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BREXIT: The Billionaires Coup

If you listen to Boris Johnson, he and his Tory hard Brexiters are enacting the will of UK voters (even though not all British citizens got to vote). But are they really? It is worth asking yourself, who do the Torys usually go out to bat for?

Could it be their billionaire donors and the new EU tax avoidance laws that the Tories have foremost in their minds?

Yes, some people voted for an extra £350 million pounds for the health service.

But no one voted for chlorinated chicken, massive job losses, shortages of food and vital medicines (which will unquestionably lead to deaths) and decreased relevance on the world stage.

No one voted for a recession, complete with increased prices, a significant drop in the value of the pound, reduced study and career options for the young, and long painful cues whenever they hop across the channel.

I get it. No one likes to admit they have been conned, but this is now getting very, very real, and there are going to be real world consequences. So for those still waving the Brexit flag, here’s a few points to consider.

  • A shortage of vital medicines. Exactly, how many Brexit deaths are acceptable to you? How many deaths would you personally be prepared to sign off on? How many people’s mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters are you prepared to put in their graves for the sake of Brexit? Bear in mind those deaths will not come from the ruling classes. They will continue to have their medicines. The death toll will come from the towns and counties that the Torys have ignored since time immemorial. The likes of Aaron banks, Rupert Murdoch and Boris Johnson will not be going without medicines, I can assure you.
  • How big a dip in household income are you prepared to endure for the sake of Brexit? It is now clear we’re not talking hundreds, but thousands of pounds annually. So name your price. How much would you be prepared to slice off your income, and the incomes of all your family, friends and neighbours?
  • How many ordinary working people are you prepared to see lose their jobs and pushed onto the benefit queues? 10,000? 100,000 maybe 1,000,000? Name your figure. But while you work it out, just know that each one of those jobs is the lifeblood of someone’s family.
  • How many British pensioners living in the EU are you prepared to leave stranded, potentially without health care or pensions and unable to afford to return? Elderly people who worked all their lives, reduced to penury and homelessness, through no fault of their own. (And they didn’t even get a vote).
  • Exactly how many workplace health and safety standards are you happy to abandon in your workplace?
  • How many environmental and food standards are you prepared to scrap? Another chlorinated chicken sandwich on GMO bread, anyone?
  • How many more terrorists/criminals are you prepared to let slip through the net with the loss of EU wide co-operative security, intelligence and policing arrangements?
  • Exactly how much more are you prepared to pay for basics like, food and energy. Put a pound figure on it?

And when you are done answering those questions, please take a moment to make a list of things that will actually improve in your life when Brexit is enacted.

If you find that list alarmingly short, you might want to ask yourself, just who owns all those newspapers, spewing out all the anti-EU sentiment? Yes, that’s right… It’s the billionaires.

Do you really think these fat cat billionaires have your interests at heart? Or would they rather continue diverting their profits to off shore tax havens? Profits that if taxed properly could provide ordinary people with better schools, hospitals, and pensions?

Forget the Irish backstop. The tax evasion laws are the real sticking point. And the only way for the Billionaires to avoid them is to get a HARD NO DEAL BREXIT.

Seems the only big winners from the no-deal scenario are the billionaires. It’s little wonder they don’t want a THIRD referendum. (The first one was in 1975). They have what they want in their sights, and they don’t want the will of the people, or parliament getting in their way. They have their man on the job, and he is determined to see it through.

Brexit was never about taking back control or the sovereignty of Parliament. (The fact Johnson has said he will shut down parliament and ignore legislation to avoid a NO DEAL BREXIT should pretty well snuff out any doubt about that).

This is a Billionaire’s coup. This is the French revolution in reverse. This is all about the tax arrangements of the ultra-wealthy, and thanks to their media savvy cohorts enough British voters bought it hook line and sinker to get them over the line, once!

But would they be so lucky today? Is it still “the will of the people”?

