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Here we are already. Christmas is but one day away.

For sure it was only yesterday that we had the last one!

Every year it seems to sneak up on us a little bit faster than the year before. Maybe that’s because life is just one mad rush these days and we barely have time to draw breath.

But here we are! So from The AIMN we extend the warmest of Christmas wishes to all who are part of The AIMN family: the authors, the commenters, the readers, the admin team, the moderators, our web developers and our Facebook team.

Whether you will be spending Christmas with family, friends, or just enjoying a reclusive day alone, we wish you good health and happiness.

Merry Christmas, everybody.



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  1. Jaquix

    Thank you to The AIM who help keep me sane through the year with fun, facts and figures to counter the spin we are spun. Merry Christmas to all who keep it going.

  2. Kaye Lee

    To all the AIMN contributors
    I wish you happiness
    And thank you all for helping
    To make sense of this mess

    The world is full of hatred
    And those who live by greed
    When compassion, love and kindness
    Are what the people need

    So when I’m feeling troubled
    And tearing out my hair
    I come here and remember
    That many people care

    Have a happy holiday
    Partake of Xmas cheer
    Revive, refresh, recover
    The battle starts again next year

    Thank you to my AIMN family. Love and best wishes to you all 🙂

  3. kathysutherland2013

    From an avid reader and devourer (is that a word?) of The Aim – and occasional commentator – thank you all for keeping me grounded and giving me some hope during the year. Have a great Christmas, however/whoever/whatever you celebrate, or not.

  4. stephentardrew

    Love the sheeple. Am a Shawn fan from way back. Have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you all for your excellent contributions.

  5. Clean livin

    And next week, Woolies will have the Easter goodies out.

    Thanks AIM for the excellent work throughout the year. Looking forward to more of the same.

  6. Keitha Granville

    Thanks for all AIMN does to keep us from running screaming off the nearest cliff providing moments of sanity in a crazy world. Merry Christmas

  7. crypt0

    Thanks Kaye and all the AIM team …
    Yes Christmas is here !
    The only thing is … I looked everywhere, but …
    Can’t for the life of me find three wise men !

  8. Roswell

    Best wishes to you all.

  9. Rossleigh

    Perhaps, you’re looking in the wrong places… Certainly there’s not three left in Parliament.

    Try a bakery, because I just heard someone on radio tell me that the three wise men came from the yeast…

    Just preparing everyone for those jokes you’ll get in the Christmas crackers!


  10. Roswell

    Rossleigh, no joke from a Christmas cracker could possibly be as bad as that one. Close, but no cigar. ?

  11. Ricardo29

    Bit harsh Roswell, i liked it. Been reminded lately of ‘hark the hairoiled angels sing… Adding my best wishes to all at AIM from an avid reader and occasional commenter.

  12. Kaye Lee

    I still want to know who Round John Virgin is ….I always thought of Friar Tuck from Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen….

    Feared by the bad, loved by the good….

    George Christensen?….oh the idle thoughts of a mind avoiding work.

  13. silkworm

    Looks like rain, dear.

  14. kerri

    A very Merry Christmas to all at the AIMN and thank you to all who post here for keeping us sane and reinforcing our beliefs in a better Australia.
    Nice poem Kaye Lee!??

  15. mark delmege

    I’ll give you dancing AND Trump all in one, cheers

  16. Steve Laing

    Merry Christmas all. This year has been a shocker. 2017 has to be better!

  17. Deanna Jones

    Yes thank you to the AIMN contributors for your hard work. Happy holidays to everyone.

  18. silkworm

    Tom Arnold claims he has seen Trump on tape saying ‘every dirty, every offensive, racist thing ever.’ The video is a compilation of outtakes from The Apprentice from 2014 and 2015. Trump apparently uses the N-word, the C-word, and calls his own son a retard.

