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Day to Day Politics: Who will win the next election?

It’s only as we come closer to a pending election that polls take on meaning. Otherwise, they are just a guide to how people are thinking at the time. Yesterday I received a comment on my Monday post that said:

“It’s always troubling when consistently people will vote against their own interests! No wonder Mal has never been happier. The Murdoch propaganda machine is working better than truth!” – Justin Van Kampen

The first sentence, in particular, remained with me for the residue of what was left of the day. Its true, I thought to myself, pensioners will vote for conservatives in the blind assumption that they are the masters of money and will look after them. The truth, however, is that only Labor has ever done anything for them.

For many of us who critique the performance of government, it is beyond our comprehension as to how people would continue to vote for a party which has been so demonstrably poor, continue to vote for them, even when they institute policies that work against them.

So what is it that brings about this allegiance to a particular party. In the first instance, the best place to look is within oneself. For myself, it is a deeply ingrained sense of social justice or a fierce desire for equality – for helping those who cannot help themselves – that government is there to guide society and see that there is an equitable distribution of the country’s wealth.

In all that, or what influences it mostly, is a poor upbringing, deprived of formal education but an awareness of the possibilities of just what life offered. And I suppose a mind that was ripe for it.

As for my opposites, I really cannot say other than I have to think that for the same philosophical reasons they are the reverse of me. In our allegiance, reasoning by family influence also has its place. Just what percentage vote a certain way because Mum and Dad did is unknown but it must be substantial.

Why is it that, as Justin Van Kampen asks, do “people consistently vote against their own interests!” Again we have to explore ourselves and ask questions. For example could I, if the party I supported were as incompetent as the current Coalition government, vote for another party.

My allegiance to Labor is so ideologically attached that I couldn’t imagine doing so and I think for the same reason it’s why we see conservatives ready to support the Coalition regardless. That they would do so is beyond us, but in reality, we are the same, although as a rule, Labor is not out to hurt those who support it whereas Coalition policies do hurt country people and the elderly who vote for them.

If this is so, it raises yet another question. Are the Australian people so dumb as to reward an obvious extreme right-wing government with a hypocrite as its leader with another term in office after wasting almost 6 years of the country’s potential?

They would have to hate Bill Shorten a lot to do that or believe that Turnbull with another term under his belt would have enough courage to lead.

I have always found that people on the extreme right of politics have no problem explaining their hatred of the left. Sometimes with a raised voice of vile disgust and sometimes, but not often, with a logic that surprises. But when it comes to explaining what conservatism stands for they can barely raise their voice.

In America, people can and do swap parties but in Australia, we seem to be attached like glue, either left or right, with a growing percentage of swinging voters and it is these folk who win or lose elections. Of course the dissatisfied Conservative can always adhere themselves to Pauline Hanson or the upset Laborite can cross to the Greens.

There is no doubt that with the demise of institutional politics that more and more people are turning away from the major parties.

Having said that, recent results around the world would indicate a shift to the left and if you were to put away the Newspoll results in Australia that would seem to be the case.

When discussing polling in Australia it has to be remembered that any movement of a point of two means that hundreds of thousands of people changed their minds from the last poll and one has to ask whether that is reasonable or just within the margin of error.

What do we make of those 10 or 20% in the middle who we think decide the winner? Are they self-indulgent who vote for their own best interest or are they thinkers that have the country’s best interests at heart.

I think the latter and I think they will vote Labor. There are three factors in play here. Firstly more young people will come onto the roll this time around and this will be complemented by the rush of young folk who enrolled for the marriage equality survey. A substantial amount I believe.

Secondly, the AEC intends resetting some boundaries which will see the Coalition starting from behind. Winning this election will be tough enough for them without a handicap.

Thirdly Labor will have a truckload of dollars to throw at them in addition to their woeful governance.

As far as Justin’s comment that goes:

“No wonder Mal has never been happier. The Murdoch propaganda machine is working better than truth!”

