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#LetsDoBetter campaign for Warringah launches

Media Release

Last night at the Balgowlah RSL Club, Senator Kristina Keneally assisted candidate Dean Harris in officially launching the Labor campaign for Warringah at the next Federal election.

The event attracted over 150 people, exceeding the expectations of organisers.

“Tonight was a wonderful demonstration of the desire for change in Warringah at the next Federal election,” said Mr Harris. “People from across the political spectrum have come here tonight because they want to be represented by a local member who listens to them and is prepared to represent their views in the Australian parliament.”

Recent polling conducted by Mr Harris of 756 voters in the electorate showed that only 40% of voters agree or strongly agree with the statement that The Federal member, Tony Abbott, represents my views and what’s important to me. Even among Liberal voters, only 62% agreed that Mr Abbott represented their views.

“Every day it seems we get another out-of-touch opinion from our current member. It’s a frustrating example of a political environment that’s become so coloured by self-interest and skewed by dogma that it makes us all shake our heads in disbelief and say, “Surely we can do better”. It’s why I’m standing for election in Warringah,” said Mr Harris, “To give this community a genuine choice, and a chance to have their voice heard.”

Senator Keneally addressed the crowd, stressing how important listening was for people who stand for public office – and endorsing Mr Harris as a candidate who’ll do exactly that. “We have a duty as elected representatives and as candidates to engage with and carefully listen to people in the communities we represent. A healthy, functioning democracy requires that of us. In Dean Harris you have a candidate who listens for a living, and is passionate about bringing an understanding of people’s needs, hopes and desires as part of informed decision-making.”

The national issues Mr Harris has heard the Warringah community talk about include a better NBN, protection of the ABC from privatisation, more support for renewable energy, and reduced carbon emissions. “These are some of the most pressing national issues that people in this electorate are concerned about. They’ve been raised consistently in the discussions I’ve had with people across the electorate and have been confirmed by our recent poll. I believe our community deserves to be able to choose a federal member who is prepared to represent their views at the next election, not merely his own.”

Dean Harris is a Director of The Navigators Pty Ltd, a market research and strategy consultancy with offices in Sydney and Wellington, New Zealand. He has owned and run market research businesses for over 20 years and has expertise in research, data analysis, marketing and business strategy.

Dean is a father of two and has lived in Cremorne and Mosman since 2007.

He joined the Labor party in 2014 but has always been a person who’s passionate about, and involved in, promoting strong, sustainable and healthy communities.

He is an enthusiastic kayaker and enjoys the beauty of being on the water in the inner harbour and beaches around Mosman. Despite turning 50 this year, Dean still plays cricket for the Warringah Cricket Club every summer.

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  1. Terence Mills

    I would think a drover’s dog could take Warringah from Abbott but, good luck to Mr Harris.

    What is wrong with us in this country that our politicians welcome the concentration of media ownership and as Kate McClymont of SMH/Fairfax said, she’d better start brushing up on dole bludgers rather than investigative journalism.

    There is already speculation that Murdoch might move on Seven having missed out on Ten.

    We need an independent, well funded ABC more than ever now !

  2. New England Cocky

    I do like Kristina Keneally, a woman with a dedication to community and a proven sense of being “my own woman”. We need more like her in Parliament.

  3. Trish Corry

    I am excited to watch how a market research specialist will campaign against a former PM in a blue ribbon seat. With the right strategy, it’s possible to sway enough votes to win.

  4. Michael Taylor

    I too wish Dean all the best. In the limited communications I’ve had with him, I’ve noted that he comes across as a sincere and fabulous person. More like him are needed in Canberra.

  5. johno

    Dean is a kayaker so he would have some sort of connection with the ocean. I saw a movie last night called ‘ The Plastic Ocean ‘
    The fact that every year 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans must be stopped. Dean could do some promotion of this problem wether he wins or not. A film screening in the local Warringah environment centre ……maybe.

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