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Is a Marxist, a socialist? And If the Nazis were the National Socialists does that mean that they were left wing because they had the word “socialist” in their name? And if the Nazis are socialists, does that mean that US Republicans should despise the Liberal Party because of the word “Liberal” in their name and we all know that liberals are responsible for evils like women’s rights and books in libraries? And should we consider that Nationals suspiciously because they share at least part of their name with the National Socialist Party or Nazis? 

That’s your essay topic and you need to write it in less characters than will fit on a tweet so you can inform everyone of your opinion and change their mind with a thoroughly explored, reasoned argument. (Just to explain: I saw a comment on The Platform That Used To Known As Twitter before Elon Who Used To Unknown Before He Showed Why Nobody Should Be Allowed To Have More Money Than Functioning Braincells and I know that I can no longer say that I saw a tweet because that is inaccurate and some pedantic person will point out that I shouldn’t have called it a tweet so I’m calling it an X because if Twitter had tweets then X should have Xits and clearly Elon should have an exit but… >sigh<)

Just to help:

Marxism: Surprisingly, not a series of ideas developed by Groucho Marx and John Lennon about how capitalist society was doomed and only humour and music could save it. In fact, it was developed by a German whose family was so ahead of its time that they converted from Judaism to Christianity because they could see the writing on the wall once Wagner, Nietzsche and others wrote the sort of socialist propaganda that suggested that not all men were created equal and various other things that Hitler used to create the idea that the best way to eliminate racism was by eliminating everyone who wasn’t a blue-eyed blonde. Of course, this would later lead to the expression, “You should take a good look in the mirror…”, but Adolph was immune to irony.

Liberalism: A philosophy which argues that people should be free to do anything that person arguing believes to be ok, and that people shouldn’t interfere with the rights of others unless the person arguing thinks that the person doing it has a moral right to do so. For example, I should be able to shit next to your table at dinner but your objection is an infringement of my rights and part of the whole political correctness gone made and cancel culture.

Nazism: A right-wing political movement from pre-WWII Germany which has since been redefined as left-wing because right-wing politicians espousing similar policies, didn’t like being called Nazis.

Education: Something which is meant to be occurring in schools. From time to time it does, but whatever the results, politicians and the media will say that they’re not good enough, and if only teachers stopped asking students to think and told them what to think then we’d all be ok, unless they told them to think the wrong things, in which case they’re Marxists and they shouldn’t be introducing politics to the classroom…

Ok, I saw an X the other day…

Oh, I hope I don’t have to explain the whole tweet/twitter problem again because you weren’t paying attention or because you’ve forgotten it because it was several paragraphs ago…

Anyway I saw a thing on that thing which asked (without a question mark): When did Australia become communist.

And I couldn’t help but wonder how I missed the revolution. I mean I can still remember the Skyhooks singing:

Whatever happened to the revolution
We all got stoned and it drifted away
Whatever happened to the revolution
I think it died just yesterday

Whatever happened to the revolution
We all got stoned and it drifted away
Whatever happened to the revolution
I think it died just yesterday
I think it died just yesterday

Well I remember back in Nineteen Seventy
The army wanted you and the army wanted me
There was a war goin’ on we were out in the streets
Wearin’ our badges and stampin’ our feet

There’s a hundred thousand people all on my side
We didn’t care if we lived or died
Hundred thousand people going to make it come
Hundred thousand people had the man on the run

Everybody thought we could win with a vote
So the band went home without playin’ a note
We forgot about that war but it still went on
I’m alright Jack see you round so long
I’m alright Jack see you round so long

And now today everyone’s a bit older
We’re gettin’ richer but we’re gettin’ colder
We’re lookin’ for somethin’ that just ain’t there
And it don’t mean nothin’ to have long hair
So when you’re ready to make a stand
Open your mouth and raise your hand
When you’re sick of your parties and sick of your sweets
Get off your arses I’ll see you out in the streets

Of course, it’s harder to get out in the streets these days… and I don’t just mean because my hip’s acting up. They’ve got laws that mean you can be arrested for protesting unless you’re wearing black and saying that you’re protesting to make Australia white… seems confusing to me… but I’m finding it hard to understand most things.

Like, why are some people innocent until proven guilty but anyone who was released from indefinite detention who has assaulted someone not being prefaced with the word “alleged”? Is it because we just know they’re guilty or is it because they don’t have the means to sue because they don’t have a large enough income or someone prepared to give them a blind trust…


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  1. Steve Davis

    “Nazism: A right-wing political movement from pre-WWII Germany which has since been redefined as left-wing because right-wing politicians espousing similar policies, didn’t like being called Nazis.”

    Funny, but no joke. It’s all true.