The fact is when you measure the cross-platform influence of media his domination has been greatly diminished. Recent research by Andrew Catsaras has crunched the data and ranked the “influence index” of Australia’s major newspapers and their online duplicates.

It tells us that The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) has the highest cross-platform audience at 3,521,000 over a seven-day period, and also the highest percentage of readers who have “a lot of trust” in what they read in that publication.

It is followed by The Age on 20.5, The Australian 12, Herald Sun 9, Courier Mail 9 and The Daily Telegraph 6. Therefore we can conclude that his influence is in decline.

Research and chart are here.

Trying to predict who will win the next election is but an opinion. Some opinions are better than others. Mine is based on 60 years of following politics reading and writing about it every day and by no small measure of analysing. By putting down my bias and concluding in opinion who might win.

Based on all the available measures before me, in my opinion, Labor will win by 15 to 20 seats.

My thought for the day

In my opinion, we would be a much better society if we took the risk of thinking for ourselves unhindered by the unadulterated crap served up by the media and self-interest groups.

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  1. June

    I sincerely hope your analysis is correct John … for all Australians. Thank you, as always, for your insights.

  2. jagman48

    Pensioners will vote conservative. Rather a bold statement John.

  3. Terry2

    Finally, finally, kicking and struggling, Scott Morrison has got the message that an increase of .50% in personal tax to fund an alleged deficiency in NDIS funding is not a sustainable argument when, on the other hand, you want to hand billions of dollars to major corporations which you argue is entirely affordable and fully funded.

    This sort of twisted logic, driven by ideological imperatives was never going to fly and and quite simply made no economic sense.

    Even the most rusted on Liberal supporter would have to agree that taking money from taxpayers to fund a community service (NDIS) makes no sense when you are handing out massive cuts in company tax…….or was it all Labor’s fault, again ?

  4. New England Cocky

    A sensitive personal analysis.

    You see people voting against their own best interests very clearly in urban regional electorates. The agricultural sector now accounts for about 4% of the voters and urban regional centres over 50,000 persons are considered free from the economic shackles of agricultural domination by the squattocracy. Even so, the shopkeepers and business persons are still subjected to the pre-poll invasions of NLP ladies decked out in their class fineries, swarming into a business and demanding loyalty to their party at the risk of losing the ladies business forever.

    In reality, as one former Guyra business person discovered, cancelling the credit for these “ladies” was the best decision he made because they were “encouraged” (under fear of bankruptcy proceedings) to pay for their frivolous lifestyle.

    In New England there are many bogan males who believe Barnyard is a fit and proper person including his many self-inflicted disgraces. Recent observations of a rare Barnyard excursion into a local supermarket witnessed many males wishing, hoping for the same amorous adventures and financial opportunism.

    So it will be the women of New England who free Australian politics from the Notional$ Party, the party you have to celebrate the demise of economic opportunity for Australians. If the ALP has any testicles there will be campaigns like:

    Women supporting adulterers support Joyce (National$);

    Women supporting MDB Water Theft support Joyce (National$);

    Women supporting misogyny support Joyce (National$);

    and the list of possibilities goes on.

    Maybe that is why the unelected Rainbow people controlling pre-selection in the metropolitan air-conditioned offices of the National$ Party have been reported as likely promoting the NSW Minister for Good Times and sometime representative of the Notional$ in Northern Tablelands to Federal Parliament.

  5. denisethompsonfeminism

    Please don’t run the ad in favour of WestConnex. This massive project has already wrecked areas of Haberfield, Ashfield and St Peters, including destroying numbers of 100-year-old trees. It has made life a misery for people living anywhere near it, and is now threatening to do the same to Leichhardt, Annandale, Camperdown and Rozelle. Residents have been campaigning for months against the harsh impacts of Stages 1 and 2, the approval of Stage 3, and the privatisation of WestConnex and unfair tolls that will last for decades. Far from solving problems of traffic congestion, it will add to them. See Michael West’s series BLIND FAITH on the secret dealing and dodgy toll formulas behind WestConnex.