    The LA Times reports that hundreds of people have seen the footage that was sent around years ago as a Christmas video. However, no one so far has been game enough to come forward with a copy for fear of reprisals from you-know-whom.

    This video would make a great Christmas present for all my friends – and enemies too.

  19. etnorb

    Merry Christmas & a “thank you” from an avid user! Please keep up ALL the great work from ALL the contributors, & a Happy & prosperous New Year to all!

  20. Caroline

    A huge thank you to writers and contributors. I honestly don’t know how I’d be right now without you all.

    I’d love to say may next year be a better one but very much doubt it will be.

    Brace for impact. Merry Xmas.

  21. Annie B

    A very merry and happy Xmas / Yuletide / Festive season to you all – especially to those unerring and hard-working people who keep AIMN on top of the game. Michael, Carol and the crew of moderators / permanent contributors / editors. And to fellow commenters ( absolutely, including ALL I have had verbal punch ups with in the past year !! 😉 — love to you all.

    So enjoyed your poem Kaye – it was very well done. … an unexpected and lovely surprise there.

    Have a safe, peaceful and enjoyable time over Christmas and the New Year – and let’s all hope for better in 2017. ( well – we can but hope, can’t we ? ).

    Big Christmas hugs to all –

  22. Kaye Lee

    Annie, I too want to thank those with whom I have disagreed for the debate and to apologise if I have offended. I am really annoying when I am trying to learn. As a kid I would aggravatingly say “prove it” all the time and I guess I am still the same. Never think I’m not listening, never think that my mind is made up. Learning is always ongoing.

    And despite our focus on what is wrong and what we must improve, we have a great deal to treasure and enjoy right now and enormous potential if we choose to care.

    I think to myself….what a wonderful world.

  23. Deidre

    A big thanks to everyone at AIM for keeping us informed and maintaining our sanity. Hopefully 2016 has hit rock bottom for nastiness and stupidity.
    2017 can only be an improvement; at least I hope so.
    The world might be lucky and see Trump impeached before he can start swinging the wrecking ball.
    Wishing every one who contributes to, or reads AIM, a very happy Christmas and a safe and peaceful new year.

  24. Annie B

    Kaye ~ ~ a beautiful, heartfelt reply. Thank you.

    You have always done phenomenal research, and written most admirably – for which I am eternally grateful – but I admit ( from sheer personal angst at the time – I have argued with you – and others ). I have however, never EVER been offended by anything you have put forward here.

    You might like this little story … As a child / teen / adult / to this day – I ask “Why” ( similar to your “prove it” ). My late mother used to say – “you will frighten the living daylights out of some undertaker one day, when you sit up and say ” Hang on – I haven’t finished yet” … she always saw as irritating ( to her ) questioning by me – of absolutely everything. … Gave her the irrits !! 🙂 Mum was of the Victorian ‘mustn’t speak’ era .. I however, haven’t changed one iota !! 😉

    Would always rather think that the world has much good ahead of it – in so many ways – and I think / hope the younger generation has enough nous, intelligence and integrity, to find better ways for us all in the future. … The day we stop learning is the day we fall off the twig … !!

    Here’s to a better year in 2017.

  25. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, everybody for your kind words and best wishes. Wishing you all a merry Christmas too, and to let you know you’re all valued for your contributions. We are lucky to have such great people visiting the site.

    Kaye, loved the poem. You are one helluva talented lady.

    Rossleigh, I liked your joke. Don’t listen to Roswell – he’s too dry.

  26. Carol Taylor

    I would like to add my thank you to all our valued authors and contributors. Merry Christmas and peace and goodwill to all.

  27. LOVO

    Happy Saturnalia to all at the AIMN ?
    From a xmas cracker:- Dr enquiries of a Gingerbread man whom came to see him about his sore knee “Have you tried icing it” ?

  28. Michael Taylor

    LOVO, that was a half decent joke. ?

  29. Rossleigh

    Thanks, LOVO.
    Roswell, the defence rests!

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