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Connie Fierravanti-Wells hits peak weird

Backbench Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has just raised, or is that lowered, the bar on fake news.

In a painfully obvious attempt to move the conversation from climate change and emissions reduction to national security and law and order, Connie has used a speech in the Senate and her twitter account to warn us all of a “sinister collective” of ecoterrorists who are responsible for the bushfires and to reassure us that our tough pollies on the beat will save us by looking at metadata – seriously!

Extreme activism & perhaps “eco-terrorism”? With satellite data showing 87% of #bushfiresAustralia man-made (40% deliberately lit), it’s time to use communications meta-data in the investigation of arsonists. Are they lone actors or part of a sinister collective? #auspol

The police have tried in vain to point out to the politicians that most of the people cautioned or charged with fire-related offences were for failure to comply with fire bans (e.g. lighting BBQ grills or campfires in ban areas) or reckless disposal of lit cigarettes or matches or trying to do unauthorised hazard reduction burning on their own property.

The fire chiefs have said arson has played a very small role with dry lightning and fallen power lines starting most of the fires.

Regardless of the ignition source, climate change has unquestionably contributed to the ferocity and extent of these fires.

As for the Senator’s conspiracy theory that environmentalists are deliberately lighting the fires in a co-ordinated attempt to….what Connie? Destroy ecosystems? Drive species to extinction?

It’s you guys who are doing that, and unlike Keating, you aren’t doing us slowly.

The ecoterrorists are those who rape and pollute our environment for their own profit. They are not oblivious to the harm they are causing – they just don’t care.

Do the Coalition draw straws in the morning to see who will take one for the team by doing or saying something so weird it deflects attention from the real disasters?

Anyway, Connie, you get the Pathetic Piffle award for today. Congrats.

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  1. Terence Mills

    Connie once again, as with Dutton, overlooks the simple fact that the cause of the ignition (a match, a fag end or lightning strike) is not the point .

    The point remains, the drought, the early start to the fire season and the intensity of the fires needs to be investigated together with the connections to climate change.

  2. Aortic

    I think it may have been H L Mencken who said, ” it is the aim of all practical politics to keep the populace alarmed, thence clamorous to be led to safety.” Put her inside a telephone booth with Gash or is it Cash and try and get a sensible or indeed any other word in. Honestly who votes for these people? The so called quiet Australians I suppose. Well here’s an old Loud Australian calling you out for what you are, a bunch of gullible losers. Think about it.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Fierravanti-Wells is one of the most obvious, obnoxious, totally ignorant fascist fraus around. Further off, the fat frau of the west is always scheming quietly, greedily, obsessively, to promote her type of filthy scraping and gouging and pocking , but the other fascist fraus are mostly media tarts of ignorant intrusiveness. Why are we cursed with these filthy deliberate stupid liars? Adolf and Josef and Benito would smile, enjoying this little display of self inflated erection of the ego in career conservative cranks and crooks.

  4. crypt0

    I look forward to the day when their children and grandchildren realize the part these LieNP climate deniers have played in bequeathing them a waterless drought stricken bush fire ravaged sunburnt country.
    By the time that happens I expect we (those who are left) will be living underground and “adapting” as per the thoughts and prayers of ScottyWhoGotSackedFromMarketing.
    Good luck ‘straya. You sure gonna need it.

  5. Kerri

    Maybe someone needs to point out to Conceited Ferravanti-Wells that her party’s inaction on climate change has angered her god and he is punishing them for it?
    There is a major factor there that explains the idiotic ramblings Kaye Lee.

  6. Keith

    If you have a view that everybody is untrustworthy, then you really need to wonder about the company you keep.
    The view that conservationists would light fires doesn’t make logical sense. Conservationists try to protect the environment and biosphere generally, is is a business as usual approach that is damaging in so many ways.

    It is quite clear that the LNP do not like evidence based views. A view provided by Molan on Q&A.

  7. Patricia

    Ah Crypto, I love it, ScottyWhoGotSackedFromMarketing, with your permission I will use it. If we can get it going on social media it will really get up ScottyWhoGotSackedFromMarketing’s nose.

    I suspect that his grasp on reality is somewhat tenuous as it is, it should not take a great deal to send him over the edge.

    Fierravanti-Wells is a nut job anyway. Why would anyone take any notice of anything that she says. She belongs in some kind of mental institution, oh wait, she is already in one, it is called the LNP and unfortunately it is the government of the day, thanks to those other mental pygmies who voted for the liberals, nationals, LNP, One Nation and UAP.