  6. Trish Corry

    I completely understand the rusted ons from both sides. I understand the conservatives who truly believe that individualism and support of business are the underpinning values that will determine their great country. I understand the Labor supporters who deeply believe in socialist based measures, solidarity and a fair go and support for the working class are the values which will determine their great country.

    What I don’t understand are those on “the left” who feel they are too morally superior for Labor and are the all seeing, all knowing minor party supporters. Their efforts in social media terms are as powerful as the Murdoch Press. Their aim is always to attack, degrade and destabilise Labor – the major party on their side of the fence, which only gives power to the Liberals and helps return a Liberal Govt. So Labor has to fight Murdoch Press and this!

    I will never, ever get over the Greens attacks on Annastacia Palasczcuk calling her corrupt, candidates posing as independents and using PHON colours, upset volunteers over aggressive Greens and reports of blatant lies during doorknocks.

    Greens Deploying an army of social media volunteers from down south to derail, attack and scream over every single important announcement made by Labor during the election. All this was dressed up in an anti Adani campaign designed by a Green. One Greens candidate told me on Twitter Stop Adani is based on a USA style campaign aimed at total social media saturation (very proud and excited over this fact). The underpinning aims of such a campaign is to shut down the opposition so they can’t be heard and put out so much information (truth or lie) that no one asks for clarification. The same style of campaign employed by Abbott and yes, Trump.

    Apart from Stop Adan’s stunt yesterday attacking Teri Butler- LABOR – tearing down her posters, you can hear a pin drop on social media now about Adani – because it’s nothing more than a “stop the boats” style campaign and the elections are over.

    In QLD, not once, did the Greens have the guts to stand up and fight against what a return of the QLD LNP plus PHON would mean for QLDers after us having survived Newman. They spent their entire time trying to convince voters Annastacia Palaszczuk and Jackie Trad were corrupt – not the LNP or PHON, no mention of THAT impending doom and destruction! Who the hell is supposed to be the enemy again?

    For these actions, the Greens are completely in the bin for me. I can respect and understand a conservative position, I can’t respect dirty tactics and blatant lies that do nothing but help conservatives.

    The message cut through alright and the people they convinced voted PHON. I know, because I had many conversations with voters on the ground and comments were consistent on social media, based on the belief the best Premier we have ever had, was corrupt!

    It’s not the rusted ons who are the problem, it’s the minor party supporters, especially the Greens and a few new “working class minor parties” who are day in day out attacking Labor and remaining silent on the conservatives. They are turning into a free advertising arm for the LNP/Coalition and PHON. The two parties the rest of us are fighting to keep out because of their hatred for the workers and the poor.

    That’s the problem I see.

  7. Kaye Lee

    So we attack the Greens instead of the Coalition and PHON?

    One way for Labor to neuter the Greens on Adani is to oppose the mine. They should be working on other employment for the area.

  8. helvityni

    Totally agree with your ‘Dutch’ FB friend Van Kampen… I even wrote about it a couple days ago:

    April 24, 2018 at 1:13 pm
    Why is Murdoch seen by so many as almost all- powerful, god-like…? Can’t Oz citizens think for themselves…?

    I also agree with your thought for the day. My poorest friend is a Liberal voter. I have often asked her: Why…their harsh inhumane policies are not making your life any easier. I suspect that as an poor English migrant, she feels she has gone up in the class system by supporting the Liberals

  9. Trish Corry

    If my points are lost on your Kaye, you are the very people I’m talking about in my comment.

  10. helvityni

    …and Mal finds it hard to stop smiling even when responding to questions about horrible things happening in our banking business; Lucy in royal red and Mal in immaculate suits…statesman-like…?

  11. Kaye Lee

    I just don’t understand the obsession with fighting the Greens. Put up good candidates with good policy. You won Queensland, you won South Brisbane, you won Batman, you won Sydney and Grayndler.

