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Dear Mr Morrison: “I ask you not to forget Afghanistan”

Nazdana Sultanfar lives in Afghanistan. Below is a letter she wrote to our Prime Minister asking that her country and the appalling treatment of Afghan women not be forgotten.

Dear Mr. Morrison,

As the whole world is witnessing a change in Afghanistan’s political system, with this regime change in Afghanistan, we are witnessing many collapses. These include the unemployment of thousands of people, the closing of the gates of universities and schools and government offices.

I am Nazdana Sultanfar, a Law and Political Science student, as well as a civil and social activist.

It has been two years since I started my studies at the university, and I have been working in social and cultural work and defending women’s rights. In my activities, I pursue two major goals:

  1. Changing the attitude of Afghan society towards women
  2. Informing women about their rights and status in a family, community and government.

I had and will have big goals. My biggest goal is to be a legal analyst in my community and save my community from misery by making a law. But with the rise of the Taliban, all my activities came to an end. And all my dreams remain like a nightmare. With the university closed, it is impossible to achieve my goals, and I am not only thinking about my future, but also thinking about the future of my generation, especially Afghan girls, who are called the second gender in Afghanistan. Hearing these two words is painful and upsetting to me.

The purpose of my hard work was to prove to men that a woman is not the second gender, but a woman like me is a human being and has equal value, responsibility and rights, Mr. Morrison! Another big problem in Afghanistan is increasing rate of poverty and unemployment, which will cause unprecedented human catastrophe. If poverty and unemployment are not prevented or a specific plan is not implemented, it will be a total humanitarian collapse. It is very painful for me and all Afghan citizens for the moment. Streets are full of women, men, children and the disabled; asleep and awake, hungry and thirsty for a little help to find a piece of bread, and get five Afghanis. I am so upset that I sleep for long hours and I talk to myself and I think that the only logical solution is for me and my generation to study. Then we will end this current situation with science and knowledge.

In addition to poverty and unemployment there is apparent ethnic and gender discrimination in Afghanistan. These two terms have been on the rise in Afghanistan for many years. We see girls deprived from school and university, women banned from work.

Apart from gender discrimination, ethnic discrimination is rampant in Afghanistan, and a single ethnic government has been established, and all decisions are made by the Pashtuns with the idea of ​​Talibani. In the shadow of this government the most vulnerable people are the Hazara people, who have no national or international support. Hundreds of young people with all their dreams and aspirations went underground and slept forever. With the coming to power of the Taliban, the Hazara people are the hardest hit, Mr. Morrison! As a young Afghan, I have no authority or power to do for my community and country. The only thing I could do was to study and gain knowledge. But unfortunately, the gate of the university is closed for me and my generation. The only thing I could do was write this letter to your Excellency, expressing the common pains of the Afghan people. I always follow your Twitter and Facebook.

I ask you not to forget Afghanistan, especially Afghan women.

Best regards,

Nazdana Sultanfar

Nazdana Sultanfar is a second-year student at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Kabul University, a social, cultural and women’s rights activist.




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  1. New England Cocky

    When Scummo and the Australian Parliament ignore Australian Aboriginal problems of racial discrimination,
    with atrocious government housing for Aboriginals lacking long term maintenance so that the too few houses available are in non-functional ruin state,
    when Aboriginal health, especially hearing, is ignored by government health departments,
    when police officers can ‘murder’ Aboriginal women prisoners with impunity,
    when the total justice system is applied to Aboriginals so that there are multiples more Aboriginals incarcerated in ”White Fellas prisons” for lesser crimes than the White Fella inmates ….
    why would any person outside Australia think that Australian politicians care about ”foreigners left rotting on Manus and Nauru any more than they would care about the short term futures that Afghan people who supported the invasion by the American led CoWs presently have?

    This feral Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment is a disgrace to the Australian nation!!!

  2. Phil Pryor

    The repulsive, deficient, gullible, self fixated, sub standard jack Howard is still able to mumble rubbish occasionally, and might remember his gutless, brainless, heartless, supine endorsement of G W Bush’s war for no reason on mostly innocent civilians over a huge stretch of time, in Afghanistan. In Canterbury Cathedral, I saw a plaque in memory of a regiment of British soldiers, officers named and numbers given of the men, pointlessly dead in a pointless war there, in 1842. They do not learn, the ambitious egos of conservative politics. Now, what will our P M do, the Primitive mentality, the Pointless Misfit?? he can focus on his knob, maybe, but diplomacy, foresight, the real and essential future and a past to accommodate.., but a man unfit to think, drenched in idiotic superstition, ruins the present, the second…

  3. Harry Lime

    Morrison the Mendacious.Gives not a fuck about anything or anyone but himself.Lost in a sad, sick little world where he imagines himself as supreme, unassailable.What a sorry,lamentable husk of a human being.And what a disgraceful embarrassment to thinking Australians

  4. RosemaryJ36

    How immensely sad that the only 3 (males) who have responded cannot offer a scintilla of help.
    Even more sadly, neither can I.
    The truth is that the Taliban represent the dregs of those who claim to follow Mohammed, and they pour shame on their mother’s heads by failing to recognise that without women, men would not exist.

  5. BB

    Not all males are heartless thanks Rosemary! Very few of us “mere mortals” are in a position to make morrison do anything.
    Why is it “even more” sadly that you can’t either, eh, why? Because your a woman? your comment has overtones of sexism.
    Because the writer is a woman and sure of course you identify with her, does not give you the right to be critical of all men…
    And on that note at least three guys, now four have responded, and only you one woman has responded! Well well!

    As an informed citizen, I found it very sad a letter was addressed to the disgusting PM starting with “Dear Mr. Morrison”.
    There is nothing, nada, zilch, zero “dear” about Australia’s pathetic opportunistic backstabbing merchandising “miracle” PM.
    What on earth do these women think Morrison will do for them when he can’t even manage to take care of all Australians?
    Morrison and his ministers have not a shred of humanity amongst them. No compassion, no empathy, unless you’re rich.

    But for some advice and a scintilla of help I suggest that folks wake up to the fact that Morrison’s government doesn’t care!

    The writer says, I am Nazdana Sultanfar, a Law and Political Science student, as well as a civil and social activist.
    Well quite frankly as a law and political science student, etc etc, you need to wake up as to the true selfish nature of the L/NP.
    Nazdana, you need to appeal to the LABOR party for help, who intelligent & aware voters trust will be the next government.
    And write to Independents, the Greens, to decent people, you waste your time, our time in appealing to anyone in the L/NP.
    You are totally wasting your time writing to “Mista Morrison”, you may as well have a conversation with a brick wall…

    As a compassionate human being I really am so sorry that your country is overrun with such brutal and evil people.
    Here in Australia, if they could, there are plenty would would do the same, look at how refugees, the 1st people are treated.

    The whole world is facing disaster, and answers are few and far between…
    So many have just buried their heads in the sand…
    The world is overrun with big money, corporations, wannabe authoritarian despots who only care for profits for profits sake!

  6. leefe

    BB: #NotAllMen

    Wow, Butter me on both sides and colour me stonkered; who woulda thunk it? Bloke immediately sets himself apart from ‘those’ blokes.

  7. Wahidullahazimi

    Hello, good morning. I am Wahidullah Azimi from Afghanistan. I am 26 years old. I studied until the 11th grade. My father was a scientist. I killed the Taliban and I was orphaned in Afghanistan. Iran is not good with Afghans, it’s not good, our lives are bad, I ask you to help me qualify as an Australian refugee, thank you You know how young you are killed daily please do something

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