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I Love You, Malcolm OR Kiss Me Quickly, Before We’re Found Out!

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“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”

Andy Warhol

That’s the thing about politics. It’s the art of persuasion. The art of convincing people that one kiss is enough, and it’s actually the other side that’s screwing you…

Ah, such sexual metaphors. Sorry.

While we’re on the subject of sexual metaphors, why on earth did some Liberal staffer think it was appropriate to call out to Malcolm that he was a…

Mm, I believe the word was “grub”, but I may have misheard given my confusion about Chrissy-fit Pyne’s use of the word.

Anyway, I’m trying to understand Turnbull’s lack of..

Mm, don’t want to use the word “balls” because I’m trying really hard not to go down the politically incorrect path of using the sexual organs once again.


Ok, let’s start taking without metaphors or euphemisms or, indeed, what some word call straight talking.

Let’s talk plain English.

Or plain Australian, as Senator McDonald would have it…

As he said to Senator Wong, “Learn to speak Australian!”

Gee, I hope I’ve spelleded his name right, because he’s clearly a man of enormous intellect.

Anyway, my thoughts are that Turnbull is at the peak of his power. Nobody’s likely to challenge him in the next week and if he can win the next election that gives him some sort of mandate.

So, what the f…

Whoops, nearly did it again.

Ok, so why isn’t he taking on the extreme elements in his party. Why isn’t he make any effort to move it even a couple of inches closer to the centre.

Slowly, slowly.

Except that they’re already after his blood. And he hasn’t even done anything about from give the Liberals a bounce in one poll.

A bounce which is still within the three percent margin of error, but better than a fall…

Yep, maybe he can compromise.

Leave Abbott as Minister for Women. Or offer him the job as Ambassador to Russia where he can continue his shirtfronts of Putin.

Make Bernardi Minister for Multicultural Affairs. Or Senator Fast Foods.

Maybe he can get Peter Dutton onside by making Minister for Communications so he can sort out that Fairfax jihad.

Ha, Turnbull.

He’ll probably knight Abbott just to heal the rift!

Come on, Malcolm, what are you going to actually do with your fifteen minutes? Wait till Burnham Wood comes to Dunsinane?

Actually that’s the great thing about that Scottish play of Shakespeare’s. The main character grabs power and does nothing with it, but try to keep it.

Thank God it’s Friday.

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  1. Kyran

    A facebook post from one of the sites suggested “Only three more Prime Ministers till Christmas”. It was really funny on Wednesday. It’s now Friday and it just looks realistic. Old McDonald was apparently talking to the Scottish bloke, Cameron, not Wong. The bloke with the Scottish heritage bags the bloke with the Scottish accent. Can this government get any more bizarre? Thankyou Rossleigh. Take care

  2. eli nes

    a good start by malc the rabbott, still wondering and wandering within his amoral understanding of what happened, catches the airforce home while malcolm turnfibretocopper catches a commercial.
    Wonder who will be in kirribilli???
    ps didn’t hadley ripple morrison which of them, at his best, is disingenuous?
    As for bounce, Canning will be a landslide for the creationist soldier and would have set the rabbutt back in the forefront but now if there is a swing to labor it will be the rabbutt’s fault and if my long held feelings are right, it will be turnfibretocopper’s triumph.
    What a week, the rabbutt proving himself a pathetic punchdrunk every step he took and my brain spontaneously bursting into laughter until I see or hear billy and the laughter abates for an ever increasing period.
    Now I, like taking medicine, just laugh after meals and pray before bed that shorten’s god gives him some savoir faire for the interviews, spine to front the morning shows and expose the rabbutt/hockey debt lies spleen to show his disgust at robb/rabbutt FTAs.

  3. keerti

    Dickhead as minister to Russia!!!! The cost of two airfares would mak it an unneceessary expense! Labor would surely sack him immediately victory is announced! on the other hand perhaps Putin could send him for a swim in the Volga on Xmas day.

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