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Beware complacency!!

Yes – Morrison has gone, and, even though memories may linger like a bad dream, he is no Trump!

BUT – how positive is the ALP about climate change action?

If we were on the verge of an obviously necessary war, we would be ready to do all that is essential to support the requisite action.

But we have grown up believing in the idea that the world is there to serve us.

And we have recklessly abused its resources.

We have been deluded into believing that economic growth is eternal, that the environment in all its beauty and abundance is there for our benefit, and that we can do what we want with its resources.


We have been grievously misled!

Every day that we fail to cut emissions – drastically – will be multiplied exponentially into the multiple of days in years to come when life on Earth becomes unbearable.

Do you really want to make your grandchildren’s lives miserable?

Action – NOW – is essential.

Delay is criminal!



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  1. Andrew J. Smith

    If NOM and/or migration ticks up at headline population data level, then all humanity will be blamed for environmental ‘hygiene’ issues but neither Australians nor fossil fuels, auto etc.; same PR construct used by the NRA regarding calls for gun control.

  2. Douglas Pritchard

    If we are to treat this subject seriously, I mean seriously, then all of us need to be brought up to date with science, and to fully understand the consequences of EVERYTHING we do and its impact on climate.
    Yes, its not going to happen.
    It has to follow with a social conscience and a preparedness to give up a whole lot of luxuries enjoyed in first world countries.
    Yes, its not going to happen.
    So we are left with shouting at the teacher.
    IMHO a liberal democracy is not the platform of choice if this planet is to be saved. We need a benevolent dictator.

  3. Albos Elbow

    There are a lot of concerns about just how Albanese is going to “protect coal workers jobs” and for how long.
    Coal mines are highly automated, driverless trucks and diggers, automated, unmanned conveyor belts; so what is he going to do, risk Global Warming and China taking over the Pacific for a few hundred jobs.

    Working in coal mines is detrimental to your health and the health of people living nearby killing them sooner.
    Not to mention those poor people who breathe in the fossil fuel smoke for the billions of tons of poisonous, carcinogenic coal, oil and gas we sell to them every year.

    There is a better way and we have the solutions right now.
    No more new coal, oil or gas mines or drilling.
    Lets put together a renewable energy transition plan to move to 100% renewables by 2030 and start working on it right away.

  4. Deidre

    I thought Australia was going to mine rare minerals instead of coal.

  5. Karis

    We need to know from experts how toxic lithium etc are to mine and process. I understand that they are equally water and soil polluting . Solar panels at end of life are a problem too… I am sure the coalition will find some miracle techno solutions there as well as their carbon capture and their brown or blue therefore energy wasteful hydrogen…

  6. Kaye Lee


    From what I gather, there are different types of lithium mining and what we do in Australia is ore mining which is not as polluting as what they do in Chile and Argentina where lithium comes from salt deserts (salars).

    There is also progress being made in solar panel recycling.

    CCS has not proven itself viable yet and anything but green hydrogen is not worth pursuing. Hydrogen isn’t there yet…but there is so much we can be doing right now.

    Australia’s first solar panel recycling plant swings into action

  7. Albos Elbow

    Karis, lithium has been mined for decades and is used successfully in a large variety of industries and not just renewable energy.
    As we move to pumped hydro we will rely less on battery storage.
    All renewable energy equipment is recyclable.

    Renewable energy can be used to supply 100% of our energy needs right now. Tasmania and ACT are already on 100% renewable energy and have been since 2020.,wind%20and%20hydro%2Delectricity%20projects.

    When the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing you can get electricity from battery, offshore wind turbines or pumped hydro. No need to burn fossil fuels.
    The wind does blow after dark, we get gale force winds any time of the day in some parts of Australia.

    Its a political issue, not a technical one, because people’s jobs are at stake or so they say.
    There are only a limited number of jobs in fossil fuel industries, because it is very specialised and heavily automated.

    On the other hand, we could create hundreds of thousands more jobs and billions more revenues in moving to renewable energy. Right now.

    We can have a transition/transformation plan to move from coal,oil and gas to renewables by 2030.

    In fact anyone can move their home to 100% renewable energy right now and pay wholesale renewable energy prices by joining community energy suppliers like
    you don’t even need solar panels or a battery.

    For more information, please visit the website or contact or and get started on saving hundreds of dollars on your energy bills, reducing your carbon emissions and helping us move to net zero sooner.

  8. RosemaryJ36

    Thanks to Allbos Elbow for the positive advice.
    We need to revive the CSIRO which has been robbed of funds and misdirected for the last decade.

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