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Dead Kids Are Not Sophisticated, Scott. Put Hanson Last.

One Nation flew to a foreign country to ask for millions. They asked USA gun lobbyists to interfere in our politics on social media. PHON got pointers from NRA for political strategy. One Nation is gutter trash. They are clearly UNAUSTRALIAN. They have no place in our society. This is no longer just opinion or left or right banter. Last night, Al-Jazeera broke an undercover news story of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, negotiating with the USA NRA gun lobby to change gun laws and to try to change our voting system. This is an assault on our people and our democracy.

This is not Australia

If there is one thing that sets us apart from other countries, it is our strict gun laws. When our kids go to school, sure we worry. We worry they might get picked on, or the teacher is giving them a hard time, or they aren’t learning enough, or they might fall off the monkey bars…. We don’t worry that a deranged person with a grudge against society is going to walk into your kids’ school and shoot them dead. That is not Australia, but that is what One Nation wants you to worry about every single day. Not just worry about, but to actually create a society where kids in school lay dying by gunshot wound is a reality. What excuse will Pauline Hanson make as we bury our dead kids? What excuse will Scott Morrison make if he refuses to put them last?

So all you people scared of brown people and think One Nation speaks for you, will they speak for you when your kids are murdered in their classroom? Well? Will they? If you vote for this party you are trash. Nothing but trash.

If you are a leader who refuses to put One Nation last, you are trash. Nothing but trash.

Desperate and Hungry for Power

The video posted at the end of this article is the fully exposes the deranged sentiment of Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party. They are lobbying for millions – millions from an organisation in a foreign country. They are hinting that they need them to interfere in our democracy for ‘support’ (interference) on Social Media. That means having people from another country, treat you, the voter like a mug. Like a mug. Like a mug.

They want Americans to infiltrate our social media to pretend to care about what you care about, when it is all about making millions for the gun lobby and winning power for One Nation. Not you. They don’t care about you. Its about money and power.

One Nation is so hungry for power, and so UnAustralian, that they are plotting with major organisation in a foreign country to use millions to try to get eight senate seats (or more) to change our voting system. We have the best voting system in the world. It is designed to keep the people you least want in power OUT. In simple terms, it is supposed to keep the bad people out. The dictators, the really dangerous politicians. It has done that….until now it seems. This works when decent parties – decent leaders, put the dangerous parties last. One Nation, along with a few others, is that party.

You Will Be Shunned

If this means nothing to One Nation voters, then these voters will contribute to mass shootings, in the streets and in the classrooms. This cannot be ignored. When the time comes, they will be shunned.

If this means nothing to Scott Morrison, then if he continues to refuse to put One Nation Last, he will contribute to mass shootings in the streets and in the classrooms. This cannot be ignored. When the time comes, Morrison will be shunned.

We Cannot Tolerate Morrison’s Weak Leadership on This

There has been a push from Media, Labor, Greens and other IND to push Scott Morrison to put One Nation Last. He has refused. Now that One Nation wants to change our laws to enable a society, where kids will be shot dead in their classrooms. Innocent little kids. Teenagers with their whole lives ahead of them – murdered in cold blood by a moron with a gun – what is his excuse now? What will Scott Morrison’s excuse be when this does happen? What will be Hanson’s excuse if that does happen? Has the NRA trained her up in the appropriate “Gun Lobby” response?

After this expose – Scott Morrison has a National responsibility. This is not only to reject One Nation for their racism, but to reject One Nation for dealing with major influential organisations in a foreign country to influence our politics, plotting with organisations in a foreign country about getting the power to change our voting system – the heart of our democracy, and most of all, their vision to change our gun laws which will see our kids, OUR KIDS, dead in their classrooms. This is a complete assault on our people and our country.

Morrison may have thought it was a game and could balance the racism by playing it down. He might back the excuse that One Nation is “more sophisticated” but he sure as hell can’t now.

Howard had the guts to get rid of Hanson. We cannot tolerate Scott Morrison’s weak leadership on this. We just can’t. Put One Nation last Scott. Put them Last.

The Expose

“A three-year Al Jazeera investigation into the U.S. gun lobby has uncovered an effort by an Australian political party to seek millions of dollars in political funding while offering to soften strict, anti-gun laws in Australia. Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit used concealed cameras to track ‘Pauline Hanson’s One Nation’, a right-wing, anti-immigration party, as representatives travelled to Washington, D.C. to hold meetings with the National Rifle Association and other lobby groups, as well as the energy giant Koch Industries. One Nation’s Chief of Staff James Ashby was accompanied on the U.S. visit by Steve Dickson, the party’s leader in the Australian state of Queensland and a candidate in upcoming Australian elections. Ashby and Dickson were recorded seeking up to $US20 million for their election war chest while promising to soften laws, put in place following a massacre in Australia in 1996. The strict Australian gun laws have often been condemned by the NRA. Al Jazeera approached all the groups and individuals featured in this programme. None responded to our findings.”

