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But wait, there’s more

ScottyfromCasting is now pleading with the electorate to re-elect him because there are more characters he hasn’t yet had a chance to show us.

Daggy DIY curry-cooking ukulele-playing dad and number 1 Sharkies fan, high-viz and hard hat spokesmodel, apprentice welder, hairdresser and barrista, has “a lot of other gears” he promises to show us should his season be extended.

“I know Australians know that I can be a bit of a bulldozer when it comes to some issues and I suspect you guys know that too,” said Scott.

It’s not a description I have heard others use. Bullshitter, yes. Arrogant, yes. Asleep at the wheel, yes. Perhaps he was referring to his ability to wreck relationships in record time.

Scotty assured us that, “as we go into this next period on the other side of this election, I know there are things that are going to have to change with the way I do things.”

A 54 year-old man (happy birthday BTW), who has been in parliament for 15 years, is promising to change and be nicer? But not till after the election.

I find myself looking up the signs of an abusive relationship.


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  1. David Evans

    What a freakin’ lunatic! Should read:…. “I know all Australians know that I can be full of bullshit when it comes to most issues and I suspect all you guys know that too:….ey Snott? So, Good Government Starts After The Election ey Snott?

  2. Michael Taylor

    I can think of one job I’d like to see him do, though it might be short-lived, and that job is as Leader of the Opposition.

  3. Kathy Stavrou

    Compares self to bulldozer, how surprisingle honest, ”
    The history of the word “bulldozer” goes back to the 19th century when a bulldozer denoted a horizontal forging press used for shaping and bending metal. Another term, a bull-dose, was a large dose — literally effective for a bull — of any sort of medicine or punishment. Bull-dosing also meant coercion or intimidation, and according to my Webster’s Dictionary, specifically means bashing up African Americans at polling booths to stop them from voting.

  4. GL

    If this week was horrible, Scummo wise, then what does next week hold in store for us. I also imagine the anti-Labor and different independents electioneering filth from the LNP and assorted shit spreaders will go into panic riddled overdrive.


    Can you really picture Saint Scummo becoming the leader of the opposition and being able to stand the shame, humiliation, embarrassment, mortification, disgrace, dishonour, stigma, disrepute, discredit, degradation, abasement, opprobrium, obloquy, scandal, infamy, indignity, ignobility, loss of face? I was going to use “ignominy” but a single word didn’t seem quite appropriate.

  5. Garth

    Scummo should add to his resume basics like honesty and leadership with a little courage.

  6. Douglas Pritchard

    The very last thing we need in this country is a head of state who is completely insensitive, in fact a self confessed freak, when dealing with countries who do in fact carry a big stick.
    Back to a job on the tools for you, Scotty.

  7. Phil Pryor

    We have never ever had such a childish, infantile, backward, neurotic, self deceiving, self romancing, self polishing peanut as a leader, a “man” who has never ever worked, always bludged and bullshitted and backstabbed, who FAILED at LYING in advertising, not once but TWICE. A posing pervert, a posturing prick, an acting anus, a theatrical threat to us, Morrison the Tube of imitation human must GO.

  8. Ill fares the land

    Even if he is genuine (no-one who has been watching Bargearse-McSmirky for the last 3 or so years believes that), that doesn’t address the bigger issue. That is, in three years, he has, by and large, completely bungled every major issue facing Australia – including the economy that he so loudly proclaims is in great shape due to no more or less than his genius for economics (when the evidence shows the economy has gone downhill under 10 years of the LNP and the incoherent drivel Morrison spouts about the economy shows he doesn’t understand economics at all). He has done nothing that has created any lasting value or improvement for Australia as a whole, as opposed to his mates, donors and tradies that have been given handouts. His government has been the most incompetent, corrupt, nasty and bungling government in history – with their only purpose to embark on a furtive programme of rampant state capture to hollow out democracy, whilst leaving the appearance of democracy in place and to recast Australia as an authoritarian state. If re-elected, the LNP will continue to engage in its boondoggles and pork-barrelling, rewarding its mates and barrackers, but those who Morrison despises (anyone who doesn’t vote for him or is on any kind of benefit) will continue to be punished for daring to be poor – it’s their own fault according to Morrison’s faith. If we want Australia to stop its inexorable descent into authoritarianism and austerity (to solve the “budget crisis”), the only option, in the short term at least, is to vote the LNP out of office. That won’t solve the problem for good, but there will at least be some respite and perhaps even some restoration of Australian secularism.

  9. Kaye Lee

    Jobkeeper allowed Harvey Norman to make a motza selling freezers and fire pits and home offices while we, the taxpayer, paid the wages of his staff plus more.

    Jobkeeper subsidised the wages of teachers in private schools, allowing the schools to pocket the windfall of parent fees, govt subsidies plus free staff.

    Qantas accepted $1.6 billion in federal support. but still sacked 2000 workers because they decided to outsource baggage handling….and hasn’t that gone well.

    Yet they claim to be good economic managers?

    How ridiculous to set defence spending at 2% of GDP regardless of what GDP is or what defence needs are. They have had so much money thrown at them they are wasting it on silly stuff.