  12. Möbius Ecko

    And the Liberals do what they always do to win elections, bribe the population.

    All of a sudden Morrison is awash with revenue, so much so that not only can he scrap the increase to the Medicare levy and still fully fund NDIS, he can give generous income tax cuts to workers, phased in over ten years and still put the budget back into surplus.

    The last bit is smart. The first tax income tax cut will be modest, gradually ramping up over the ten years. By doing this the Liberals will claim that the income tax cuts are only safe under Liberal governments as Labor will only ever increase taxes. Nothing is more certain though that under a Liberal government, when the following rounds of income tax cuts are due, there will be some excuse as to why they can’t be delivered, and they will say Labor would be worse.

    Of course it’s smoke and mirrors, just as Howard’s profligate spending was. And just like Howard’s dreadful economic policy, Turnbull’s will see us pay the price for many more decades to come. We are still suffering the fall out from Howard’s management.

    Will it work. It worked for Howard, and my guess is that it will work for Turnbull. As much as the people always say they would rather see more taxes as long as they are spent on health, education and infrastructure, as soon as they are offered money at the cost of health, education and infrastructure, they take the money every time.

  13. Adam

    @Terry2, re the LNP backflip on the NDIS funding, it is more likely a case of the LNP flying their true colors. They despise anything progressive and the design of the Medicare tax increase was just that. From memory it was only going to apply to income above $85k. I’d like to see which govt programs they are taking the $8B from before I completely dismiss their change of plan though.

  14. Kronomex

    Gosh, this sounds awfully like a pre-election budget…naah, I must be imagining things. How generous of Scumbag to remove a tax that was never imposed in the first place. Coming soon to a theatre near you: The Tax That Never Was, starring Scott “The Fastest Finger and Toe Counter in the West” Morrison, Mathius “Non-Economic Girly Man” Cormann, and the entire Choir of the LNP singing that all-time classic, “It’s All Labors Fault.”


    When I lived in Kingaroy years ago I used to talk to people about who and why they voted (sometimes it wasn’t a good idea, but what the hell) National. Almost every reply was along the lines of, “I vote for them because my Dad votes for them and my Grandfather votes for them and the cat votes for them and so does the dog.” The last bit was bullshit but original thought was not a valued commodity and I very much doubt it has changed much even to this day. Oh yes, one person I met stopped talking to his son because he dared to vote, not sure which party it was, non-National. Talk about set in concrete thinking.

  15. Shogan

    I’m a pensioner & I always vote Labor.

  16. wam

    Selamat pagi I attempted to be positive:
    ‘Are the Australian people so dumb as to reward an obvious extreme right-wing government with a hypocrite as its leader with another term in office after wasting almost 6 years of the country’s potential?”

    What is obvious?
    Howard wasted not potential but actual and won. Remember labor set up nauru and manus?

    Surely your ‘By putting down my bias’ and your ‘allegiance to Labor is so ideologically attached’ and a conclusion that people are dumb to be ideologically attached to the LNP. Is worth a rethink?

    Sorry scribe but ‘unhindered by the unadulterated crap served up by the media and self-interest groups” was the clincher.

    A simple analysis shows labor wins when two factors collide they have a winner as a leader and the libs %#%!%!% up.

    How long did howard ^^!%@^@^ up? But was re-elected? Was he worse than this mob??? Have a look at your records??

    As for medicare levy packer, et al and many self funded retirees and centrelink ‘customers’ pay no levy. So lower it to 1.5% on gross income seems obvious?

    Who could not admire the 15 second grab by the son of a small car on today and parroted on sunrise that we are ‘saving $365 per year’ because our economy is good ‘pat pat pat’ on the back

    We were so lucky to have spoken with WW1 vets and WW2 and Korean and Malaysia and Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan but at each chapter we thought no more. Will we ever learn?
    If the USA and North Korea come together what price trump???

  17. helvityni

    “He was enjoying himself. There’s a particularly mischievous grin he has and a way of rocking on his toes that signalled he was having the time of his life chatting to HRH and HE the PM of the French republic.

