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  1. Gilly

    Security … Law … what rubbish! This all about those in power misusing Parliament to rule the electorate instead of governing for the people.

  2. Bronte ALLAN

    I agree Gilly! What a waste of millions (billions?) of dollars of “our” money on this inept, hair-brained attempt at trying to stop journalists, whistle blowers & us ‘”ordinary” folk from using our devices as we want to! So long as there is no child porn or paedophilia, or terrorist actions involved then, what do “they” have to worry about? Snooping on innocent peoples’ computer & other devices, activities?Just increase surveillance etc on known (or suspected) terrorists & their activities in Australia, & keep on arresting & stopping these scum bags who prey on children with their porn & depravity etc

  3. stephentardrew

    Spot on Gilly could not have said it better myself.

    The thing is to make these bastards naked in the light of day.

  4. Loz

    After Labour did not do anything to oppose this law ( or only agreed to cosmetic changes) I am extremely disappointed in Shorten. Labour would have had my vote but not now. The last thing we need is for this very secret government to have more power to hide their shameful acts.

  5. Phi

    The bipartisan support for this legislation proves the mendacity of both LNP and ALP. However it’s possible that this legislation will trigger the widespread rejection of the two party system since they are essentially working a tag team game at our expense – if significant rejection of both parties occurs then the legislation might have one redeeming feature.

    Once this Bill is in operation I will terminate my Telstra service. Don’t know how I’ll reconnect so as to avoid the data retention laws but I’ll be looking seriously at how best to stay connected but out of the data capture regime.

  6. Cleanlivin

    Steal a mobile phone, obtain a SIM under a false ID, and away you go, terrorist! No hope of identification!

  7. Annie B

    A very frightening, but spot on article — – – — and frightening comments here.

    Both ‘Phi’ and ‘Cleanlivin’ have said big mouthfuls. ( and not just because they are the last two I read before posting !!! ).

    On another post ” re Larry Pickering” – [ we all know THAT one ]…. a commenter made this statement – although I admittedly use it now, out of context :

    .. “Do you believe in free speech or censorship?”

    With this data-retention situation, free speech has gone, and a form of censorship ( willy-nilly-whenever ) will be applied. …. But it goes much further than just censorship – as outlined in this article.

    The following link is heavy going. … AND it is a wikipedia link, so is always subject to alterations …. but it gives some mind blowing facts about data retention and the VPN in particular. …. I haven’t had the heart (yet ) to research TOR or Darknet ( as mentioned in this excellent article ).

    As a matter of interest, I googled Andrew Broad – as he was mentioned in the article, and it read as him being the Deputy Prime Minister or having aspirations to that end – which currently is wrong – the Deputy PM is Warren Truss.

    But that’s beside the point.

    What was interesting, was when I googled Andrew Broad – and then found him on the Government website, I found I could ‘track’ him ( that is exactly how the link showed – – “Track” )… by registering ( which I did ) …. and ( allegedly ) any situation he is in, his whereabouts etc., his speeches, his interaction with peoples, et al …… will be forwarded to me. ….. Not that I am ultra interested btw. !!

    IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN !!! …. will they – or won’t they – honor this registration for info about Andrew Broad ?

    I have a small story to relate …. on the next post, and hopefully it is of interest :

  8. Michael Taylor

    I can’t for the life of me work out why Labor supports this.

    Bloggers and independent journalists are on notice. Can’t Labor see that bloggers and independent journalists are their best friends at the moment? Why on earth would they want to screw their friends like this?

    They are going to lose a lot of those friends over this.

  9. Matters Not

    can’t for the life of me work out why Labor supports this.

    I can. It’s out of ‘fear’. Lack of support for same might imply that they (Labor) can be painted as being soft on ‘terrorism’, ‘paedophilia’, corporate crooks and the like.

    Because (the fear) can be ‘sold’ as such, Labor/Shorten et al (believed) they were in danger of being ‘wedged’. They took the safe (political) option.

    No doubt they were very mindful of what happened to Kym Beazley

    Can’t Labor see that bloggers and independent journalists are their best friends at the moment?

