistent on Twitter praising Ms Sales at ABC730 when she does in my opinion a good interview and more often these last few months criticising the bad.
    I have decided to desist as it is a waste of time, she is more blatant than ever and I don’t wish to be accused of deliberately running a personal vendetta against the woman despite her poor performances. If ABC management are not prepared to act, for mine it is time to move on fighting Torys these next 8 days.
    I believe Labor is closer to a majority than many care to say and the angst has been turned up several notches by their enemies. They are obviously concerned.

  22. Michael

    Thank you Victoria – what a pity/shame – the equilibrium is lost – divide and rule.

    What can one expect – it’s the LNP way all the way – should not be a surprise – the rot “cleverly” injected at the top – professionaltitutes – servants to ideology with our money! = heavy, darkness.

    Why do we set up a commission to NOT serve ALL citizens? – the circle of democracy is not complete!

    But there is possibility of refreshing brightness on 2 July.

  23. Miriam English

    If Labor do get in, they need to do a clean sweep of our mainstream media.

    Take Murdoch’s licenses away, fire all the right-wingers in the ABC, and impose a strict rule of no party-political appointees to the ABC; that it be kept independent of all political parties and operate in the interests of the people. And put laws in place to make sure future governments can’t tamper with its funds or its employees.

  24. Freethinker

    I have sent a letter to ABC expressing my concerns, specially about the way that Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann conduct themselves.
    I like to see if Leigh Sales will ask Malcolm Turnbull the questions in the same tone that she have done to Bill Shorten.

  25. Carol Taylor

    Freethinker, if anyone at the ABC dared question Turnbull using the same tone..then heads would roll or threats regarding funding or the threat to close down the ABC entirely. Remember when Turnbull stood up to those threats, vowing to support the independence of the ABC. I wonder how many would now trust him to keep his word.

  26. Freethinker

    If any of the journalists do not do that they will lost all the respect. If the heads roll, all the journalists should join forces publish an open letter and take legal action against for unfair dismissal.
    They will have the support of the population and heads will roll at the top.
    Just need guts and self respect, that it is all and what lack our PM.

  27. Judith W

    And I have yet to hear any journalist call the pm or any other LNP coalition politicians to task on the labor/greens coalition furphy.

  28. amarkone

    I’m afraid I am a bit over Leigh Sales, I don’t mind her questioning either side of politics with what ever questions she likes but her pompous smart arse attitude is starting to grind a bit and I hope she doesn’t cry foul when somebody eventually puts her in her place as a journalist presenter not an arbiter of what should be (remember Hawke and Carlton). I rather like it when Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull are presented with quality questioning because Bill seems to shine but the ‘slogan’ comments by journos tends to categorize them [presenters] as air heads in my mind.

  29. Carol Taylor

    Freethinker, usually with the Libs it’s death by a thousand cuts…

  30. jim

    Th Liberals with their IPA really do hate our ABC……

    Confidential documents from the Heartland Institute reveal how wealthy individuals have actively promoted the campaign to attack the credibility of the world’s top climate scientists and create the impression that there is a controversy about the main propositions of global warming science…..

  31. Carol Taylor

    Victoria, I agree absolutely that all that journalists seem interested in is the ‘gotcha’ – interested in trying to get politicians to pad out their policies with some specifics? Ask politicians about possible consequences of their action or inaction? Of course not. Instead, when LNP policies (or lack thereof) appear to be failing mostly due to boredom concerning their 3-word slogans, then out comes the dirt machine.

