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Making important decisions requires meticulous judgement – it is something Scott Morrison lacks

Is a commitment to using critical reason, factual evidence, and scientific methods of inquiry rather than emotion and ill-founded falsity the best way to solve human problems?

On the one hand, it takes much time and effort to reach a considered view on many matters. On the other, it takes little time to make a judgement. Good leaders make good decisions.

Was Scott Morrison’s decision to partake of a holiday while the flames of hell were destroying New South Wales a good one? Was his decision to ask the US to invite Pastor Brian Houston to dinner any better?

Was his decision to give Christian Porter his old job back as Leader of the House (even on a temporary basis) any better?

Worst of all, what about his decision not to buy the Pfizer vaccine when it was available. There are many more, but these will suffice for now:

On September 7, 2020 The Guardian reported that:

“The prime minister announced a $1.7bn deal with two potential vaccines: the University of Oxford/AstraZeneca to provide 33.8m doses and the University of Queensland/CSL to provide another 50m doses.”

On November 5 2020 the government announced a deal for 10m doses of Pfizer and 40m from Novavax, saying Australia was at the “front of the queue” for mRNA vaccines. Note that The Guardian said that “Pfizer had already signed agreements to provide about 1bn doses to 34 countries by this time.”

As an aside, Greg Hunt, on Insiders 8/8/2021, on a question from David Speers on this subject, said, “There was no other deal available.”

Just who is telling the truth?

Scott Morrison says:

“We aren’t putting all our eggs in one basket and we will continue to pursue further vaccines should our medical experts recommend them.”

The Government announces the vaccine rollout will begin in March.”

Then in December, the front of the queue” changes to “front-row”, and the turmoil of the rollout continues.

Politics often comes first in the decision-making process. Well, more often than not, but always because the retention of power is uppermost in the leader’s mind.

How often is logic thrown out the window when emotion clutters the politician’s mind and clinging to power rises above all else?

Indeed, the decision to take his children on a trip to Hawaii was an emotional one. The kids had been nagging him for weeks, and no matter what, he wasn’t going to let them down. After all, he didn’t hold a hose.

It could be argued that it was an indefensible decision that could only be made by a father desperately wanting to please his children. Those of us who are fathers could all plead guilty to that one.

But we are not necessarily leaders. The consequences didn’t occur to him. I believe that he tried to hide the fact that he had taken leave. It was a dumb decision.

Morrison was the Prime Minister; first and foremost, it was his responsibility to look after the health and safety of Australians.

At the time, the prime minister’s office refused to say if he was on holiday or where he was. McCormack admitted he was Prime Minister. The aftermath of bad decisions can be worse than the decision itself. Remember the slinky handshakes. For someone who prides himself on his spinning ability, the marketing guru had made a terrible decision.

Perhaps a few days with wife Jenny and the kids were more important than the security of the people he was supposed to protect.

Eventually, as reported in The Guardian, he was forced to apologise, saying that:

“Any offence caused to any of the many Australians affected by the terrible bushfires by my taking leave with family at this time.”

His decision to give Christian Porter his old job back as Leader of the House was another example of his poor decision making and brought his judgment into question. Once again, the Prime Minister’s judgement, and morality, was bought into question with this woeful decision. One that humiliated and slapped the face of every Australian woman.

The utter impertinence of the Prime Minister to do such a thing after the continual beating women have taken under his leadership has been beyond belief.

The allegations against Porter are amongst the gravest in our criminal code. The bare minimum test of his fitness to hold ministerial office would be an independent inquiry. At this point, it looks as though the Prime Minister has made yet another ill-considered decision just to let it pass. How damming would that be?



Yet again, his judgement comes into question when he decided to include Pastor Brian Houston’s name on a list of invitees to the White House. Houston had been a mentor for many years. He even got a mention in Morrison’s maiden speech.

It has long been known that when Houston gave evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, he admitted trying to protect his father. He even disobeyed church rules and allowed him to preach after admitting the violation.

Frank Houston had abused up to nine boys in Australia and New Zealand.

Now Brian Houston has been charged, and justice will take his course. Here we must try to fathom Brian Houston’s morality and state of mind before judging him. In Morrison’s case, it is more straightforward.

Presumably, he would have been aware of the evidence, as would the White House, so why had he refused to answer questions for months on the subject?

Let’s not pretend that good decision making is easy; it isn’t, but we make many minor ones daily. However, we expect our leaders to make significant decisions regularly with sound judgement.

The ones expressed above used poor judgement by a poor leader, and unfortunately, there are many more examples just like them. Climate Change (for instance) and the decisions required for our survival are paramount and must be made by people who know how to listen to the opinions of science.

To choose the correct path, our nation’s leadership must have a clear set of priorities together with an open mind that takes into account new or alternative ways of doing things.

They must use whatever experience they have and make common good, common-sense decisions with a willingness to change as knowledge changes.

The decisions politicians make define their judgement. It is better to be informed by the truth than be controlled by lies.

When you look at the decisions made by this Government during their tenure of office, well, to put it bluntly, they have been simply appalling, and given the criteria I have laid out for making them cannot be excused. That’s my judgement, anyway.

My thought for the day

People often argue from within the limitations of their understanding and when their factual evidence is scant, they revert to an expression of their feelings.