    Perhaps moments like these make being prime minister bearable for Turnbull. Up to his elbows in the grubby brawls of his party he can take heart that soon enough there will be another guard of honour to inspect and another chance to chat man to man with the leader of a nation two or three times our size.”

    …says David Marr, and I have to agree with him too.

  18. Kaye Lee

    Not to mention the ever-present Lucy.

  19. Terry2


    A 12-year-old asylum seeker held on Nauru has publicly pleaded for his severely depressed mother to be moved to Australia, for the urgent medical treatment doctors have been recommending for more than a year. Three preteen children, suffering acute mental illnesses and having made repeated suicide attempts, have been urgently brought to Australia but only after court actions were launched in Australia to have them moved.”

    Minister Dutton has consistently said that there are no children in detention after he changed the classification of detention centres and the meaning of the word detention which then determined that people on Nauru were not in detention as they were free to leave the detention centre during prescribed hours and that people held on Manus could not be considered as in detention as the Supreme Court of PNG had declared that such detention was unconstitutional under their law.

    That headache is persisting !

  20. helvityni

    Thank you Terry 2 for posting the above…read and weep..

  21. michael lacey

    We have a centre right and right! I Will vote Labor but really we have two factions of one party they disagree on some things lock step on others especially significant ones to our future (foreign policy and economics!}

  22. kerri

    It is clear the Libs support the wealthiest in the country.
    The question that always plagues my mind is.
    If the bulk of the wealth is owned by the top 2%,
    then who are the other 98% voting for???

  23. Terry2


    The LNP were going to tax everybody with an annual income over $21,000, Labor would only support the tax for those with incomes of more than $87,000.

    Everything that Scott Morrison does is designed to wedge Labor, no thought of the national welfare.

    I am amazed that the debt and deficit disaster that the coalition took to the 2013 election now no longer exists yet both appear to have doubled – does anybody have a source for reliable data on government debt and the deficit ?

  24. Adam

    Terry2, that proves my point even more so. The LNP are truly regressives. Their MSM mates give definition to the word redundant. Unfortunately, a majority of the electorate are still being treated to a form of brain-washing every day via news broadcasts or panel-chat shows. A smarter civilization would cancel the licences of current broadcasters, at least until they begin to work on behalf of the whole community and not just the 1%. At best I see forums like this one continue to make the agenda explicit. People find their way to information that suits their level of development, just as stupids find their way to LNP HQ.

  25. Keyser Soze

    It really doesn’t matter who you vote for, they’re all the same. Politicians are elected to represent the people. It’s been a long time since that has happened. This country has always been controlled by external forces, International Zionist Bankers who use the media as its propaganda tool. Privatisation of our public utilities has destroyed our quality of life forever.

    W. HUGHES, Prime Minister of Australia, Saturday Evening Post, June 19, 1919.
    “The Montefiores have taken Australia for their own, and there is not a gold field or a sheep run from Tasmania to New South Wales that does not pay them a heavy tribute. They are the real owners of the antipodean continent. What is the good of our being a wealthy nation, if the wealth is all in the hands of German Jews?”
    Does Australia think for itself? Are we really an independent country? Watch this link……….

  26. Leanne

    I find that voting for a particular party is often the best outcome if that party aligns to your own beliefs and principles.
    However, not all people think like this when it is voting because they are hounded and chased with flyers and voting
    propoganda material at the gates to polling places they can and quite often do become overwhelmed with all the material
    handed to them that they just get the attitude of “F#ck It, Let them fight over it” mindset.

    It is this mindset as stated above that most people need to control and stay focused, despite the dismal and poor outcomes
    and outlooks projected through many many newspoll results.
    For instance, one group of liberal haters i belong to has a result of 99% prefer labor and just 1 percent for Liberals,
    One Newspoll group, official has been found guilty of newspolling in Malcolm Turns electorate only for some positive
    results for the prime minister, talk about cooked results.