  32. Shogan

    Last Tuesday night I posted the following on various Facebook pages I follow…

    On ABC 891 Drive on Tuesday arvo, political commentator & columnist for The Australian, Christian Kerr said Turnbull’s appearance on QandA was by far his best performance of the campaign & showed the real Malcolm Turnbull…of course he would say that being a former political staffer for Liberal politicians Robert Hill, Amanda Vandstone & SA Liberal Premier John Olsen…

    He is also a columnist for the Australian conservative think-tank Institute of Public Affairs Review; a contributing editor to the Australian edition of The Spectator; and a regular guest on ABC Radio National’s Late Night Live with Philip Adams, ABC News Radio, Sky News Australia, ABC Television News Breakfast, ABC News Radio and radio stations 774, 2GB and 5AA. Kerr has also been a guest on the BBC World Service, Radio New Zealand and Al Jazeera and commercial and ABC radio in all Australian capital cities, as well as regional centres…

    Talk about the Liberalisation of the ABC!!!

    I sent the following SMS message which was read out on radio, “Turnbull was pathetic & got a free run from Tony Jones – Neil from Swan Reach.”

    I have also sent an email to the presenter, will be interesting to see if I get a reply…:)

    This is the email I sent last Tuesday night, I ticked the box requesting a reply, but as of now, Friday at 6.15pm, not even a whisper…

    Hello Ian,

    I have to ask, did either you or Christian Kerr actually watch QandA on Monday night?

    For Kerr to be so enthused to comment that it was Turnbull’s best performance so far in the campaign & showed the REAL Malcolm Turnbull either beggars belief or his political persuasion is showing as it was nothing like I saw on QandA on Monday night.

    Here are a couple of articles that give a much more accurate assessment of the PM’s performance & the second one is actually from which does seem out of character…

    Honestly, if you’re going to continue having such a biased political commentator on your Drive Show, then I think you should also have a commentator from the other side of the political spectrum to give some balance.


    Neil Hogan.

    (I left my email address & both home & mobile phone numbers, but as yet, no response.)

  33. my say

    Everyone knew that the Media were going to kill Bill when the opinion polls came out with Labor leading the coalition,
    We were expecting the lies and smears to come from the Murdoch gutter press not our
    ABC ,we the public own the ABC not the murdoch hate rag and expect honest reporting about both sides of politics,
    Leigh Sales showed her true colours last and should be sacked ,
    Has Sales questioned Turnbull about the scare tactics made by the government which got them into power,
    Can the letter written to the ABC be put out there for people to add there name at the

  34. jim

    The destruction of Medicare is the end-game for vested interests like PHI. The Coalition is facilitating that process with a $11 b pa subsidy despite what Malcolm Turnbull tells us.

    A white elephant in the room eh?

  35. jim

    IMO the Liberal/IPA think that it is fair game to try to dominate/overbear staff at our ABC maybe the only thing to set the score right is to have a riot unfortunately .

  36. Max Gross

    Years of threats, slander and funding cuts have left the ABC castrated and cowed. When IPA apparatchiks and other extremist views are given “equal time” then you know Auntie is on her knees too weak to speak truth to power. And that is precisely where “the Turnbull Coalition” wants her!

  37. Freethinker

    Tonight Sales was full of smiles with Turnbull. Disgusting bias behavior. She should treat all equal.

  38. Wayne Turner

    100% spot on.

    ABC = Also Biased Crap.

    They are campaigning for the Libs again.

    When Labor get in next.We need to get the ABC back,and away from the Murdoch and IPA influence.

    We need a truly independent ABC back.

  39. helvityni

    Started watching Leigh Sales interview Turnbull tonight; the tone of the questioning was friendly, smiles all around, no interruptions, no harassment like last night with Shorten, I could not watch it to the end.

    I’m disgusted…

  40. Freethinker

    Guys, we are quite few here, how many have sent a tweet to her expressing your views?
    I sent mine
    A tweet to ABC will be OK as well

  41. totaram

    Unfortunately, Labor is partly to blame. In the six years they were in power, did they remove even one of these neo-liberal ideological warriors from their positions of power? No. Every time the coalition comes in they stack all these organisations with their puppets. When Labor comes in they are all very nice and polite and do nothing, to remove these vermin. The result is what you see, especially with a little bit of extra “incentive” from budget cuts and “efficiency dividends” that are required. Why do we stand by and let all this happen? When they do it , it is all very proper. When Labor does it, it is immediately labelled as class- warfare. Well, class warfare is what it is and let us just get on with it!