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  1. Kaye Lee

    “Has the NRA trained her up in the appropriate “Gun Lobby” response?”


    Mr Ashby and Mr Dickson met with a series of senior NRA officials to discuss funding, gun laws, communications strategy and political advice.

    In one meeting, NRA media liaison Lars Dalseide offered them advice on what to say to gun control advocates when mass shootings occur.

    Dalseide: “‘How dare you stand on the graves of those children to put forward your political agenda?’ Just shame them to the whole idea.”

    Dickson: “I love that.”

    Dalseide: “It’s like, ‘If you, if your policy, isn’t good enough to stand on itself, how dare you use their deaths to push that forward?!'”

    Ashby: “That’s very good, very strong.”

  2. Kaye Lee

    Mark Latham, in February, linked to NSW One Nation’s gun policy in which he lists, as one of their four main priorities, “Minimise the chance of radical Islamic terrorists getting hold of weaponry in Australia for their evil purposes.”

    He wants State Support for Shooting Ranges.

    “The NSW Government has over-subsidised elite arts activities in Sydney (many of which have degenerated into wacky Left-wing political propaganda) and under-supported the many thousands of people in NSW who enjoy recreational shooting. They deserve better State-funded facilities.

    In south-west NSW, One Nation will allow crack recreational shooters into native parks to help cull the kangaroo problem. Where similar problems exist in other parts of the State, we will do the same. The question of ‘conservation and wildlife management’ should not be captive to out-of-touch Green-Left ideology. Very often the best conservation solution comes from ignoring the Greens and bringing in people who know what they are doing.

    NSW One Nation supports the establishment of a Firearms Consultative Committee as proposed by the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW). This would assist Government in developing legislation that is evidence-based, supports law-abiding firearm owners, is in the public interest and targets the criminal use of firearms.”

    Supporting Sensible Gun Control

    And it seems we will be stuck with this turkey for 8 long years.

  3. Michael Taylor

    Wasn’t it Hanson who once said she doesn’t feel safe walking down the street anymore?

    Well giving a gun to a would-be assailant doesn’t sound like it would make it any safer for her. (A concept, I imagine, that would go right over her head).

    My god she is stupid. As stupid as stupid goes. And dangerous.

  4. terence mills

    ‘In a meeting with Rodger Muller, who posed as a gun rights advocate from the fake lobby group Gun Rights Australia, Ashby suggested that $10m of funding would help the party “pick up eight Senate seats”.

    Dickson (One Nation Qld President) suggested that with the balance of power One Nation will “have the testicles of the government in our hand at every given stage”.

    “And guns, in the scheme of things, are still going to be the be-all and end-all,” he said.

    This is scary stuff and clearly One Nation consider that, despite the ban on overseas political donors introduced by the Morrison government, they can skate around the legislation which by all accounts won’t be too hard.

    Morrison has said that preference allocations is a state matter yet he chose to override the state and Branch executives of the Liberal Party to avoid any pre-selection contests : the man is an opportunistic liar !

    Oh, by the way, if you complain about what’s going on, Mark Latham will have you DNA tested to see if you are a fair-dinkum Aussie.

  5. Kronomex

    You can bet that horrible little leech Ashby is the “mastermind” behind this, Hanson is too dumb and stupid to set something like this up. Hanson ans Ashby’s and Hanson’s greed knows no bounds.

  6. Kaye Lee

    “I always keep a private email and I keep a work email, because work emails are never private,” Mr Ashby said. “They can be subpoenaed like that. It’s something that you learn real fast.”

    One Nation leader Pauline Hanson did not take part in the trip to Washington but discussed it with Mr Ashby and Mr Muller at a dinner a few months after they returned.

    Senator Hanson explained that she had a “gut feeling” that she shouldn’t go because “it is not going to be good for me”.

    “I have to actually take it in baby steps and I have to actually get more people elected to Parliament, which I will do after this next election,” Ms Hanson said. “That’s why I didn’t go, because I thought it wasn’t a politically smart thing for me to do.”

  7. James O'Neill

    Certainly put One Nation last in your list of preferences, just below the Liberal and National Parties.

  8. flohri1754

    IF the Libs, Nationals, ALP and Greens … plus the sensible Independents … don’t coordinate their efforts to stop this slide into my former home country’s gun madness, none deserve to be in power.

  9. Patagonian

    Already on the Austrailan the below-the-liners are trying to convince themselves that this is all down to Ashby and poor PoorLeaner was duped. Which sits rather oddly with their fervent insistence that she is the Messiah. If she didn’t know about what Ashy and the One Neuron QLD President were up to, my arse is a kipper.