    Pardon I, I digress from the main things I wish to say.

    I posted to one of the Journalists here, a list of accomplishments of the LNP, a none too pretty outlook for any party.
    But compare that list to the many of any other parties list and the only one that comes to any point being as disappointing is
    1 nation.

    The only thing that the LNP has a positive achievement for is destruction of this government as you will see in this link.
    Add to this list of week 4 of the Banking, Superannuation Rc and the results so far are not very good, but with rigged
    Newspolls to make the prime minister look good, We must keep in mind the mindset of average voter being swamped.

    Not only does that make the average voter confused but also that which sets the mood of the polling booth.
    A positive different outlook and outcome can be achieved surely if the vollies ( Volunteers ) are not so busy
    swamping people with propoganda material?

    I know first hand Im sick of this government lead by the LNP and The Murdoch press Hounds and Faked Newspoll
    and RIGGED Newspolls for that fact and Though I have always voted labor and most likely will again, until the day I die.
    At least i can sit back and honestly say I did not vote for this shit of a party to govern us as they are, and Im hoping that
    the rest of of Aussies will not be so damn gullible, stupid and dumb to vote this current mob back in.

  27. Karen

    Classic LNP, one day after ANZAC day – ‘Let’s sabotage NDIS and certainty of funding for those with a disability’ by dropping the Medicare tax increase.
    How must returned Service personnel, especially those wounded fighting for this country, feel about this madness of Morrison and co? Meanwhile, some msm talking heads think it a good idea.

  28. Kronomex

    On a completely off side note and just for the heck of it –


    I have the books and even after 10 years or so I still can’t get past page 28 of the first volume. I’m certainly not going to waste money buying this or the next book in the series. Stopped watching the TV show after series 2 and couldn’t be bothered watching the rest.

    “This country has always been controlled by external forces, International Zionist Bankers who use the media as its propaganda tool.” I wondered how long it would be before some racist arsehole would lift his head above the parapet of intolerance. So, three cheers for Keester Shithole…
    Now f*ck off!

  29. Keitha Granville

    We are pensioners and we always vote Labor – but I agree that many people vote as their parents always did. My first election saw Gough Whitlam into power – It’s Time. I am confident that enough young people will have the brains and the courage to send this current mob packing

  30. Wam

    Wealth or rich, kerri? We are a rich country and we, the citizens, are(or think we are) the rich who aspire to wealth.
    The LNP strength is that labor is a risk to that economic wealth.

    Ergo Kaye, may know the details but does labor even consider it important?
    No billy will sit and hope that a whitlam, hawke, hewson or a miracle happens.

    We, laborites are patient because rupert cannot exist for ever.
    Fortunately, pauline’s voice is worse than her words, so she will slip.
    Perhaps, the drips of debt may drop on the heads of the workers who support this government. Gammon, wam!

    ps Labor, osmosis needs a pressure gradient. Sadly, the ABC and AIMN exert no pressure, as the listeners are usually ahead of such media, leaving sunrise and today who, with controvesy, historically ignore labor.

    So any expectation of a poll led shorten victory ignores the NOW factor where trumball and the son of a small pommie car will opificium an economic subitis, dutton a fleet of boats and o’dwyer a problem with unions. The greens will use the ignorance of meanings of the words ‘asylum’ and ‘refugee’ and labor will go the way of ‘port adelaide’.

  31. Anon E Mouse

    I reckon Turnbull and the LNP will win, although I sincerely hope not. Given the lack of scrutiny that the AEC and the irregularities evident in our elections and census, as well as the unexplained way that senators can get elected with under 20 votes, the LNP have it in the bag.

    Throw in Shorten’s taint of shady deals getting rid of Rudd, then Gillard, and his previous support for cutting welfare payments etc. that has cost Labor some rusted on votes, and his lead is not so secure.

    Turnbull’s smirk suggests there might be a Tampa moment somewhere soon – possibly one that could rid him of one who is tipped to take his leadership, Dutton. One thing about Turnbull, he is a lawyer and banker, and that guarantees his actions will be crafty and sly.