  42. paul walter

    Victoria Rollison, thank you. Since the advent of the new boss that replaced Scott, the ABC have gone from mere conservatism with some deference to rationality to a tv version of the Telegraph.

    Even Media Watch has failed, nagging at one of the few recent broadsheet Drum episodes, on the hate killing at Orlando correctly identified as that rather than Terrierism and then, Latteline’s Jones misrepresenting Labor’s Medicare critique, described by the sleek, fat, smug and complacent host as “Labor’s fear campaign”.

    Welcome to the new world order and welcome to scab central at Ultimo.

  43. paul walter

    Totaram, agree. In the first few weeks of Rudd, the chance came to repudiate Maurice Newman and Labor ran from it like rabbits; for fear of offending the IPA set.

  44. wam

    uhlmann checked with the rabbott before taking the 730 job. Sales caught the rabbott with the ‘have you read the report’ since then the ABC has taken enormous pains not to show labor in a positive light.
    Consistently interrupting and using ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ questions for labor and for the libs just one question ‘would you like to talk whilst I listen’.
    In my town the ABC announcers from 0600-2130 always referred to the gillard’s debt crisis(complete crap) and aped the rabbott and now the labor scare campaign,
    If brexit causes damage we will need labor but bill was not prepared and got stung. He has one week to shine has he the will or the guts and has labor the staff or the support needed?

  45. silkworm

    Watched Salesperson’s interview with Shorten with disgust. She rapidly rattled off a list of supposed Labor broken promises and asked Shorten why Labor should be trusted. Inserted amongst the false allegations was Gillard’s introducing a “carbon tax” when she said she wouldn’t. That is pure Liberal spin. Gillard never introduced a “carbon tax” but Salesperson, like many a Lib before her, was only too happy to repeat the lie. Shorten, unfortunately, was too weak or overwhelmed to stand up to her trickery.

  46. paul walter

    Same later on Brexit, the coverage there was so right wing.

  47. Jaquix

    Sabra Lane is 100% better at interviewing than Sales. She asks tough questions, but in a (deceptively?) Friendly way. Ive complained recently about definite bias and got unsatisfactory answer. Ruining my TV life, not being able to enjoy quality screen time !!

  48. Ken Hall

    As hard as Sales tried to embarrass Bill Shorten, he rose above it, he had his facts straight and kept cool, her repeated attempts to provoke him failed, instead he replied with more information than she could handle, Sales ended up looking like the biased uninformed slogan sprooker for the Libs. A two word slogan comes to mind, ” Sales Fails”

  49. helvityni

    Yes Ken, I was pleased to see that Shorten kept his cool, he even smiled, Sales failed.

  50. Kaye Lee

    My husband thinks the ABC is a lefty lovefest so I made him watch Sales’ interviews with Shorten on Thursday and Turnbull on Friday. Even my darling but politically deluded husband was disgusted by the difference in the interviews – one belligerent and dogmatic and reminiscent of Ray Hadley with her stupid insistence on “hand on heart” and her continual interrupting….the other smiling and simpering and apologetic. At one stage in the Turnbull interview hubby said “Oh jesus, she is even batting her eyelashes at him.”

  51. helvityni

    Kaye, I remember a previous Abbott/Sales interview, where Leigh offered the dry-lipped (too much lip-smacking ?) Tony a glass of water…

  52. jantonius

    It is mere legend that the ABC was ever largely ‘progressive’.
    People have this totally false impression of it once being impartial by tradition. This is not supported by any consistent facts.
    It was not Maurice Screwloose. It was not Mark Scott. It was not John Howard. It was – and is – the ABC. That Sales dumbo is par for the course.

