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No comments!

Good morning.

We are hearing that people have not been able to leave comments on The AIMN since our site migration yesterday.

We thank those readers for letting us know.

The issue is due to an updated security system which appears to be a little over-zealous.

I’m hoping this can be corrected within a few hours.

Thank you for your patience.


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  1. John Boyd

    Is it working yet?

  2. The AIM Network

    All in working order again, John.

  3. pierre wilkinson


  4. Pete Petrass


  5. Harry Lime

    Are we allowed to say that the fucking jerk posing as prime minister is the most insulting sack of shit ever to backstab his way into our lives? Makes one long for the days of a common ,garden variety liar and arsehole like little Johnny Rotten…….or not.

  6. Michael Taylor

    Of course, Harry. It’s obligatory. 😀

  7. Florence Howarth

    The PM said yesterday, he has our back. Should we be scared?

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    Florence… I’d like to place my foot up his posterior.

  9. New England Cocky

    Uhm … the puta just ate my response … without a notice …

  10. Michael Taylor

    NEC, refer to my comment under the “Sameness” post.

  11. Jack Cade

    I wrote a comment under the ‘Covid-19’ thread which just disappeared.
    I said my wife is Chinese – from Nanjing – and her son rang the other day to say that a plane had landed in Nanjing airport and showed traces of Covid on luggage so they shut the entire city down and said they’d test all inhabitants – 9,300,000 of them- within 2 days, with results available in 3. He arrived home from work that evening and the road into his estate already had a table with testers at the entrance.
    Since I only watch and listen to the ABC News, with its now daily 10 minutes of anti-Chinese propaganda straight from Langley in every bulletin, I expressed scepticism at the comments, but on the Mother of All Talk Shows on Monday morning Dr Ranjeet Brar, a UK NHS specialist spokesman and regular commentator, confirmed that the Nanjing lockdown had occurred and the measures being taken.
    (My wife’s son got his and his wife and son’s result the following day).
    But we heard nothing about it in Australia…

  12. Michael Taylor

    That’s not good, Jack. Too many comments are disappearing – lost in the void. As noted elsewhere, this is one of the unfortunate consequences of changing servers. I’ll get someone to look into it a bit deeper nonetheless.

    One or two comments disappearing is explainable, but it seems a bit more widespread than we expected.

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