    I just hope I am wrong.

  32. Zathras

    I’m not a pensioner but I’m a self-funded retiree and have managed to “maintain the rage” since the Whitlam era.
    I’ve also noticed that it’s been getting progressively easier to maintain it with each coalition government.

    Perhaps one reason is that I used to read The Nation Review back in those days and have treated the Murdoch/Fairfax press with suspicion and disdain ever since.

    I used to be disappointed when I thought people didn’t realise how often the media was “yanking their chain” but now I feel that many of them don’t even care but just like to give the appearance of seeming informed by spouting the latest headline.

    Older pensioners are probably clinging to the last fading remnants of the Menzies days but fail to see the slow drift toward fascism by his successors.

  33. win jeavons

    Jagman48; I am over 80, and will never vote conservative, The Vietnam war finished this war loving mob for me, and events deepened my disgust for them . They only conserve the outdated privilege, never the health of the nation or the planet. Then they top it up with lies!

  34. Matters Not


    always troubling when consistently people will vote against their own interests!

    Voting on the basis of one’s interests appears to be rational but it might need to be clarified. In nearly 6 decades of voting, I have never effectively voted anything other than Labor. Nevertheless, voting Labor in the coming election will see me voting against my interests, particularly my financial interests.

    I am not alone. Some of Labor’s policies will effect a change of vote in some instances. Good policies do not necessarily translate into increased voting support.

  35. Michael Taylor

    Who will win the next election?

    I have another question: Who will try the hardest to win the next election?

  36. Wam

    Zathras – the lnp have little on the sptics paul ryan and rubio admit the government helped them through university but the vote against any help for the poor to attend. Ryan wants to raise retirement to 70 but will retire from the senate next year at 48 years old. Wow hypocrasy al la mode.
    ps got a health card??

  37. Matters Not


    Who will try the hardest to win the next election?

    The most desperate? The most ambitious? Those who have most to gain? Those who have most to lose?

    Or any of the combinations above? (I assume it’s a trick question. Can’t wait to read the punch line.)

  38. Brian Kuetler

    As long as the LNP go “full racist” they will win. Most Australians are racist idiots.

  39. king1394

    I would like to see the Greens mount strong campaigns in National Party held seats, rather than pitting themselves against city ALP seats. The Greens have to recognise that their basic messages about sustainability, and water in particular, if put well, can be very resonant in the bush. The Nationals only get in because of their arrangements with the Liberals not to stand against each other. Nationals voters won’t switch to the ALP but many would like to vote for an intelligent alternative

  40. wam

    James MCCCXCIV
    I would love to see the ALP retake melbourne from a lame duck
    ps kim jong un and moon jae come together in south korea. what price trump???

  41. Kronomex

    wam, The Donald will try and find some way to claim all the credit for what is happening with the two Koreas. He can’t stand not being the centre of attention. His ego just won’t allow him to do otherwise.

  42. Kronomex

    Trump comment while on Farce, oops, Fox and Friends –

    “Speaking on the Fox & Friends morning programme on Fox News, Mr Trump said his longtime lawyer represented him in “a tiny, tiny little fraction” of his legal work. “He would represent me and represent me on some things, he represents me, like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, he represented me. From what I see, he did absolutely nothing wrong,” the president said.”

    This teenage gibberish is from the mind of President of US, who says he is a genius like the world has never seen. Scary.

  43. wam

    Kronomex why should he not claim some credit?? This the 3rd talks between north korea before trump and 2000(clinton) and 2007(dubbya) were not particularly fruitful and there was no presidential involvement or follow up.
    It is hard to deny Trump has seen some successful developments?

    Mar 1, 2018 – SEOUL, South Korea — President Moon Jae-in of South Korea told President Trump on Thursday that he planned to send a special envoy to North Korea as part of his effort to broker talks between the United States and the North on ending its nuclear weapons program.

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