  10. Kronomex

    Just finished watching the first part of the Al Jazeera investigation and all I can say, quite literally, is, “Holy crap!” Can’t wait to see part two. It’s going to be very interesting to see what Hanson, and Scummo, have to say about this situation.

  11. whatever

    I think Pauline is banned from entry to the USA because she, along with Fred Nile, arranged for a fund-raising tour of Australia by an Iraqi Christian guy who was “raising money for his Christian village”.
    Raising money for a private militia, more likely. It was classified as “supporting terrorism”.

  12. David Bruce

    Seems the World has changed, not always in a positive way! In Paris, of all places! Hope we don’t end up with protests like that here.

    French Military Authorized to Use Deadly Force on Yellow Vests

    PHON is making it easier for the Australian Government to suppress parties not aligned with the two party system here.

  13. Keith

    The Port Arthur murders were terrible. PM Howard for all his faults, did something great for Australia as a result of the murders, by banning military weapons and providing regulations around guns and rifles. It is apparent that not only is One Nation an extreme Party, but they are down right dangerous as well.

  14. whatever

    Scotty is on TV right now, I think he was supposed to be denouncing OneNation but he ended up boasting about stopping terrorism and saying the Greens want to raise taxes and Godzilla is attacking………

  15. Potoroo

    Wow! Even by the AIM’s standards Trish Corby really needs to avoid red cordial. One Nation is totally Australian and pretending they’re not is one big reason why the majors struggle to get a handle on them. We are not the nice country we keep telling ourselves we are, which is why we keep electing nasty governments who implement neoliberal policies that exacerbate economic inequality and increase social divisions. Then we get backlashes in the form of One Nation-type parties composed of people who feel abandoned, largely correctly. And their anger and fear turns their politics ugly, not the other way around.

    “It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness.”

    To put it another way, contented people don’t change the world, so the correct question to ask is why people are discontented in the first place.

    Moreover, there is nothing new about any of this. Seeking support from like-minded people and organisations around the world is par for the course. Progressives have been doing it for decades. Yes, this time it’s ON and the NRA, which most people dislike, but in principle it’s not the huge outrage people are making it out to be. It’s newsworthy but it doesn’t warrant this sort of hysteria.

    Oh, and seeking to gain the balance of power within our system is not trying to change it:

    Dickson: “If we could get that sort of money, imagine, we could change Australia.”
    Muller: “If One Nation could get $10 million …”
    Ashby: “… you would pick up eight Senate seats.”
    Dickson: “I mean, that guarantees you the balance of power, you’d have the whole Government by the balls.”

    All perfectly straight forward. A minor party trying to gain the balance of power in the Upper House – whodathunkit?

    PS: I’d point out that before the Port Arthur Massacre nobody was afraid to send their kids to school, despite Australia having many millions of guns more than it has now, because cultural differences, but that would likely derail the argument.

  16. Trish Corry

    Anyone who supports laws or parties who support such laws, that will result in kids being slaughtered by bullets in school, because some idiot has a grudge; needs to lay off the meth, not the red cordial.

  17. Patagonian

    I’ve just watched the doco. Ashton and DIckson – what loathsome, slithering creatures they are. I think One Neuron is done for after this.

  18. Matters Not

    Don’t appreciate articles that attempt to promote irrational fears. Surely we can do better than that.

  19. Potoroo

    @Trish Corry

    I said nothing supporting ON. I said a lot about how to understand them, though, along with a lot about how overwrought your article was. ON is not soliciting support from a “foreign country”, they are soliciting support from a foreign organisation. Not at all the same thing. And as I already pointed out, a minor party seeking to gain the balance of power is working within our system, not “trying to change our voting laws”. You can’t get key facts wrong and draw incorrect conclusions from bad arguments based on them and not expect to get called out.

  20. Trish Corry

    Yes Potoroo, you are correct. I have explicitly stated foreign organisation in all areas of the article, however, in my haste in the second line under the heading desperate and hungry for power, I have missed that correction. I have now corrected that line to say “They are lobbying for millions – millions from an organisation in a foreign country.” The rest of the article does certainly say a foreign organisation or gun lobby. So thanks for pointing that out, but I don’t think you can draw that conclusion when the rest of the article does not say foreign country, but organisation.

    I don’t think that we need to understand One Nation anymore. I am sick to death of people saying how we need to understand them. They are lunatics, uneducated and their policies are downright dangerous. If you watch the video – they are explicitly discussing how many millions they need to get the balance of power and change the voting laws. Perhaps, watch the actual video as well.

    During the meeting, Mr Dickson was recorded telling Koch Industries representatives that One Nation could “change the voting system” if the party had more funding.

    “It’s going to get down to money at the end of the day,” he said.

    “We can change the voting system in our country, the way people operate, if we’ve got the money to do it.