  2. Phil Pryor

    Hitler, an ignorant defective arsehole, knew so little that he went along with “catchiness” to expand the name of a useless little bunch of loser brats from the “german workers Party, to the NSDAP, the German “Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party”, an arty farty, smarty, tarty appeal to any dill and discontented dope, to VOTE FOR IT. It is so Trump, so Murdoch (news, hah)

  3. RomeoCharlie

    Ah Rossleigh, a throwaway line but so perceptive, the irony of a scrawny little black-haired runt with a toothbrush moustache defining the characteristics of Aryanism. He should have looked in a mirror. Not many Aryans in today’s crop of Nazis either.

  4. New England Cocky

    Skyhooks got it correct …..

    ”So when you’re ready to make a stand
    Open your mouth and raise your hand
    When you’re sick of your parties and sick of your sweets
    Get off your arses I’ll see you out in the streets”

    Australians have been lulled into disinterest by the incremental disengagement created by the Murdoch Media Monopoly and the low ball lack of policies by the COALition that has dominated Australian politics since 1996. About 20 years wasted in which Australian voters were disadvantaged by mediocre pollies pursuing self-serving policies favouring foreign owned multinational corporations.

    We stopped the COALition initiated Australian involvement in Vietnam by expressing our dissatisfaction on the streets but will the computer device addicted younger generation look out the window to real world reality rather than on their screens where a mythical world is projected into their brains, killing any ability to think objectively.

    But after years of studying the problem, exactly what is the difference between the borne-to-rule NOtional$ controlled by the fossil fuel sector and the NSDAP?

  5. Bob

    “When did Australia become communist?” When PM Whitlam signed up to UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome? Or maybe that is more fascist than communist? The end result is the same, the power and inherited wealth of the people got transferred into the hands of a few megla-maniacs.
    According to Citizen Initiated Referendum “Whitlam signed Australia over to the foreign UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, handling the Equitable Title of mineral and energy wealth of Australia to a “foreign power”, head office Rome.”
    Essentially it gave the powers of the Judicature to a Foreign Power, a power in which ordinary Australians have no electoral input, except to change Governments locally.
    Not a great deal on paper, and if true, it explains a lot of the behavior in Parliament.

  6. Phil Pryor

    A “Bob” has commented here on Whitlam and communism, and it is irrelevantly lying rubbish of no value. UNIDROIT casually refers to property and law rights, with nations joining and leaving in small proportions since the old League of Nations days and it “died” in 1946. Quoting lies is lying. No powers were “given away.” If “Bob” is fit to vote, then pigs are fit to fly. If “Bob” joins a bowling club, he does not “sign himself over.” Be careful, “Bob”, for someone or something is right behind you…

  7. Clakka

    Ah yes Rossleigh, fine observations.

    I especially like And it don’t mean nothin’ to have long hair

    Why doe one shave, especially when so fond of biting the hair of the dog?

    Maybe because of not letting anyone, least of all one’s self, know our real self. And just to be sure, the repetitive application of suitable soporifics and drugs.

    Just so easy, really …. and ….. mostly socially acceptable.

  8. Bob

    Phil, UNIDROIT and its legion of droogs are as good a bunch of leeches as can be found. At the moment, Aussies are about to be led down the ‘Factoring’ chute to their fate once the ink is dried on the UNIDROIT agreement. “Factoring is a powerful financing scheme . . What sets factoring apart is the fact that credit is intricately tied to the value of a supplier’s accounts receivable rather than the supplier’s overall creditworthiness.” What would Charles Ponzi say about this advanced financing scheme? Nothing to see here, except an AI-generated credit-default boom in the making. Re things behind me? Nope, the snakes are in front, you just need eyes to see them and steel-caps to stomp them when possible.

  9. Phil Pryor

    Stomp away, Bob, but a cartoon outlook is hardly politics, diplomacy, drama, anything solid. (I can sell you some conspiracies, cheap.) Bujt we have plenty of “problems” hereabouts and let us continue to raise issues as we see them.

  10. Cool Pete

    I remember reading in Lindsay Nance’s book “Prime Ministers Of Australia,” that John Curtin was described as, “a socialist but not a Marxist.” I remember the Poo Machine’s former right-hand man, the odious twit who later had a late-night radio gig on 2UE, that David something or other, the one with the brown hair not the grey hair and the moustache, claimed that he was a nationalist and a socialist, but didn’t like using the terms together as it had, quote “unfortunate implications.”
    We have elements of socialism in Australia, as in membership of Medicare is compulsory, and socialism is also the provision of utilities and services by government.
    I have become frustrated with X, especially as Musk is allowing racist turds to express their sewage without consequence.
    Tone the Botty farts the term socialism whenever he hears something he doesn’t like, and in a pejorative context. Tone the Botty may have an Oxford education, but it’s not the result of one too many knockouts in the ring that has rendered Tone the Botty dumb as dogshit, he always was.

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