  8. Julie Jackson

    I love this comment on FB….“Do the Coalition draw straws in the morning to see who will take one for the team by doing or saying something so weird it deflects attention from the real disasters?”

  9. Sam

    She’s stopped accusing us of being commie Putin bots, Chinese reds and IRA bots and now we’re ‘eco terrorist arsonists’
    Enjoys seeming deranged

  10. Andy56

    ah yes, she was elected on”merit”. Another dumb arse posing as a woman. You have to wonder where do they get ’em?

  11. totaram

    “Do the Coalition draw straws in the morning to see who will take one for the team by doing or saying something so weird it deflects attention from the real disasters?”
    Spot on! I think they do, as the latest “deflecting talking point” is sent down from IPA HQ. There is no other explanation for the completely demented utterings of these people. No one can possibly believe that these mouthpieces actually believe what they say. It’s all just the latest sally in their battle against the opposition as they work with the mass-media to bamboozle enough people to actually believe some of their lies, so that their “team” will just slip over the edge and gain government, once again. The election maybe be years away but these people know you have to just keep the propaganda going if you want lies to become truth (Goebbels put it down in writing).

  12. Henry Rodrigues

    Phil Pryor……. You beat me to it. I was about to comment on how eerily reminiscent of Adolf Hitler, Goebbels, Goering and the rest of the German National Socialist mob, the current leaders of Australia, resemble. Nothing is too outrageous, too brazen, too easily debunked for them to use in their propaganda and obfuscation. Now ‘cranky’ Connie steps out to make a few distracting headlines. What next, gap toothed Josh claiming Hitler was a conservationist and all that implies ????

  13. Geoff. C.

    It’s all quite sad really that this great country is now in the hands of nut jobs like this. My fear is that they know how bad things are but are just ignoring things in order to keep their snouts on the trough.

  14. paul walter

    Opus Dei whack job like Abbott and Miranda Devine.

    Aortic summed up exactly what is going on at the moment. Diversion and mayhem to disrupt and distract.

  15. Ill fares the land

    I think that what must be happening is Malcolm Roberts is doing a roaring trade in making custom fit foil hats for fellow politicians. He is probably getting a commission from the aliens for referrals for new kidnap targets, but I suspect with some of our politicians, even the aliens are deterred.

    Sadly, it is the rancorous who get most attention and and since the police and fire services keep quietly plugging away stressing that the fires that did the bulk of the damage in Victoria, NSW and South Australia were OVERWHELMINGLY NOT THE RESULT OF ARSON, they largely get ignored in the hysterical frenzy.

    Simply put, “haters will hate” and those who are determined to hate the Greens and those who place a value on preserving our environment will more likely believe F-W (what an apt coincidence those initials are!) than the police, especially since she has “satellite imagery” – perhaps the aliens gave it to her?

  16. Roswell

    She would fit quite nicely in the GOP.

    Or maybe I’m not yet at the realisation stage that the GOP and the LNP are interchangeable.

  17. wam

    The Facebook is full of:
    Climate commitment is for someone else
    my land clearance of few dozen trees will make no difference
    our selling coal is an economic necessity
    the idiot greens are just repeating the left wing United Nations
    trump knows how to treat them just ignore their childish panic and get on with backing jobs
    I gave my DNA to ancestry.com will Dutton the police have access?
    A million idiots per square inch.

  18. whatever

    Diversion is the new method Govt. members employ when anything about Climate Change surfaces.
    They usually begin babbling about ‘Recycling’ or ‘Plastic Waste’ and seem to think most people will say ‘Well, at least they mentioned something about the environment….’ .

  19. Kronomex

    “Conceited Ferravanti-Wells” maybe Crackpot Feverishlyvague-Weird?

  20. Kaye Lee

    This is an excerpt from CF-W’s speech……she’s scary

    “Today, we live in a society characterised by extreme activism and, perhaps, eco-terrorism. Vocal minorities disregard the rule of law in pursuit of their objectives. They use the right to protest as a vehicle not only to break the law but also to damage property, disrupt people’s daily lives and cause maximum chaos in society. A propensity for law-breaking has sharpened our awareness to an extent that surveillance has become the new norm in our society through the proliferation of security cameras. Our police forces rely on such methods of surveillance every day in order to keep us safe and achieve prosecutions. Some might argue that increased surveillance has become pervasive—welcome to the new world.

    In August 2019, the media build-up of an impending hot, dry summer appears to have set the scene for the unhinged, including those with criminal intent, to act. It defies logic that the number of bushfires in different parts of Australia took hold so quickly and apparently all at once, thereby destroying property, livelihoods and wildlife and, in worst-case scenarios, causing the deaths of 33 people.”


