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A Very Interesting Photo!

Check out who owns the domain name: “”!

Just in case it’s ownership changes, here’s a photo of what I found!


(Click here for larger image)

So the Liberal Party registered the domain name way back in April of this year. Mm, that was even before all those front page articles from the Murdoch minions talking about the CFA betrayal and union thuggery. Remarkably prescient of them.


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  1. Steve Laing -

    Puts the “Medicare” texts into perspective, doesn’t it. The Libs are really disingenuous with their tactics, but are you willing to bet on which story the MSM will focus on, and which it won’t?

  2. kasch2014

    Thanks for that. I would love to make thousands of voters (some of whom I know personally) aware of this – it is very common practice, of course. Politicians are probably the lowest scum on earth by choice. That’s being mature by their standards. Tony Abbott’s fan page was a shining example. If you followed up his “fans” facebook page and I.D., there were photoshopped identity photos among the real people who worked for the Abbott PR machine at the taxpayer’s expense. One pair of young men appeared to be very violent gay sex workers, from their home page content. To the point of being very scary. Not an image that was intended by Tony’s publicity machine, I’m sure.

  3. Don A Kelly

    How can I enlarge the pic?

  4. Michael Taylor

    Don, if you’re on a mobile device or an iPad simply ‘stretch’ it open with your fingers. Put thumb and finger in the centre of the pic and ‘stretch’ open.

  5. Möbius Ecko

    More than that, purporting to be CFA representatives were seen dining with Liberal party members before the election campaign, personnel dressed in high vis fire fighting outfits were seen at voting booths protesting against Labor, but they were not CFA fire fighters, electronic billboards on the back of flatbed trucks and utilities with hands off CFA were obtained and run by the Liberals, not the CFA and texts of various forms (nothing specific detailed) had CFA at the bottom but they were produced by the Liberals. The CFA directly responded to the latter in saying they had nothing to do with them.

    The Liberals better be careful how far they take the Medicare investigation or it might come back to bite them twice as hard.

    For all that though the entire campaign probably only gained them one seat, Corangamite. Though the swing to Labor in Victoria was smaller than other states it was coming of a much higher base. A couple of rural seats where the CFA scare campaign was run hard hardly shifted away from Labor.

  6. Paul

    Not only did this probably cost the ALP 1 – 3 seats, we shouldn’t forget the awfully divisive affect it has had on small rural communities, especially those who have recently experienced bushfires. But as if the Libs would give a shit about that!

  7. Maureen Walton (@maureen_walton)

    I live in a small rural area handing out prepolling had Lady yell F… at me. A guy screamed. And voters really upset about their CFA Posters up in one town Broadford in every shop 3 A4 every window Hands of our CFA etc. Not good Not nice Thanks Liberal/Nationals So Honest (NOT)

  8. Rico

    Simon Terpstra’s Linked In:
    I am currently working as a Senior Digital Strategist at the Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division) and also work as a specialist consultant at Etch Integrated where I advise politicians through to organisations on digital marketing and social media.

  9. lawrencewinder

    Next time the CFA turn up on my doorstep with their “subs” collection I’ll be asking them who do they want the cheque made out to Parakeelia or just Menzies house.

  10. Leanne

    Pot. Kettle. Black
    The lnp are seriously lacking in common sense and have proven to the country they are not to be trusted with anything we value. Like health, education, science, aged care, unemployment, industrial relations….And so on and so forth. For the last three years the liars and white collar criminals have been in charge.

  11. 2353

    To give the CFA volunteers their due – they were probably Astroturfed rather than genuinely party political in a lot of cases.

  12. silkworm

    Good work, Ross. The Libs have fanned the flames of the firies dispute for their own political advantage, just in time for the election.

  13. deanyz1

    Don A Kelly – you can enlarge the picture on PC by holding down the Ctrl key and using the scroll wheel on the mouse.

  14. kerri

    Well done Rossleigh! It was still there when I looked!
    Have been sharing the link to this article far and wide!

  15. jim

    That smell is coming back again it’s rotten idiot liberal losers, Hows that Paul “father superior” Kelly (australian) fri nite state 5 times that; Turnball would be so good for our country and Labor can’t govern What media blackout oh thats right this was an interview not a liberal add.

    So I’d like to say 10,000 times Bill Shorten and the Labor Party deserve the right to govern…..
    Bill Shorten and the Labor Party deserve the right to govern…..

    Bill Shorten and the Labor Party deserve the right to govern…..
    Bill Shorten and the Labor Party deserve the right to govern…..
    Bill Shorten and the Labor Party deserve the right to govern…..

  16. jim

    Great stuff Ross I bet this don’t make the news it’ll be secret on water maters or some s%%h Shared on FB

  17. Jaquix

    No wonder we dont trust the Turnbull “government”. Shane this info didnt come out earluer. I believe why the word “Medicare” became such a powerful tool for Labor in this campaign, is that it actually was shorthand for for ALL the things ordinary people dont trust about the Libs.

  18. townsvilleblog

    So the LNP have escalated this issue into an issue and used the dumb ole’ farmers to their political advantage, the National Party membership have never been the brightest lights, but this takes the cake lol!!!

  19. Dave

    This Simon Terpstra as in Linkedin?
    Simon Terpstra
    Senior Digital Strategist at Liberal Victoria
    Melbourne, Australia Political Organization
    Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division), Etch Integrated
    Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division), Fusion Retail Brands Pty Ltd, Income Solutions
    Swinburne University of Technology
    Recommendations 3 people have recommended Simon
    Personal Website
    Company Website

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