    “The ingredients are there, we just don’t have the petrol to put in the engine.

    “So whatever you can do would be fantastic.”

  21. helvityni

    Sorry Trish, I’m totally off topic, but I have to put this somewhere:

    Tina McQueen on Q$A: what a wonder woman….! If you missed it, please watch it .almost as good TV as Pauline discussing “under-water-boats’ in the Senate….

  22. Kaye Lee

    Not entirely off topic helvityni….

    Back in 2008, the SMH reported Teena attended the US State Department’s official party at the InterContinental hotel in Sydney being held to watch the US presidential election.

    “One of the guests, Teena McQueen, a Liberal Party staff member who enjoys pig shooting, said she was wearing her hair in a high bun before Sarah Palin made the look famous.”

    Why does the pig shooting and Palin reference not surprise me?

  23. Patagonian

    Kaye and Helvi: She’s really into one-up-man-ship – “I had my hair in a bun before SP”. “Ardern copied Howard’s gun laws”. Nyah nyah nee nyah nyah. How childish. Such a shame nobody on the Q&A panel thought to ask her why Trump hadn’t copied the Rodent’s gun laws.

  24. Andreas Wagner

    With all that evidence in, isn’t past time to charge this grub James Ashby and his co-conspiritor Steve Dickson with TREASON ? How about it, AFP ? Or is he still untouchable after the Slipper Affair?

  25. Paul Davis

    Well folks, let’s not get too excited by this media beat up. Mr Dickson and Mr Ashby are just a couple of good ole boys who were set up by a foreign government owned media company while having a few drinks with their mates on a fact finding trip to the USA. Sky News has supported the PHON contention that Qatar may be attempting to interfere in Australia’s election……didn’t they “buy” the world cup from FIFA?

  26. tyrannosauruswenz

    Definitely alarming revelations.

    I disagree about one point – I don’t think Howard ‘had guts’ when he ditched PH. It was pre-Tampa and divisive racism wasn’t so overtly tolerated as it is currently, I think he was alert to public sentiment and covering his party’s bottom. He has more form for that than ‘guts’.

    I’ve also been wondering all day if the ‘voting changes’ referred to were to be a push for voluntary over compulsory voting. Rather than a reference to a bloc with wedge power. Either/or – horrifying.

  27. Kaye Lee

    Paul Davis,

    That press conference with Ashby and Dickson was hilarious. They go to a foreign country and ask a gun lobbyist for money to help them change our voting system and their excuse? Sorry bout the swearing love, we were pissed like all real men are after a day at work. It was just boy’s talk at the bar.
    Ashby takes himself so seriously I was actually giggling. And then I reminded myself that people actually vote for these numpties.

  28. Stuart lawrence

    Oh I am glad Mark Latham was not able to lead his team or party to victory in 2004 federal elections and now he is in the NSW state upper house

  29. Paul Davis

    Kaye Lee, yep, that was a fascinating presser. I thought the pair started out like crestfallen naughty schoolboys caught redhanded, but they stuck to their probably well rehearsed story, somehow keeping to the high moral ground, (lessons learnt from NRA?) and by the end they were exuding so much onfidence i was waiting for them to high five each other…

    I think this whole episode has some way to go.

    Teena would probably use an M60 for her pigshooting. Can picture her in gumboots and flakjacket prowling her estate with a couple of liveried bearers to carry the picnic basket and weapons.

  30. Zathras

    It’s a shame that this programme didn’t go to air last week but it will certainly make for a more interesting Federal Election, especially with the Reich-Wing conspiracy mill running red hot.

  31. skeeper abberton

    John Howard gets all the credit for Australian gun laws. I believe most of it should go to Walter Mikac.

  32. Kevin O'Dea

    I watched the program tonight with horror and anger. The NRA are clearly gunning for Australia to downgrade the Howard gun laws because the Australian model is constantly referred to by American gun law reform advocates as a solution for the ongoing crisis in the USA. One Nation has clearly taken the bait here and offered their services to this agenda. Treason certainly is a possible outcome here. Certainly the Liberals need to grow a spine and declare their position with regard to preferences in the coming election. Labor and the Greens have made their position very clear. Time for Morrison to cut the transactional game here and make a clear moral choice for the future of this country. Surely, the ChristChurch massacre would mark the line in the sand.

  33. Kevin O'Dea

    The well trotted line by the NRA and their ilk that having people carry arms in public would dissuade gun massacres does not hold water. For instance, in the Las Vegas situation where a mass panic erupted, any person carrying a gun of any sort would have been fair game for elimination, shoot first, ask questions later, by responding police officers. The Fog Of War does not allow for rational decision making in that kind of panic situation. NRA types need to explain this a bit more clearly.

  34. Max Gross

    Howard very cunningly panned Hanson but appropriated her rhetoric and her policies. And here we are!

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