    Independently-minded Investigative journos have been the exception, not the rule; certainly among those who do the employing, and sacking. Just look at that woeful mouthpiece for management, so-called Media Watch. The items they have brought up about the ABC have been relatively slight and token compared to what has gone on there. Not one word said about the open scandal over Nick Ross and the NBN. Now, why not?
    With the very worthy exception of Stuart Littlemore, and perhaps Richard Ackland, those fronting the ‘show’ have been heavily compromised. The current bod proclaimed he voted for Abbott. What kind of incisive fair-minded intelligence could that be? Presumably just right for the job.
    One night ‘Media Watch’ indulged itself by sounding off about a pending murder appeal – dismissing concerns about the trial and conviction – impugning the appellant with misleading and ignorant comments. Days before the hearing. The appellant had his convictions quashed and he was released. Not one word of regret or concession by the ABC. Again brazen untruths and corrupted procedure to protect itself – i.e. MW.

    There have been some horrible things done to fair-minded, competent staff over the years; and outrageous lies broadcast with total support of management.
    For example, a RN broadcast interviewed a RWNJ, openly encouraged and supported the nasty fool as he claimed – and named – a distinguished academic as a ‘jihadist’. This totally false nonsense, a gross defamation, was supported by ABC management right up to Scott. Their responses were blatant lies, and their complaint process entirely crooked – as it has always been.

    They ran this scam that if a complainant was dissatisfied by the response, the matter could be further pursued by another tier of complaint review,’independent’ of the first. That was a total lie. Complaints dismissed by a particular person charged to the ‘duty’ – of dismissing serious complaints – went back to her. When the pretence was completely exposed, how did the ABC respond? They lied.

  53. hforward22

    Excellent Victoria. Couldn’t agree more on every point. Sick and tired of Leigh Sales, Chris Ullmann, Tony Jones and now even Sabra Lane spruiking for the Liberal government. Why? The Liberals are the ones cutting their funding, chipping away relentlessly to break up, commercialise and sell off the national broadcaster.
    Terrorism must be happening inside the ABC. Jobs on the line, is the only explanation for this shift from independence at the ABC.

  54. Jaquix

    Add Greg Jennet, and even the new young ones from regional areas, spouting the Liberal lines with practised ease. Terrorism within the ABC – like that line !

  55. Jaquix

    And while we’re at it, what about the Friends of the ABC ? Supposedly up in arms at funding cuts, yet their efforts at protest are very wishy washy.

  56. my say

    Leigh Sales is the reason i don’t watch 7,30 anymore ,i watched her introduction to Shorten,on F/B which was disgusting and biased,
    Did she introduce Turnbull as the Prime Minister who stabbed a first time PM in the back

  57. Miriam English

    Thanks Whatismore.
    Signed and posted to facebook in the hope of getting more signatures.

    Irritatingly, are now putting their “sign” button right at the bottom of the page, so I added a note pointing this out to people who might be interested in signing.

  58. Freethinker

    Thank you Whatismore, all members of the family signed it and shared in another forums.

  59. Osiris

    And yet the trolls of ABC love to whine about the ABC’s ‘lefty bias’, when in fact the opposite is true – more often than not.

  60. Andrew.

    Hi Victoria,
    I’m not sure if you are aware, but the Liberal party are actually advertising on your page. They ran their “Hands off the CFA” campaign in between paragraphs in your story about The ABC and their coverage of “Mediscare”.
    I just thought you would like to know about this, I hope you’re able to do something about it.

  61. Michael Taylor

    Hi Andrew, we’re getting ads from all the major political parties. The ads that appear are determined by the content in our articles and the search history of whoever is viewing the page. When it’s the latter, each person may see a different ad than somebody else.

  62. Wendy Fulwood

    The ABC radio programme AM has become so biased it’s not worth listening to and I have complained many times. On TV the Liberals get the most air time, the nicer images, and less voice overs. It’s sickening.

  63. shiner2348

    I just totally agree the ABC all of it will not change until Labor are back in POWER

  64. Baghead Kelly

    Well its the ‘labour hire’ company principle – Your free to write what you want but if we don’t like it your contract might not be continued.

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