    It’s the media’s fault, or the environmentalists, or those school kids, or those grandparent activists….splutter splutter…..We must put them under surveillance because of their propensity for law-breaking.

    Perhaps Connie think the fire services and BoM are in on it too when they, in advance, predict catastrophic risk on particular days and lo and behold….fires start. Take their mobile phones!!! Check their emails!!!! I bet they were making plans…….(cue black helicopters…..hopefully with shaded landing lights)

    And the bushfires didn’t all start at the same time Connie. In case you missed it, they began in August.

  21. paul walter

    They lie, they lie their guts out to cover up onthings that impinge on their credibility in particular.

    Xtian Porter and the clearly compromised Kiefer J 0n the non-personning of Indigenes since colonisation. The Pilliga gas monumental fraud.


    Water policy and assoc corruptions, Welfare, contracts involving huge taxpayer subsidies, you name it. So many other things, am a bit angry so posting now.

  22. Josephus

    Henry, fact is Herr Adolf was a vegetarian and teetotaller. I always love to point that out to morons who think greens are Marxists- those fools are ignorant of history and ideology alike . Eg the USSR and its satellites’ factories belched lignite smoke while the citizens in Dresden held cloths to their faces, as we did in Canberra recently.
    Ignorance is so sad, and worse it will kill us all.

  23. New England Cocky

    It looks like the inmates are in charge of the asylum ….. STILL!!!

  24. JudithW

    In the face of the very real and existential threat that is climate change, Eco-anxiety is the appropriate response. And of the three responses to anxiety – fight, flight or freeze – only fight, ie activism, is the adaptive, ie healthy, response.

  25. paul walter

    Don’t worry Judith, the inviolate Surplus is alright.

    That’s the main thing

  26. paul walter

    Patricia, don’t underestimate him.

    It looks like he has got away with his gas scam in NSW.

  27. whatever

    NewsCorp is having a frenzy about an ALP strategy meeting at the Otis restaurant in Canberra.

    The “Otis Group” is supposed to be some new Labor faction.

    Fran Kelly appears to be the only ‘journalist’ outside the Murdoch (paywalled) empire willing to give this nonsense any attention.

  28. wam

    Loved the gentle reminder to Connie that her mouth and brain are but loosely connected.
    How good that we have so many politicians whose tertiary education and work experience involves lying with absolute sincerity, charging like wounded bulls, accepting no responsibility, squealing at any consequences and completely convinced they are the truth because, as Wally suggests, Opus Dei give the truth to any lie.

  29. Henry Rodrigues

    Josephus….. I did know that Hitler was very fastidious about his own personal well being but that’s all the more appalling that his policies caused the almost total destruction of much of Europe including his own motherland.
    My point was that he was the very antithesis of conservation, but that would not preclude the coalition pollies from using him as metaphor.

  30. new England Cocky

    @Henry Rodrigues, Josephus: Hiltler was also on a varying cocktail of (now banned) drugs, mainly speed type powders, to keep him happy. Part of the reported decline in Hitler’s health during the last days in Berlin was caused by the unavailability of these drugs.

  31. Florence Howarth

    She is correct in that the climate created by carbon emissions has created an environment of dried out vegetation, high, dry temperatures along with winds one can’t predict, makes it easy to start, hard to control fires.

  32. Josephus

    Thanks for comments.
    I was not doubting anyone’s ethics or credentials. Just pointing out the fuzziness and cross overs of ideologies.

    I own and have read a copy of a wartime PhD by a serving German SS officer. Had served in Poland- nuff said.
    In this work Herr Doktor x argues for a German annexation of Afrika owing to its suitability for providing renewable energy like sun and wind . A Germanic united Europe would thus collectively access ample, clean energy for its global ambitions.

    In case any reader foolishly concludes that I am some sort of fascist nut job or troll I wish to declare that I belong to a certain ecologically minded political party, as well as having been for years an expert on Europe and the EU . I speak simply as a trilingual, retired historian . Leave simplification to the conspirators.
    Thank you.

  33. DrakeN

    You do the work of Satan, Josephus.
    Greenies are Satan’s workforce and people who deal in facts are acolytes of the very Devil hisself.
    As for tri-lingual, speaking in tongues is for crazy Pentacostals – the very AntiChrists themselves.

  34. Josephus

    I assume you are being satirical rather than crazy, drakeN? I am perplexed and unsure because once at my rural pub I met a goat bearded man who said Satan ruled all faiths other than his own. I asked if he had ever met the Devil as I longed to meet Him. The old man turned purple and left.
    So please explain, as our best loved Senator famously begged.

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