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A World Without Trump: The Great Orange Flameout of 2024

It’s going to be huuuge. The election campaign in the US of A, next year, will be bigger than Ben Hur. However, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that many commentators are talking shit.

The media is obviously struggling to cope with the dawning new reality. Namely, that Trump is political toast. That point where all the chickens come home to roost has at last arrived. You have all been asking ‘Are we there yet! Are we there yet!’ And now we have arrived. Thus, anyone who cares to look out the window will notice that everyone who is familiar with Trump’s travails is either giggling, looking for a new job, or changing channels.

Don’t take my word for it, just weigh the scenario for yourself. Donald Trump is now facing more than several criminal indictments and has already been told, nicely, by at least two judges, to please stop abusing judges, counsellors, prosecutors, and those testifying against him. He has largely ignored these requests.

How long do you think it will be before Trump lashes out at a prosecutor or a judge in a way that simply cannot be ignored? I suggest that by the time we all get around to Christmas lunch, we will already be sick of hearing about Trump being locked up, yet again, for contempt.

Others have done all the same sums. The Governor of Florida, at the moment running second in the Republican primaries, is currently being very, very careful with his words. I just heard one otherwise fairly rational commentator observe that this is odd, considering that he is thirty points behind Trump. ‘So why is he behaving like a front-runner?’ he asks.

I find this disappointing. It indicates that this poor fellow is so deeply engaged in beating up on Trump that he has failed to realise that Trump is already a political corpse. Guvnor De Santos knows this. He knows he is actually the front runner. That Trump is no longer in the race.

For those who are failing to pay attention: let me explain the bleeding obvious in simple terms.

The only people left in America who actually like Trump are a few far, far right-wing politicians, the consumers of right-wing media, and some of the entirely non-informed. Everyone else hates the chappie. Even the owners of the far-right media are ambivalent. You get the sense that they prefer their fascists to be a little more coherent and a tad more competent.

Therefore, while I believe that the election campaign will be huuuge, it will not match the spectacle of Donald Trump v the rest of America, as he flames out in a huge fireball of angry indignation and incompetence.

The numbers do not lie, and the numbers currently indicate that Trump, even should he stumble anywhere near an election campaign, would have snowballs hope in Hades of winning. He is currently the most actively hated person in America.

A substantial majority of women dislike Trump. Along with democrats, teachers, students, unionists and anyone who has ever worn a Che Guevara tee-shirt. But while these people dislike him intensely, it is generally not nearly as much as many Republicans. This is because, ever since the first wave of conspiracy obsessed, flag-waving, MAGA crazed fans crashed through the doors of the Republican Party, in 2016, the Republican Party of America has been engaged in a civil war. Most of the Republican old-guard have since come to hate Trump with a greater passion than even the Hilliary deprived. They are no longer in charge of a staid and feared bastion of power. (See The real fight is between America and the Trump cultists; and America is kicking butt). Worse, the bastion has fallen to weirdos with a bunch of stunningly weird ideas. Which is fair-enough for a Republican, but in this case these strange ideas all serve to benefit only one person, not the 1%. Which does not make any sense?

Yet still, for now, the right-wing media remain captive of their own audience. They are hemmed in by the truly loony far, far right-wing media outlets, so they have to ever feature Trump, and ever repeat that they truly and dearly love the fellow. They have to eternally explain that if you listen to him carefully, in just the right way, then he makes perfect and enduring sense. And, of course, they must ever profess that they believe he will win. But even on the couch at FOX n’ Friends you can sense that they know the end is nigh. Soon the knives will be out.

Indeed, very soon it will become almost impossible for anyone, including the right-wing press and crazed Trump critics, to sustain the fantasy (or nightmare) of a potential Trump victory.

The most important number has nothing to do with presidential popularity, but rather Trump’s extraordinary and growing unpopularity. In January of this year even the most favourable polls had Trump’s disapproval numbers in the low fifties. But in recent days polling shows that a tipping point has been reached. His supporters are all jumping ship. On FiveThirtyEight the average of polls shows that in just a couple of weeks Trumps unpopularity has soared, from the low fifties into the low sixties, with a corresponding drop in his approval numbers. Plus, these polls are looking backwards a couple of weeks, and he has hardly had a good ten or so days.

I know that we have all been hearing about the imminent downfall of Trump for what feels like forever. But Trump is currently older than Reagan was when he completed his second term, is currently under massive pressure, and very soon may even be forced to pay for his lawyers out of his own pocket.

The sharks are circling ever closer. As soon as Christmas, I humbly suggest, Trump will be out of the running, dead, or in goal.

But regardless of how the end game unfolds, you can be assured it is about to commence. Thus, a world without Donald Trump is nudging ever closer. I promise. Yes, kiddies; we are nearly there.


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  1. Uncletimrob

    Personally I hope that you are correct about the demise of Trump, but find it very difficult to share your optimism.