    It’s possible that they are aware of same, but believed that the power of the MSM is perhaps far above what the ‘ferals’ offer?

    Sad. Very sad. But that’s how politics works these days.

  10. Annie B

    I have a Gmail account, simply because it can retain up to 15Gb of emails, sundry notifications and social media notifications, for as long as I might be OFF the computer. …. My home address ( which is with iprimus ) is NOT a holding site, and will either forward my emails to me – continuously when on line, but if I end up unable to log on-line for a week or two … once it reaches a specified amount of data download with iprimus, it will begin to bounce back emails sent to me that would make it all go over quota. …. We all most likely know about THAT.

    Gmail has several ‘saving’ options to choose – Primary (emails ), Social ( social media ), Notifications ( mostly advertisers ). I decided to ‘clean out’ my Gmail account last week, and deleted all references to the Notifications. …. which resulted in my Primary section rising to 2,321 emails ?????????? The Google beast transferred everything out of Notifications to my Primary section. Why ? … no doubt because they are paid by the proliferators ( advertisers ) of all kinds of goods and services – many of which I have never even heard of ??? and are obliged (?) to put them where I will see them. I certainly have NOT opted in to 99% of them.

    So – I set about unsubscribing to absolutely everything – even those few I had opted into or used in the past, and certainly to those I had never heard of before !! ….. . And then deleted the lot – took me about an hour+ to do.

    So what happens ? …. I am now getting into my Primary section, emails from spammers ( advertisers ) to replace those I have told to shove off. Delete and ubsubscribe is working overtime. To little avail I would think.

    The point I make is this – that we are ALL, already spammed, hacked ( to a degree – certainly Facebook is ), and receive things we don’t want – why ? … Because spammers and hackers are in full force for the commercial side of things already. …. Don’t kid yourselves about that one.

    I have an excellent Anti-Virus programme – one of the best. It stops in a nano-second, anything suspect that could damage or compromise my computer. Primarily for my home address inbox, and websites that are suspect. I also pay a tiny sum for a spam filter at iprimus and have Microsoft ‘Windows Defender’ free. So I have covered myself adequately – AS IT STANDS NOW. I also occasionally run Trend Micro scan, to further make absolutely sure.

    ….. coninued …..

  11. Gilly

    Oh well, I am going to try and keep them on their toes. Every time I log on the first task will be to Google and visit a full page of; “terrorist Handbook”, “Explosives”, “Sniper Rifle”: “Extremist”, “Anarchy” etc. etc. Then apply for a position as a data analyst with ASIO.

  12. csudholz

    Annie B. To clarify about MP Andrew Broad. He is the National’s member in one of safest seats in the nation. He is in his first term and a nobody backbencher right now (you are correct). However, chances are he will have his seat in Parliament for as long as he wants it. I also know him to be a very adept and aspiring young politician. So with time and desire on his side, I have no doubt he sees himself as leading his Party one day. Not now, but maybe ten or more years into the future. My problem with that is that I don’t believe my beloved regional Victoria can stand another decade of National Party policy laziness and political hubris.

  13. Annie B


    I do believe, that those who use their mobile phones continually, are more at risk than anyone. I have a Smartphone – ( forced on me, when my former provider sold out to Vodaphone )…. and it is paid for at minimal rates – for a reason. First – Smartphones ( being Android, therefore Google run ) – are subject to hacking, viruses and a variety of other nasties. I use a mobile phone for phone calls and texts only. … However, silly me, did allow the app to my Gmail account, which is now deplete and there are far fewer tingles and beeps from the damned thing. However, the more apps are used, the more it can cost. And it is what is called an ‘open-source’ operating system. ( look it up ).

    Unlike the Apple iPhone ( a much safer mobile – but which CAN be ‘mal-adjusted’ if Google comes into it ) …. Android simply means it is not an Apple product. ….. I am not here selling the idea of Apple, btw.

    ” Every time you save a number to the address book of your Android phone it will be synced to your Google Account.” … from …. this link is all pro-Android. Pffft.