    Since Frydenberg used his 2019-20 budget to forecast a surplus, the Coalition is on track to record deficits worth a combined $524 billion by mid-2026.

    The mothers at playgroup could do a better job of budgeting than this motley crew.

  10. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, compare that to the days when I was a public servant under Howard and we’d take to court any welfare recipient who defrauded the govt of more than $500.

    It’d cost us $5,000 to chase $500.

    (Thankfully Kevin Rudd put a stop to that insanity.)

  11. Josephus

    Why omit his artistic flair, suggesting a paper mache yellow model of a Ute up high on a pole? What an idiot. Oh begone you twat, you twerp.
    Yet Labor agrees now to charge fleeing people for their own imprisonment … get yourself some courage to be a decent human, albo, don’t ape that clown.

  12. Albos Elbow

    If Scummo loses the election, which he will do, he will be out of politics and the COAL-NP even quicker than The Holy Virgin Gladys ran away when she was outed by NSW ICAC 3 times.

    He is a bigger coward and doesn’t like to be publicly shamed like he will be when the Federal ICAC start looking at his past deeds.

    He has already lined up his 6 figure job with News Limited or the Minerals Council of Australia who really admire the way he will bend over and pull his pants down for corporate money.

  13. Terence Mills

    In the final week it is not so much for Morrison to lose the election but for Newscorp to win it for him.

    There seems to be a massive surge within Newscorp publications and notably SKY to ram home a Liberal win. There must have been an appeal by the reformed bulldozer to the Murdochs to save him and the New York mogul is going to give it his best shot.

    The trade off is that Morrison sells his soul to save his prime ministership. Already he has shown Murdoch how willing he has been to boycott interviews and leaders debates on the ABC and this seems to be the quid pro quo for Murdoch’s support. If Morrison does scrape back the deal will be that he must defund and cripple the ABC and give Murdoch his dream of killing off public broadcasting in this country, something his father failed to do.

    If Labor do manage to fight off the Newscorp onslaught and get into office they will have to follow through with the Royal Commission proposed by Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull into Rupert Murdoch’s control of the country’s media. Last year’s petition to introduce new media standards for news organisations attracted more than half a million signatures, the largest such petition in our history, but it went nowhere.

    The next week is going to be critical to the future of democracy in this country !

  14. Kaye Lee

    From Matt Kean today…..

    “It’s clear that many Australians and especially those living in seats being targeted by the so-called “teal” independents care deeply about climate change. Those Australians want to protect our environment, make Australia a renewable energy superpower and leave our children a country where summer is still about the beach and the sun – not bushfire and smoke.

    It’s also clear that many Australians want a different politics – a politics that defends each of our freedoms, irrespective of our wealth, power, race or sex; a politics that rises to the challenges of the time; a politics that strives to build a better, more egalitarian future based on the very best knowledge that modern science can teach us; and a politics that sees our country’s brightest days in its future, not in its past.

    The best way to make this happen is to send more moderate Liberal MPs to the country’s parliaments, not fewer. If you want a more progressive Liberal Party, it makes no sense to vote out the very MPs who represent that tradition in the party.”

    I beg to differ Matt. The so-called Liberal “moderates” have been patently unable to influence their party which panders to climate-change denying homophobes. They have actively taken part in using public money for political purposes and the seismic shift away from transparency and accountability. They elected Scott Morrison as their leader and made a secret deal with the devil Barnaby Joyce.

    The only way to achieve the things you speak about is to vote out the Coalition and for them to preselect better people next time around. As the Coalition love to point out, the deteriorating relationship with China is due to China changing. I would suggest the Coalition’s lurch to the right is what has led to the deteriorating relationship with the Australian electorate. They don’t deserve to be re-elected, Matt.

  15. Kaye Lee

    Kean goes on to say….

    “Take Trent Zimmerman, the Liberal MP for the federal seat in North Sydney. On climate action, delivering marriage equality, defending gay and trans kids and teachers, and standing up for asylum seekers such as the Biloela family, Zimmerman has demonstrated a commitment to representing the values of his electorate.”

    And he has shown that, despite being in government, he is totally ineffectual in influencing his party on these issues. That’s why they have to go. The party leadership that they have chosen and enabled is rotten.

  16. New England Cocky

    @ Kaye Lee: Removing ALL the incumbent Liarbral pollies is the only way that the Liarbral Party will recover any credibility, and Australian voters have the opportunity to move them out of their comfortable electorates on 21 May 2022 by:
    1) In city electorates vote anyone but Liarbrals, One Notion, Clive Palmer;
    2) in country electorates vote credible independent or SFF to stop the lies; THEN
    3) IN THE SENATE VOTE BELOW THE LINE FOR EVERY CANDIDATE numbering the candidates in your personal order of preference remembering always to give the highest numbers to the Liarbral Notional$ candidates.
    Then we may have a chance of saving Australian democracy for our grandkids.

  17. Pete Petrass

    Given his propensity for lying…………………why would anyone believe he is going to change???????

  18. leefe

    ” … there are things that are going to have to change with the way I do things.”

    You could try actually doing things, Scummo. That would be a massive change.

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