Britain NEEDS another vote on Brexit. This time with all the facts on the table.


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  1. Andrew J Smith

    Read a comment in the UK complaining about whom they perceive as Leave voters, i.e. hiding behind mythical and united ‘working classes’ i.e. wealthy and (mostly regional) retirees (finished their work lives), self funded and ‘gold plated’ pensions with benefits.

    Political operators and architects, along with their PR partners in media, know and how to manipulate ageing electorates with tactics that appeal to their sentiments, hearts over heads, without thinking of consequences for the economy, services and future generations.

    As Cameron’s former Downing Street Policy Head Sir Craig Oliver complained, they were facing a decades long anti EU and anti-immigration propaganda campaign conducted by media and political PR hacks. What he did not explain was the Cameron government’s complacency or incompetence in managing a referendum.

    Still has not been explained why those British citizens likely to vote remain and living in the EU were precluded while Commonwealth non-citizens resident in the UK were included?

  2. John O"Callaghan

    I have never read an article like this in the MSM re-Brexit as they are all owned by Billionaire corporations with vested interests in a pro Brexit outcome which you have correctly identified in your exellent article.
    Once again the people are about to be conned by these charlatans spivs and born to rule Tory twits. Johnson is a snivelling snarling swaggering swinderling swintonian swine and must be stopped in his tracks and booted out of Parliament on his self entitled Tory arse!

  3. Michael Taylor

    Support for the ‘Leave’ vote was in tatters but it was saved at the 11th hour by the usual suspect: the Murdoch media. How? They played the race card. It swung the vote.

  4. Phil Pryor

    War makes us face enough truth to fight and hope to survive, but long periods of peace and prosperity bring out the worst types in a cycle of stupidity and greed. Fascist shitheads own and control corporations, especially media and direst political apparatuses. They, the maggotty Murdoch types (previously lords Rothermere, Birkenhead, Beaverbrook, etc, plus Maxwell, Black) are a most horrible, self centred, power hungry, inhuman clique or class of oppressive operators ever. We have been squashed, flooded, immersed in lies, saturated with applied propaganda, filled with intellectually pretend shit, so as to make most people uncaring, incapable, defeated. Now the loud mouths and pocket filling seekers and gougers redouble efforts. The Johnson types, Morrison, Trump, many others unfit to shovel shit or run the dog pound, get up to the top as puppets and agents for corporate forces of exclusive cornering greed. It STINKS.

  5. New England Cocky

    The facts of Brexit are obviously financial and for the benefit of the ruling classes rather the the voters. The sooner England falls out of the EU and the other former members of the UK can get on with being economically successful without the drag of the London City siphoning off much of the profits from their endeavours, the better.

  6. Anarchy rules

    Rupert Murdoch when asked why he supported brexit replied “when I go to downing street they do what I say but when I go to Brussels they take no notice “

  7. wam

    I was under the impression that Cameron et al thought there would be a stay vote? If not they gave a superb performance of showing surprise at brexit.
    They have either to follow trump’s advice and just leave. Then build a trumpian wall around Northern Ireland or call an election and have a referendum stay or leave within 30 days, at the same time.
    Whatever, anglophones and americophobes are pissing themselves laughing at the antics of Boris and Donald.
    John no one in msm would even think words like those much less say or write

  8. margcal

    This article covers the billionaires support for Brexit quite ‘nicely’
    The conclusion to the article:

    Whatever its initial driving forces, Brexit is now essentially a coup pulled off by a subgroup of Conservative Party politicians on behalf of tax-dodging tycoons and unscrupulous investors.

    They have been systematically misleading the British public to hate the EU through a constant supply of anti-EU propaganda and lies. Their only concern for ‘taking back control’ is to rid UK businesses of EU tax laws, financial regulations and employees’ rights. To this end, their immediate objective is to bring about a no-deal Brexit.

    They are abusing democracy to create a plutocracy.

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