    The saddest thing of all is a political system that allows someone like him to even have the chance of being President, let alone it actually happening – potentially for a second time..

  2. Phil Pryor

    This may all become true, but, as proof of ability, tell us about next month’s weather? If Trump is now bad for business, Fox Pox will drop him and reverse gear. But Trumpism is part of deep permanent ingrained USA ignorance, actually a business resource to be exploited always and as solid as a dinosur turd is these days. And, Biden is very old and dodgy. They are the dodgiest, wobbliest, shaky pair ever, and the lowest in qualities. So, is the USA fit to continue? Can it be rational and live up to its bullshiity utterances and devious policies? Some of the others are very repulsive and inadequate. We’ll all be looking on…

  3. David Evans

    Just leaving aside all the criminal convictions and civil judgements against trump, he is not eligible to hold any public office under Amendment 14 of the U.S. Constitution. All the rest is just a side show.

  4. leefe

    Regardless of what the general public may think, Trump is still the Republican party’s preferred candidate. Trumpism is a cult, and the MAGAts are so thoroughly brainwashed they will not and cannot see the truth about their Chosen One. When you consider the voluntary voting system, the president is chosen by half to two-thirds of the eligible population. But then there’s the issue of voter suppression (by red states), which limits participation by those particularly opposed to Trump and his fellow travellers.
    Some states are also doing what they can to rig the game in other ways. Electoral College representatives do not have to follow the actual majority vote for their state and with the Supreme Court now being deliberately politically slanted, any challenge will be resolved in favour of thhe Republicans and especially Trump.

    It isn’t over yet.

    As for DeathSantis, he’s no better.

  5. Romeocharlie

    David, someone has to initiate the Amendment 14 business and the Dems don’t have the numbers unless a few of the Republican Trump haters this article claims were to join in. The fact, allegedly, that merchandise with his mugshot made $11 million in hours for his campaign would seem to indicate there are still plenty of deplorables who like him. Whether they are intelligent enough to put an X next to his name, or even get to vote will be important.

  6. Terence Mills

    The eighteen Trump co-conspirators (racketeers) who were indicted in Georgia along with Trump will soon start reaching out for self-preservation by doing deals with the prosecutors and save their own skins : Trump is indeed toast.

  7. GL

    “Namely, that Trump is political toast.”
    Never write off the near mindless stupidity of the unwashed masses and the cult of Donaldality…oops, personality, that runs strong in said masses. The unspoken danger of extreme violence if he loses again is lurking just beneath the surface as well.

  8. wam

    Wow, brother, grimm words.
    A semi blind senile president with a doubtful deputy is no match for trump.
    What republican will chance someone other????
    As for the 14th, just a pipe dream, it wont apply.
    maybe you gave a reason why we have jail???

  9. New England Cocky

    I share your hopes but am concerned that in1933 the democratically elected nazi party was also led by a self-serving nutter assisted by the leaders of heavy industry. The similarity to Trumpery and the US NE military industrial complex is quite compelling, in my opinion.

    Now when a country has the USA (United States of Apartheid) as an ally, after studying world history after 1945, is there any good reason for that country to have any other enemies?

  10. Bill

    I don’t know why anyone is still wasting their time talking about Trump. Looks to me to be a distraction to not address real issues affecting the economy. It will likely be either Kennedy or De Santos as the next USA leader. If Kennedy takes out the top spot, his term will likely be short-lived. He’s been offered no protective services by the State as he’s a man of the people. If there’s one thing that the parasite class and their Left-Right think tanks will not tolerate, it’s a man or woman speaking sense. That’s why Gillard & Shorten got ditched. So we got an Albanese. Mr ‘Yes sir, what can I do for YOUR CORPORATION?’; ‘Come over to Kirrabill this weekend Mr Bill Gates, fill me in how I can get in on the action just like my predecessor, Mr 5 Ministries’. The condescending slur ‘kiddies’ is apt for msm employees and most politicians ruining the place, the question is, how many of them would read this article?

  11. leefe


    Kennedy is an anti-vax conspiracy theorist who is even whackier than Trump. He is incapable of talking anything that even remotely approaches “sense”.

  12. Max Gross

    “As soon as Christmas, I humbly suggest, Trump will be out of the running, dead, or in goal.” Hurry up, Santa!

  13. Terence Mills

    Part of Putin’s strategy with Ukraine is to see Trump re-elected as it is already Trump policy to cease backing Ukraine should he get back into office. In point of fact that may be the only policy he has.

    It is in all our interests to see that Putin is prevented from interfering in the US electoral process (again).

    The Manchurian candidate : not again !

  14. A Commentator

    Kennedy is a deranged weirdo. An anti vaxer, conspiracy theorist nutcase. He would be a nobody without the family name.
    It’s a pity that Kamala Harris hasn’t met the expectations
    Trump might have some standing within the Republican party, but he has zero appeal among the broader population

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