    From a Grade 1 in primary school bod – as far as technology is concerned ( me ) , the wear-with-all is already in place for tracking – of anyone – for any reason. GPS alone gives all tracking of a persons’ activities, if accessed by the Police or whoever else is interested, or who can hack. And it also can be ‘read’ by family members. Any mobile number can be traced, if one has the know-how. …. And that’s so simple for those who are in the know – even now.

    So …. everything is already in place. …. this latest attack on our freedoms by this unutterably vile Government, is just a small step forward from what is already in place.

    Turning off your mobile phone – is one way of defeating the purposes here. I turn mine off continually, just to shut it the hell up from its’ continuous ‘bleeping’ when another email comes into my Gmail account. ( often a post from AIM – LOL ). ,,,, But I can CHOOSE when to turn the bloody thing on, choose to read the latest emails I have, choose to send a text or make a phone call. Those reliant constantly on their mobile phones, attached to the user like glue, are possibly the bods who could be in trouble. ….. Horrifies me, how out of control technology has become – at our own behest.

    But then – what’s trouble, if you are not doing anything wrong ?

    I frankly think the whole idea will fall into a massive big hole – the Government will stop tracking people who are accepting a tender for a job, or talking about the latest additon to the family. And there are many ways of stopping hackers – if we are prepared ( as we must be ) to find out how to do that.


    Yes Michael – I agree — what the HELL made the Labor party go along with this ludicrous idea ( which is just more of the dumbing down of Australian people, in effect ).

    I think Matters Not answered …. with his comment about ‘fear’. … Labor is buying into it – and I cannot fathom that.

  14. Annie B

    @ Gilly ….

    ???? …. I am tempted to say “PLEASE DON’T” …. but I like your intestinal fortitude and attitude to it all.

  15. Matters Not

    I think Matters Not answered …. with his comment about ‘fear’. … Labor is buying into it – and I cannot fathom that.

    Been around ‘politics’, on all sides, for decades.

    In my experience, most. if not all, enter the political arena with ‘good’ in their hearts but are soon corrupted, given the ‘environment’ they enter and by those who have learnt the ropes.

  16. Annie B

    @ csudholz

    Thanks for that info. …. Mind you – 10 years is a long time – even a week is along time in politics, so he may or may not achieve his ambitions.

    Then again – you said it. … the Nationals ( particularly here in Victoria ) are a name only and do little to nothing to further the agricultural interests. ….. and they will probably do less ( if that is possible ) now that Labor is in power here in Victoria.


  17. Annie B

    @ Matters Not ….

    How right you are –

    I have only had small ( by comparison ) experience with dabbling in Politics. … ( was as a committee member to someone standing for the DLP when that was a viable party ). Was appalled at the manipulations that went on – even in that small party – and when voting day came ( the candidate was defeated by a very small margin ) …. I did not attend the ‘after’ party, and could not wait to get out of the whole scene as quickly as possible. . It had been rough going. .

    Another DLP member ( not associated with that committee ) some years later, said to me ” it takes a real mongrel to be a politician – and they can never be trusted “. And he had been in politics for a long time.

    It’s a sordid deal – for sure.

  18. lawrencesroberts

    Another reason not to put Labor first. Average politicians can not understand this. It is beyond our present crop.

  19. Harquebus

    Political opposition will be the first casualty with this law. The Labor Party consists of very stupid people.

  20. CommonA

    I’m with you lot, I have no idea why either side is either proposing or supporting this thing. Big attack on privacy / liberality, with dubious benefits, and lots of risk…. Just makes you think they are both dancing to someone else’s tune on this one.

  21. flohri1754

    Definitely disappointing ….

  22. Sir ScotchMistery

    @ Michael T – ALP support it because they have no idea what it means.

  23. Andrew L (@hannibal_i_)

    Already we have seen the likes of Murdoch Press and what they have done with phone taps. This is going to take it to a whole new level but not just for the rich and famous. It is amazing how much corporate interests can control our politicians because that is what these new laws have been about.

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