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George Takei makes an impassioned call for Mexican Americans to stop Trump

Outspoken, witty and influential. Three words that can only describe a hero of all sorts, George Takei. But even though it has been forty four years since Takei played the beloved Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, his fame has surpassed him. No longer is he only admired by a global movement of “Trekkies”, but he has also etched his name in history as an activist for social issues — more specifically, his views as a gay Asian man and LGBTQI rights, and the whitewashing of Asian Americans in Hollywood.

Since joining Facebook in 2011, Takei has amassed a following exceeding 9.7 million, with posts ranging from jokes, self-help advice, idiosyncrasies, social issues and politics. But in the last few days it has been the politics which has caught the eye of media outlets all over.

Now, when Takei says “jump”, everyone jumps, the mainstream media in the US and around the world hang on his every word. As soon as he makes a remark on his Facebook on a political or social issue, within hours there will be a feature article featuring Takei’s words of wisdom.



So it should not come as a surprise, that when Takei tackles the more controversial issues, such as warn Americans about Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump and his divisive views, people stop and listen. In this case, he delivers a passionate call to action all in Spanish.

Many don’t know that I speak and understand Spanish, he writes in his post.

In fact, I grew up with many Mexican American neighbors in LA. This message, regarding my own personal experience with racial demonization, is addressed in Spanish to my Latino fans and their families and friends. I hope I did the language justice.



In the video, Takei talks about the racism and discrimination he experienced as a young boy, referencing the experience of Japanese Americans being seen as the people who bombed Pearl Harbour during World War Two. Like many Japanese Americans at the time, his family were ordered to leave their home and placed in internment camps, even though they were Americans. Takei reflects on the vivid memories of his time at an internment camp in 1942 where one hundred and twenty thousand Japanese Americans were held captive, fenced off by barbed wire and isolated from the rest of humanity.



He draws parallels of these painful memories to how Mexicans are being dehumanised by Trump and his supporters as drug smugglers and rapists, and that if elected this could happen again multiplied by ten. The biggest concern Takei raises in his video is that Trump has not explained “how this will happen, or how they will determine who can stay and who must go” without any discernment that the majority of Mexicans are Americans, but spread a one dimensional view that a “Mexican is a Mexican”.



Takei makes an impassioned call to action, that Mexican Americans have the power to stop Trump, with the huge voting block they hold. Many Mexican Americans reside in the “swing states” of Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico, and their votes could put states like Arizona and Texas in contention just by the sheer numbers in population. He pleads to all Mexican Americans to register to vote and not allow “history to repeat itself”.



And if you think the video has fallen on deaf ears, think again. Since the video was posted on Wednesday it has had over four million views, with people responding strongly on social media.



Takei is a legend and one with a very strong voice. Keep preaching, O Great One!


This article was originally published on This Asian Woman Says.

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  1. Jack

    Donald Trump might be bad, but he could be no worse for the world than Hillary Clinton.

  2. Roswell

    I must have missed something, Jack. Last time I looked, this was about Trump. I’m not saying Clinton would have been much better, but I’ll wait until there’s a post about her before I comment further

  3. Miriam English

    Really, Jack???? A woman who represents doing things more or less the same way, but has a long history of investing billions of dollars into the poorest people in the world is as bad as a guy who is a compulsive liar, who has a long history of ripping off those who work with him, who promotes racism and white supremacy, and defiles women at every turn????

    You really need to think again about what each of those people represent.

  4. Carol Taylor

    A pity that more didn’t listen to George Takei. Although Mr. Takei is an intellectual, I’m sure that he hoped that less educated Americans would recognise him and listen..and consider. Unfortunately it would seem that in vast numbers Americans see life as little more than a game show and Trump the show master…what a hoot to see a loud mouthed egotistical multi-bankrupt in the White House. It won’t take long to realise that it’s not all that funny, there being consequences.

  5. Jack

    Roswell, yes this is about Trump.. about how bad he is.. or will be .. or both. However, the only other viable option, was Clinton. I think the world dodged a bullet, so I was just saying that, is that ok with you? Miriam, Clinton is a lying warmonger, you really need to think about what she promotes.

  6. Roswell

    Is that OK with me? Frankly, I don’t really care. However, I’ve seen a number of articles on this site about Trump and within five minutes someone always rushes in with something similar to your “Clinton is a lying warmonger”. It’s as though they can’t wait to spill their guts.

  7. Michael Taylor

    … I’ve seen a number of articles on this site about Trump and within five minutes someone always rushes in with something similar to your “Clinton is a lying warmonger”. It’s as though they can’t wait to spill their guts.

    Ah, you’ve noticed that too.

    Nothing wrong with that of course.

  8. Miriam English

    The worst thing about Trump will be how badly he screws everything he touches (The Hollies’ song “King Midas in Reverse” comes to mind).

    The best thing will be watching the backpedalling of all those who excused his actions with “But Clinton is blah blah blah”.

  9. Roswell

    Miriam, I suspect they might be too blind to see it. Or to proud to admit it.

  10. Matters Not

    how badly he screws everything he touches

    Well the historical evidence suggests there’s been lots of ‘screwing’ and as for the ‘touching’, the record there is informative as well. Grabbing seems to be the preferred method of ‘seduct ‘

    Never watched a ‘reality show’ but as I understand it, they do conclude in a relatively short period of time and the ’embarrassment’ ends for all concerned. But maybe not this time around.

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