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  1. Keitha Granville

    All of the above JL, appalling, obscene, unforgiveable.
    The very sad and unbelievable fact is the number of Australians who STILL support this creature !!
    How?? Why?? In what universe does someone exist that allows them to reagrd him with anything other than contempt? I would go as far as to say were I his wife I would find it hard to support him.

  2. New England Cocky

    Oh dear JL, once again you have listed only a few of the innumerable failings of this incompetent, poorly organised, very underwhelming LIARBRAL NAZIONAL$ COALition misgovernment.

    There is presently only one solution AT EVERY ELECTION

  3. John Lord

    NEC. I recently posted a series in which l listed 70 misdemeanours of Morrison and his government. There will always be more as long as they survive.

  4. Philip

    One could have a clear conviction that, if you were to try to interview a resident of a pigsty, you might find the answers to questions a little incoherent, vague, irrelevant. So it is with Morrison, the slaggiest sluttiest backstabbing ambitious egofixated, superstition drenched misfit to crawl into office. Fully saved, blessed, anointed, delivered and chosen, he is a mental case, a superhuman living symbol of faultless attitude, pontifically superior. In Fact, Morrison is the inhuman manifestation of a pot of turds under a bed long ago, the odour ruining the atmosphere of discourse, reasoning, daily communication. We are getting nowhere, going down and back, wasting time, because the heinous anus is dominating the stage with a rotten, boo-inducing performance, so childishly inadequate that a Freud would fail in assisting. The conservative team stinks to the clouds and we are tudged, leyed, taylored, joyced, cashed, fletchered and irritated near to death, like our planet.

  5. GL

    Everything Scotty from Marketing says has to to pass through the “Is it good for Scotty?”, “If it looks bad for Scotty Scotty can always blame someone else.” and “Do my hair plugs show up in photos?” filters.

    Did you hear that police and the RSPCA are looking into claims of short grey haired dogs have seen with large bald patches in the suburb of Kirribilli over the past few weeks? Is it just a coincidence that around the same time Scotty from Marketing has been…

  6. BB

    Scott Morrison lacks a damn sight more than just being able to make meticulous judgements. The man is a total fraud.
    Such barely even scratches the surface of his failures, not even to be considered as the minutest tiny tip of an iceberg.
    But by far the most damaging aspect of Morrison’s dreadful and vile character, is that he has absolutely zero empathy.

    “Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy”
    Gustave M. Gilbert

  7. Phil Pryor

    It’s appeared, at last, but my name disappeared ??. Perhaps we should all hide our identity and up the filth and slander…

  8. Ross

    As someone not in the least religious the dubious claim Scott Morrison made it was God’s will he won the last federal election is the raving of a full on religious fruit bat.
    If you are of a religious bent, drought, bushfires, floods and now pestilence would rather indicate Scott’s God is, if anything, somewhat displeased in his win.
    It doesn’t matter which you choose to believe, it’s two bob each way and we all lose.

  9. The AIM Network

    Phil, the system thought you were a new person because of using ‘Philip’ (as opposed to Phil Pryor). Whenever we receive a comment from a ‘new’ person the system holds their comment for moderation while we check out their credentials – it’s our way of weeding out the trolls.

    I knew it was you, but the system didn’t.


    The crinkled old bastard and the fat slob from the west have got this bastard right where they want him, mouthing bullshit and hoping the stupid voters won’t notice.

    Has Scummo still got that lump of coal wedged between his bum cheeks ? Looks like it is .

  11. Kathryn

    New England Cocky, hope the link below will, in some small way, satisfy your justifiable need to provide an endless, ever-growing list of ceaseless corruption, incidences of stone cold inhumanity, self-serving greed and callous disregard for our democracy, environment and everything Australians value by the worst, most morally bankrupt, sanctimonious, bible-thumping hypocrites to have crawled across the electoral line (like rats leaving a sewer)! Who the fcku votes for these bastards?


    Our compliments and thanks go out to chaser.com.au for this list which is, as yet, incomplete because the corruption, callous inhumanity, reckless waste and hypocrisy committed by the malignant sociopaths in the LNP just goes on and on ….

  12. Harry Lime

    In case no one has noticed, Morrison is the single greatest fraud ever to manipulate and lie his way into Parliament,and is now apparently so desperate to cling on for fear of losing face (ha!),he will lie himself stupid and stoop to any new low.There will be parties in the street when this fucker goes down,A LA Attilla the Hen.

  13. Phil Pryor

    Thank you AIM, and I do not wish to be a pest, but, my name disappeared and as shuffled up a fill in, the thing went off, boom. Still. old whingers deserve what they get…

  14. Michael Taylor

    Not at all, Phil. You’re not being a pest. Far from it.

    Little things like this have been going on since our move to the new web host, server, and change of security system, so the feedback is good. It’s something I can raise with them in the morning.

  15. New England Cocky

    @ Michael Taylor I second the motion. PP writes some of the most enjoyable offerings and observations on AIMN and naturally the system has trouble with him ….. and every other trouble making thinking author to this website who is able to see through the muslin thin veneer fo Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment corruption.

    @ Kathryn: Thank you for the Chaser link and the accurate description of the so-called government that we must remove at the first available opportunity.

    @JL: Thank you, I read them ….. and cried …..

  16. wam

    yes lord as limited understanding i argue no booby no rabbott / no christine no lnp / no caravan/frankers labor government.

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