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Government paralysis

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the bullet we thought we dodged in August last year is actually lodged in the spine of the government.

According to Laura Jayes, Scott Morrison is just a front man with the real power residing with “the gang of four” – Peter Dutton, Mathias Cormann, Christian Porter and Josh Frydenberg.

“They are the decision makers around the Cabinet table, their views and judgment hold huge sway. They’re the new praetorian guard.”

Disturbingly, Senator James Paterson told Sky News “We would follow Mathias Cormann into a burning building if he asked us to.”

As history has shown, that sort of unquestioning obedience can be very dangerous.

Nearly all the senior Liberal moderates who might have put a handbrake on the far right have left the parliament – Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop, Christopher Pyne, Kelly O’Dwyer, Michael Keenan, George Brandis, with Arthur Sinodinis and Mitch Fifield to depart soon.

Crazy Craig Kelly is a constant presence on Sky and 2GB and will, along with the Mad Monk, address a conservative conference next week.

Also speaking at CPAC will be Amanda Stoker who was given George Brandis’ Senate position. She has been described as “Queensland’s youthful answer to Margaret Thatcher” – like that is a good thing? Perhaps they didn’t see the street parties in England when Thatcher died.

Jim Molan is insisting he deserves to fill the upcoming Senate vacancy because he is “The man who stopped the boats” and “The man who led Coalition forces to success in Iraq.” I shudder to think what Jim’s idea of failure is.

Angus Taylor is still viewed as a rising star, seemingly impervious to the growing number of revelations of how the Taylor dynasty has used their influence to benefit themselves and their business partners.

Fellow Pentacostal, Stuart Robert, has also risen from the ashes of multiple scandals.

At last year’s Liberal Party annual conference, they endorsed the Young Liberals’ platform to move our embassy to Jerusalem and to sell off the ABC. They also dumped the moderate and experienced Trish Worth and installed far-right conservative Teena McQueen as vice president.

There will be no social reform under this government – no Voice for Indigenous people, no help for the unemployed, no fair distribution of the wealth earned from 28 years of economic growth, no action on cutting emissions.

They are paralysed by the bullet lodged in their spine.

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  1. Keitha Granvillek

    Germany, 1930s, the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, government lies and propaganda.

    Looking familiar ???

  2. Mr Shevill Mathers

    Paralysed, yes, except for the hand that dips into the public money bucket at very frequent intervals, ticks off on politician’s pay increases. As for plans, policies or creating real jobs, new manufacturing industries, climate change amelioration etc. the PM is obviously waiting for his next ‘miracle’ to energise him.

  3. Paul Davis

    Fascinating read Kaye L.

    The fab four of Dutton, Frydenburg, Porter and Cormann have a number of traits in common – serial lying and obfuscation, records of poor leadership and mediocrity in their ministries, total self interest, an astounding lack of empathy or compassion for others, plus of course absolutely no interest or concern for the welfare of this nation. Alphonso Capone had more humane capos.

    As for the other ranks in F Troop, what a shambolic rabble of incompetent corrupt spivs. Career groupie wannabe Paterson makes my stomach churn whenever i see that gormless clueless chinless spineless nincompoop waffling his IPA lines on Sky or elsewhere. As you quoted: ‘Disturbingly, Senator James Paterson told Sky News “We would follow Mathias Cormann into a burning building if he asked us to.” As history has shown, that sort of unquestioning obedience can be very dangerous.

    Yesterday arvo on ABC23 education channel saw a doco comprised of German jewish and other home movies from the 1930s. Rivetting. So many starry eyed young lib boys dressing up and parading and saluting their thankfully shortlived new world order.

  4. Baby Jewels

    Dare I hope Frydenberg will lose his portfolio for being a dual citizen? Or has that already been “taken care of.” Meanwhile, the Crown Casino is into bribing government officials, sex trafficking, money laundering, drugs and killing native animals and where are the AFP? Investigating Unions and journos…Australia 2019.

  5. David Stakes

    And in the meantime people carry on as if nothing is going on, With the all politicians are the same attitude. This has been a clever right wing subterfuge to plant this in peoples minds. The wake up is going to be scary.

  6. Matters Not


    with the real power residing with “the gang of four” – Peter Dutton, Mathias Cormann, Christian Porter and Josh Frydenberg.

    While not a regular viewer of Sky, Jayes, (from what I’ve seen), offers pretty good insights. Note also the order in which the ‘gang of four’ is listed. Not alphabetically but perhaps an accurate representation of the power hierarchy with Frydenberg bringing up the rear.

    Nevertheless, I can’t understand why Morrison is reluctant to weaken that cabal because never again will he have the political capital currently held. He’s the miracle man. Apparently unassailable. One wonders what ‘dirt’ Dutton has on him? Has he been taking the ‘prosperity gospel’ to its logical conclusion? Dutton would know.

  7. Geoff Andrews

    Labor’s pretty much in paralysis mode too. However, since it’s spineless the bullet must have passed straight through.

  8. totaram

    Geoff Andrews: Ha, ha! Good one!

  9. Kaye Lee

    “It’s just a flesh wound” Geoff.

    I must admit, it’s hard to watch Labor capitulating purely so they don’t be seen to be opposing. I don’t want them to oppose everything but I also don’t want them to just say you’ve got the numbers so we are irrelevant.

  10. Max Gross

    Senator James Paterson told Sky News “We would follow Mathias Cormann into a burning building if he asked us to.”

  11. Phil Pryor

    What a government, huns and harlots, fascist and faecal, full of thieves, thoughtless but self focussed, unable to serve the people of Australia, but fellatio felons for corporate cleaning up at our expense. Dogmatic dickheads and superstitious stinkers abound. Vomit.

  12. David Bruce

    First time I have heard of zionists being referred to as a bullet in the spine. Usually the more popular term is white ant.

    The other term I heard which astounded me was that “Dutton is considered a statesmen within the party”!!!

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